Out This Week / on 1 December 2017

U2 / Songs of Experience front cover

U2 / Songs of Experience (new album)

All the furore over the forced iTunes deployment overshadowed the fact that U2‘s last album Songs of Innocence was really rather good. Songs of Experience is the delayed follow-up of which four physical editions are available, including a deluxe box set. Read more

The Rolling Stones / On Air 2CD deluxe edition

The Rolling Stones / On Air

On Air a collection of rare radio recordings from The Rolling Stones‘ formative years. The audio has gone through a process called “audio source separation” and it really seems to work. Check out this app, which allows you to compare the sound. Read more

Rush / A Farewell to Kings (40th anniversary reissue)

Eight disc super deluxe edition of Rush‘s 1977 album features a brand new Steven Wilson surround sound mix on blu-ray. Other highlights include the 2015 remaster on CD for the first time, a newly mix and complete Hammersmith Odeon concert from February 1978. The covers from other artists, on CD3, is surplus to most people’s requirements.  Read more

Neil Young + Promise of the Real / The Visitor

Neil Young / The Visitor (new album)

SDE described Already Great from Neil Young‘s new album as “satisfyingly grungy” so we have high hopes for The Visitor, which is out on Friday. But it’s an outrage that the double vinyl is only $13.99 in the USA (about £11) but the same product is £33 in the UKRead more

Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks…

This reformatted edition of the 2012 super deluxe of the Sex Pistols 1977 album contains the same three CDs and DVD as the previous box set, but comes in a more compact package and is much cheaper. Read more

The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky 35th anniversary collector's edition box set

The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky (super deluxe edition)

This 35th anniversary box of The Alan Parsons Project‘s Eye in the Sky gives you just about everything: Three CDs of audio, a double 45RPM half-speed mastered vinyl, a 5.1 surround mix on blu-ray audio and a 60-page book. Read more

Wilco / Being There and A.M. reissues

US alt-rock band Wilco reissue their 1996 album Being There as a five-CD deluxe box set along with an expanded version of their ’95 debut album A.M. Read more

Van Morrison / Versatile (new album)

Van Morrison‘s second album in less than three months, Versatile combines combines jazz standards with updated renditions of Morrison originals Read more

Midge Ure / Orchestrated

A new Midge Ure album that features a collection of rich, filmic soundscape versions of some of his classic songs – a mixture of solo material, Ultravox and a new track, Ordinary Man. If you order from Midge’s online store you can get the CD with a signed setlist for just £15!

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Midge Ure



Tears For Fears / Rule The World - The Greatest Hits

Tears For Fears  / Rule The World (vinyl)

Virgin/EMI couldn’t have gone to less effort with the physical CD edition of Tears For FearsRule The World. The product (not the music, of course) was crap, frankly – jewel case, slim booklet with a few photos and a blank page and no information about the songs. Here’s hoping that the double vinyl edition, due out on Friday, will feel like something you actually want to ‘hold in your hands’ and have in your collection. Read more

Marillion / Misplaced Childhood (CD and vinyl)

Having reissued two extensive box sets this year, Parlophone now make the 2017 remaster of Marillion‘s Misplaced Childhood available on single vinyl LP and CD. The vinyl is very cheap! Read more

John Williams / Star Wars: A New Hope (40th anniversary 3LP vinyl box)

40th anniversary Star Wars vinyl box features the soundtrack to Episode IV: A New Hope (ie the first film!) across three 180g vinyl records and comes with a 48-page hard cover. The vinyl is hand etched by Tristan Duke and offers a “3D hologram experience”.

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John Williams

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 40th Anniversary Boxset [VINYL]


Various Artists / Ultimate Dirty Dancing (2LP vinyl)

A reissue of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on double vinyl, which features a ‘pop-up’ gatefold sleeve. Sounds quite good and decent value at £16.99 in the UK.

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Various Artists

Ultimate Dirty Dancing [VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
JPC de   34.99

Chris Difford / Chris To The Mill (3LP vinyl box)

Squeeze’s Chris Difford sees his three solo albums reissued in this new vinyl box set. SIGNED copies are still available at the time of writing. Read more

Stealers Wheels / The A&M Years (3CD box)

Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan formed Stealers Wheel in Scotland in 1972. The band are best known for Stuck In The Middle With You but you can explore more with this new box set which pulls together their three studio albums – Stealers Wheel (1972), Ferguslie Park (1974) and Right Or Wrong (1975). The debut includes three bonus tracks.

