Out This Week / on 1 June 2018

Def Leppard / CD and vinyl box sets

A pair of new Def Leppard albums box sets out on Friday – on CD and vinyl –  which contains the band’s eighties output: their first four albums, Live at the LA Forum 1983 and a disc of rarities. Read more

The Creation / Creation Theory (limited coloured 4LP vinyl box)

Very cool vinyl box featuring The Creation. 500-only and it features four albums spanning the group’s rather haphazard career. Still some available. Read more

Jethro Tull / 50 for 50 (3CD set)

An Ian Anderson curated 50th anniversary ‘best of’ that, as the title suggests, includes 50 songs from Jethro Tull’s rich back catalogue. Read more

Madonna / The Immaculate Collection (2LP vinyl)

Madonna’s 1990 greatest hits has already sold a astonishing 30m copies worldwide. But in case you don’t have it, a new double vinyl reissue is out on Friday! Read more

The Flaming Lips / Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (3CD and vinyl)

New Flaming Lips greatest hits. The triple CD deluxe is really the format to go for with 52 tracks including B-sides, outtakes and previously unreleased. By comparison, the vinyl only has 11 songs! Read more

Roger Daltrey  / As Long As I Have You

Roger Daltrey‘s ninth solo album has been produced by Dave Eringa. Guest musicians include The Style Council‘s Mick Talbot and the songs include self-penned numbers and some notable covers, including Nick Cave’s Into My Arms, You Haven’t Done Nothing by Stevie Wonder and Stephen StillsHow Far.

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Roger Daltrey

As Long As I Have You - CD edition


Damien Rice / O (2LP vinyl)

First time on vinyl for Damien Rice‘s 2002 debut album. This double black vinyl package features a gatefold sleeve and two printed inners.

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Damien Rice


Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon usa   365
JPC de   34.99
FNAC fr   29.93

Various Artists / Eighties Alternative (2LP vinyl)

Decent enough selection and a cheap price make this vinyl-only compilation (which features the likes of Scritti Politti, Pixies, Propaganda, and Bauhaus) quite appealing. Read more

Dawn of the Dead soundtrack reissue (various formats)

A reinterpretation of Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin‘s score for George Romero’s 1978 cult horror zombie flick Dawn Of The Dead is being issued as a highly limited fan bundle and on coloured vinyl and CD. Read more

Neko Case / Hell-On (new album)

Neko Case‘s seventh studio solo album follows the case/lang/veirs project of 2016.. 

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Neko Case

Hell-On [VINYL]


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Neko Case



ZZ Top / Cinco No. 2: The Second Five LPs

Cinco No. 2: The Second Five LPs is a follow-up to last year’s ZZ Top box set, The First Five LPs box and features five albums recorded between 1979 and 1990, including Eliminator and AfterburnerRead more

Paul Simon / The Remixes (CD and vinyl)

Possibly the worst idea EVER in the history of recorded music, Paul Simon has decided let a load of ‘modern’ remixes loose on his 1986 album Graceland. It sounds even worse than you can possibly imagine. Read more

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Hey R.E. M. fans, check this out…


There’s a US store link too.

Paul Spurgeon

Pickup up a good deal today @ sound of vinyl

Genesis 1983-1998 box set

That’s half the price of what records.


Saw the Paul Simon album in fopp. Picked it up, put it straight back down and bought the new daltrey album along with the Altered Images and bow wow wow box sets


The new Father John Misty album – “God’s Favorite Customer” – lands Friday.

Matthew Langhorn

Picked my God’s Favourite Customer up this morning, limited edition purple vinyl

Robert Morgenstern

I know i’m a month too early but GORILLAZ are back on 29.06.2018 with THE NOW NOW album. Nice bundles on official webstore like this vinyl bundle.

Andrew M

Got Madonna arriving tomorrow – sixth vinyl I’ve bought this week. It’s a good week for releases, that’s for sure.

Really looking forward to it as in a collection of over 400 physical releases, I don’t own a single Madonna release! That needed rectifying.


Looking forward to the CD version of the Flaming Lips ‘Greatest Hits Vol 1’, especially disc 3.

