Out This Week / on 13 April 2018

Manic Street Preachers / Resistance Is Futile (new album)

Is it possible to be bored of an album before it comes out? They announced their 13th long-player, Resistance Is Futile, and put it on their webstore back in November 2017, and thus the Manic Street Preachers have subjected fans to what feels like the longest album pre-order campaign in history. It’s finally out. Thank God!  Read more

David Bowie / CHANGESTWOBOWIE (CD / vinyl)

Never mind the Manics, resistance really is futile when it comes to David Bowie reissues. Despite Parlophone repeating their annoying ‘random’ vinyl thing (some are black some are blue) and this reissue of the 1981 compilation (also available on CD) being completely superfluous in terms of actual audio… we still want it, anyway. And that cover picture is just really cool. Read more

U2/ Pop and other vinyl reissues

U2 reissue their 1997 album Pop along with All That You Can’t Leave Behind and the Wide Awake in America EP. Read more

Neil Young + Promise of the Real to release soundtrack to 'Paradox'

Neil Young / Paradox

While the film Paradox sounds challenging and a bit self-indulgent, it has resulted in an accompanying Neil Young soundtrack, which is released on Friday. Read more

Tina Turner / The Greatest Hits

It might be a shameless tie-in with the West End musical, but this Tina Turner Greatest Hits is a two-CD set (containing 33 tracks) and has a great track listing. Best of all it’s under £6.

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Tina Turner

The Greatest Hits

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   33.33
JPC de   17.99

Juliana Hatfield / Sings Olivia Newton-John

“And tonight, Matthew…” –  Juliana Hatfield releases an album of Olivia Newton John cover versions. Read more

Gary Barlow / Open Road (21st Anniversary edition)

I was joking when I described Barlow as a ‘national treasure’ but he clearly divides people. Despite the dubious manufactured beginnings of Take That, Barlow has written enough good songs over the years to earn respect (Take That ‘comeback’ tune Patience is SDE’s favourite). That said, I remember being deeply unimpressed at the time with the singles from his first solo album Open Road, which to me seemed a bit boring and dull and lacked the pop economy of tracks like Back For GoodRead more

Barry White / Love’s Theme: The Best of the 20th Century Records Singles

This new compilation contains 21 of Barry White‘s iconic hits and features newly remastered audio from the 20th Century Records master tapes. Double vinyl and CD both feature new notes and track details. Connoisseurs should go for the 46-track triple-CD ‘complete’ singles set which offers a more detailed overview of this era.

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Barry White

The Complete 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979)


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Barry White

Love's Theme: The Best Of The 20th Century Records Singles


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Barry White

Loves Theme - 2LP vinyl


Love / Forever Changes (50th anniversary box set)

The Damned‘s first new album in 10 years was produced by a certain Tony Visconti. Guitarist Captain Sensible said: “We deliberately recorded the album retro style – the same way our debut album was made, basically.”

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The Damned

Evil Spirits - CD edition


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The Damned

Evil Spirits - vinyl LP


Metallica / The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Revisited

There’s nothing like putting a jokey reference to the price in a release to date it. Metallica‘s $5.98 EP is being reissued and is now three times the price, although the CD EP is offered in a lenticular ‘longbox’ for maximum retro appeal.  Read more

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Andrew Mogford

Well, I ended up with a blue and a black copy of Changestwobowie. I ordered it once and amazon sent it twice, one of both. Rang em up and they said “just throw away one copy”.

Yeah, right. telling a superdeluxeedition reader to throw away vinyl! :D

Steinar Wulfsberg-Gamre

Dont forget that Eurythmics is out with their three first albums, In the garden, Sweet dream and Touch, on vinyl reissues this week…


Paul regarding your deal alert for INXS it’s only £15.99 on hmv.com and i wouldn’t like to see somebody paying an extra £10 for it that was not aware of that price.

Diarmuid Dineen

Surely ‘Tribes’ by Culture Club has some sort of record for being on pre-order for years before being scrapped? I don’t think it’s possible to be bored with an album before I have heard it!

