Out This Week / on 12 February 2021

Black Sabbath / Vol 4 box sets CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Black Sabbath‘s 1972 album Vol 4 is reissued as expansive CD and vinyl super deluxe edition box sets.

The Band / Stage Fright 50th anniversary CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Universal Music reissue The Band‘s third album Stage Fright across a number of formats, including a five-disc super deluxe edition.

Phil Collins / Face Value (picture disc) Vinyl

Tori Amos / Live at Montreux 2CD+Blu-ray

These two sets from early in Tori Amos‘ career have been reissued a few times on various formats, but this new Ear Music release sees it packaged as a 2CD+blu-ray for the first time. Features a 5.1 mix on the blu-ray.

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Okay, one more…

Never Let Me Darn


Larry Davis

The only new release I bought was Sia’s soundtrack to a film called “Music”…


Amazon seem to think I’m getting the White Stripes Greatest CD this Friday 12 Feb. Been yo-yoing between this date and 26 Feb for weeks! Band Stage Fright seems to be delayed a few days.


Had absolutely no idea that the Tori Amos set was coming out! I have the original separate DVD and CD releases, but the CD abbreviated the second concert to remove the songs that were played in both sets, plus this is an upgrade to blu ray. Pre-ordered! Thank you for the heads up!


Amazon has the 1999 sde available at £65


Look at the moon. Bowie’s 4th in his brilliant live adventures series is out on Friday.


These Bowie releases are selling out quick – his site doesn’t even list Liveandwell.com anymore, let alone Look At The Moon.

I always get nervous for when the next installment is about to launch in case I’m not quick enough at responding to a Bowie email and miss out (I hate buying from flippers). Two more to go…

Different Time

Sounds like a Brilliant Adventure!


Even though I’m signed up to his website, I never get emails about the BLA releases – luckily I’ve never missed out…until now. Announced only a few weeks ago, but already sold out everywhere I look. The flipper prices on ebay are OUTRAGEOUS!

I really don’t understand the Bowie estate – they seem to think he’s popular enough to endlessly release CDs/vinyl, but not popular enough to release them in decent numbers.

I don’t know why I miss out on the BLA emails – I’m definitely signed up to his site because I still get all the other emails for all the non-music tat the estate churns out.


…aaaaand as soon I finished typing that comment, what do I get? An email from the Bowie estate about…..socks.


Just give us some f’n music! Press enough CDs and vinyls so that they go to people who actually WANT them, not just flippers trying to rip people off.

Black Country Sock
Lady Grinning Sock
Aladdin Socks
Diamond Socks
The Width Of A Sockle
Sock Back In Anger
Up The Hill Sockwards

It’s time I put a sock in it…