Out This Week / on 13 July 2018

The Rolling Stones / No Security: San Jose ’99 (various formats)

Setlist of classics (but no Satisfaction) from The Rolling Stones‘ 1999 No Security tour. This Eagle Rock release is available in the usual array of formats, but sadly, coloured vinyl is exclusive to the USA. Read more

Grateful Dead / Anthems of the Sun

The Grateful Dead‘s second album is reissued as a good-value 2CD deluxe which includes remastered versions of the original 1968 mix and the more well known 1971 remix. The bonus disc also includes a previously unreleased complete live show. Picture disc vinyl also available. Read more

Yes / 90125 (coloured vinyl)

Yes‘ 1983 US chart-topping album was produced by Trevor Horn and features Owner of a Lonely Heart. This ‘tri-colour’ vinyl (see the cover for a clue to the colours) is part of Rhino’s ‘Back to the 80s‘ reissue series. Read more

Science Fiction / Tom Bailey 

Thompson Twins‘ Tom Bailey – to use his stage name – has been touring and performing his old group’s classic hits for the last few years on the ’80s festival circuit and now he has written some news songs and releases his first solo album, Science FictionRead more

Tom Waits / Foreign Affairs 

Newly remastered vinyl edition of Tom Waits‘ superb 1977 album Foreign Affairs. The cover photo was taken by George Hurrell, who would later also take the photo that adorned the front of Paul McCartney‘s Press To Play album.

Rick Astley / Beautiful Life (new album)

Rick Astley will be hoping for another number one album, following the success of 2016’s 50. Loads of bundles and signed editions still available.  Read more

Five Star / Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991

Five Star / Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991

Massive, expansive Five Star 10-disc deluxe set that includes albums, B-sides, seven-inch remixes, 12-inch remixes, videos and more SIGNED editions still available. Read more

Crosby, Stills & Nash / CSN (vinyl reissue)

It may have taken seven years to follow up 1970’s Déjà Vu with another studio long-player, but Crosby, Stills & Nash‘s CSN was worth the wait. It features the Nash-penned Just a Song Before I Go, a top ten hit in America in the year of the album’s release, 1977. 1982’s Daylight Again is also reissued.

Erasure / World Be Live (2CD or 3LP vinyl box)

No one could accuse Erasure, or their record label Mute, of not squeezing as much juice from a new album campaign as possible. We had the World Be Gone studio album last year, followed by the World Beyond classical re-recording earlier in 2018 and now World Be Live is a 24-track live album recorded in London in February. What next? World Be Remixed, or perhaps a 5.1 collection called World Be Surrounded?

Tim Buckley / The Troubadour Concerts 1969 (6LP vinyl box)

Tim Buckley‘s September 1969 concerts at LA’s The Troubadour club are brought together for the first time on vinyl in this new box set. This includes extensive notes and annotation by compiler Pat Thomas. Read more

Ben Folds Five / Complete Sessions at West 54th

Real Gone Music issue The Complete Sessions at West 54th a live performance by Ben Folds Five as recorded by American public broadcaster PBS in 1997. the double LP set is pressed on blue vinyl. Read more

Swing Out Sister / Almost Persuaded (vinyl LP)

The CD edition was issued a few weeks back, but the vinyl version of Swing Out Sister‘s 10th studio album is released on Friday.

Various Artists / Trojan Records (vinyl picture disc)

Released as part of the Trojan Records 50th anniversary celebrations, this 12-track vinyl picture disc includes Desmond Dekker’s Israelites, Nicky Thomas’ Love of the Common People and Althea Forrest & Donna Reid’s Uptown Top Ranking.

Cowboy Junkies / All That Reckoning (new album)

Cowboy Junkies are still going strong over three decades after their debut and All That Reckoning is the latest offering from the Canadian band. 

Eric B. & Rakim / Paid In Full (vinyl reissue)

Eric B. & Rakim‘s 1987 debut features the singles Eric B. Is President, I Know You Got Soul and Paid In Full. The album is reissued on vinyl this week, along with its follow-up Follow The Leader and Don’t Sweat The Rhythm.

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the rolling stones coloured ‘usa only’ vinyl, is shown as coloured again on amazon UK (in pictures, not description).

