Out This Week / on 14 February 2020

David Gray / White Ladder 20th anniversary CD, Vinyl

David Gray‘s best selling album White Ladder is reissued for its 20th anniversary. 4LP coloured vinyl box and 2CD sets are the order of the day.

Paul Young / Live at Rockpalast 1985

Paul Young / Live at Rockpalast 1985 CD, Vinyl, DVD

Paul Young‘s 1985 concert is released as a limited edition 2LP coloured vinyl pressing. 300 SIGNED copies of Paul Young and The Royal Family Live at Rockpalast are available exclusively from the SDE shop, and most of them have already been sold, with only a handful still available.

Erasure / Chorus 3CD deluxe CD

Erasure‘s fifth studio album Chorus is reissued as a three-CD deluxe edition. This features a CD of remixes and B-sides and a CD of live performances.

David Bowie / Alabama Song 40th anniversary 7" picture disc

David Bowie / Alabama Song 7" picture disc Vinyl

David Bowie‘s first 45 of the 1980s is reissued to mark the 40th anniversary as a special seven-inch picture disc, with two previously unreleased B-sides.

Simon & Garfunkel / Bridge Over Troubled Water 50th anniversary gold vinyl

Simon and Garfunkel / Bridge Over Troubled Water gold vinyl Vinyl

Sony are issue Simon and Garfunkel‘s 1970 album Bridge Over Troubled Water as a limited gold-coloured vinyl pressing.

Ash / Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years of Ash

New Ash ‘best of’ available on 2CD and vinyl features 13 top 40 singles and a brand new song, ‘Darkest Hour of the Night’.

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Teenage Wildlife - 2CD set


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Teenage Wildlife - 2LP vinyl


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Listening to White Ladder on Spotify. The B sides are rather forgettable but the Silver Lining demo is lovely.


On the offcial Cranberries store (https://thecranberries.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=60037) it’s possible to pre-order a “highly limited exclusive edition” of 2017 album Something Else in purple double gatefold vinyl. No idea of how many vinyls are a “highly limited exclusive edition” …


Jeeees ! Got me self Tulls stormwatch 40th book edition for £2.oo more . Than this 2 cd edition . Insane pricing simply won.t sell ! Also Why the hell are people today paying stupid prices for vinyl also .!!!! Mindless .


Paul apologies for the unrelated post but I think I read here that Roberta Flack’s seminal First Take album on Atlantic will be reissued as a two-CD/1LP (yes folks that combo we love) in April. It looks like it will be exclusive to SoulMusic’s website. I don’t know them but I think I have one cd of theirs and I think I’m not a fan (sorry, there are too many indie reissue labels these days that I can’t keep track!), but do you know if their store is really the only place to buy it from? It’s limited to 3000 copies which seems very little.

Steven Lowe

Signed 2cd version on the official Ash store.

Rocky Racoona

Paul Young , wel 35 years ago, Simon and Garfunkel 50 years ago, and whats about new music , who is the leader of the gang of new roock powers ? Is that maybe Taylor Sift, of …but really, where are we wit music of today ?

Billy Jinch.

There is also a 3cd version of Ash’s new compilation available on their Web site store.


New Huey Lewis and the News album out on Friday too! Their first original album in like 20 years and probably their last. Surprised you lovers of 80s music haven’t mentioned this.


Re: Ash
This isn’t the deluxe version, though I think the deluxe 3cd edition is currently available from their official website only.


There’s also a 3cd version of Ash – check out their website. £25 but apparently limited edition. There were signed versions but they seem to have gone.


Rough Trade are advertising a couple of February releases which I hadn’t seen mentioned on here – a new Smiths live comp, with one of the discs being covers of Smiths songs by other artists. They also have a swanky deluxe Nick Cave book for sale soon


“I Wonder What Chris De Burgh Is Doing Right Now” is an absolute delight, Jan – heard it via Sanjeev Kholi’s Twitter. Good luck to you.


Thank you Caroline.

David Carter

£28 quid for an album that you can get for less than a pound in many charity shops, who comes up with these prices?

Bob Peel

2cd version of david grey £28 2cd for Ash £10

£28 quid tho since when was this the going rate


Thing is, both prices are a problem. Ash’s previous compilation, “Intergalactic Sonic 7″s” was also a 2CD and cost £10 when it was issued in 2002(ish). That UK customers wouldn’t go above a psychological £10 pricepoint on CDs has been one of the industry’s most undersung but deeply-felt problems.

The Misnomers

Problems? I think the problem is price gauging by the industry, not reservations by the consumers. CDs and vinyl have no moving parts (unlike tapes). They are made of the cheapest materials on earth using a century old technique (vinyl) or a 40 year old technology (cd). The price for vinyl is absurd. CDs are absurdly expensive too. What’s worse – digital files have virtually zero cost or overhead and they often cost more than CDs – and they are inferior quality. The music “industry” has devalued music for decades (e.g. favoring by way of exclusive tracks etc the big box stores who sold music as a loss leader to get you in the door to buy a toaster instead of giving RECORD STORES like Tower, Virgin, or indies the exclusives) and now they can’t figure out why people don’t want to shell out money for music. Streaming is the worst of all btw. Talk about devaluing the music.


I’m afraid at £28 for White Ladder Mr Gray can keep his anniversary edition. I will stick to the original which in now way need remastering and will now probably be brickwalled.


Well, I’m going to be very cheeky and just say my own project featuring many collaborators including Phill Jupitus is available on CD from your indie and your major stores from Friday.

Low Lights https://amzn.to/38gckUT