Larry Davis

Actually, I LOVE the new Arctic Monkeys record…it does have a Bowie vibe and some of it is powerpop in feel…it is piano-driven, which can throw people, but it’s been getting great reviews and I agree with them…as for that mentality of “this is from the new album…let’s go to the bar?!?”…I hate that, for me, the reason to see a band is to see & hear said band do stuff from the new album they are touring to promote!! An audience who just goes to see a band to hear some hits or what they want to hear should just stay home…it’s up to the band to play what they want to and choose the setlist, and for the audience to be surprised…artist first, audience second…like art first, commerce second. I know many will disagree, but that’s my take on things concerning bands and touring. For me, I’m not into nostalgia.

The Def Leppard box, I cancelled my preorder for now, and I’ll see if/when prices drop…for now, it’s a tad high and I have some expenses, plus I have no idea when Vol 2 will come, will prefer to order Vol 1 when I know Vol 2 and the rest, 3 & 4 are coming, the schedule…the Flaming Lips collection is not cancelled though…looking forward to that.


Sorry Larry but that made me laugh (in a nice way). Not into nostalgia but you’re interested in the Def Leppard box and the Flaming Lips Greatest Hits set :)

Larry Davis

Not into nostalgia in a recall memory kinda way…the Def Lep box is Volume 1 in the series and it’s a way to organize their catalogue…same with the Flaming Lips set, plus they have lots of odds & ends and unreleased material…so that’s what I’m into…organization and rarities/odds & ends…that’s not nostalgia, but I can see the oxymoron in my comment and how you would think that, so it deserves an explanation…


What happened to the Wire reissues? Didn’t show last week. Also, picked up the just released in Japan Savoy Brown Raw Sienna 2018 remaster. Sounds fantastic.


Larry Davis

I saw the 3 Wire SDE reissues last week, packaged in books, not little/CD sized or too big either, but pretty pricey…Newbury Comics had them for $46US each, and Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey had them for like 10 bucks cheaper…still over $100US total…I know their status and influence, and being ripped off by Elastica, but I have to really be blown away to want to purchase these and I’m not that familiar with these records YET…time to do the research…but they look really nice…


My Wire albums (the special edition CDs) arrived from Pink Flag on May 17th.


C’mon, Paul – tell us how you REALLY feel about the “Graceland” remix project!

Larry Davis

Ya know, I actually have no problem with that Graceland remix project…I like when records get tinkered with in an interesting way and the people on the project I really like…so if I see a promo or good sale on it, I may jump on it…


Neko case link goes to sting and shaggy – could have done without that! :)


This must have fallen through the cracks when compiling this week’s “Out This Week” report… for all the Psychedelic Furs fans out there, this news comes via their website (release date = June 1): THE FURS ON VINYL!! We’re excited to announce a series of limited edition colour 7″ AA side vinyl coupling together some of the biggest singles from our first 5 albums. “We Love You”, “Heartbreak Beat”, “Pretty In Pink”, “Shock” and “Love My Way” are all included. Order yours now at http://smarturl.it/PF_Shop

Philip Birtwistle

Wish we could get the first few Roger Daltrey albums reissued!


That Graceland album is hideous. Spotify keeps giving me tracks to listen off it, and it sounds unbelievably terrible. I have wondered why does it exist? Is it a leftover from the Graceland re-release? Or with Paul Simon announcing his retirement, is it a contractual obligation?

David M

A certain Pete Townshend is also featured heavily on the Daltrey album.

Simon Long

Whenever I consider buying the Tull album, I compare the tracklist against that of the 25th anniversary collection from 1993, and realise the new one is really superfluous to any Tull fan’s requirements…

Hans Jörg

Ref. Def Leppard: The thing that might be attracting is the remaster of ther first three albums which hasn’t been done so far according to my knowledge.


Hans, Pyromania was remastered in 2009. It was disc 1 of a 2cd Deluxe Edition. The second cd was Live At The L.A. Forum.

Hans Jörg

@CJL: Right. Still on my to listen to CD Collection.


