Out This Week / on 14 June 2019

Tangerine Dream / In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979 CD, Blu-ray

Universal Music issue In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973 – 1979 a massive 18-disc Tangerine Dream collection which features lots of unreleased material alongside 5.1 surround sound mixes.

Ian Dury & the Blockheads / Do It Yourself deluxe edition CD, Vinyl, DVD

Ian Dury & the Blockheads’ album Do It Yourself is to be celebrated this June with a 40th anniversary reissue package. Amazingly, this features all 34 variations of the original cover art!

ABBA / Voulez-Vous 2LP vinyl & box Vinyl

ABBA‘s sixth studio album Voulez-Vous is reissued for its 40th anniversary across a number of formats including a 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl.

Madonna / Madame X CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Joy Division / Unknown Pleasures red vinyl Vinyl

New 40th anniversary vinyl reissue of Joy Division‘s Unknown Pleasures is pressed on red vinyl and comes with alternative cover art.

Bruce Springsteen / Western Stars CD, Vinyl

Western Stars is Bruce Springsteen‘s first new studio album since 2014’s High Hopes – and sees him drawing inspiration in part from the Southern California pop records of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

Buzzcocks / Vinyl reissues CD, Vinyl

Domino complete their Buzzcocks‘ reissue campaign with vinyl and CD reissues of 1979’s final studio album A Different Kind of Tension and the Singles Going Steady compilation from 1981.

Midnight Oil / Midnight Oil / Armistice Day: Live At The Domain / 3LP vinyl Vinyl

Armistice Day: Live At The Domain, Sydney is a limited edition a 3LP coloured vinyl set featuring the last night of Midnight Oil‘s 2017 ‘Great Circle World Tour.’

R.E.M. / In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 to be reissued on 2LP vinyl

R.E.M. / In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Warners’ 2003 R.E.M. compilation In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 is reissued by Craft Recordings as a 2LP vinyl set.

ZZ Top / Goin' 50 CD, Vinyl

Texas trio ZZ Top celebrate a half century of blues rockin’ and hard livin’ with a new compilation called Goin’ 50. The single CD edition came out ages ago, but this week the 3CD offering and the 5LP vinyl set are finally issued.

Janet Jackson / Janet (2LP vinyl)

Universal Music reissue Janet Jackson‘s fifth studio album, Janet, on 2LP black vinyl. This was originally released in 1993.

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Paul,are you going to do a review of the TD box? cheers.


Find it a bit odd that the single CD release of ZZ Top’s compilation is out this week but the 3CD set comes out in 2+ months from now.
[Maybe they’ll get suckers to by the 1CD release and by the time the 3CD release is out, they can;’t return the 1CD. :-) ]


Her entire back catalogue is out on double vinyl reissues next month, already pre-ordered Rythm Nation!

Gavin Norman

So after amazon initially told me it was a scamming email, and I called them to say not happy, they told me it’s an “experiment” with certain customers to see what would happen if changed policy on preorder charging and they would not do it again , and gave me a whole £5 credit . I still have no idea what album I paid for early before release but it has made me realise how much I spend with them via preorder (no wonder seven boxes turned up Sunday)
What a bit of disastrous customer service to change a charging policy as an “experiment” without telling the customer.

Larry Davis

That was an EXPERIMENT#$!?!? Not good whatsoever!! I will have to call them and express my anger, dissatisfaction and frustration with this policy/not policy…and I may upload my current card info if they apologize and offer something to get my business back…

Paul E.

SDE covers a lot of ground so I thought I’d mention that Calexico and Iron & Wine have a new release out June 14th. “Years To Burn” is the second installment from this duo – if it’s half as good as 2005’s “In The Reigns” that’ll do just fine.


@Paul E. , was going to mention Years to Burn myself and agree with your latter comment about In the Reins. YTB potentially could be the album of the year so far, although its going to have to be special to beat the recent National album.


If anyone missed out before Amazon now have the new Abba singles box set available for £72.


Re: Amazon charging in advance. Personally cancelled over £700 worth of pre-orders, including the Tangerine Dream and King Crimson sets. Also cancelled Prime. I’ll bet it didn’t take too many customers doing similar for them to reverse their policy change.