Larry Davis

Oops, sorry for the dupe response, thought it did not go through…but this week is extremely light…last week was absolutely nothing (say it again…WAR!!)…the only thing that interests me highly, besides the Tom Bailey, Ben Folds and maybe Rick Astley (and you did not list it here), is the new Jayhawks album called “Backroads And Abandoned Motels”, back on a major label in Sony/Legacy and fresh from the sessions of Ray Davies’ recent solo album “Our Country, Americana Act II”…this record consists of songs that leader Gary Louris wrote/co-wrote for others, like the Dixie Chicks, but given the Jayhawks treatment…this band is arguably one of the finest bands in the US, who “kinda” invented alt-country/Americana, but are really more a powerpop band with alt-country flavouring in the harmonies…with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers gone, the Jayhawks easily fill their spot/hole…as a matter of fact, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” takes the hook from the Jayhawks’ 1992 song “Waiting For The Sun”, which somehow rewrites “Stairway To Heaven” in an original way…it’s funny, I just saw the band live, free concert at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, with friends (great gig BTW), and as they were playing this song, and they are jamming the song hard, my friend goes…”Hey wait, why are they playing ‘Stairway To Heaven’??” I’m like holy crap, it DOES sounds like Stairway!! Funny, the Jayhawks, the bridge between Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin, who woulda thunk it?? Anyhoo, new album “Backroads And Abandoned Motels”, top of my purchase list this Friday…


I’m so glad my bank balance gets a rest this week, it’s been a very expensive few weeks with Garbage, Florence, Eurythmics, The Cure, Years & Years, A-Ha, Sisters of Mercy, Guns & Roses, Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie etc.

O(+> Peter B

The second Years & Years album Palo Santo was released on Friday, with various purchasing options on their website (including cassette). Their first album Communion was great – fans of 80s synth pop will find a lot to like on that album. Their singles post-Communion haven’t been as good, so I am a bit wary of the new album but will still give it a chance.


Palo Santo is a fantastic album, everyone pretty much agrees they released the worst tracks on the album as singles.

O(+> Peter B

Good to know, thanks

Rik Skyline

Eric B. & Rakim – “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” album reissue is also out this week. Real Hip Hop my Man.

John Lloyd

I think the next step for Erasure is to have the whole set re-recorded by a goth-tinged punk rock group.

It’ll be called World Be Damned.



Richard Magill

I was informed that the Cowboy Junkies vinyl issue has been pushed back at least a week.


Despite entering the competition to win a copy of the Five Star box set I still have a lot of problems with this set. Edsel should have junked the two Epic label albums; few care about them, and instead concentrated entirely on the glory years of the Tent/RCA era, so you get no rubbish. Then there would also be room to include a full collection of the 12″ vocal mixes that are missing from this box, along with badgering the BBC for all those missing TV performances. Going carefully through the track listing reveals a great deal of missing material, and it’s a shame that this set is being flung out in this haphazard way. Edsel have produced many stunning anthology collections in the last few years, and it’s a real shame that this Five Star box does not measure up to past efforts. Note also how signed copies are still easily available, and have not flown off the shelves as happened with the signed Blancmange, Debbie Gibson and Ben Folds Five collections…

The first two Eric B. & Rakim albums both come highly recommended. I got ’em both on vinyl first time around and they still sound magnificent!

Chris Squires

I would imagine that “badgering the BBC” would get you absolutely nowhere unless you have a stack of cash behind you. On most sets it’s BBC video that is missing, if any is, maybe others who know would care to say how much licensing say 3 or 4 TotP / ORS /OGWT / Cheggers performances would be.

If badgering were all it took and the BBC just went “oh, ok then, here y’go” it would be a lovely world but our license fees would all go up to cover any shortfall in income.


“If badgering were all it took and the BBC just went “oh, ok then, here y’go” it would be a lovely world but our license fees would all go up to cover any shortfall in income.”

What loss of income?

Chris Squires

Not sure whether you are serious or whether you are doing your usual, boring passive/aggressive questioning for the sake of it. I would assume it’s the latter.
Whichever arm of the BBC that owns and controls this stuff is tasked with raising income from the BBC archives, rather like selling Top Gear and raising money to go towards the overall costs of the Beeb. So although they won’t “lose” money they will not raise it if they start giving away the archives for free to companies who hope to make money from it. I would be immensely surprised if you didn’t know that already. But hey, you get to do “your thing”.