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Stealers Wheel

The A&M Albums


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Larry Davis

The 4CD Sweet box “The Polydor Albums” comes out Friday as well…I will order it at a later time…not an emergency yet, as “Level Headed” is included in the new “Sensational Sweet” 9CD box…Sony Germany licensed the album from Universal. I do want the final 3 albums tho, espesh “Identity Crisis”, and I have a feeling prices will drop, so I will wait a bit.


It appears that the post they had on their FB page promoting this which had a short interview video as well has been removed.

Hans Jörg

Thx for the info on the B.C. Bootleg box. Deleted it from my amazon wishlist. Nearly 40 Euros for it..

Gary C

Someone has certainly got a bee in their bonnet re this Big Country release. I kinda like the earthly quality of it all, and I don’t think I have been sold something I didn’t want.
Clips are on Itunes, and its been up on spotify for days, have a listen, if you don’t like it fine but I don’t have these ‘bootlegs’ so I welcome the release, and the brand new interview with founding members of the band…paying for that too mind

Chris Squires

I guess it’s all about managing expectations, some of my most treasured pieces are very dodgy recordings of about 30 concerts by my favourite group, from soundboard to me with a dictaphone (we are talking 1988 onwards here). Ditto The bootleg videos of same, some done by Tripod some by handheld in the open and some handheld trying not to be seen. If you are what one might term an obsessive megafan this will be brilliant, irrespective of quality however it isn’t going to be “Before the Dawn” or “Peter Gabriel Live”, obsessively pored over with numerous corrections. What I never understand is the indignation. It is what it is, it’s tough to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, all we have to do is decide whether to buy it or not, it’s available to listen to and if it will do and you want it then buy it, if not don’t. You will be protected if you feel cheated, you can send it back and get a refund.


My big deal – i got the great Zucchero box WANTED for my pe-order Amazon.de price >> 21.99€
10CD + 1DVD + 7“Vinyl+ Book
Feat. Queen, Eric Clapton, BB King, Bono, Mark Knopfler….etc
Not Bad!!


A realy good amount of stuff this week for me but over all TAPP with Eye… which lead me to discover my fav band since 1982 when álbum came in (funny fact is i asked Santa for the single but álbum came in and wasn’t a bad thing must say) :)

And for those like me awaiting for Wilco as Well here can hear the entire disc number 3 of Being There with all studio takes:


Nice tunes in and interesting takes from Well known songs also.


About yhe Big Country box set, the giveaway is in the title. What are people expecting, remastered high resolution audio?!


For £25 yes. The giveaway was in the title of two Marillion live box sets as well but those weren’t crappy radio and audience recordings.


Bootlegs can be very good quality. They don’t have to be a one man and his microphone in the crowd thing. Many bootlegs are recorded off the mixing desk. Near perfect quality, but just with a raw mix.

Simon Long

“Bootlegs” are of variable (usually low) quality.

“Official bootlegs” are usually either pre-FM radio broadcasts, or recordings made by the band for their own private use taken from a stereo feed from the mixing desk.

Selling this box as “official bootlegs” leads people to expect the latter. They are getting the former. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some of these CDs are sourced from downloaded MP3s – the sound is that bad. If you want an example, listen to the version of “Rockin’ In The Free World” recorded in Glasgow; the sound is truly abysmal.


You’re confusing “official release” with “official bootlegs” (an oxymoron if ever there was one!).

Paul Wren

The Neil Young USA/UK pricing mismatch is another outrage as so often seen on these pages. It is rare for any Amazon UK offer to be the cheapest and this is why I now often buy from Amazon France, Italy, Germany and other non UK retailers. It reeks of profiteering and ripping off of the UK public.


