Out This Week / on 14 August 2020

Goldfrapp / Supernature green vinyl Vinyl

Goldfrapp‘s 2005 album Supernature is reissued on translucent green vinyl with an exclusive art print of the cover.

Creedence Clearwater Revival / Cosmo's Factory half-speed mastered vinyl Vinyl

Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s 1970 album Cosmo’s Factory is reissued as a remastered standalone vinyl pressing.

Rumer / Nashville Tears: The Songs of Hugh Prestwood CD, Vinyl

British singer-songwriter Rumer (aka Sarah Joyce) releases Nashville Tears: The Songs of Hugh Prestwood, her fifth studio album. Signed CDs still available.

James Dean Bradfield / Even in Exile

The Manic Street Preachers frontman releases his second solo album.

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CJ Feeney

My Morning Jacket and Bright Eyes are releasing new albums this month.
Two different coloured vinyl options for Bright Eyes from Indy shops, but it’s not yet clear what variants of MMJs album will be available in the UK. They have a deluxe L.P. on their US website that looks very nice.


Anyone still interested in Toyah and the Humans Signed Box Set, there is one left (£34.35) on Amazon.co.uk as of 11am 12/8


Amazon tracklistings disappeared for a couple of days a few weeks ago but soon returned, so I thought it was just a glitch, but it seems it’s here to stay. No audio snippets is fair enough, I suppose, but to not even give a tracklisting (in the majority of cases) is a bizarre decision for a CD retailer. It could well end up in lost sales for them as people go elsewhere for more details and find potentially cheaper deals…


Tracklistings can be found if you click on the mp3 option, but no listening preview is available. No guarantee the mp3 tracklisting is the same as the CD vinyl version of course. You can open ‘Listen Now’ which takes you to Amazon Music. BUT….. then you have to sign up to £7.99 a month (30 day free trial).

Which I won’t be doing.

Rich E

HMV online flash sale now on. 50% the usual suspects but you might find something you’ve been holding out on (I didn’t alas) Website crashed under the weight earlier and not a great deal left but like I say, you might get lucky.

Larry Davis

Pretty sizable release week for me…have on pre-order…JDB, Rumer, Canadian alt-country artist Kathleen Edwards (1st album in 8 years), new Bruce Hornsby, Biffy Clyro (with that title, is it their final album??), Tanya Donnelly, Mandy Barnett, that Gene boxset…regarding New Order PCL, if they were not doing a Substance box, rounding up all 12″s & B-sides, I would not be getting PCL, Movement or the other upcoming boxes at all, because they left out all related singles on CD, unlike the 2008 2CD reissues…and I will not buy a whole slew of 12″ singles…too much spacegrabbing & money…thank goodness the info was given regarding an upcoming Substance package…cleared up some huge questionmarks!!!


HMV have a ‘flash sale’ at the moment, with 50% off many SDEs and other music. Sounds good, but they seem to have increased their RRPs by 150% beforehand, so beware!


This is sod all to do with any music release, but I had to laugh tonight about how the young know ‘old’ music. Whilst I was playing the piano in the same room as my 15 year old play station playing son, a request came over the headset from his friend for me to play The Bee Movie song. What’s that I asked? Here Comes The Sun was the response. I laughed as I let them know it’s The Beatles, the greatest group ever, not the bloody Bee Movie song. George Harrison might have enjoyed how his song is known to some young people.

Mr. Savage

Also Biffy Clyro release their new album this Friday too – there are plenty of formats for fans too!
I missed out on a very limited zoetrope LP – Those are amazing to play and watch!

Alan B

This Saturday is HMV’s vinyl “exclusives” day. I use quotation marks because it is worthwhile checking to see if anything you fancy is as exclusive as they say it is. For example they have Eels debut album Beautiful Freak on blue vinyl “limited to 200 copies”. Wow! Except it is currently on sale via Recordstore and has been for a few weeks. It’s also been on sale in various record stores all over the world including FNAC in France. In fact it was released in June worldwide with Recordstore coming late to the party in July.
I’ve also noticed HMV are advertising the forthcoming New Order “Power Corruption and Lies” box set and associated 12 inch singles with a tag line “New Order Bundle”. Except there is no bundle on offer to pre order, only individual releases. Hopefully they will correct that. For the associated 12 single releases the came with the “Movement” box set they had a very reasonable bundle price for all four singles. Hoping for the same.



If you add all of the PC&Lies releases boxset and 12” singles it applies a £22 discount in your basket.

Andrew Abley

Very bad, and probably boarding on the illegal on the advertising.
what they mean is they have a limited number with a HMV sticker on
New York Dolls
Mazy Starr
Derek and The Dominos
plus several more are all the same , advertised as available in the 100’s and available from other sources and actually not that rare.

Paul H

There is a reissue of Gary Numan’s Hybrid album on 140g red vinyl for those who missed the limited initial release from 2003 out this Friday.


Thanks for this, been on my want list for ages.

Shawn C.

Slow week….


I see that Steve Hackett has announced the release of Live at Hammersmith 2019 in a variety of formats (including a couple of SDE editions) in late September. Pre-orders at the HackettSongs site will be signed by Mr Hackett apparently, but unsigned sets are available at a slight cost saving for pre-order at Burning Shed. As I was at that show, and I think it’s the first gig I’ve ever been to that saw an official release, it would be churlish to have not pre-ordered a signed set.


Signed print with copies of the new James Dean Bradfield album at the Manics website.


Whatˋs happen to the audio sample on AMAZON?????
There is also no tracking list at cdˋs & vinyl????
Bad for music customers……….


I often have to go to amazon.de or .com etc to get the info I need before deciding to buy. Amazon.uk don’t seem to be trying very hard by comparison!


Glad you noticed that too. Not even photos of the song list on the back of the album. Ridiculous.

joel ivins

amazon.us is the same, no samples or clips…you have to open the web player…disappointing…I like to test stuff to see if I want to actually listen to it


I spoke to customer services about this but…well I gave up trying to explain after 10 minutes. Really no help when buying compilations as you have no idea what you are getting.


It’s frustrating, and probably linked to the disappearance of Autorip – maybe something new is coming?
Not ideal, but if you’ve got the Amazon shopping app on your phone the “lost” track list is still there for most discs.

Donald Biscuits

I miss autorip from amazon. I liked having an mp3 copy of the vinyl for my phone.


They don’t care about us anymore. They want you to subscribe to Amazon music illimited. They are all about “cloud services”, anything which can be “cloudified” will be..
I would bet their first answer is “subscribe to Amazon music and you get all the music”. Event when you make a search the first answer on the list are those bad mp3 versions, you have to force the physical products in the filters to find what you are actually looking for.


I have more than enough music in my collection to keep me happy for the rest of my life.
There’s so much I still haven’t even heard!
I just press random play on my dap and I listen to something new.
Streaming services be damned!