Order a signed Sophie Ellis-Bextor CD

Grab an exclusive signed CD for £9.99

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s first ever greatest hits is coming next month and you can pre-order a SIGNED copy of Songs From The Kitchen Disco on CD.

These were previously available via Sophie’s official online store but have long since sold out. Now a limited quantity are available exclusively on Amazon UK for less than a tenner! What’s not to like?

To be clear, these are original studio recordings but the compilation does include a new version of ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)’, a BBC session of ‘True Faith’ and a live version of ‘Do You Remember The First Time?’. Songs From The Kitchen Disco also features the brand new single ‘Crying at the Discotheque’.

2LP blue vinyl is also available but the pink vinyl remains exclusive to the artist store.

Songs From The Kitchen Disco will be released on 13 November 2020

1. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) 2020
2. Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me)
3. Murder On The Dancefloor
4. Get Over You
5. Music Gets The Best of Me
6. Mixed Up World
7. Catch You
8. Me and My Imagination
9. Today The Sun’s On Us
10. Bittersweet
11. Starlight
12. Not Giving Up On Love (feat. Armin van Buuren)
13. Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) (feat. Freemasons)
14. Young Blood
15. True Faith (BBC Session)
16. Do You Remember The First Time? (Live)
17. Come With Us 18. Wild Forever
19. Crying At The Discotheque
20. My Favourite Things


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Larry Davis

WAS gonna order this CD signed but no shipping to the US…I think it’s because it’s fairly cheap & shipping is too expensive for cheap items…I think they now ship to the US if it’s over a certain amount, $30 or so…on a related note, I have this semi-legal 2CD Russian “Greatest Hits” thing, with a killer 43-song tracklisting, with singles from albums “Read My Lips” (2001) through “Make A Scene” (2011), their related non-album B-sides, plus 2 songs from “theaudience” & 5 collaborations including the original “Groovejet”…this comp makes me feel better from having the Russian thing, but it’s too good & complete with lots of non-album material, that I can never part with it…not bad pics in it either…


Was going to jump on it – but of course this item does not ship to my country. This has been the case with every Amazon exclusive recently (I could pre-order Suede Greatest Hits but not the signed version, all formats of Kylie’s Disco except the Amazon exclusive vinyl etc). These items do not even come up in search for me anymore on the site. Very frustrating!


Katie Melua’s new album arrived today. The packaging is lovely, really well presented, and worth the small additional money, compared to regular cd’s. The icing on the cake, the signature, is pants. Another squiggle – meant to be KM I’m assuming.

As for Sophie, she had me at Hello Edward, Happy 50th Birthday, signed on the poster for her Wanderlust album. All very legible. As others have said, the signature in recent times is more squiggly, but she’s highly entertaining in concert and a lovely person.

This week is a good news week for new music announcements:
Joan Armatrading has completed a new album, due out next year.
Stevie Wonder has two new songs out which are great.
Maximo Park has a new album available to buy with decent pricing for various product combinations, all signed.
Lanterns Of The Lake has The Realist EP available to buy from their shop. I got tickets for their forthcoming show in November. It’ll be my first concert since Brandy Clark, just before lockdown.

Ian Smith

Contender for Ugliest Album Cover Ever.

Sam Lowry

It is perfect in its ugliness. Brings back memories of those compilation covers in the 70s that always featured a nice looking lady on it.

Chris Ng

Is it gonna be a proper signature or just another “S” like the last one she did for the last album?
Anybody could have scribbled the “S”!


The FIRST thing I thought of when reading this was: “her ‘signature’ is completely bobbins, so this isn’t really a selling point”!

Phil Fogel

“This item cannot be delivered to Canada” :( figures. I love Sophie, she definitely deserves a Greatest Hits. I discovered her when Murder In The Dancefloor was a a hit on Montreal radio stations, we would often get UK music that the US would ignore. Her last album “Familia” is fabulous.

Stevie T

I bought a limited edition numbered CD single by House of Love many years ago, from Woolworth. It was in the bargain bin, priced at £1. There was some writing on the cover and I actually thought it was just scribble, so I mentioned this to the assistant, who readily reduced the price to 50p. It was only later sitting at home, playing the disc, I realised it was autographed by all four members of the band!

