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David Bowie / Loving The Alien box set CD, Vinyl, Box Set, Book

For the fourth year in succession, Parlophone Records release a major David Bowie box set. Loving The Alien (1983-1988) will feature his three solo albums from the period in question, and offer fans something extra by including a ‘new production’ of 1987’s Never Let Me Down, the first audio release of the Serious Moonlight Tour and a some new-to-CD remixes.

Douglas Adams / The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Secondary Phase Vinyl

Demon Record will issue Secondary Phase a new 3LP coloured vinyl deluxe set that features the second series of Douglas Adams‘ classic comedy science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Signed sets still available.

Fugees / The Score Vinyl

More coloured vinyl from Sony as they reissue the Fugees’ 1996 album The Score on 2LP coloured vinyl. Check out this post for details of the other coloured vinyl reissues out this week.

Primal Scream / Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings CD, Vinyl

Primal Scream release the original ‘Memphis Recordings’ that eventually became their 1994 album Give Out But Don’t Give Up. This is a 2CD or 2LP vinyl set.

Cocteau Twins / The Fontana Years CD

Universal Music issue The Fontana Years, a four-CD box set that brings together the Cocteau Twins last two albums, recorded for the Fontana label, along with associated B-sides, EPs and radio sessions.

Nitzer Ebb Vinyl

Pylon Records will release Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010: The Box Set, in October, a new 10LP vinyl package that includes newly remastered versions of all five of  Nitzer Ebb‘s Mute/Geffen albums and five additional vinyl records of bonus tracks and rarities.

St Vincent / MassEducation CD, Vinyl

St. Vincent releases a new album MassEducation, a stripped back piano and vocals ‘reimagining’ of her 2017 long-player Masseduction.

Elvis Presley / Elvis 30 #1 Hits gold vinyl Vinyl

Sony Music issue a gold-coloured 2LP vinyl edition of the classic Elvis 30 #1 Hits compilation.

A Certain Ratio / The Graveyard and The Ballroom orange vinyl

A Certain Ratio / The Graveyard and the Ballroom orange vinyl Vinyl

English post-punk band A Certain Ratio‘s debut, The Graveyard And The Ballroom, will be reissued on orange vinyl as part of Mute’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Camouflage / Voices and Images 30th anniversary reissue

Camouflage CD, Vinyl

German new wave band Camouflage‘s 1988 debut Voices and Images is reissued as a 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe and a very limited 3LP vinyl edition.

Elvis Costello / Look Now

Elvis Costello and The Imposters return with a new album that includes collaborations with Burt Bacharach and Carole King and channels the spirit of former highs like Imperial Bedroom and Painted From Memory. Deluxe double CD and double vinyl available.

Eric Clapton / Happy Xmas

Eric Clapton releases a Christmas album…

Compare prices and pre-order

Eric Clapton

Happy Xmas CD


Compare prices and pre-order

Eric Clapton

Happy Xmas - vinyl LP


The Monkees / Christmas Party

Another Christmas album, this time from The Monkees! Christmas Party is produced by Fountain of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger and features new songs written by the likes of Rivers Cuomo, Andy Partridge and Peter Buck. The album features new vocals by the surviving members of the band and vintage recordings of Davy Jones.

Compare prices and pre-order

The Monkees

Christmas Party CD



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Amazon Australia e-mailed me, saying “Loving The Alien” stock/supply delayed until November. *sigh* As compensation/apology, they gifted me a credit for a grand total of $5. Whoop-dee-bloody-doo. Oh well, at least they didn’t cancel my order like they did with my Howard Jones “Dream Into Action” box. Amazon AU really need to get their shit together with their suppliers because (outside of eBay), Australian music-buyers have few options and they’re all bloody expensive.


I should clarify that I was referring to the CD version of “L.T.A.”.

Garry Martin

I had exactly the same e-mail from Amazon AU for my order. I called customer service and complained and they offered me an additional $15 credit. JB HiFi don’t have any copies, nor do any of the independent retailers I have contacted. I guess there are no copies available in Australia yet. So frustrating


The cheapest (CD) price I can find in Australia is Discrepancy Records:

CD: https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/david-bowie-loving-the-alien-11-cd-box-set
Vinyl: https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/david-bowie-loving-the-alien-vinyl-15-lp-box-set

But I’m keeping my Amazon AU order because it was cheaper (at the time I ordered).

