OMD / The Punishment of Luxury

OMD will release a new album, The Punishment Of Luxury, in September.

This is their third album since they reformed in 2006 and the thirteenth in total. The 12-track album is being made in a wide array of formats, including limited edition yellow vinyl, a super deluxe book edition and a CD+DVD deluxe set.

The deluxe book edition contains a CD of the album, a DVD (with a behind the scenes making of documentary and videos of Andy & Paul talking through the album track-by track), the LP on red vinyl and most interestingly an exclusive bonus CD of demo versions of tracks on the album. It also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys and some exclusive photos, notes about the album and artwork.

The official store has all these items with various bundles and signed options, but there is availability elsewhere, including the super deluxe on Amazon Germany (for a similar price).

The Punishment of Luxury is released on 1 September 2017.

A1) The Punishment of Luxury
A2) Isotype
A3) Robot Man
A4) What Have We Done
A5) Precision & Decay
A6) As We Open, So We Close

B1) Art Eats Art
B2) Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
B3) One More Time
B4) La Mitrailleuse
B5) Ghost Star
B6) The View From Here


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Michael Gehrt

Where can I find the limitation number on the package of the THE PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY SUPER DELUXE EDITION from OMD ? On the pic isnt a limitation number.


I received the SDE of OMD’s new release from amazon.de today. Both the packaging and actual boxset were badly beat up. Sending it back…

Martin Craig

New Saint Etienne album next week “Home Counties” Vinyl, CD, cassette and signed artwork bundle… £40 bargain


When you buy via Pledge it’s down to the artist to provide the goods and send them onto you so there will always be people that do it properly and others that don’t. Similarly when buying through an artist’s website, bandcamp, etc. you take your chance as to whether anything turns up or not at times. I was waiting years for the My Vitriol CD to arrive through Pledge but it was worth the wait and for an artist like them having the money upfront was needed. Not so sure about the larger artists inhabiting the site these days.

Pete {in Australia}

Very Sorry to read WAX MONSTER X’s experiences, with PledeMusic, but like DANNY, I have never had any issues with PledgeMusic or Kickstarter projects, in terms of not getting Items. I received a Tom Bailey 7″ single that was warped, and they were very concerned and replaced it for me, other than that all product has been received all Happy. Only had one other project cancelled, but no funds had been taken at that point.

Derek Langsford

I have had 3 experiences with Pledgemusic.

First was OMD at the Royal Albert Hall. Ordered the download as the 2 CD set was too expensive IMO (GBP 25). I picked up the 2 CD set a few months later set on their tour with HoJo and Barenaked Ladies for $15 (less than half the price)

Second, the new Gary Numan album (Savage) which has been subject to delays caused by the artist not Pledgemusic. It’ll be here in late summer. Biggest issue for me is that the double vinyl will have one more track than the Deluxe CD.

Third experience was the From Moscow to Mars set from Erasure. Arrived in perfect condition being double boxed and shipped via DHL. Shame it was missing a disc. But Pledgemusic handled it well and I had the missing disc within 10 days. I know the set was late for those who pre-ordered early but I ordered late and it came when promised.

So Pledgemusic have fulfilled their responsibilities to me and the issues have been artist or manufacturer caused.

I’ll go for the Deluxe CD+DVD set of PoL like I have for HoM and EE. I am hoping they continue to build from musical success of the prior two albums. The OMD reformation that has been very worthwhile IMO.

