Out This Week / on 15 January 2021

Paul McCartney / McCartney III CD

This Japanese CD edition of Paul McCartney‘s latest offers four bonus tracks and alternative packaging design.

Eminem / Music to be Murdered By – Side B (deluxe)

Reissue of Eminem’s last album with a bonus disc of extra material.

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Music To Be Murdered By Side B – Deluxe Edition


Stevie Nicks / Live in Concert: The 24 Karat Gold Tour

The 24 Karat Gold Tour: Live in Concert was recorded in 2017 and features Stevie Nicks‘ solo hits ‘Stop Dragging My Heart Around, ‘Stand Back’, and ‘Edge of Seventeen’, as well as Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Gypsy’. Pressed on 2LP clear vinyl. On CD, it’s a 2CD+DVD set.

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Stevie Nicks

Live in Concert 2LP clear vinyl


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Stevie Nicks

Live in Concert - 2CD+DVD


KT Tunstall / Drastic Fantastic – Ultimate Edition

Three-CD deluxe edition of KT Tunstall‘s 2007 album has bonus material that includes acoustic versions, live tracks, remixes, b-sides and a disc of instrumentals. The vinyl is a coloured 2LP set, plus a 10-inch single on coloured vinyl.

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KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic - 3CD Ultimate Edition


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KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic - 2LP+10-inch single


Therapy? / Troublegum (vinyl reissue)

Therapy‘s second album, the Mercury Music Prize-nominated Troublegum, is reissued on black vinyl.

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Troublegum [180 gm LP Black Vinyl]


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Live and well. com by Bowie is out today. Part of the Brilliant Live adventures set. Number 3 of 6.


I’m really pleased that Troublegum has been reissued. I’ve been kicking myself for years after tasing up on a chance to buy the green vinyl version at a knockdown price (anyone from Liverpool remember Penny Lane Records on Bold Street?)

It’s a cracking album, play it at 11!


Amazon uk are saying that ‘Troublegum’ is now being released on 20th Feb.


Thanks, I didn’t know about the Stevie Nicks vinyl, ordered the clear one, and got the Blu Ray as well, because, why not, it’s only £11.99. Honestly, this 24 Karat Gold era has been stretched out, feels like ages ago I bought that album.


Alo this week the release on cd and lp from Jeff Tweedy album Love Is The King with a free seven inch single with 2 b-sides on preorders until 14 this month…


Taylor’s Folklore CD currently 6.99 on Amazon.co.uk

Steven Roberts

Surprised that KT has released an ‘ultimate’ edition of Drastic Fantastic and completely skipped over the much stronger Eye to the Telescope.

Or did I miss the memo on that one?


Throw a rock and you will likely hit a ubiquitous alternative version of McCartney III. Even the rock itself will be a special boulder edition of the album.

Denis Woods

Sleaford Mods have a new album out this week as well called “Spare Ribs”.


Wasn’t aware of the Stevie Nicks vinyl release and nice price


Ordered the McCartney CD from Amazon Japan on Thursday. After shipping from Japan it arrived today (in Germany). Thanks to DHL ;D


Taylor Swiftˋs EVERMORE will be have two extra bonus tracks in Japan – remixes of willow!
Out on 22.01.2021

Chris Squires

I know it’s “jumpers for goalposts” but there is something lovely to my 1970s / 80s heart about a Japanese import. Of all my collecting days (part I – “The Early Years”) the things I really remember are the imports found at Virgin or HMV in Birmingham. Treasure, for a 14 year old.


Nicks – amazon.de:

Robert Baillargeon

Samir Hussein…Oddly enough an imported CD in Japan costs more than an import! Weird. So the Japanese imports usually add a bonus track or two to entice local buying. Of course it ends up making it very desirable for overseas or other countries, especially as sometimes those tracks are exclusive to that disc.
In answer to your second question. No. Always good to check but most times it is cheaper for the record companies to keep everything the same. You are more likely to find store exclusives than exclusives by country (though Australia still manages those “Special tour editions” with a mini live e.p. now and then.

Samir Hussain

Why do Japanese editions of albums often have extra tracks? Is it a way of dissuading locals to buy albums on import?

Do UK albums often have additional tracks that aren’t on Japanese versions?


Also it used to be the case that cds were incredibly expensive in Japan so I think it was a way of sweetening the pill a little. I’m not sure if they are still astronomically pricey but I suppose they must be if extra tracks are still being included


It is annoying when they do that but back say 20 years ago they used to put extra tracks on albums from CD singles from bands but nowadays those singles don’t exist so it’s virtually impossible for people to get those extra tracks unless they pay through the nose to get it imported. At one point UK albums had special editions with bonus tracks not available in other countries including Europe.

Dan R

The Stevie Nicks set (which was released last year as 2CD only), is also available separately on Blu-Ray (no CD). So no need to re-buy the CDs if you just want to get the visual material.

Sascha H.

A must have for me. Love Stevie.


Yes the Stevie Nicks live 2CD came out at the end of last year and the lovely record company held back on any visual content in a physical release because it was being premiered on the TV in the states, so with that now all done and dusted we finally do get a chance to buy the physical visual disc…But that’s where it all goes a bit wobbly for anyone wanting just a DVD version because you cannot get a separate stand alone DVD edition unless you are prepared to shell out £22.99 which comes with the 2CDs thus making it now a 3 disc package of 2CDs+DVD, very annoying if you have already purchased the 2CD edition last year and if you did and you wanted a much better sharper picture with superior sound then you CAN buy a stand alone Blu-ray edition, plus there is NO 2CD+Blu-ray combination unfortunately but hey Ho oh, and if you like to have the album on vinyl there’s a 2 LP version on clear vinyl at a fairly reasonable £21.99.