Out This Week / on 16 October 2020

Tom Petty / Wildflowers reissue CD, Vinyl

Warner Records reissue an expanded version of Tom Petty’s album Wildflowers, across many formats.

Peter Gabriel / Plays Live 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Peter Gabriel completes his classic live albums reissues on vinyl with a multi-disc half-speed mastered version of Growing Up Live. This comes with a hi-res download card.

Eagles / Live From The Forum MMXVII CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray, DVD

Live From The Forum MMXVIII is a new Eagles live release of a 26-song performance filmed and recorded at LA’s The Forum venue in 2018.

Kiki Dee / The Fontana and Motown Years CD

Edsel issue The Fontana and Motown Years, a new three-CD Kiki Dee set that covers her time on those two labels before she signed for Rocket Records.This limited edition is SIGNED by Kiki Dee!

Donna Summer / The Wanderer 40th anniversary

Donna Summer‘s 1980 album is remixed and represented for this 40th anniversary celebration. The expanded deluxe CD offers seven new remixes in addition to the original album. 2LP pink and black 180g vinyl offers the same.

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Donna Summer

The Wanderer - expanded CD


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Donna Summer

The Wanderer - 2LP pink and black vinyl


Nik Kershaw / Oxymoron (new album)

Nik Kershaw returns with a new album. Unlike 2012’s Eight, Oxymoron is available on vinyl as well as CD.

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Oxymoron - CD edition


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Oxymoron - vinyl LP

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Amazon ca   50.77
Amazon jp   2500.00

Def Leppard / Hits Vegas: Live at Planet Hollywood (3LP vinyl)

Hits Vegas: Live At Planet Hollywood sees Def Leppard offer a 28-song deep dive into hits and rarities.

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Def Leppard

Hits Vegas - 3LP vinyl


The Who / Essential (3CD set)

Budget three-CD Who package that offers two discs of hits and deep cuts and a bonus CD featuring a variety of live recordings.

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The Who

The Who Essential


Hit Me! The Best of Ian Dury (3CD or 2LP)

New Ian Dury ‘best’ of from BMG. The 2LP set is a limited edition white vinyl pressing.

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Ian Dury

Hit Me! 3CD set


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Ian Dury

Hit Me! 2LP white vinyl



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All of the track from Nik Kershaw’s Oxymoron are up on YouTube, for those who are interested.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hello eibon, finally again about “vienna”:
i’m not ill informed. my deluxe edition includes the “all stood still” single version on cd1. (3:49).
i can send you pictures of my media player / “vienna” folder on the laptop.
another fault is that on i-tunes the cd 4 is missing. complete. and the “face to face” version is doubled on 2 different cd’s and on digital format on i-tunes too: https://www.discogs.com/Ultravox-Vienna-Deluxe-Edition/release/15808526


Hi Daniel,
This is a site (and message board) “for fans who love holding the music in their hands” and yet you are complaining about a problem with the digital compilation which has known issues and nothing at all to do with the physical box set which is a representation of everything this site loves – a lovingly curated box, nicely packaged, comprehensive and loaded with new and unreleased tracks. This issue I have is that your post makes no reference to the fact that you’re talking about downloads and you’ve referred to them as cds so you are discouraging or alarming purchasers of the set when in fact, there is nothing wrong with the box set. Yes, you have pointed to the link that clearly repeats what I posted. Yes, the digital platforms (spotify, iTunes) have wrongly compiled the Vienna deluxe set but the actual box set does not have any of these issues.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi eibon,
i also “love holding the music in my hands” like you. but sometimes i only want the deluxe editions as a download. especially if they are not so packed with exclusives like books etc… i think it was good to tell here about the wrong digital “vienna” box set. maybe somebody was happy about my warning and now purchase the physical product instead. i think this is a site to talk about music and releases / re-releases. and i write here my thoughts since many years now. and i will continue this. basicly it is not good if a “deluxe edition” has errors. physical or digital. be happy and enjoy your “vienna” box set ( with only the dublicated “face to face” live version ) and the 4th cd that i don’t have.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i thought you were on my side paul and this site is about music and fans of music basically – but it’s obviously not. “no one is interested in…” means that place is not for me. i will not restricted about what i want to say from “teachers” like eibon. some people here write like they know EVERYTHING. so for me some comments are now more charmless like in the beginning of your site. i read almost every week comments like “i am a fan since 30 years and i know best and nobody else”. will i write against those walls ? no. and again: my comments were about faults in the digital and the physical “vienna” product. i have much work to do with my new book and have no time to discuss here with somebody (not you) again and again about what i can say or not. it seems that my point of view is no longer required. so it’s better to leave this website. personally all the best for you.

