Out This Week / 26 July 2019

Roy Budd / Get Carter 3CD set CD

Roy Budd’s atmospheric soundtrack to Mike Hodges’ 1971 film Get Carter is to be reissued as and expanded three-CD set next month.

Big Country / The Seer 2LP reissue

Big Country / The Seer 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Scottish rock band Big Country’s 1986 album The Seer is reissued as an expanded 2LP set.

Lloyd Cole / Guesswork CD, Vinyl

Lloyd Cole‘s 11th solo long-player was recorded mostly in his attic. The album contains eight new songs, two of which are co-written with his old bandmate in the Commotions. This should be good if Violins is anything to go by.

Janet Jackson / Control: The Remixes CD, Vinyl

About a year after the original 1986 release Janet Jackson released a remix album called Control: The Remixes. This collection of re-workings is now reissued on vinyl and CD.

David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich / Just A Gigolo blue vinyl Vinyl

The soundtrack to David Hemmings’ 1978 film Just A Gigolo is released on limited edition blue vinyl.

Live from the Artists Den CD, Vinyl, Box Set, Blu-ray

Soundgarden release Live from the Artists Den show whichwas taped in February 2013, just after the band had finished their King Animal tour. The limited-edition super deluxe edition box will feature the complete 29-song concert film in 5.1 surround sound and stereo on Blu-ray, along with more than 30 minutes of bonus interviews with the band.

Soft Cell / Say Hello Wave Goodbye (2CD+DVD)

Soft Cell‘s farewell concert at the O2 is issued as a 2CD+DVD combo set.

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Soft Cell

Say Hello Wave Goodbye - 2CD+DVD



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Janet´s CONTROL – The Remixes : Remaster or not??

Paul Taylor

Paul, did you get your Big Country albums? Seems to have been delayed according to Amazon UK & France. Mind you, this isn’t unusual for MOV releases

James Lindsay

Enjoying the Janet Jackson re-releases, but does anyone know why the Rhythm Nation and All For You vinyl releases that were also due this week pulled from Amazon UK, I ordered mine from French Amazon cause of discount etc and they are still there

Paul E.

A little late but thought I’d mention the July 19th Flock of Seagulls “Inflight: The Extended Essentials” CD release. I just received my copy today and really like (actually prefer) these updated extended/remixes that were first offered exclusively with the “Ascension” box set under the title “Aurora Borealis – The Greatest Hits”. Of course the official band site has a Special Limited Edition Set with an additional Instrumental CD + CD single + 10 song download but the shipping costs are equal the price of the stand alone title. This single disc version is highly recommended.

Tim South

Paul E , A Flock of Seagulls – i bought their album full with orchestra and was hugely impressed by it. Paul Reynolds unique guitar playing perfectly complements the orchestration. The songs themselves stand up today just as they always have. Not heard these extended versions as yet but will be on your recommendation. Thankyou.


Hello all, quick question, i will be in Sidney for a couple of days this week. Anybody can guide me towards a good record store?



A few worth checking out…..
Red eye records in the city centre, 143 York st has a huge range. If you are going to look for one, I would go here.
Jb hi fi is a high street store that has a lot of vinyl but not always cheap. (on Pitt st/George st)
Mojo record bar, also on YORK st
Bird land is very jazz focused on the upper floor of the dymocks building on George st.


Thanks a lot


Red Eye Records would be the main one mate. You’ll have no trouble finding that in the city. Just along the same road is a nice but small shop called Mojo. It has a good bar as a side business if you fancy a beer.
Then if you have time, go to a suburb called Newrown. It’s a few train stops out of the city but you’ll have 4 or 5 proper record shops that are highly recommended. I’m going to assume you know London – going to Newtown would be like going to Camden. It’s the grungey suburb


Would love to read another Lloyd Cole interview, Paul, if you can get it! This album sounds like it explores a whole new direction in his sound.


For those of a more ‘Metal’ disposition, there’s a 5cd Samson set & a 3cd Elixir set released on Fri.

Alan B

Managed to pop into HMV for the first time in a while (my local easy accessible one closed) and my goodness they are now expensive for a lot of items. They had Morrissey’s current LP on blue vinyl for £25. That’s £4/£5 more expensive than all my favourite indie stores. Those stores are still cheaper even when you add in postage. And I’ll wager HMV, as by far the largest chain in the UK, that their wholesale price will be lower due to bulk buying so their margin on that LP will be considerably more than the indies. Someone on here a while ago mentioned that the new Canadian owners’ stores in Canada were expensive too. Doesn’t look like a good business model to up the prices in a business that previously went into administration.

