Out This Week / on 10 August 2018

Teenage Fanclub / Grand Prix vinyl reissue

Teenage Fanclub / Teenage Fanclub / Vinyl reissues Vinyl

Scottish indie band Teenage Fanclub issue five of their studio albums on vinyl. These reissues cover the Creation era and album has been remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios (“under the guidance of the band”), and the packages will replicate the original packaging. First pressings come with a bonus 7″ single.

Trojan Records Box Set

Various Artists / Trojan Records Box Set CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Launched in the summer of 1968, Trojan Records was instrumental in introducing the sound of reggae to the world. This 50th anniversary box set contains six CDs, four vinyl LPs and two seven-inch singles with previously unreleased and new recordings. Get the best price and buy from Amazon Italy.

The Fall / 458489: A-sides Vinyl

The Fall‘s 1990 compilation, 458489 A-sides, reissued on vinyl – for the first time in the USA – and to add to the desirability, this will be a WHITE vinyl pressing.

The Magpie Salute / High Water I clear vinyl

The Magpie Salute / High Water 1 Vinyl

The Magpie Salute is an American rock band formed a couple of years ago by former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson. Their debut studio album High Water 1 is available as a limited 2LP clear vinyl pressing, as well as the standard black vinyl and CD.

Tom Waits / Blue Valentine

Waits‘ fifth studio album is remastered and reissued on vinyl. A fine record which features Romeo Is Bleeding, a title Peter Medak pinched for his forgotten – but rather entertaining – 1993 film which starred Gary Oldman.

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Tom Waits

Blue Valentine - vinyl remaster


Tindersticks / “Curtains”

Tindersticks third studio album (issued in 1997) is re-released as an expanded 2LP vinyl edition by Music On Vinyl. This gatefold 2LP edition includes the original 15-track album and nine bonus songs.

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Curtains - 2LP expanded edition


Brett Anderson / clear vinyl

Demon Records issue Suede frontman Brett Anderson‘s solo albums individually on clear vinyl. His 2007 self-titled debut and 2008’s Wilderness are out this week. Slow Attack (2009) and Black Rainbows (2011) follow next week. These were previously only available together (on black vinyl) in the 2017 box set.

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson - CLEAR vinyl


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Brett Anderson

Wilderness - CLEAR vinyl


Fotheringay vinyl reissue

This ‘limited vinyl reissue’ is the self-titled album by the short-lived British folk-rock group formed by Sandy Denny after she left Fairport Convention in 1969. It was recorded and released in 1970.

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Fotheringay [VINYL]


Giant Sand / Returns to the Valley of Rain

Giant Sand’s debut album Valley of Rain was recorded in 1983, and eventually released by 1985. Now some 30 years later, Howe Gelb and friends have re-recorded it and will tour it this summer.

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Giant Sand

Returns to the Valley of Rain - CD edition


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Giant Sand

Returns to the Valley of Rain - vinyl LP edition


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@ Chris Squires – Brilliant post.

I love my vinyl, I love my CD’s, I love my minidiscs, I love my Reel to Reel, I even love my cassettes (nearly as much as the others) ;-)

Incidentally, at the top of end of the ‘err, why on earth?’ scale, I purchased the ‘New’ (okay, ‘New on an old refurbished’) 8-Track of Ghost’s Prequelle album the other week. It sounds like garbage but I still got a lot of pleasure out of it :-)

Long live YOUR format of choice – whatever it may be.


It’s a pity my wife’s name is Lisa and not Elizabeth. Otherwise I could pick up that Tindersticks album for her birthday and say : “It’s Curtains for you. Elizabeth my dear.”

Minnesota Geoff

How about some CD only re-issues of Paul Westerberg, the Del Fuegos, Electric Guitars, Bo-deans or Hothouse Flowers. Maybe throw in a bonus live disc, to boot?
Saw them all LIVE back in the day..Incredible stuff!


Regarding Hothouse Flowers their albums were going to be released as deluxe editions in 2010 and then they were suddenly pulled at the last minute for whatever reason. They are still being listed on some Amazon sites and are obviously Currently unavailable.

Chris S

Ooops! Yes, you are correct Paul. Blue Valentine was the fifth of the Studio albums. ‘Nighthawks’ was of course recorded live – but in a small club with all new songs, so I always think of it as a ‘studio’ album.