Poor comparison. Top Gear, which was at it’s peak the most syndicated TV programme in the world, was (and probably still is to a lesser degree) a real money spinner for the BBC. Archive Five Star BBC performances are another matter altogether They could licence them for free and it would make no difference whatsoever to their bottom line.

Chris Squires

Oh, and as I said originally. A shortfall is not necessarily a loss, just less than target. I didn’t say they would “lose” money. Just not raise as much as they would if they charge for use of their archives.


I really don’t need those BBC videos. A bunch of lipp-synching on an 80’s stage, all grainy, no thanks. Keep the price down and leave those BBC videos off please.


Despite entering the competition, I did pre-order the signed version. Without the VAT it is $20 cheaper (including shipping to NYC!) than buying the unsigned version here in the USA. If I win the thing, I’ll cancel the preorder. I did buy all the Cherry Red versions (some are out of print now, especially the 2cd remix collection) so I’m perfectly happy with the track listing. There are no duplicate remixes, love it!! The track listing will forever be a bone of contention but switch it around. If you bought the Cherry Red re-issues, like many fans have, then you would end up with 2 discs of remixes in this box that you already own. How useless is that? I completely understand why they chose these tracks. I’m glad Edsel actually thought about this, many fans already have the Cherry Red reissues.
My only fear now is that the box is full of mistakes, like the Dead Or Alive box. Hopefully that is not the case.


I really wish I had known about those Cherry Pop Five Star reissues back in the day but I did not so therefore own none of them, and I bet there’s an awful lot of other fans who missed the boat as well so the claim that Edsel are putting about that they do not want to rip off the fans doesn’t really wash particular as you are getting all six albums in this set. Also the Cherry Pop CD’s were released some eight years ago and are now long deleted. I did have a good search for the 12″ mix set on various web sites without any luck. I know Amazon still advertise it as available but I know from bitter experience that if I did order it from them then the chances of it ever arriving are utterly minuscule.
As for the Beeb sessions, I never suggested that Edsel would get them for free, but unfortunately it appears that the BBC have recently put their prices up somewhat which is frightening off a lot of labels from wanting to license their output which is a real shame. For instance I believe that Jethro Tull had to abandon plans for some BBC video content on their last box set due to the rising costs which does nobody any favours whatsoever . And here’s the real irony for those who don’t know, Edsel’s parent company Demon Music is owned by BBC Worldwide! Go figure…


Simon, the only two Cherry Red Five Star releases that are out of print are “Luxury Of Life” and ‘The Remix Anthology”, the other five Cherry Red releases are easily available everywhere.

The Cherry Red Luxury of Life version can be bought here for $45. It’s not cheap but if you really want it, it’s there:

The Remix Anthology is indeed out of print and probably not easy to find. I would keep an eye on Ebay. Stuff pops up there all the time. Sorry you missed out on that one.

Larry Davis

Hey…I did preorder that signed 5 Star box but cancelled when I saw the 2 remix discs were mainly dubs and instrumentals, not 12″ vocal tracks (I’m not exactly a fan of those BUT will accept em, only if I have the vocal mixes first)…I did see the bonus tracks on the albums were both B-sides and a few 12″ vocal mixes. I do not have the Cherry Red remix collection, I’ve come late to the 5 Star party, and to be honest, they ARE decent but not an essential group…I have other priorities…HOWEVER, I did sign up for the contest because if I DO win the thing, what the hey, I will give it a go and I might be pleasantly surprised…I DID watch their vidclips on YouTube and did enjoy them, and this set DOES have a DVD of 27 vidclips. As for your fear of mistakes, I would not worry…they fixed the Dead Or Alive set (which must have cost $$ to fix, but they definitely did it…and the Debbie Gibson set has no mistakes, it’s a beautiful piece, have the signed one in pink sharpie, and happy as she is a local gal done well)…


Erasures cover design looks very “Depeche Modish”


Not a vinyl buyer myself, but those two CSN albums are superb for anyone thinking about it. Glad to see Cowboy Junkies new one getting a mention. Also out The National’s Boxer Live in Brussels on CD. I think this was a vinyl RSD release originally.


What is “sadly coloured vinyl?” Is it streaked with tears, or…? :-)