I ordered the Howard Jones boxes through Discrepancy because they were $80 cheaper than Amazon, but I also placed an Amazon order in case there was a massive price drop. But after Amazon cancelled one of my HJ boxes, I thought ‘stuff it’ and just cancelled the other one. I’ve never used Discrepancy before so I don’t know to what to expect. I’ve entrusted them with my Kate Bush boxes order as well so fingers crossed.

Garry Martin

Thanks for the tip gwynogue, I’ve just ordered it from Discrepancy, don’t mind paying an extra $15 over Amazon to get it a month earlier!


You will not be disappointed with Discrepancy, especially when it comes to box sets. You’re in good hands.


Pity …..i work for JB NZ and i have 3 x CDbox + 1 x LPbox in-store right now.

Amazon AU is a bit rubbish.

I always check JB AU for random stock, even though i cant get into store, i can always point customers to an available stockist.

May be a good thing to check our side of the pond occasionally, just in case


From everything I’ve heard about Australia, their troubles with music and Amazon and importing things, it really does sound like a penal colony.


It’s certainly felt that way since July for all of us SDE lovers… Still living in hope that something changes, this is a sorry situation re Amazon. Help!


Just a heads up that somebody on Ebay is selling the CD’s from the Bowie box separately if you can’t afford to buy the box.

Darren English

News of the reissue of Badfinger’s two Warner Brothers albums, Badfinger (self tiled) and Wish You Were Here.

Each CD is bolstered with the addition of one unreleased song and an albums worth of alternate takes.

Badfinger releases over the last 25 years have focused on live recordings, demos and Apple studio material. As such it is great to see the Warner material getting an airing.

Badfinger – Badfinger

01. I Miss You
02. Shine On
03. Love Is Easy
04. Song For A Lost Friend
05. Why Don’t We Talk?
06. Island
07. Matted Spam
08. Where Do We Go From Here?
09. My Heart Goes Out
10. Lonely You
11. Give It Up
12. Andy Norris
13. Love My Lady – unreleased song outtake
14. Shine On – work in progress mix
15. Song For A Lost Friend – work in progress mix
16. Island – work in progress mix
17. Matted Spam – work in progress mix
18. Where Do We Go From Here – work in progress mix
19. My Heart Goes Out – work in progress mix
20. Lonely You – work in progress mix
21. Give It Up – work in progress mix
22. Andy Norris – work in progress mix

Wish You Were Here – Badfinger

01. Just A Chance
02. You’re So Fine
03. Got To Get Out Of Here
04. Know One Knows
05. Dennis
06. In The Meantime/Some Other Time
07. Love Time
08. King Of The Load (T)
09. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch/Should I Smoke
10. Queen Of Darkness – unreleased song mixed 2018
11. Just A Chance – alternate mix 2018
12. Your So Fine – alternate mix 2018
13. Got To Get Out Of Here – alternate mix 2018
14. Know One Knows – alternate mix 2018
15. Dennis – alternate mix 2018
16. In The Meantime / Some Other Time – alternate mix 2018
17. Love Time – alternate mix 2018
18. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch / Should I Smoke – alternate mix 2018
19. Know One Knows – alternate Single mix 2018

Larry Davis

There were actually 3 Warner albums, counting the unreleased 1975 album “Head First”, and 2 more Warner Music Group records, in also 1979’s “Airwaves” (on Elektra) and 1981’s “Say No More” on Radio Records/Atlantic…looking forward to these two, and hopefully Real Gone does something with these other 3…I’m really stoked to hear the unreleased songs from this period, as “Wish You Were Here” is arguably Badfinger’s finest and defining album, yes even more than “Straight Up” and “No Dice”…if Stan Polley never entered the picture in the first place, Pete and Tom perhaps would still be with us (barring health issues), and their career would not have been extended…perhaps they would not have been on Warners at all because Stan got a deal and lured them over from Apple, as Apple kinda didn’t treat the band well in terms of releases and rejections…personally yes, espesh George & Paul…but if the label released their albums as-is after they turned em in (early versions sounded totally fine really), and not rejected albums after album, the band would not have been in the state they were in when Stan entered the picture and lured them away over to Warners, just saying…the tragedies could have seriously been prevented…in a way, I prefer the band on Warners anyway, just personally love everything about the label…

Darren English

True. I should have cited Head First, even though it was unreleased for decades.
A better album than their self titled effort, and almost as good as the Chris Thomas produced Wish You Were Here.