Also, anyone else experiencing problems with Royal Mail deliveries? I’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of damaged packages I’m getting. I always got the odd one but most packages arrive damaged now. Fortunately the out sized packets used nowadays offset most of the damage but not always. I recently received an autographed copy of Roger Daltrey’s Orchestral version of Tommy. It was sent in one of those excellent outsized packets but I couldn’t believe the state of it when I given it by the postman. All 4 corners were badly bashed with one especially badly damaged. When I opened it my worst fears were confirmed. There was a caved in corner about one inch square on the LP cover. I was absolutely gutted as the signed version had sold out so no replacement available. I kept it anyway. Honestly there couldn’t have been more damaged if it had been kicked around and used as a football for an hour.


Yes, that seems to be Sunrise Records’ MO. I’m conflicted by the shopping experience at their Canadian stores. They have several suburban mall locations, which are easy to get to. They usually have plenty of new records in stock, but it’s all very mainstream. Not much of the more esoteric “special edition” stuff we salivate over here on SDE, and they quite often don’t have new releases on their release day, either. Record Store Day etc. is kind of a non-event there. And as you mentioned, their pricing tends to be 10-20% higher than the true “indie” shops in town.

I’ve talked to a few of my indie shop proprietors, and they are frustrated with Sunrise. Every time Sunrise sells yet another copy of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ or ‘Revolver’, that’s one less catalogue sale that could have gone to a little shop to keep them going. Sunrise seems to aspire to be the Walmart of record stores. To my mind, Sunrise is a fair-to-poor substitute for the previous HMV experience. I sincerely hope they don’t wreck your UK HMV stores (especially the Fopp stores, which I love to visit when I’m in England) like they wrecked ours, but buyer beware.

Julian Hancock

Don’t know about Canada and Sunrise, but I was under the impression that HMV in the UK wasn’t allowed to participate in RSD.


@Stefan/Alan B:
Sunrise Records [who on HMV UK] has always been expensive. I walk in there just to see if there is anything new and then end up buying it elsewhere. I spent $10 there a month ago. That’s $10 [before taxes] all year.
They are selling a lot of crap that has nothing to do with music and loads of that.
Unsure how they survive except maybe their inventory isn’t theirs but consigned from the labels.
Just look at the crap sold on their home page. Does anybody buy that crap? https://www.sunriserecords.com/


I’ve also noticed an increase in damaged an missing Royal Mail packages since privatisation. The normal post has a lot more of what would have been Parcelforce Parcels to deliver, this started pre- privatisation, I eventually became convinced that my local postman resented having to carry larger Vinyl / Amazon Packages. I complained at the local Depot every time I received a damaged package.
It doesn’t occur so often now, may just be a coincidence.


As an ex Parcelforce employee I can tell you that if you’re unlucky enough to get one of their temp workers we had so many complaints about damaged/missing parcels that eventually they stopped using certain temp agencies. They do (or did) also employ temps that not only can’t speak English but can’t read it either, hence they have no idea where the addresses are. You do need to register your complaints with them and they will improve, but only if they get asked to do so!


I had all three LPs I ordered on the weekend following RSD, and a large hardback book on Rembrandt, go missing within a 10 day period: these were the first items to go astray for several years, and for so many large items to ‘vanish’ within the same short timeframe seemed rather suspicious. I complained vociferously to Royal Mail and they were very helpful in how to proceed – even though the packages never turned up.

I did notice that my previously regular postman also ‘vanished’ shortly after the time I was complaining…. and while I hate to think I contributed to anybody’s sacking if it had been a pattern of behaviour and he was found to be pilfering then he would have deserved it.

I have to say that Banquet Records were superb and very speedy in sorting the missing orders from them – and have earned themselves my first look for any future specialist ordering.

Whereas an indie shop (which I probably ought not to name) in a famous university town couldn’t even be bothered to reply to the three emails I sent, or the Paypal claim. Suffice to say they’re off my Christmas card list.


Soft Cell Live is also available as:
* 2CD
* 4LP Coloured Vinyl
* Deluxe Hardback Show Photobook/2CD/DVD/BD/Signed Certificate [£80]
* Ltd Edition Collectors Boxset/2CD/DVD/BD/4LP/Super Deluxe Photobook/Certificate/12″x12″ Art Print/4 Postcards/12″x12″ Inch Lyric & Music Sheet of ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye/Laminate with Download Code/Exclusive 7″ Vinyl (‘A Man Could Get Lost’ & ‘Bleak Is My Favourite Cliche’ live from Leeds Warehouse session)/Show Programme. [£250]


As well as (2xCD & DVD/BluRay Bundle + Audio & Video Download + Slipcase) (£30) bit spoiled for choice methinks.


If Singles are included? The previously unreleased version of Freddie Mercury’s ‘Time Waits For No One’, is set for release on 26 July on 7’ Vinyl Picture Disc and CD Single.


Thanks for the info. I am going to pick this one up …