Larry Davis

First, yes, that PG live album pic is EXACTLY like Ian Curtis off the “Heart & Soul” box…second, Donna Summer…why?? There was just “Encore” which I managed to get somehow in the US, and they expanded “The Wanderer”?? With more mixes and a big essay?? I’m concerned, are they expanding & reissuing all the albums separately now?? I do not want to double dip and I know I don’t have to buy it…but first was that “Another Place & Time”, then the 1983 live album (which was cool), now this…I do have to say it’s an amazing album with some tracks reminding me of Blondie…my only problem is “I Believe In Jesus”…not just cuz I am an atheist, but stylistically, it doesn’t fit on a powerpop/new wave album, and lyrically, it brings the album down at least a star…I may doubledip if the price drops enough…I’m getting the Kiki Dee Fontana/Motown box as it is being shipped to the US, but no indication of the set signed, is it?? I want the Tom Petty but only the 5CD set from his website…that Who I find unnecessary…I am gonna order the Essential ABC & UB40 sets…that Def Lep is not an instant purchase as it’s just another live album, no big whoop,a nd I do want that Ian Dury & Nik Kershaw…just budgeting myself…

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi ryk,
i think that they use the 2008 remasters for most of the tracks on cd 2. track 3 is the “face to face” live version at st.albans. now we have cd5 with the concert at st.albans in 1980.
some people were obviously in a deep sleep while compiling the tracks. i have no idea why they change the album version of “all stood still” into the single version and dublicate the track on cd 2. i hope that on the “rage in eden” anniversary they will use again some “work on progress” versions instead of live material. “rage in eden” & “quartet” were imo the best albums.

Steve Benson

Who compilations are always an interesting prospect as you never know when they will include an unusual mix/version of a familiar track. I think there is still one from Meaty Beaty that hasn’t turned up subsequently. Also the prospect of endless debate about inclusions and exclusions – Old Red Wine in but Real Good Looking Boy out. No Seeker, No Won’t Get Fooled Again and they call it Essential?!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

“you are never too old to learn something new”. thanks for the extra information.
take care and have a healthy autumn !


Anyone still wishing to purchase the “strictly limited edition” Donna Summer Encore boxset can still easily do so from Amazon. I think this particular record company has no ethics whatsoever – it appeared to go out of a stock for a short while (presumably after the initial limited run) and then magically reappeared for purchase and has remained available ever since (I would guess after a reprint). A total scam…

Derek Langsford

I think doing another run was totally justifiable. The set came out mid-COVID. Distribution and availability was limited (Amazon UK wouldn’t ship it to the US and presumably other countries after it was initially released). And the demand was there for another run.

Why are there always some people who want to deny others from getting something they have and would enjoy? I can think of a few reasons, none of which are particularly attractive.

Chris B

Another year, another Who compilation

But 6 quid for three discs means this is impossible to resist, although the description of ‘budget’ refers to the cover as well as the price.

Dave H

Ultravox + Tears For Fears 5.1 mixes both by Steven Wilson. No need to review, you know it’s going to be worth the money. £50 for each for five discs, money well spent.

There’s plenty going on in the rear speakers, they’re not just there for ambience. Main vocals in centre speaker.

I remember reading an interview with Steven Wilson where he talks about surround mixes and not making them too gimmicky. There’s one section near the end of Western Promise where the synth swirls round the room which he doesn’t do too often but it works perfectly.

Bite the Bullet Ryk, don’t wait for reviews, going out and buy it you won’t be disappointed.


Dave H,

Thanks for the reply (although I wasn’t 100% sure it was a reply to me until I saw my name in your post, as it wasn’t linked to the reply thread to my comment) and the information. No bullet biting needed; I was not wanting reviews to determine if I am going to buy something (I don’t think I’ve ever purchased based on a review) as I already have SotT, and the HoJo, TfF and Ultravox reissues are on their way to me (all ordered upon announcement) but, if they are anything like my last international purchase, they will take over a month to arrive. I like the reviews for other reasons: to keep up the hype while I’m waiting for the physical product, to read about insights in the reissue process (or new insights into the original recording), and to hear other people’s perspective and opinions on what makes that particular reissue worthwhile (or not) – and Paul’s insight is highly valued.


