Out This Week / on 13 December 2019

Pink Floyd / The Later Years CD, Vinyl, Box Set, Blu-ray

The massive Pink Floyd Later Years box set is finally released this week. The 18-disc set features five CDs, six blu-rays, five DVDs and two seven-inch singles, as well as a 60-page book and other replica memorabilia.

Not the Nine O'Clock News / Not All The Albums Again 4LP coloured vinyl box

Not The Nine O'Clock News / Not All The Albums Again CD

The three best selling albums produced by classic BBC alternative comedy series Not The Nine O’Clock News are collected in a new box set Not All The Albums Again, available on coloured vinyl and CD.

G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology volume 2 box set

The Go Betweens / G-Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2. CD, Vinyl

Officially issued last week, this is getting a mention again because Amazon UK appear to have stock for just £125. Domino follow up G-Stands for Go-Betweens – their 2015 box set devoted to Australian indie band The Go-Betweens – with a second box, G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2.

Various Artists / Killing Eve soundtracks CD, Vinyl

The soundtracks to both seasons of Killing Eve, the acclaimed British spy thriller TV series, are released as limited edition ‘splatter’ coloured vinyl (and on CD).

Todd Rundgren / Hermit of Mink Hollow limited edition coloured vinyl

Todd Rundgren / Hermit of Mink Hollow Vinyl

Music On Vinyl’s Todd Rundgren reissue campaign continues with a limited edition coloured vinyl pressing of 1978’s Hermit of Mink Hollow.

Jimi Hendrix / Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts CD, Vinyl

Sony’s Legacy Recordings issue a new live Jimi Hendrix box set on vinyl. Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts assembles all four historic debut concerts by the legendary guitarist as originally performed. An 8LP package.

Wham! / Last Christmas white vinyl LP

Wham! / Last Christmas Vinyl

Wham!‘s Last Christmas is issued as a white vinyl seven-inch single. Is this the year the song finally gets to number one in the UK?

Pet Shop Boys / Burning The Heather Vinyl

Pet Shop Boys release their second single from Hotspot. For reasons unknown, ‘Burning The Heather’ is only available, physically, as a seven-inch single.

Eminem / The Real Slim Shady LP CD, Vinyl

An expanded 20th anniversary edition of Eminem‘s The Slim Shady LP is issued on CD and vinyl.

Sting / My Songs special edition

Sting / My Songs special edition CD, Vinyl

The new 2CD version of Sting‘s My Songs album – with a bonus CD of live performances – is already out, but this week sees the release of the the vinyl version (with just the live cuts).

Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More seven-inch box set

Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More 7" box set Vinyl, Box Set

A sigh-inducing 10th anniversary seven-inch box set version of Mumford & Sons 2009 debut album.

Bruce Springsteen / Western Stars: Songs From The Film (2LP vinyl)

This collection features each of the live performances captured in Bruce Springsteen’s directorial debut ‘Western Stars.’ The soundtrack includes every song from Springsteen’s studio album of the same name, as well as a cover of Glen Campbell’s ‘Rhinestone Cowboy.’ (the CD came out back in October)

Doctor Who / The Web Planet (3LP exclusive coloured vinyl)

This narrated full-cast TV soundtrack, stars William Hartnell as the Doctor in a vintage six-part adventure, first shown on BBC TV in February and March 1965. A strange magnetic force pulls the TARDIS down to the craterous surface of Vortis. The Doctor and his friends learn that the planet has been invaded, and the parasitic Animus is slowly enveloping it in a web-like domain. This Amazon-exclusive is limited to 500 units and pressed on 180g themed ‘Animus Splatter’ vinyl.

The Police / Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings (6LP vinyl)

Having put out the excellent 6CD edition recently, Universal Music are reissuing the 6LP vinyl version of The Police‘s Every Move You Make box set which features all the long-players and a bonus collection of non-album material.

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Chris Squires

Re: Not the nine o’clock news signed set

My signed set turned up just now. Demon records / Amazon Sticker on front of outer protective box says xxx of 107. I guess 18 are being held back somewhere. Anybody else got the same sticker?