Wax Monster X

I’m with all the other commenters about the over abundance of vinyl. As a 35+ year vet of the music biz, I find this fad hilarious. One of these days I’ll write a full take of the who, what and why this is happening. It’s a pretty complicated and totally greed driven bubble. And we know what happens to bubbles.

Mike the Fish

It’s an ideal for the industry to resell back catalogue, isn’t it? Most of it has already paid for itself so the profits are better, then add coloured vinyl, half speed mastering, 45rpm cuts or whatever bandwagon and sell the catalogue again and again. Personally I enjoy vinyl, but even I perceive some cynicsm in some releases.

Chris S

Just a small correction Paul. Blue Valentine was Wait’s sixth studio album.
These re-issues of the Asylum albums are truly excellent!


2 CD releases this week, and 7 for Vinyl, the world has gone mad.

Phil Morris

Romeo Is Bleeding not forgotten here. I watched it just the other week. Bought for its fine Mark Isham score.

D J Salinger

“Pretty soon all he could think about was feeding the hole…”

Nelson Lee

A nice cheap week then

Steve Pritchard

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl… This site is becoming SVDE ! The whole music industry is devolving back to shit sound and hipster (il)logic. We might as well throw away our mobile phones too, get two paper cups and put a a wire string betwwen them…


As Long as the paper Cups bear an Apple logo there will surely be a market for this.:)


Calm down please….


It is indeed very depressing that every single release here bar one is Vinyl.

Chris Squires

What’s depressing about it? It’s one week, there are plenty of other CD releases this week and every other week. Most albums from our timezone, what? 1960s to the early 2000s have been done to death on CD several times over. There are just as many crappy, stupid waste of time CD releases out there. As evidenced by last weeks tranche of best of 2CDs for £5.99….. “Who needs another Status Quo early years CD” I think was the quote

I can think of dozens of albums by dozens of artists that have been done to death on CD in the “deadzone of vinyl” years.
Pretty much anything from 1994 to 2014 (20 years) never came out on vinyl and nothing really interesting in the 5 years before that. CD had it all to itself, and that’s fine. So, so what if vinyl is now playing catch up. So, so what if some people don’t have a record player and are “tired of vinyl”. That’s as daft as me saying I am tired of Mercedes, something I don’t have, don’t want and will never own so I don’t want anyone else to enjoy it either because *I* don’t want it.

I am as far from a hipster as the definition will stretch, fat, 55 and only have stubble ‘cos I’m too lazy to shave more than once a week. Vinyl isn’t cool, it just suits certain people. If Vinyl is old fashioned nonsense and out of step then so are the Beatles, so are the Doors, so are Queen, Bowie and Prince. But I wouldn’t dare say that here. So why pick on Vinyl? It isn’t Vinyl’s fault that people want to buy it and listen to it because they like the whole experience better than just track jumping on Spotify or sticking a CD on. I buy both but every week there is a silly post where you can play SDE Bingo. Beards, tick. Scratchy, tick. Expensive, tick. If it isn’t for you, fine but please don’t lump everyone into one basket, Paul does a grand job with what’s available. But if he doesn’t mention something you do like and does mention something you don’t it isn’t his fault. If there was a week of 9 CD releases and only one Vinyl you would not hear Vinyl buyers moaning about it.

I want Vinyl to flourish, I want CD to flourish, I want box sets to flourish.
I do not wish for the death of something because I have an axe to grind and *I* don’t want it. There will hopefully be loads of CD re-issues over the next few weeks and lots of vinyl to go with them.
Everyone chill and support your “Physical”, in whatever guise it comes.


Excellent post. The vinyl haters on here are strating to spoil an otherwise excellent site and its valuable comments. It’s amusing, but increasingly annoying, how they can’t accept SDEs containing combinations of CDs, LPs and maybe even 7″ singles, and some tat! “But *I* don’t want it” – well, it’s not all about you, you you. Perhaps someone could start up a http://www.standardCDedition.com website?


“how they can’t accept SDEs containing combinations of CDs, LPs and maybe…”

I reckon 100% of vinyl buyers will own a CD player but a much smaller percentage of CD buyers will own a turntable. The vinyl content in mixed box sets is useless if you don’t own a turntable. You’re paying extra for content you’ll never play just to hear the stuff that you can play. Great for labels; rubbish for a lot of customers.


Fantastic and fair post Chris!!


yes, what is the attraction of plastic that can warp, be scratched and can give you lots of surface noise to add to the music??

