Out This Week / on 15 March 2019

Alphaville / Forever Young super deluxe CD, Vinyl, Box Set, DVD

German synthpop band Alphaville‘s 1984 debut album Forever Young is reissued as a five-disc super deluxe edition, for its 35th anniversary.

BBC Radiophonic Vinyl

Silva Screen reissue the BBC Radiophonic Workshop‘s 1968 album on very limited PINK vinyl. The hugely influential 10th anniversary album features remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire.

David Byrne / Grown Backwards Vinyl

David Byrne’s 2004 album Grown Backwards is released on vinyl for the first time. It’s a 2LP set and expanded with bonus tracks.

Stephen Malkmus / Groove Denied

Stephen Malkmus / Groove Denied CD, Vinyl

Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus issues, Groove Denied, his first solo album without ‘the Jicks’. Special ‘indies-only’ clear vinyl available via the SDE shop.

Wannadies / Be A Girl yellow vinyl Vinyl

Swedish rockers The Wannadies’ third album Be A Girl is being reissued for its 25th anniversary, as a limited edition yellow vinyl pressing. The bad news is that this has sold out on pre-orders.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor / The Song Diaries

Don’t know what the status is of all the PledgeMusic pre-orders, but Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s orchestral greatest hits is now quite widely available on CD and vinyl.

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The Fall – Bend Sinister reissue this Friday too


Bend Sinister is fantastic…cheers Chris


As someone who pre-ordered one of the super deluxe bundles of SEB’s new album months ago I was naturally rather concerned as to what would happen with my order in light of Pledgemusic’s current problems.
However, I was reassured when Sophie herself posted a comment on Instagram last month promising to honour all Pledgemusic pre-orders of her new album:


New album out this week by ‘The Faint’. One of the greatest bands to emerge in the early 2000’s.


I ordered the best of David Gray live and the live John Smith cd and have never received them from pledgemusoc, they don’t reply to emails and are basically crooks. After all this time I’ve written it off to bad experience but i urge everyone nit to give them any money.

Wax Monster X

My gripes with Pledgemusic are legendary. Damages, delays (Swing Out Sister over 4 years!), incompetent staff, etc. Will never order from them again.


I also had Problems with different pledges but in the end I received them all.
In case of Swing Out Sister I think it was the band who wasn’t able to finish the album for a long time.

Paul E.

Also out this week is The Alarm “Strength 1985-1986” in a few different formats: 2 CD, Double Vinyl, and Limited Edition Package inclusive of CD/LP/Autographed Replica Backstage Pass (limited to 300 sets) via The Alarms’ official site. Amazon has the LP and CD formats but if you order from the band’s store each order comes with a bonus CD “A Story of Strength”.


i have the alarm deluxe on order and cannot wait to get my hands on it


Really disheartening to hear about PledgeMusic’s current issues especially speaking as someone who is considering using crowd-funding to record an album.

Michael Tormey

Hi Eamonn..I currently have 300 us on the Andy Warhols last album with pledge. I’m going through the dreaded charge back..I’ve had 30 pledges with them and stuck it out till the end on this despite Paul’s advice and feedback through artists on SDE etc. My view being if it goes down well the band’s or us are not getting anywhere. I suppose in the hope they can turn it around. Dandies sent a mail last week saying it’s over. The bank said there’s been alot of enquiries about pledge. They are just waiting for the announcement of reciever ship to be announced..

On the positive I wouldn’t be put of by this for crowd funders..just make sure to use PayPal or your card… cheers

Steven Roberts

I will be patiently waiting for a Deal Alert on the Alphaville, Paul :)

Craig E

Wannadies yellow vinyl can still be found from a lot of indie stores (Resident, Rough Trade, Banquet, Piccadilly)


I’m curious – why do artists now release albums on Fridays and not Mondays? Given none of the artists here are chasing chart positions?

Auntie Sabrina

Been waiting for nearly 3 years for that It’s Immaterial to be released and now it’s being held up because PledgeMusic are withholding the money. I would seriously advise anybody not to use this company.


me too…will I ever see the CD?

Stan Butler

I bought the 12″ of Driving Away From Home back in 1986 but never got round to buying “Life’s Hard..”. That was until the reissue two or three years ago. The original is an excellent album but that reissue package (SDE curated) is easily one my favourites of all time. Just brilliant. Played it to death.
Wish I could get more It’s Immaterial, so this delay is annoying, but how much more so for the band.