Out This Week / on 16 February 2018

John Williams  / Jaws (2LP vinyl)

Very interesting release from Mondo. This is a double vinyl edition of John Williams‘ iconic score to Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws, however the original vinyl release back in the day was actually a re-recording, whereas this 2LP set presents the entire Oscar-winning score as composed and recorded for the actual film. Album co-producer Mike Matessino restored, edited and mixed the music from the original studio elements for the best possible quality, approved by the composer himself. This is on vinyl for the first time.

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John Williams



Paul Draper / Spooky Action (2CD special edition)

Kscope issue the ex-Mansun frontman’s 2017 album as a double-disc special edition, pairing it with a bonus ‘Live at Scala’ CD. Good value if you didn’t pick up the album last year, annoying if you did. The live disc also gets its own standalone 2LP vinyl release.

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Paul Draper

Spooky Action / Live At Scala


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Paul Draper

Live at Scala 2LP


The Divine Comedy / Loose Cannon: Live in Europe

This seventeen track live CD – issued via Divine Comedy Records – includes fan favourites such as Bang Goes The Knighthood, At The Indie Disco, and National Express.

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Divine Comedy

Loose Canon: Live In Europe 2016-2017


Belle and Sebastian / How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3

Belle and Sebastian bring together their three most recent EPs for this new release. The 15 tracks are on one CD or you can order the 3 x 12″ box set (which is why the vinyl is pricier than you might expect).

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Belle & Sebastian

How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3


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Belle & Sebastian

How To Solve Our Human Problems, Parts 1-3 (3 Volume Boxset) [VINYL]


The Best of Jason Donovan (CD)

This single disc Jason Donovan ‘Best Of’ has been on BMG’s schedules for ages. Nothing much to report other than it’s reasonable value at £5 if you’re in the market for some JD.

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Jason Donovan

The Best of Jason Donovan


Eminem / River (CD single)

Eminem‘s River, which features Ed Sheeran, has already been number one in the UK singles chart, but Interscope are still issuing a two-track CD single. Not exactly great value in the UK at over £8 for two tracks, so go for the German price, if you’re interested.

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Eminem Feat. Ed Sheeran



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Jason, i am totally with you on this. Six is an extraordinary record…hugely powerful, intensely moving and criminally underrated. Hands down one of the best albums of the 90s and the gift that keeps on giving. So much depth. Can’t wait for this reissue!!

Jason Brown

Spooky Action is a fine album (got the 3CD book via Pledge last year, signed for a mere £30!), but I’m really looking forward to a re-issue of Six…their greatest work, and twenty years old this year!.Should a 3CD plus DVD (keep the cost down, perhaps?) in a Jethro Tull-book format with…

Disc One : Six (album, remastered)
Disc Two : The Dead Flowers Reject (alt. B-sides album prepared at the time)
Disc Three : Other B-Sides, Live Tracks, Remixes, Acoustic reworkings, single edits (i.e. the title track loses a lot in it’s 7″ edit form)
DVD : The Six Tour Live At Brixton (it’s been about on YouTube for ages!) plus single videos, other TV / TOTP stuff etc
…with the booklet including Paul Drapers excellent epic discussion about the whole six project written for the 10th anniversary

A 5.1 mix would be interesting, but not a deal breaker. And, for my money, a far, far, FAR better album than OK Computer….

Pete Muscutt

Totally agree on the 3CD/DVD set up you suggest for this album, a great mix of prog, indie and a skewed form of Britpop that made Mansun utterly unique. I’d quite like to see a band discussion/track by track as well on the album – as much as I like Paul Draper, I feel the rest of the band get overlooked sometimes! Hopefully KScope deliver the goods!


£46 for a double vinyl repress of Jaws?! I do love the film and the music but I’d expect a full sized replica shark thrown in for that price!


Having purchased the Mondo triple vinyl release of Magnolia soundtrack a little over a month ago, I’d say keep well away from their records.
I received a very bad copy, with awful surface noise and distortions all over. This was on all 3 records too, with record 3 also exhibiting a different lip than the others (square cut when all others were rounded).
Never again!