Is the new Pink Floyd going to be released in smaller versions with a couple of years in each like the previous one?


Remains (heh) to be seen but as of this release there are no plans for it to be.


Wham is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Julian Hancock

Meanwhile my Go-Betweens set remains missing in action with Domino claiming it was sent and DPD saying they didn’t get it. Neither seems willing or able to do anything about this, leaving me somewhat unimpressed, particularly given it now looks like it’s available for £25 less than the pre-order price I paid upfront some time ago.

Bruce Nicholson

Julian – same here re: Go-betweens. Between dpd, ochre and domino no one has bothered to get in touch with me despite nu.erous efforts. Ochre have messed up before on orders from other labels so it could be them, but on this occasion it seems to be them all. I really hope our missing ones didnt have one of Grant’s books included….


DPD is the worst. Lost my limited editions Stereolab LP reissues and basically did nothing to correct it.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Same here regarding the Go-Betweens Box, I also ordered as soon as it became available from Domino.

DPD say they haven`t received the package an email I received from Domino on 05/12/19 says it`s been shipped.

I contacted Domino this morning and got a reply a couple of hours later. Domino say they are on to DPD and asks me to let them know if I received the package before they get back to me.

This indicates to me that the courier DPD are at fault here because it seems Domino have sent out the box sets.

Bruce N

Golden Age – I went through this with Domino yesterday. At one point yesterday they said if I didnt receive it yesterday, they would send a replacement out today. Today they have said if I don’t receive it today, they will send a replacement tomorrow. Domino have said they are ‘pushing’ DPD as hard as they can from their side – but there doesnt seem to be any commitment to actually saying when they will send out a replacement, or even if they are close to finding where the missing package is [lord knows what state it might be in if it does turn up]. Its a pretty poor effort all round and the lack of information from Domino ]other than lets wait and see if turns up and maybe tomorrow we’ll post another out] is very frustrating. I mean they can’t be small boxes…


Bruce – They haven’t even mentioned the possibility of a replacement to me, although today I asked outright at what point they would send a replacement or refund my money. I just get the mantra about doing everything they can. What this might be is unclear, but clearly doesn’t involve either replacing or refunding.

Matthew Breach

I’m in the same boat; DPD are awaiting it and Domino think they’ve dispatched it.


DPD delivered my copy on the release date of 06/12. I’ve never had a problem with them and have received many other items from them on time.
They usually email and text you when they will deliver, which I think is good service, so you have a 2 hour or so delivery window.
I live in Dublin so maybe it’s a problem with DPD in Britain?
I hope the above commenters get their boxes as it’s a fantastic set.

I pre-ordered from Domino in the hope of being one of the 400 who got a book but sadly I wasn’t lucky. I also ordered from them to be guaranteed the box and not worry about it selling out on Amazon or elsewhere.

Julian Hancock

I still haven’t received anything , nor received any indication from Domino that they will either send a replacement or refund my money. Whether it is Domino or DPD at fault is ultimately immaterial. It is for Domino to resolve and they hitherto shown little inclination to do so.

Steven Campbell

As much as I like my vinyl, that police box set is very expensive especially compared to the cd as I picked it up on 6cds for £13 in Sainsbury’s!

Steve F

Vinyl half speed mastered at Abbey Road by Miles Showell.

Rare Glam

Also out on Friday 13th:

British Beat Collection; Rare British Broadcasts 1965-67. 3 x CD clamshell box set

The Fall – Another Set Of Ten (11 live CD box set)

Killing Eve Season 1 & 2 soundracks 2 x CD set (as mentioned here recently)


Not forgetting Gary Numan has a live album CD and DVD set out too…


Joe Mac Pherson

Rare Glam, Thank You, very much!
Because of your thoughtful input, I went directly to Amazon UK, and British Beat Collection: Rare British Broadcasts 1965-67 is now in my shopping cart. AND, I discovered, The Associates 1985 album, Perhaps, as a deluxe edition, 2 CD set. Already ordered!