John Lloyd

The Pet Shop Boys autographs aren’t exactly pretty, either. I waited for them at the stage door once with the insets to the first six ‘Further Listening’ sets, Neil marked them all – and smudged them all putting one behind the other, Chris put a splodge on one and handed them all back with a look of “what you gonna do about it, then?”. At least the mess is memorable for me lol.

John MC cann

Maybe by handing him six he thought you where a dealer ( I know you’re not)
The fact that they smudged was not really his fault was it? You could have instructed him to hand you them one at a time!, As for the other guy he should have just refused instead of being a complete knob,


Peter Hammill always does a ‘proper’ signature but then there is less demand I suppose.


Love Sophie, and I’m looking forward to getting this, but when “Crying at the Discotheque” was the first single from it, I was hoping she’d do more of the covers she included in her Kitchen Disco concerts. I really liked her version of “Like a Prayer” and was surprised at how well she also did Prince’s “Gett Off.” Even though I think she was basically using karaoke backing tracks for the concerts, she sounded great. Still looking forward to this, though.


I got a signed Rumer CD, so neat I’m not sure if its genuine or not (from Amazon). On the other hand, Rick Wakeman just looks like hes testing the pen to see if there is any ink left – cant fathom anything like ‘R’ or ‘W’.

Bob McCartney

Met Joe Walsh in a record store in the mid to late 80s. He signed his name on my copy of But Seriously, Folks and wrote How Ya Doin? Got to shake his hand too and it was about twice the size of mine.
Everyone Stay Well!


Cheers Paul, I missed out on her official site.

andrew r

I once bought an item signed with personalised comment . Forget the artist but it was indecipherable. When I complained I was blocked and further orders refused . I maintain if you can’t read it what is the point ?


On the subject of signatures, I got rather a nice one from Chrissie Hynde on Valve Bone Woe (or whatever it was called). Looked like a big, clearly readable “Chris”, at least.


Hello, Paul. Groovejet still has a big place in my heart. Reminds me of holidays here at the coast as a teenager, the golden days of disco-house, progressive house / trance, techno,… and when ibiza hits ruled the charts (groovejet, sing it back, turn around,…).

You seem to have overlooked the pre-order for the new London Grammar-album. There are various (signed) collector bundles. I pucked up the 70€ bundle with cd and limited vinyl. Definately worth it for fans and music collectors like us.


Yep nice London Grammar signed cd for £11 on Amazon


I got Sophie’s DVD, Watch My Lips, a while back, which contains a full length concert and a selection of her hit videos both solo and with her old band The Audience.

Craig Deeley

For worst signature, you have to go someway to beat Corey Taylor……the comments section puts a smile on my face.


Mark Bunce

For the worst signature not actually signed by an artist think back to last year and amazon.

Simple minds and live in the city of Angels double cd. It was computer signed so all signings looked the same. Bit of a cop out.

See Amazon now for little mix new cd confetti. If be a bit upset if you get a cd looking like it does with just L M x on it.

Joseph Bartram

I quite like her I remember the days of short lived indie band the audience.

DJ Muncle

Missed this in her site, so thanks for the tip, Paul.

On a different tack though, am I seeing right? Her cover of ‘Yes Sir I can boogie’ isn’t included on her DISCO compilation ???


Wayne UK

She only ever had one hit. Bit like James on the other thread.


Regardless of how many hits she’s had, is that really a factor for you in whether music is worth purchasing?


Surely that’s up to individuals to decide? If you decide not to then don’t – but don’t criticise other people for wanting to


What a load of nonsense. ‘One hit’. Check your chart facts before posting. She had quite a few.


and James had 19 Top 40 hits.


James have had 19 UK Top 40 singles, 3 of which which were in the Top 10 (4 if you count Sit Down reissued).

Sophie has had 11 UK Top 40 singles (13 if you include theaudience), 6 of which were in the Top 10 (7 if you include Groovejet).

There you go, pop pickers!


How many Top Ten hit singles have Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull or Led Zeppelin had? Quite a few Best Of collections between them all (many of which I at one point had).

Woodsey Niles

This is a testament to my advanced age, faltering memory and provincial American musical prejudices, but I have no idea who she is. I can’t recall the last time this happened but then again, I can’t recall most things anymore.


Only her first album got a (very limited) release in the US. I wouldn’t have heard of her if I hadn’t been home sick and happened to watch an episode of Top of the Pops on BBC America, where she performed “Murder on the Dancefloor.” Check out some of her stuff on YouTube or Spotify (or your streaming platform of choice). She’s really underrated, in my opinion at least. Cool, sophisticated dance music.