BBC 4 in the UK is broadcasting a one hour edit of David Bowie’s Glastonbury 2000 show later this month. There’s also a new documentary entitled Bowie: The First Five Years coming to the BBC sometime in 2019.


The BBC are very good at promoting new releases and reissues by heritage acts. A lot of acts with reissues being released get almost a whole Saturday night devoted to them on BBC 4 on the weekend of release. I do wonder how it works – are the BBC bunged a pile of cash to promote the releases or are they just riding the tail of the releases with the likelihood of getting more viewers?


Just reminded me that I ordered the vinyl n signed CD of the Primals. Will be fascinating to hear what the original plan was.


All I can say is that must have been on some **** drugs back in ‘93 to be convinced the version of Give Out they actually released back then was superior to this original version. They had a really coherent album in the bag. Its a revelation.


I propose The Monkees revise their album’s title to “Cash In Christmas”


I am a shade surprised that SDE does not detail the Eric Clapton Happy Xmas Deluxe Box Set . So please excuse the cut and paste, but here it is

Deluxe Box Set Details:
Pop-up Art derived from EC’s original sketches
One-of-a-kind metal alloy Christmas tree ornament from Eric’s hand-drawn “Bushbranch”
“Happy Xmas” album on CD
7″ Picture Flexi Vinyl
Custom rubbery USB drive designed from Eric’s Santa sketch that doubles as an ornament. Includes hi-definition WAV files of the full album, video content and interview, album artwork
Custom deluxe box is wrapped in red and white faux fur to resemble a classic Santa hat

Cruises in at $60 plus shipping


Is it April fools already?


Given the standard of Clapton’s “art”, they’re brave to base so much of the content around it, eh? My 2 yr old nephew could do better…

(thought – is it an indication of how seriously he takes the project that he dashed off the cover with a couple of crayons in less than a minute?)


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Great to have a new album from Elvis C.


…also System Of A Down vinyl reissues and Morphine “Yes” on ROG.

Paul E.

If you’re like me and have been waiting for the Nitzer Ebb 10 LP box to make it onto CD, it’s now available on Pylon Records’ site as well as Amazon (cheaper via Pylon direct). I ordered this today:

(2018 CD Remaster) – Release Date: 10/19/2018
5 CD BUNDLE [across 9 discs]: $84.99
U.S. Shipping for the bundle: $4.69

Track Listing:

Fitness To Purpose
Warsaw Ghetto
Violent Playground
Smear Body
Join In The Chant
Let Your Body Learn
Let Beauty Loose
Into The Large Air
Murderous (Instrumental)
Fitness to Purpose (Mix Two)
Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix) –Bonus
Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix) – Bonus
Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) – Bonus
Warsaw Ghetto (Original 12” Mix) – Bonus

Track Listing:

CD 1
Hearts and Minds
For Fun
Control I’m Here
Blood Money
Without Belief
K.I.A. (PK Mix) – Bonus
Time Slips By (PK Mix) – Bonus

CD 2
Control I’m Here (Hardcore Mix) – Bonus
Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix) – Bonus
Control I’m Here (Strategic Dance Floor initiative Mix) – Bonus
Hearts & Minds (Mix Hypersonic) – Bonus
Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic) – Bonus
Captivate (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus
Shame (Mix No 2 William Orbit) – Bonus
Backlash (Mix No 2) – Bonus
Shame (Mix no 3-Painful Emotion by Daniel Miller) – Bonus
Backlash (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus
Without Belief (instrumental) – Bonus

Track Listing:

CD 1
Getting Closer
Nobody Knows
One Mans Burden
All Over
My Heart
Lightning Man
Hold On
Fun To Be Had
Who We Are – Bonus
Out Of Mind– Bonus
Taken From Me (Servant Mix) – Bonus

CD 2
Lightning Man (The Industry Vs The Ebb Remix) – Bonus
Who We Are (Holger Hiller Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (George Clinton Edit) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Pool Mix) – Bonus
Out of Mind (Maitresse Mix) – Bonus
Lightning Man (Barry Adamson Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Trance Mix) – Bonus
Lightning Man (RSW Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Rave Mix) – Bonus
Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Sneeze Mix) – Bonus
Out Of Mind (Spoken) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Allergic Mix) – Bonus
Fun To Be Had (Rave On Mix) – Bonus