Peter Muscutt

I was holding off on the Draper album as I was debating whether to get the vinyl or not. Seeing as I can’t play vinyl in the car, this 2CD swung it for me. Loved Mansun back in the day so expecting great things from his solo LP.

Interestingly, the Amazon blurb says “…It also follows the announcement that the Mansun back catalogue will be newly remastered and reissued with bonus material on the Kscope label – including the UK #1 album ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’…”

-Is there any news on this yet, Paul? I take it this is different to the reissue that saw a 3CD edition of ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’ a few years back? Would be cool to see an expanded version of the ‘Six’ album.

Alan Wilson


This information re Mansun taken from the Kscope Website

“Kscope have acquired rights to Mansun’s back catalogue. The ground-breaking label will roll out a reissue campaign over eighteen months that will cover the band’s entire history and enhance their reputation as one of the most iconic and innovative bands of the 90s.

Mansun’s four albums – Attack of the Grey Lantern (1997), Six (1998), Little Kix (2000) and the compilation Kleptomania (2004) – were originally issued by Parlophone. The Kscope reissues will bring these classic records into the modern age by delving into a treasure trove of previously unreleased audio and visual material while fully remastering the original recordings for 5.1 and deluxe 180gm vinyl.”

Rik Skyline

Jason Donovan is such a good guitarist. He’s up there with Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler.

Peter Muscutt

Don’t be giving Donovan any “super-group” ideas, Rik!!

Darren L

Bought the Divine Comedy live album at one of the shows before Christmas. If you missed out on the shows grab yourself a copy. If you went to the shows it’s the perfect souvenir.

Double studio album in the works for late this year……can’t wait.

Alan Wilson

If you’re lucky enough to be seeing Paul Draper on his up and coming tour he’s making signed copies of the LP available exclusively at those shows, 1,000 is the pressing number for that run in total.

O(+> Peter B

I read about a month ago that the new 15 tracks from Belle & Sebastian were only getting released on 3 12″ vinyl EPs. I like vinyl, but it’s pricey and I thought I’d wait and see if there’s a more affordable CD option – now there is. Great news, thanks Paul.

Anthony James

16 tracks on the Belle and Sebastian Japanese release which is what I’ve gone for & it shipped yesterday.


“The best of Jason Donovan” there’s an oxymoron if ever I heard one


Well that’s just mean. :P

Technically, ANYONE can have a “Best Of,” even if they are terrible–it’s just the least bad of the awfulness. Come on–lower your bar a bit.

Though, in all honesty, I do like some of Jason’s stuff. Most of what I like by him doesn’t make it to the collections though.

Peter Muscutt

He was surprisingly good in Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds – I wasn’t expecting much, but he played the part/s well (I believe he played two roles in different productions). Saying that, he needs to atone for the sins of ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’. That was just unforgivable!


Saw him in the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and he was one of the best Frank n Furters I’ve ever seen.


Bought Jaws off the Mondo website and received it a few weeks ago. Wonder if these are also blue vinyl? Nice thing too is that they usually mark them as $10 value so you don’t get hit with import duties.


“Bang Goes the Knighthood,” actually.


i missed Paul Draper when it first came out , so im jumping on this now


The Jaws vinyl was released last summer by Mondo as a 3xLP. It looks like they’ve downgraded it.

Alan Wilson


I’ve got the Mondo release of the Jaws Score from last year, it was released in the summer but didn’t ship until later on in the year (I’ve got the blue version), it arrived with me in late October if I remember correctly.

That pressing sold out but then was made available as a re-press on both the blue and standard black vinyl (which are the one’s available now), but there was definitely no 3 disc version of this. I’m happy for you (in a nice way) to prove me wrong though. I have double checked Mondo and discogs to check on the release versions and don’t see anything on there for it.


Boy , this new year so far is slim Pickens.

Mark Hanson

Very slim for us CD fans.

Paul E.

Surely you meant: “Slim Shady” pickings…


If Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran isn’t a sign of impending apocalypse, I don’t know what is… Excited for Belle & Sebastian though!

Andrew B

So Jaws is just the Intrada copy on vinyl?