Chris Squires

Are you saying that CDs can’t be scratched, warped or be damaged? I have plenty that are and some that jump even though they look unscratched. I recently (late last year) bought the Blank & Jones ZTT CD and as brilliant as it was CD 2 isn’t worth crap now and that isn’t scratched. It just jumps and repeats all of it’s own volition.

Anybody who wants to get into vinyl should get (or probably has got) a decent vinyl cleaner (Hannl, Okki Nokki, VPI). So, yes, straight out of the bag it might sound less than perfect, if you are unlucky. A couple of minutes of care and attention and it can be sonic bliss….. Cleaning is no trouble, it’s quite therapeutic, like those who want to cook a nice meal or wash their car to ease their worries away. Cleaning 6 or 8 sides of vinyl after work is a good stress buster.

Every bad LP I have bought in the last few years has been returned and replaced with no questions asked, and I think that is 5 and only one of them was due to a bad press (Lily Allen), the rest were due to delivery damage to the cover / box.

Opinions are great to have but I would challenge those who moan incessantly (and they do) about what is wrong about vinyl and and it’s recent resurgence, when was the last time they actually bought some or listened to some, a good pressing on a good system. Or are they just banging on about what they recall from 1988 or what they have heard somebody else say.

I do apologize for the double response but some of the nonsense *anti* posts go unchallenged. Yes vinyl isn’t perfect. That was never and is not now the point. (CD ain’t perfect either – too tight, broken clasps difficult to read booklet, cracked, unreadable, overpriced, brickwalled etc.).

Just saying it’s scratchy, noisy, warped, rubbish is not really very fair or realistic point.

Mike the Fish

I wouldn’t necessarily call using a record cleaner therapeutic. In my limited experience of using a cheap model it’s like paying the price of an expensive vacuum cleaner for a cheap one. The results can be pleasing and impressive, but it’s a noisy and smelly (what with the cleaning fluid) ride to get there!


Absolutely. In the 70’s I actually switched to cassette to avoid vinyl crackles, pops, scratches etc. Not a good choice perhaps but a reflection of the annoyance suffered by recycled vinyl in particular. These days I remain happy with CD. If the noise wasn’t present in the recording studio, why should it have to be endured on playback? Even hearing music on a top notch turntable at a hi-fi show (costing £147,000) my ears were still drawn to the surface noise. Crackers I reckon!


Bernard’s even done a remix of it as per Paul’s interview with him on SDE a couple of years ago.
I have a feeling that after the next Suede album, B&B will do another record together (without a band) and out of the interest and touring to go with it, we might see a Tears reissue project.

Jorje Chica

I was not terribly impressed with The Tears, other than the album track Autograph. I’m personally more interested in a reissue of the second McAlmont & Butler record, Bring it Back. If my memory serves, at the time of the reissue for The Sound of …, Bernard (or David) mentioned an unreleased 3rd album that would be part of the possible reissue for Bring it Back.


Whilst on the subject of the brilliant Mr Butler, I’d really like ‘People Move On’ reissued on vinyl. A deluxe cd edition would also be good if there are enough demos or unreleased tracks in the vaults. Should be at least 6 b-sides from the era to start with.

Jorje Chica

I think a deluxe reissue of People Move On would be nice. Besides the 6 b-sides (laughs at own weak pun), there are the live acoustic tracks from the exclusive NME Garage Tapes that could go on a bonus disc. I’m sure he did some nice radio sessions in the UK at the time that could be added as bonus tracks. If not, the session he did for Santa Monica’s KCRW public radio the morning after his only Los Angeles solo show was great. And if he really wants to scrape the barrel, I recorded his three song acoustic set at the Hollywood Virgin Megastore on a handheld tape recorder, and I’d be happy to share it with him. ;-)


Very disappointed that Brett (or the label) didn’t put the clear vinyl versions in the box set and kept the black vinyl for the single LP editions. I’d LOVE to own the albums in clear vinyl, but I’m certainly not going to buy them for a fourth time (1st on CD, then the box set on CD and vinyl).


Hi Paul, not sure what you mean about Tom Wait’s Blue Valentine being reissued on CD later this year. All his Asylum albums have already been remastered and rereleased in March this year…

andrew R

Ref Brett Anderson .Why no re release of the Tears project with Bernard?
A great record that got lost in the shuffle first time around


I second that! It’s time for a SDE of The Tears (album + b-sides + demos? + live performances?)! Could probably all fit on a 2CD set


… and then a 4CD set with less content and at double the price five years later.