Out This Week / On 11 January 2019

Douglas Adams / The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Tertiary Phase Vinyl

Demon Records issue Tertiary Phase a new 3LP coloured vinyl deluxe set that features the third series of Douglas Adams’ classic comedy science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Echobelly / On (vinyl reissue)

Echobelly were a great Britpop-era band who never quite broke through to the mainstream despite this fine 1995 album with some excellent singles such as ‘Great Things’, ‘King of the Kerb’ and (especially) ‘Dark Therapy’. On was their second album and it is reissued on black 180g via Music On Vinyl, although you are better off opting for the limited edition orange vinyl which can be ordered via the SDE shop using this link (or the button below). These are very limited (750 worldwide) and we only have a small quantity!

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On - black vinyl reissue


Johnny Winter / Still Alive and Well (vinyl reissue)

Still Alive and Well was American blues rock guitarist and singer Johnny Winter‘s fifth studio album. It was issued by Columbia in 1973 and is reissued this week on vinyl.

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Johnny Winter

Still Alive and Well [180 gm LP vinyl]


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Funny that. I’m just back from a trip to Japan and managed to get 30 mins to browse some record shops in Osaka. I spotted the On lp +7″. Didn’t pick it up though as I wasn’t sure if I had it already or not, haha!
Plenty of vinyl shops in Osaka if you are there lads!


Hey Paul, when will we get the 2019 reissue preview?
Just asking!
Thanks. :-)


Ummm. looks like we are in the quiet months. Very few releases.
Although the 25th will have a new Steve Hackett album, a new Neal Morse album [2CD] and 2 re-issues from Green River [pre-Pearl Jam].

Larry Davis

Lastly, I’m in the US, and no retailer here ordered the Bobbie Gentry box for their stores…no one wanted to take the risk by ordering it and getting stuck with it if no one bit, because it’s an expensive import, and her US audience is quite a small niche…I ordered it on Amazon UK because at the time, the Amazon US price was $92, and with tax, close to $100 (I have Prime with free shipping but still have to pay tax)…on the UK site, with the VAT removed and shipping added, I paid $84, not bad for an 8CD box, beautifully packaged with a great book and postcards in a pocket in the back, lovely pics (she was a real hottie) and well-written, informative essay…having heard all 8 discs, I objectively say the album she did with Glen Campbell was not that great, it sounded a bit generic and bland, as great as both singers are/were…sounded like a cash-in by their record company, Capitol, with 2nd rate material…but her own albums were all good-to-great, my fave being her last, “Patchwork”…

Larry Davis

ALWAYS been a huge Echobelly fan…they have such a great ripping powerpop sound and Sonia has a great voice with great character and interesting tone…could be her Anglo-Indian heritage…a Blondie/Morrissey hybrid if you will that really works and is quite memorable…on top of that, killer tunes…”On” was a masterpiece, and as great as those singles were, it was the opening track, “Car Fiction”, that really shoulda been single #1…pretty cool, the orange vinyl, I may get it if there are copies left after I get back from my trip beginning of February…I do have the 2CD reissues of their 1st 2 albums, put out 2-3 years ago on a small reissue label called 3 Loop, which I never heard of before I bought them…am I the only one who thought album #3, “Lustra”, got an unfair slagging and it kinda got screwed due to label issues?? I find it as good as the 1st 2 and the US CD on Epic has 5 B-sides as bonus tracks…it got screwed because their original label Rhythm King left Sony as a distributor, and changed to Arista, then part of BMG (now Sony, go figure)…Echobelly were given a choice…stick with Rhythm King or Epic/Sony for “Lustra”…they chose Epic…not sure if they made the right choice or not, but afterwards, I don’t think we saw any Rhythm King releases again…maybe the band did, as despite its difficult birth, “Lustra” was a flawed but fine record, kinda like Oasis’ 3rd album “Be Here Now” was…I would love to get the rest of the Echobelly catalogue after “Lustra” and then vinyl probably too…


Nice that ON is being reissued, but bring on the vinyl reissues of Echobelly’s later catalogue, starting with LUSTRA.


Heartily agree with you Paul re Echobelly. A band who stood head and shoulders over most of the other, as John Peel once described them, Britpop ninnies. On is a highly recommended listen as is their previous outing Everyone’s Got One. In fact I’ve just been giving On a quick run out again and it still sounds quite magnificent even 23 years later!


Thanks for the information everybody, provisionally ordered form amazon (with code) and will try those shops in the morning. Cheers!

Paul Wren

Also look for it via Discogs/Ebay.


Apologies for posting this but have any eagle eyed uk SDE reader noticed a copy of the Bobbie Gentry Girl from Chickasaw boxset sat in their local brick and mortar record shop?
This was something I was going to purchase for myself after the expense of Christmas was out of the way but now I can’t find it. Sod’s Law!


Sister Ray in soho had a copy of the Bobbie Gentry box when I was in last week (as did the Fopp at Cambridge Circus).


Bobbie Gentry box now $75.98US at Amazon US……..

Andrew W

HMV in Liverpool One have it, at least they did two days ago when I last visited.


Thanks Andrew. I ordered one from US Amazon provisionally as it was not shipping until the 17 of Jan. phoned SisterRay and managed to get one, went on Amazon to cancel and it had already shipped so now I’ve got two!!