Out This Week / on 12 April 2019

Pet Shop Boys / Agenda EP CD, Vinyl

The Pet Shop Boys return with a new four-track EP, Agenda. The song title are arguably better than the songs, but the boys commitment to physical formats and value for money (none of these four tracks will be on the next album) is to be applauded.

Pet Shop Boys / Inner Sanctum CD, Blu-ray, DVD

More from the PSBs this week as they issue a four-disc (2CD+DVD+Blu-ray) edition of their London Royal Opera live show, which was staged in the summer of 2018.

Suede / The Insatiable Ones DVD

Mike Christie’s excellent Suede documentary is superb. This DVD release has two discs of extras and if you order from the official store you can get an exclusive SIGNED poster with it.

Norah Jones / Begin Again CD, Vinyl

Norah Jones releases a new album Begin Again. This features some of the ad-hoc singles from last year along with three new tracks.

Various Artists / Now That's What I Call Music 2 CD, Vinyl

Now That’s What I Call Music 2, originally released in March 1984 is reissued for its 35th anniversary. This is the first time it has been on CD (it’s a 2CD set) although it’s issued on vinyl as well for good measure.

Nirvana / Live at the Paramount Vinyl

Nirvana’s Live at the Paramount 1991 live set is issued on vinyl for the first time. The 2LP set includes a poster and download code.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis / The Assassination of Jesse James Vinyl

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis‘ soundtrack to Andrew Dominik’s 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is issued on vinyl for the first time. ‘Whiskey-coloured’ vinyl, no less.

Toyah / In The Court of the Crimson Queen CD

UK punk/pop legend Toyah Willcox releases a two-CD deluxe edition of her 2008 album In The Court of the Crimson Queen. Look out for an SDE ‘on the sofa’ interview with Toyah later this week.

Duran Duran / As The Lights Go Down RSD19 Vinyl

This special release from Duran Duran is amongst many which will be available this Saturday on Record Store Day! Visit this post to see SDE’s highlights and look out for a video preview in the later this week.

Emma Bunton / My Happy Place CD

Spice Girl Emma Bunton‘s new album My Happy Place is out this week. Amazon in the UK are offering an exclusive SIGNED CD edition.

Various Artists / The Hits Album (4CD set)

Not only is Now That’s What I Call Music back this week, but so is its ‘rival’ from back in the day, The Hits Album. Unfortunately, whereas ‘NOW 2′ recreates the track listing of the original, this Hits Album compilation doesn’t adhere to any of the actual releases, and is rather simply a badge for a decent, but ultimately generic, 4CD ’80s’ set. It is only £5.99 though so is more or less immune from criticism at that price.

Compare prices and pre-order


The Hits Album - The 80s Album


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I had Pet Shop Boys Agenda Vinyl pre-ordered off Amazon US and it has suddenly disappeared and is now unavailable. Really strange.


Hi Paul, just a quick question. How can RSD 19 titles be available to be bid on the eBay site. One seller has at least 10 titles that can be did on! This sort of thing will surely bring RSD down in the end


If you think they are a participating store and are genuinely annoyed at this practice report them direct to the recordstoreday.co.uk people. Some sellers are stupid enough to leave on their ‘pre-order’ listings, at the bottom of the page, their shop name and address! Others don’t but the store name is in their ebay handle along with their proper location.

Other listings are staff at participating shops who are intending to divert stock for their personal gain rather than the stores’ – and both store and RSD would like to know about them.

And, of course, there’s some who are just people who intend to stand in the queue for 15 hours to secure an eBayable (?!) copy of what they suspect are the most valuable/ sought after titles – and there’s nothing that can be done about them! But they are a pain in the behind to those of us who can’t even stand for 15 minutes let only 15 hours! So have to just get the crumbs when the crush has subsided.

Ultimately what you do is entirely down to how agitated you are?

A couple of years ago an eBay seller listed approx. 5-10 copies of each of over 200 separate titles at around 3-5 times the expected price (e.g. LPs for £100; 7″s for £40, etc.) from precisely midnight on the RSD Saturday – that couldn’t have been an all-night queuer as the shops wouldn’t allow that many multiple purchases (even by accident) and from the eBayer’s location there was only one shop within 20 miles: I surmised it must be a participating shop.

I regret not reporting that.


The compilation has an ABBA track which is rare on the standard 80s sets (except christmas albums)


Seems like a good compilation – not sure it’s exactly aimed at people who already own 100 80’s comps, but it’d be great for the car? I guess the clue is on the title ’80’s HITS’!! Good price for 40 tracks too…


It actually has 80 songs! If the compilation has original single versions that is even better. Sometimes vanilla compilations have rare gems hidden in there.


Oh yes – of course! So even BETTER value! ha ha…


As soon as I see Don’t You Want Me, Fade To Grey and/or Tainted Love I know it’s going to be such a disappointing generic vanilla FM compilation.

How about Life On Your Own, Visage and/or Down In The Subway instead?

Surely these cannot sell? There are hundreds like them out there…


I know this seems picky, but every time I go to these pages it loads at the bottom of the page and I have to scroll back to the top. Is there a way to fix that? Certainly doesn’t affect my joy on the site, but it does get frustrating. I’ll contine to visit every day either way! Thanks for your awesome work, Paul.



Tom Walsh

Generic is right, it would make a great subtitle for compilations like The Hits Album…good value I suppose if you’ve never bought Tainted Love etc before.