I live in Spain and am an Amazon Prime subscriber here and get free postage from Amazon here. I also order from Amazon Italy and Germany and always get charged postage. The annoying thing is that my orders come from the Amazon Spain warehouse


Simon – – thank you for the heads up regarding the Big Country release… what a shame, as I was looking forward to it…

Paul Wren

Not all of the Big Country release will be poor quality as I believe some of it is radio broadcast sourced. The Minneapolis show is from a radio broadcast and sounded OK on my cassette version of it! Stirling (Stuart Adamson solo acoustic show?)was recorded by a fan but he made a decent job of it as I recall and is worth a listen for Stuart’s between song banter alone. Glasgow was filmed and the audio is almost certainly from this camera, so whilst not high end it should be listenable. The box set is described as a bootleg release and as such it is very similar to the recent Humble Pie bootleg box set, ie performances that may vary in sound quality but are viewed as being essential listening due to the performances delivered on the night etc.

Auntie Sabrina

Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra’s Ibiza Classics is out on Friday too. If it’s half as good as their Classic House album then I’ll be more than happy…

Neil McL

That’s really a shame about the Big Country box set thank’s for the head’s up. I saw them about 10 days ago supporting the Skids in Paisley. This is the first time I had seen them since ’93 and they were great. However, if the audio is as bad as the the reviews here I will cancel too

Darren Briscoe

Neil Young The VisitorY we’ll be only $13.99 here in the USA…..but it isn’t released until January 5th!


Also out this week is NOMC15 a live double album by New Order and the price is decent at £7.98.


Thanks for the heads up on that! Still a few weeks to wait in the States, but I had no idea it was coming out at all, so I have it wish listed for the time being. Excited to see “Your Silent Face” is going to be on it–one of my all-time favorites.

Paul E.

@Neil- congrats on not making the mistake I did by purchasing this and “Live At The London Troxy” via NO’s Pledge Music page. I paid double for the 2CD “NOMC15” version Amazon now has listed and shipping wasn’t cheap either. Won’t support future efforts by way of Pledge Music if this is their choose course.

Paul Murphy

Just want to be first this year – happy birthday for Dec 8th, Paul.


Sir!! Flag on the play!

Darren Briscoe

Man that’s heavy! I remember feeling strange when I hit 40, 2 months and 1 day thus outliving him. The next time for me will occur at the age of 69…

Derek Langsford

On my only visit to Liverpool, staying within a stone’s throw of Quarrybank School, I woke up on my first morning to the news John Lennon had been shot in NYC. Surreal to say the least.

Simon Long

You forgot to mention the Big Country “official bootlegs” set out on Cherry Red Records on Friday – although, having listened to some of it on Spotify this morning, I am giving serious consideration to cancelling my order. The sound quality is dreadful – rather more “bootleg” than “official”, and at least one of the concerts on there is an audience recording, judging by the audience member whose vocals are as audible in one ear as Stuart Adamson’s are in the other…


This will be cannon fodder when the reviews start appearing and rightly so.

Simon Long

After another quick listen to Spotify, I have indeed cancelled my order for this set. I’m letting all the BC fans I know about it – this is a disgrace. Shame on Watson and Brzezicki for this – I hope everyone who buys it sends it back and Cherry Red and BC make a loss on the venture.


I posted a message on their FB page about the sound quality and they deleted it. I suppose people will find out soon enough.

Gary C

Hell hath no fury huh…

do you think they’d be constantly on the road touring if they had full control of their catalogue or a release like this? I doubt they do.

Simon Long

According to the announcement on here when this set was first mentioned, “Founder members Bruce Watson and Tony Butler have been interviewed for the notes in the booklet” – so it looks as if it is indeed happening with the band’s approval. These are bootleg recordings, so no-one has control over them, but I can’t see Cherry Red doing anything without consent from the people who at least own the name and logo of the band.

I (politely) Tweeted their account earlier with my feelings, and have had no response – I’m not surprised. They must know how bad the quality of this material is; they are presumably just hoping for a quick cash-in, although I know several people in various forums who have already cancelled their pre-order as a result.

Paul Wren

Yes, Simon,
Many fans already own these as bootlegs, ie a mix of audience sourced and radio show broadcasts, so sound quality will be poor for those taped by fans.


The people who pre-order anything on Cherry Red must be in single figures by now. What an absolute shower (copyright Terry-Thomas) they are. They have no shame, clearly…

Alan B

Got the XTC Black Sea cd / bluray on Friday. As has been mentioned the postage Burning Shed charge is very high. Just under £4 and it was posted second class. You can post an LP first class for less. Worth it to get the signed postcard though.