Nick Love

I’m with you there. I’m an American but in that era I was very much listening to predominantly contemporary British music; I heard this artist’s name for the first time a few days ago when this article.


PJ Harvey signs beautifully; she even write her name out in full; Polly Jean Harvey

I bought a signed Dexys CD a few years ago, and Kevin Rowland’s signature on that was shocking. Like somebody had begun to write the letter K and then then given up halfway through the letter…it was basically just a V…

Donnie Biscuits

Years ago I bought a signed copy of Over The Weekend by Nick Heyward from my local record shop. I couldn’t believe my eyes and the shop owner looked at me like I was crazy when I excitedly asked, ‘Was he in here’? It was some considerable time later that I realised the sleeve was signed BEFORE it was distributed out to the shops! I have matured a little since then, thank goodness.


I quite like a few of her singles & will probably buy this album – she’s had quite a few singles over the years and definitely warrants a ‘greatest hits’.
I really don’t see the point of coming on here & taking the time to complain about an artist? Surely if it’s not your taste in music then just don’t say anything? Find something better to do with your time & let people enjoy music – that’s what it’s there for – not to moan about!

Russ t

In honesty, I just couldn’t allow this artwork into my collection. I like SEB and the kitchen sessions were fab, but I’ll Spotify this one instead. Lockdown seems to have adversely affected quite a few album covers of late… Glass Animals, Everything Everything now this – either home made or fan made, bloody awful.


It’s not pretty, I agree, but it’s meant to be bright and garish in keeping with the whole kitchen disco “concept”. And anyway, lots of good albums have bad covers. It’s not a reason to avoid the release altogether.


Depends on the buyer I guess. I’m a Scissor Sisters fan but not enough of one to allow their Night Work cd into my collection. Shame too. Good album.

Alan m

Greatest hits? A whole cd? Sophie Ellis Bextor? A whole cd? Of hits? Move over Queen there’s a contender to your crown ;)


Why the sniffy comment? Plenty of other artists you can talk about if this one isn’t good enough for you.


I don ‘t understand this too…1 tiny hit years ago and now a signed full CD: yeah right…


First Paul, “Groovejet” only reached the top spot in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New-Zealand. If that’s your definition of “everywhere”, then I can fellow you. And it was a hit by dj Spiller feat. Sophie, so not really a hit made by her…

Steven Roberts

In defence of Alan m (small ‘m’) – if an album if being marketed as a Greatest Hits package, that does suggest an album’s-worth of hits** – not “six-hits-plus-filler”.

“The (Very) Best Of….”, on the other hand – now that has some wriggle room.

**See The Beatles, Madonna, Queen, Abba, Michael Jackson, PSB (the list goes on) for examples of how such a compilation can be done.


In terms of best and worst signatures on exclusive artist items, I’d like to nominate Paul Young on the purple reissue No Parlez from last year as the best. It was clear and time had been taken, even though it was one amongst many.

As for the worst… pity we can’t post pics of some of the “random squiggles” and invite guesses for who may have produced them.


If i remember correctly, Luke Haines once said of the 1990s Brit-Artists that signing your name isn’t enough. Maybe he’s taken that one step further.


Must say I loved E from Eels’ signature on the Blinking Lights And Other Revelations SDE box set… simply a capital ‘E’, just like that :)

Peter Muscutt

Lol have to agree there, I’ve got three signed Haines albums over the years and the signature has got no better!!!! Might be an obvious question but is ‘Do You Remember…’ a Pulp cover?

DJ Muncle

That would make a great pub quiz round!!

John 79

One autograph that is readable and looks great is Gary Numan’s and l have it a number of times and has been a consistent readable signature from 1979 to 2019 .


“What’s not to like?”? The ugly ugly eye-sore that is the cover? ;)
I liked a couple of her tunes, I might look into the track listing and then decide.

Scott G

LOL. I bought a signed Simply Red CD set thinking that Mick Hucknall and perhaps his band would have signed it. It was signed “Simply Red”. Anyone could have done that.
What a con.


Toothsome !
And Ordered..


Bought her signed LP 2 (?) years ago…the most disappointing “signature” ever if you can call that a signature.


yeah, it’s just a random squiggle and never the same twice. I have some signed stuff from when she was in the band theaudience and her autograph used to be nice…