Wax Monster X

RE: Pledge Music
Just a quick note to make readers aware of how awful Pledge Music is. These are just my experiences and may not reflect everyone’s quality of transactions with this company. In Jan. 2016 I pledged for the latest Raveonettes LP/CD package which was due in early Feb of 2017. So a year the funds (and obviously not just mine) sit in someones bank account gaining interest. Okay. Fair enough. I signed on. Come Feb 2017 there are delays, and delays, then more delays! Pledgers were promised bonus tracks on the CD. You would assume that people who pledged this campaign would at least get what they were promised and hopefully a little earlier than general release. But no. RSD 2017 comes around and the album is in stores that weekend and I still do not have a copy. Plus it’s remarkably cheaper! But wait, I’m getting CD only bonus tracks. Hmm. Guess again. Checking the comments from Pledgers on the site regarding the Raveonettes release does not build confidence. The FEW who received their stuff during the following week posted that 1) no bonus tracks and 2) damaged vinyl (ALL OF THEM). Well I still have nothing so let’s hope for the best. 3 weeks AFTER release date I lose my patience and start complaining. After some lame apologies and another 10 day delay, the package comes. So I had to complain to get my stuff finally shipped? No bonus tracks on the CD and damaged vinyl. Split seams, outer and inner and large corner bend. Unacceptable. After more complaints about the damage and wanting a return authorization I finally get someone to authorize a refund. I got my money back. Thank god as the vinyl package is now worthless. And mind the outer shipping box showed NO signs of damage, meaning they shipped it already damaged. NEVER AGAIN! And to add just a little more insult to injury I tried to immediately cancel a pledge I have for Charlotte Hatherley’s new one on wax. After 7 days of no response I get an email informing me that it has shipped. Ugh! I’m sure this will be damaged as well. I have NO confidence in their shipping anything larger than a CD. I’m glad there will be alternate outlets to pick up the new OMD. So long story short. Avoid at all costs. Previously they also damaged a Brian Setzer Box Set and a Pop Group 7″. I’m out.
Wax Monster X
P.S. They also have a pledge from me on a Swing Out Sister’s new album which is fast approaching 3 years! Expected delivery date was 9/21/2014. Appalling.


To counter this (and not intending to doubt Wax Monster X’s experience in any way) I’ve ordered a number of things from PledgeMusic and all have been fulfilled. Excited by the prospect of a new OMD album too!


RE: Pledge

Received my super bundle of the new Erasure set ‘World Be Gone” yesterday in Australia.
Packaging looked a little warped when received and I thought “well there goes the orange vinyl LP”. YEP…..warped to buggery. The cardboard packaging is really thin and does not suffice sending goods all around the world, especially large vinyl formats.
Reading the comments above it looks I am going to have huge trouble getting a refund or replacement!
AND…I’ve ordered the complete OMD bundle prior to receiving the Erasure stuff…..SHIT!


Thing is PM is just another risk/reward funding system, like so many others out there. I have been burned before for £60 on a software (game) development that never fully materialised from a Kickstarter project. They (Kickstarter) actually put in a legal clause saying you are not guaranteed to get what you pay for. I suspect PM may do the same?


Also bad experience. I cancelled a pledge that took too long (echobelly). They cancelled the pledge but I did not recieve the refund. And with Erasure I did not receive the album…

Mike C.

Isn’t it really the artists fault?


I love OMD, and have spent a lot on them since they reformed. But 55 quid for an extra CD and 24 page book is really a bit OTT. Signed or not, it looks really poor value compared to FM TITN sde.


‘Recordstore.co.uk’ have pre-order signed copies of the yellow vinyl edition

Alan B

Sold out a week ago

DJ Control

A tip for our comments section from the other side of the world. I have preordered my SDE from Amazon.de as PledgeMusic want to charge over £20 to ship to Australia (as opposed to €9 from Amazon who also don’t take your money straight up).

Joe Mac Pherson

As excited as I really am about buying the deluxe CD/DVD/book edition of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s new release, I also have real trepidation that in Japan, a more special edition will be issued with 1 or more bonus tracks, and who knows what else!?! Special postcards? Additional picture book?
So I’m going to wait, because if Japan gets extra music, as they so often do, that’s the package I’m buying.


ditto…but then again, knowing OMD, they will gather up all those bonus tracks & add them to their next CD single release like they did in the past


My favourite was The Rumour releasing an album called Max. Rumours/Macs… geddit?

Chris Squires

Abba-esque by Erasure
Erasure-ish by Bjorn Again….

Always makes me laugh.

Good to see OMD back on the trail again…..


If the reformed Punishment of Luxury release an album called “The Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” my life will be complete.

Just wanted to get the obvious in first…


It happened once with David Bowie releasing “Low”, and Nick Lowe replying with “Bowi”.