Track Listing:

CD 1
Lakeside Drive
I Give To You
Sugar Sweet
Trigger Happy
Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix) –Bonus
Lovesick (Flood Mix) – Bonus
Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) – Bonus
Higher (Barry Adamson Mix) – Bonus
Stray Cat Blues – Bonus

CD 2
I Give To You (Elemental) – Bonus
Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix) – Bonus
Godhead (Purified Version) – Bonus
I Give To You (Alan Wilder Full Version) – Bonus
Ascend (Pro-gress Three Vocal Mix) – Bonus
Lakeside Drive (Remix) – Bonus
I Give To You (Pestilence Mix) – Bonus
Gohead (Alternate Purified Version) – Bonus
Ascend (Remix) – Bonus
Trigger Happy (Sparse Mix) – Bonus
Godhead (Remix By Flood) – Bonus

Track Listing:

CD 1
Cherry Blossom
Hear Me Say
Kick It
I Thought
Flood Water
Border Talk
In Decline
Living Out Of A Bag
Our Own World
Friend (Brittle Mix) – Bonus
Beats Me – Bonus
Skintight (Previously Unreleased) – Bonus
Dead & Gone (Previously Unreleased) – Bonus

CD 2
Kick It (Popular Music Mix) Remixed By Bon Harris And Randy Wilson – Bonus
I Thought (Final Sin) – Bonus
Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit) – Bonus
I Thought (Sucked In Sucked Out) – Bonus
Kick It (The Secret Knowledge Velvet Dm’s Mix) – Bonus
Kick It (Banjo Sin Remixed By PK) – Bonus
Kick It (Short Dub) Remixed By Adrian Sherwood – Bonus


Thanks for the tip on the Nitzer Ebb box set Paul E.! Pylon also has Xymox’s “Twist of Shadows” available in a 2 CD set with some great 12″ versions on the second disc. What a nice surprise!


This is definitely the one I have been waiting for for a long time, but looking at the pre-order price, I think I will wait until it becomes available on Amazon. The price should go down considerably.

The vinyl edition looks even more appetizing.


See they are also releasing a 2CD of Red Flag’s Naive Art album in Jan 2019.


See that ZYX released a 2 CD of Cetu Javu’s Southern Lands on 9/28 (available on AMZ.de)



Excellent! Thanks a ton for the heads-up on the Cetu Javu release.

David M

Why are people releasing Christmas albums in early October? Haven’t even had Halloween yet. Crazy!

Alan B

Just got the new Echo and the Bunnymen signed doubled picture disc LP. Very nice too except they have used the same picture across all 4 sides. A bit more imagination please!


That Monkees album/cd cover is superb! As i’m sure will the songs be that are on it!


EC was so desperate to get his Christmas album out (too damn) early that he didn’t bother taking more than 10 seconds on the cover.

Seriously, why bother with a vinyl revival if you’re going to create such dreadful packaging? Sure, people buy vinyl for the music, but I thought another part of vinyl’s appeal was to have large-form artwork that can be admired

L’Angelo Misterioso

I still like it better than the cover of “Old Sock”.

Amdrew M

Hi Paul

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I just wanted to say I miss the saturday deluxe column and your weekly Sunday evening email.

I know you’re probably mega busy with preparing for the “Seeds of love” box coming out for Christmas (yeah, we can dream) and other such projects but just wanted to let you know that your writings are missed.

Charles Cotham

Oh dear, that Eric Clapton Christmas album’s cover………………….
I know I’m always moaning about terrible cover art, but this bottom-of the-barrel artwork to a whole new sub-basement level of that barrel. It just makes the album seem very tossed-off before anyone’s heard a note.

Still, so much to look forward to this week – starting with that Bowie set for me.

Auntie Sabrina

Elton John is on the John Lewis advert…

andrew R

John lewis haven’t released their christmas advert yet
but E.C. and the monkees are well out in front Christmas wise
If you want to know why Christmas gets earlier every year
these are the people to blame :)

Geert De Wilde

Only one E.C., not the other one :)

Gary C

Yes they have, it’s running right after the Queen movie trailer…and it’s Queen

Andrew Mogford

No they haven’t and no it isn’t. You’re thinking of the rebranding advert. Christmas advert isn’t even out yet.