Out This Week / on 12 June 2020

Manic Street Preachers / Gold Against The Soul

Manic Street Preachers / Gold Against The Soul reissue CD, Vinyl

The Manic Street Preachers reissue their second album Gold Against The Soul. Two-CD deluxe and vinyl are the formats.

Peter Gabriel / Rated PG CD, Vinyl

Rated PG, Peter Gabriel‘s compilation of his music for films was issued as a vinyl picture disc for Record Store Day last year is now available as a standard black vinyl record and on CD.

Norah Jones / Pick Me Up Off The Floor

Norah Jones / Pick Me Up Off The Floor CD, Vinyl

Norah Jones issues a new album, Pick Me Up Off The Floor. 

Liam Gallagher CD, Vinyl

Liam Gallagher issues an MTV Unplugged album, highlighting songs from his first two solo long-players along with a handful of Oasis numbers.

Thin Lizzy / Essential (3CD set)

Another ludicrously good value triple-CD set this time featuring the music of Thin Lizzy. This includes hits, album tracks and more.

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Thin Lizzy

Essential Thin Lizzy - 3CD set


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Don Cooper

Lovely job on the Lizzy triple.Cd 1 has Decca label/Cd2 has Roger Dean Vertigo label/Cd 3 is variant Vertigo.Then the tracklist for a fiver.Result!


Amazon US shows Peter Gabriel’s Rated PG CD as ‘Currently Unavailable’ with no release date given. It had shown a June 12 date prior. My local record store doesn’t have it either. Any idea/news on when this will receive a US release?


Got an email from Amazon telling me that my preorder is delayed and do I still want it? Yes, of course, but no mention of a firm release date.

Francis Maher

Lizzy 3cd put back to June 19th .


I got mine last week, 12th June. It is absolutely superb.

Derek Langsford

Clearly PG had worked with 5.1 for Up and Play. He also must have had a say in the 5.1 mixes of the early Genesis albums. He has show interest in the past and there is a market for them. More people are getting home theatre set-ups which allow for multi-channel music playback.

I would say that 5.1 mixes provide the listener with an opportunity to hear the music in greater detail with 6 discrete channels. I find some 5.1 mixes to be revelatory bridging between familiarity and a new, exciting experience. It has helped me enjoy many albums anew. Abbey Road in Dolby Atmos is sublime IMO.


Might get the Thin Lizzy set if it ends up in the supermarkets. There’s a whole bunch of these collections in Asda, Tesco, et al, but they’re all rubbish ones like Andy Williams and David Soul.

Chris Squires

I am very partial to some David Soul, he’s not “rubbish” by any stretch and I am pretty darned sure Andy Williams is not friendless either. For a while they were both at the top of their game, Ok so it’s not your game……

Paul Taylor

At the headline of this article on the home page it says 11 comments but I can only see seven..,,
Is it my phone that’s at fault??

Larry Davis

Aren’t the new Dylan & Neil releases out this week as well?? And as I mentioned & asked on the Manics GATS thread, I have to ask here…ever come across an error on a big set long after you get it or after it’s been released?? This just happened with my copy of the Clash “Sound System” boombox set…and if so, what would you do?? The PG is a cool piece.. missed the RSD vinyl…would rather have the CD tho…


Yes! Found that I had two CDs instead of a cd and a DVD-A in the Doors Perception box, years later when I became interested and able to listen properly to the DVD-A. Did contact Rhino but they had no spares, no surprise really.
However I also missed the New Order remaster replacement discs by a number of years, contacted whoever it was, not sure? Amazingly they sent a full set of the replacement discs from the USA to the UK.


Dylan & Neil are both due next week, June 19, but are missing somehow from the SDE release calendar.


Apologies, Paul, I didn’t notice that

Rare Glam

According to Undiscovermusic:
‘Thin Lizzy are due to be celebrated through a major documentary and extensive box set in the coming year’ so I’ll hold off on the 3 x cd set good value though that is. I already have the Earbook ‘Vagabonds…’ box set so wil l wait to see what else ensues.

Hans lindskog

Excellent news,,, hopefully this Will be done in the same way as the recent madfish box sets,, best regards Hans


Three discs of Lizzy for a fiver is amazing. I won’t be partaking as I bought them all on vinyl when first released and later, the expanded editions on CD. But the value is phenomenal and the track listing not too bad either bar a few omissions, like Suicide.

Claus Scholübbers

Unfortunately, CD- Set-only!

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

I am looking forward to receiving my vinyl LP of Rated PG ……. i gladly buy anything Peter Gabriel related. Unfortunately, this does not allow me to buy much……for example , it was his 3rd album’s 40th anniversary last week…..


…and despite the very interesting page on the PG website chatting about the record and the cover art, there is no deluxe edition, re-release, re package, etc. Missedopportunity, Peter.

It is not all bad, as whilst I am waiting for the next PG album I can listen to Rated PG…for 20 years. . .

Steven Roberts

It’s certainly disappointing that PG should not mark the anniversary of ‘Melt’ (if not his most commercially successful album, surely his most artistically significant) with an anniversary release**, since he seems to have been in ‘nostalgia mode’ (‘treading water’ if I’m being less kind) for the best part of a decade:-

Scratch My Back (song swaps and god-awful covers)
New Blood (orchestral reworkings)
So 25th (actually the 26th, ie a year bloody late!)
Rated PG (more old stuff, complete with one of the year’s worst album covers)
Flotsam and Jetsam (where the physical version, Peter?)
Half-speed mastered vinyl reissues (ie even MORE old stuff)

**in an ideal world, with a 5.1 blu-ray/SACD of the album (yeah, like THAT is going to happen….)

Derek Langsford

Wish PG would get around to remastering all his albums in 5.1/Dolby Atmos. Thought 5.1 was going to happen after Up saw a 5.1 mix on SACD (on which I spent £20 at Virgin Oxford St.) but all the earlier albums were stereo SACDs. Then since nothing in 5.1 except the “Play” videos with the sound problems on the 5.1 mix. A DVD that is dangerous to use for fear of blowing one’s speakers.