Paul Nolan

No Mention of the first 3 Eurythmics Albums Paul . Shame

Paul Wren

Can anyone explain to me why new vinyl pressings as outlined above are invariably more expensive that anywhere else in the world? Following Paul’s recent tip off I ordered three vinyl LP’s from Amazon France for E10 each plus E4 postage and they were all more expensive on Amazon UK with free Amazon Prime delivery. Rampant profiteering because they know many UK citizens are vinyl nuts?

Roel Glas

@ Paul Wren
Try buying vinyl in Australia Paul – then you’ll know what expensive means. I usually buy mine on Amazon Fr (for Europe) & Import CDs (for US). Only time I buy vinyl locally is when a deal is on which just brings it down to “normal” pricing. Having said that, Amazon AU have a “buy 1, get 1 free” for vinyl which has seen me spend more than I should have. Unfortunately, they don’t ship overseas (yet!)

Daniel ( from Berlin )

as i said every month: not one week without any david bowie release. i can’t believe it.


Neil Young does his best to keep up


All that time and MSP didn’t change the title to “Resistance is Feudal”. For shame.


Once again another Tina compilation that leaves off one of her best singles “One of the Living”. I’ll stick with the “Platinum Collection”.


Love that song! Should’ve been one of her biggest hits.


Fun fact pop-pickers. The longest preorder in history goes to UNKLE for the Psyence Fiction deluxe edition launched back in June 2013. All us poor spaps who coughed up the cash back via the Kickstarter campaign in June 2013 are still waiting nearly 5 years later…


I can top that by a couple of months! Don’t know when it launched but Whitey’s Bare Bones kickstarter said the album was going to be available in March 2013.

Auntie Sabtina

The Barry White 2 LP features a bonus track on Side C – Satin Soul by The Love Unlimited Orchestra, according to The uDiscover Music Store listing anyway…

Wayne Olsen

I loved the POP album. I know, I’m in the minority there.


I’ll join you in the minority group Wayne. I think Pop’s a fine album, not their best of course, but by no means a disappointment.

Gis Bun

Yup. You are!


No, he is not…..:-)


One of their best, imo. And that tour was fantastic; have fond memories of seeing PopMart three nights in a row at Soldier Field in Chicago…

Slightly related note: have they stopped doing the Super Deluxe reissues? Was hoping Rattle & Hum and Pop would get the deluxe treatment.


According to my Amazon preorder, Paradox on CD is out on the 20th. Can’t wait, enjoyed the film (didn’t take it too seriously and had a few laughs), and thought the music performances were stunning, especially the Desert Trip footage. Reminded me why I love Neil’s music so much.

Gis Bun

Well as long as it’s not Amazon Canada. If through them, it will be out sometime in July. [I didn’t say which year.]


Some hidden advertisement for Love / Forever Changes (50th anniversary box set)? A great album indeed!


And it’s under the Damned… who had a hit with a cover of “Alone Again Or”


“And that cover picture is just really cool”

It might be a compilation, but I’ve always considered the ChangesTwoBowie to be the best Bowie album cover.


I used to spend hours trying to get my hair to look like that as a teenager. That lock just falling in front of my eye.

I am now bald.

Chris Squires

I did the same with Sylvian’s hair in 1982. Bloody hours and hours.

Still have my Hair. Fat as fuck though. Apparently you can’t keep both. Hairline and waistline. It’s an either or kinda deal.

Fortunately It’s a quiet week as I wait for The Lord of the Rings to turn up from the US (paid £100.02p).
Prices have gone through the roof….grab one whilst you can.


“….grab one whilst you can”

I wouldn’t be interested in that if someone handed me a copy for free! I must have in excess of 200 soundtrack / library albums, mostly reissues from the late sixties and seventies and probably about 60%+ are Italian. The Italians produced some of the best film music ever recorded in the seventies. Each to their own and all that, of course!