Out This Week / on 16 March 2018

Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour ’74 (reissue)

Rory Gallagher‘s classic live album – and indeed his entire solo output – is reissued by Universal Music on vinyl and CD. Read more

Alanis Morissette / Flavors of Entanglement (vinyl LP)

First time on vinyl for Alanis Morissette‘s 2008 album which was co-written and produced by Guy Sigsworth. Read more

Fatboy Slim / You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

A 20th anniversary ‘deluxe’ edition of the 1998 album has half the content of the 10th anniversary set. Maybe the 30th anniversary will be a 5-track EP… Read more

Andrew Lloyd Webber / Unmasked: The Platinum Collection

Four discs of Lloyd Webber music. All the classics, some new interpretations by young artists and some newly created orchestral suites prepared from existing recordings Read more

Jean-Michel Jarre / Original Album Classics Vol 2 (5CD)

This budget five-CD Jean-Michel Jarre set includes Oxygene, both parts of The Concerts In China, Chronology, and Métamorphoses.

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Jarre, Jean-Michel

Original Album Classics Vol. Ii


Saxon / The CD Hoard five-disc bookset

Saxon / The CD Hoard

New five-disc bookset showcases four Saxon tours from between 1995 and 2006. A vinyl version of this same set was issued in 2006. Read more

Kim Wilde / Here Come The Aliens (new album)

Kim’s 14th studio album is out this week. Features the single Pop Don’t Stop.

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Here Comes The Aliens - CD edition


Ian Dury / New Boots And Panties!! (2LP vinyl reissue)

There are so many versions of this album that even I’m starting to lose track. This black double-vinyl edition of Ian Dury‘s debut pairs the album proper with a bonus LP of a BBC live performance at the Paris Theatre in London from 1978. The later was featured on CD in last year’s deluxe set. A coloured vinyl version of this very same set was issued late last year.

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Ian Dury

New Booties and Panties!! 2LP black vinyl


Stone Temple Pilots (new album)

Stone Temple Pilots seventh studio album and the first without original singer Scott Weiland, who died in 2015. Jeff Gutt takes over vocal duties.

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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots - vinyl LP


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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots - CD Edition


Kraftwerk / 12345678 3-D

Single disc CD edition of last year’s 3-D: The Catalogue set. This abridged edition is English language and features highlights from each of Kraftwerk’s 8 x classic albums.

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Patrick Gleeson

As a huge Jarre fan, it a big deal of me to say I won’t touch these box sets with a barge pole. The remasters are truly dreadful – SO loud, completely stripping the originals of their dynamic range and power. BTW, The Concerts In China was always a double album. The 1997 remaster edited out some audience and background atmosphere to fill a single CD. This box set reproduced the original gatefold sleeve, but omits the inner sleeves, which defeats the whole point. Both box sets also have glaring typos on them …


Also out this week are Eponymous 1981-1983 and Declaration 1984-1985 reissues by The Alarm.


There’s a German language version of the Kraftwerk cd available as well. Does anyone know of a cost effective way of obtaining one in the UK? It’s available from Amazon.de but it’s about 19GBP.


Is this the German language one? £17 on Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/3-D-Katalog-Kraftwerk/dp/B077H82JB7

eric Slangen

I still haven’t got my Ian Dury vinyl boxset which was part of a end 2017 sale on amazon.


Also out, Yo La Tengo’s new album There’s a Riot Going on. Uncut gave it a positive review, but I wouldn’t have expected anything different as this band have put out some truly great albums over the years. They are excellent live too.


It’s nice they release an “original album classics” box of Jarre material but what the fans are really waiting for are 5.1 surround sound mixes of his albums. I have all the Jarre albums and would buy them again in a heartbeat in 5.1 if available. Gross negligence.

Craig Hedges

I’m up for that too especially Magnetic fields, Zoolook and Rendez-vous

Andrew F.

I love my Kraftwerk 3-D box set. An eight track selection feels quite minimalist, but each of those tracks are iconic.

The Golden Age Of Musical Knowledge

I totally agree with you Andrew F, I had the CD box set and the highlights Bluray. I then went and won thw vinyl box set on another forum. I play all of them, great stujj.

The Golden Age Of Musical Knowledge

stujj?!?! WTF, stuff, that`s better.


STP did have one other release without Scott Weiland–High Rise (EP) in 2003, which they did with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

Not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but anyone who takes the singing gig with them might want to watch his back….

John T

Stone Temple Pilots vinyl is not out this week, it appears to have a release date of end of May?


And for those on the fence about the Jean Michel Jarre “Original Album Classics Part 2”, the Concerts In China album is his best album IMHO. The synths sound the same but he added a live drummer to his set and really brings things to life. Highly recommend it and for that price a complete no brainer.

John Lloyd

It’s still a bizarre mix of albums, though – from ancient classic through mid-period highs to, er, the last one. I would have thought the second Oxygene album made more sense. But yes, it’s a stupid price – I well remember paying £60 for the first 5CD box set of his, and that was years ago!


£60? – was that for the 10th Anniversary set which had 8 CDs iirc – several now also in this set.
The first volume of Original Album Classics came out last year for about the same price as Vol. 2. An equally random selection though!

John Lloyd

Yes, KevinK is correct. I’ll get my coat (and hat, and laserharp gloves…)


Yes, those “Original Album Classics” are always random. Rest assured they won’t give you the 5 best selling Jarre albums in one package. And why are they wasting one disc by dividing the Concerts in China over 2 discs? My remastered Concerts Of China fit on one disc and all songs of the original LP are on it.


I’m in for this as despite it being a random selection and despite me owning 4 of the 5 discs, it contains the one JMJ album I don’t own in Metamorphoses. I know it’s far from his best but it’s also been hard to track down for years unless you pay an eye watering price.


That new Kim Wilde single has a killer hook!! I like Ricky Wilde’s vocal in that song. Sounds really good. Hope the album is good. Too bad there is no deluxe edition.

Marcel Rijs

There is… Just go to Amazon Germany and buy the CD + yellow vinyl + canvas edition. :)

Gis Bun

Something is wrong with the price widget for STP. The prices for CD and vinyl are the same and the CD edition not from the cheapest to most expensive…

Chris Squires

The Ian Dury double pack (aah, those were the days, hunting down the promotional double packs) is very good and the limited edition (1000) splatter Vinyl set is a very quiet pressing and still available for the same price as the black vinyl.

Steve F

The Dury splatter vinyl sounds awful, even considering I only paid £13 or £14 for it. I’m very pleased it is coming out on the black stuff. Now I’ll just wait until it gets a bit cheaper.

Chris Squires

Ah, well maybe I got lucky, mine sounds fine.