Record companies will decidedly never learn from their past mistakes. Putting an exclusive record on a box set full of old things the fans already have is a false good idea. With time, people will finally understand they’re now treated as cash cows than customers and boycott those type of releases (Bowie boxes,Quo boxes,and now Def Leppard box,will this happen ad nauseaum?) until they’ll get back proper honest quality releases (Who 7″ boxes,good idea for many young fans who can’t afford the originals / The Jam concerts released on vinyl out of any SH*T box,though universal tried with Setting Sons on cd / ABBA Wembley 3LP not from a box / surprisingly Bowie’s Welcome To The Blackout was not from a box,proof that they CAN do it without box scam)


i dont think the bowie boxes were scams, its a good way for people wo are slowly getting into say vinyl, to get a bunch of his albums in 1 place

Larry Davis

Boxsets themselves are NOT scams!! Those projects should only be done once, remastered once and that’s it. Now, when a well-done project is revisited a short time later with like a new cover, or a track missing and they repackage it and expect people not to notice?? That’s where things get sketchy. With that Def Leppard box, the fact that the first 2 albums were never remastered before, and this is done as the first volume in a series of 4, and they are organized in such a fashion, that’s fine, NOT a scam.

One that was kinda botched was that Cars boxset…they put out the 6 CD set with no extras…OK, fine…then they decide or “find” extra tracks in the vault and put out expanded reissues later on??!!?? That was a bad move. It should have been done in reverse…put out the box mostly empty, with the reissued 2CD remaster of the 1st album with room for the others that they put out 2-3 at a time, expanded. That would have been good. No matter what you think of the Phil Collins solo 2CD remasters “Take A Look At Me Now”, they put them out this way, the first 2 by themselves or in the box with room for the others as they come.

But no, it doesn’t pay to be so jaded with reissues/boxsets/etc…no use being angry…just relax and live & let live…you’ll feel better…

Larry Davis

Or the 2 Midnight Oil “tank” sets…the way they organized everything, repackage it in thin cardboard slipcases and keep it all in 1 place (2 metal “tanks” that look like oversized coffeecans which look cool as display pieces), is a good thing, even though most of it’s been released before…however, the albums are all remastered (with restored artwork), the video collection DVD is updated, and some of the video content of concerts was never on DVD before, just VHS tape. You DO have a choice to buy or not…BUT if you value organization and presentation and quality packaging and remastering, you would sell or toss the old sets and get the superior new ones…but yes, choice is yours.

Gis Bun
O(+> Peter B

Anyone heard the new Arctic Monkeys album yet and wish to comment?

Craig Hedges

Who are the arctic monkeys?

Hans Jörg

Monkeys living in the Antarctica along with Ants I would assume. Or a pretty cool band.


I’ve been enjoying it, but if you’re expecting a lot of guitar oriented rock ala the last album, you’ll be disappointed. Lots of piano, has a bit of a loungey jazz feel to it.


It’s pretty mellow-hints of Bowie/Pulp
Not great,it’s ok but I can’t see it being a mainstay in the cd


Yeah, kinda This Is Hardcore/Scary Monsters vibe.

As an aside, I’m very surprised O by Damien Rice hasn’t been issued on vinyl before. The CD of it sold absolute shedloads. Shows how out of favour vinyl was in the early 00’s.


well if you want an album devoid of any drums, bass or songs then its fine should have been repackaged as last shadow puppets and saved people the disappointment. truly awful IMHO. put it this way when theyre on tour and the immortal “this is from our latest album” go to the bar

O(+> Peter B

Thanks everyone, I have read that it’s an Alex Turner over-indulgence so I was a bit wary. The lack of drums when Matt Helders is in the band is baffling.


Yer kidding…the new A Monkey’s album is the best Bowie album since Scary Monsters. It’s album of the year thus far!

Larry Davis

I love it and it’s been getting some great reviews…different from past albums in that it’s piano-driven, kinda loungey but still melodic and catchy…reminds me of Bowie & Pulp…I can see how it can throw some people…I was out of them for a while, but this was the first record of theirs I bought in years because of hunches, reviews and Target had an exclusive lyric booklet…