Alan B

It’s HMV “exclusive” vinyl day on Saturday. Some of the releases are not exclusives as such though. Some are genuine HMV only releases, some are UK only releases but available in other countries (e.g. REM Best Of blue vinyl) and some are genuinely not exclusive (the two U2 coloured vinyls can be bought from the Official U2 Store now and you don’t have to wait until Saturday) Quite a large selection this year.


Thanks Paul. The amount of new releases this week and this mouth may cause me to file for bankruptcy. Love the website and keep up the great work.


Since you mentioned Janet Jackson, are we going to get a SDE of “Rhythm Nation 1814” for its 30th anniversary? I don’t know how much remastering it might or might not need (I always thought it sounded fine), but a few extra discs’ worth of remixes and demos and a DVD or Blu-ray of the voluminous associated video content would be VERY worthwhile for the newly RnRHOF-inducted singer.

Stephen smalley

Totally agree with you! Brilliant album that deserves lavish attention! I was also disappointed that they never released a further DVD of all her singles up to where “From Janet” started. The 5.1 mixes on there were great would of loved to have heard all her earlier stuff mixed like that.

Graham Turner

I’m still waiting for Control Deluxe :-(


They have just reissued Control on vinyl. The remixes are now on iTunes etc.

Jonathan Riley

According to the musicvaultz.ca site the tangerine dream isnt coming out until july

Richard L

Re The Amazon Charging in Advance debate, looks like lots of cancellations, bad for business etc. Just received the following notice
We are contacting you about a recent error on your account relating to your Amazon order #XXXXXXXXXXX charged before your pre-order item was dispatched.
If you wish to pay only at the time of dispatch, you may cancel your pre-order to get a full refund. If you place a new pre-order for the same item we will only charge you once your item dispatches. If you take no action, then your item will be dispatched as normal.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
Customer Service Department

Stuart Ansell

I got 6 of those today! Phoned to point out that this contradicted their earlier assertion that it was a change in policy, and was rewarded with a £10 credit to say sorry. Maybe this is them trying to reverse the policy quietly.

David Bourgoin

I also received that email in relation to my TD order. However I haven’t received one yet for a book I have pre-ordered that doesn’t come out until July.

I haven’t dared pre-order anything else recently until I know whether or not I will be charged immediately.


As I’ve said before, it’s weird, as I had plenty on pre order and no monies were taken early. Wondered if they just tried it on a sample of customers to see what the reaction would be?


Wow, it boggles the mind. Such a PR disaster that. They clearly saw people cancelling their pre-orders (I personally cancelled 6) and have reversed themselves.

Michael John

Interesting. I pre order multiples of the same release from a number of countries (US, UK, Germany & Canada mostly) because you never know when one will drop in price for a day (hour). This way I lock in the lowest when that happens and don’t have to monitor prices 24/7 and hope I’m ordering at the lowest point. Then, the Sunday prior to the Friday release I go and cancel all but the cheapest. Went thru my routine yesterday and canceled somewhere around 30 items in all. Didn’t get the email above though. Really hope they don’t change their policy.


The Tangerine Dream is the big hitter here. :-)

Rob Iles

I’m looking forward to the arrival of “Joy Division / Unknown Pleasures 40th anniversary red vinyl LP” which I pre-ordered. I fancy the Janet release too, but all my money this week will be spent on the HMV exclusives this coming Saturday (if my local has what I want!)

Also worth noting, Janets’ control, control remixes, rhythm nation (and more) all on vinyl re-issue in July.

I pre-ordered the Madonna CD from FNAC as there are exclusive tracks, but having heard the 5 that have been released so far, kinda wished I hadn’t bothered!


Madame X is getting great reviews I see. Looking forward to this.


Crave is good. I rise is OK. I’m gonna wait for my library to get it. After the last 2 albums. No. I’ve been buying her music since holiday as well. She was a great pop star. Which is not the same thing as a great artist or musician.


Not the last in the Buzzcocks releases, they’ve just announced a live album on coloured vinyl, albeit on Demon. https://www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk/catalogue/releases/access-all-areas-buzzcocks-live-1990-vinyl-picture-disc-2/