Ooh, that Donna Summer one completely slipped under the radar! I hadn’t heard a thing about it – not even here – until now. Any knowledge on the tracklisting? Any difference between this version and the ‘Donna’ and ‘Encore’ box-set versions?

I love the title track. It’s an underrated album – suffered from the ‘anti-disco’ backlash that befell a lot of 70s dance acts at the turn of the 80s.

Auntie Sabrina

Tracklisting from eBay:-

1. The Wanderer [Figo Sound Radio Mix] 3.11
2. Looking Up [Figo Sound Version] 4.21
3. Nightlife [Le Flex Sunset Remix -Radio Edit] 3.51
4. The Wanderer 3.47
5. Looking Up 3.58
6. Breakdown 4.09
7. Grand Illusion 3.55
8. Running For Cover 4.00
9. Cold Love 3.40
10. Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ 4.19
11. Nightlife 4.00
12.Stop Me 3.45
13. I Believe In Jesus 3.38
14. Grand Illusion [Le Flex Poolside Mix] 4.02
15. Looking Up [Figo Sound Extended Version] 6.44
16. Nightlife [Le Flex Sunset Remix] 5.41
17. The Wanderer [Figo Sound Full Mix] 3.59


Thanks for the info – looks like the Figo/LeFlex mixes aren’t on the boxset editions, so this is another (CD) purchase for me. The ‘book’ packaging should hopefully match the ‘Another Place And Time’ 30th packaging. I wonder if they’ll be doing this for all her albums?

Frank B

Yes! Donna Summer’s venture into New Wave and Rock N Roll is one of her finest under rated albums! True gems, The Wanderer, Cold Love, Looking Up, Breakdown, Grand Illusion. Aw heck, the whole album is a gem. Love the album artwork too!

Peter Muscutt

The cover of that Peter Gabriel live album always reminds me of the image of Ian Curtis off the Joy Division ‘Heart & Soul’ box set…


Me too! When I first saw the picture, I thought they might be doing a reissue of the Joy Division box.

Peter Muscutt

Would’ve loved to hear Joy Divisions take on ‘Solsbury Hill’ or ‘Biko’…


Why does the sleeve of the Who collection resemble something that would be far better off fronting a new ELO compilation?


So, we just had the big Encore box of Donna Summer where the Wanderer is included. And now a single release of The Wanderer? It seems redundant, however, I can imagine that not all fans have gotten their hands on the Encore box.


Hi Paul,

Not a comment about this week’s releases (although I would be highly interested in hearing Nik Kershaw’s latest), but a couple of questions. I know you are busy (with the family and other things as mentioned in yesterday’s email) and have little time at present to listen to that ever-growing pile of new deluxe and super deluxe reissues, but I wondered if you had plans on reviewing any of the recent SDEs that were released this week/month? I’ve googled for reviews on HoJo’s Cross That Line (there are none), Ultravox’s Vienna (merely expanded track listings with no real opinion on the expansion/5.1), and Tears for Fears Seeds of Love (some reviews, but hardly in-depth – although you would likely not review something you yourself curated), Prince’s SotT (there are other reviews, and you gave plenty of pre-release insight, but it would be interesting to hear your take on the full package now that it has been out for a couple of weeks), or even a pre-release review of Oxymoron (too early to find, yet I’m not holding out much hope for a review on that either).

On another note, I’ve noticed it has just gone one year since your last competition. Have you have received any interesting items you might be saving as prizes for upcoming competitions?

Cheers, and thanks for all of the work you do, and the great website with insightful info and information about music we all love to buy, and buy again.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

4 questions are in mind. 1st ultravox: on “vienna 40th anniversary” re-release is the last track on cd 1-9 “all stood still” – but it’s not the album version – 3:42 ( instead of 4:23 ). it seems that is the single version ( 3:44 again on CD3-8 ). so the album version is not included on CD1. why ? then the live version of “face to face” is obviously the same version on CD 3-3 and on CD5-5. ?
my next questions are about “the seeds of love”: “always in the past” was released on “saturnine martial & lunatic” with a short spoken intro. was that a mistake ? why is “ghost papa” not included in the new box set ? it was a bonus track on “woman in chains” in u.k…. and paul, great work on the box set ! it’s a pleasure to listen to cd 3 and 4 !

Daniel ( from Berlin )

thanks paul. but why it was on the b-side of “woman in chains” ? where it should be on ?
anyone with more information about this track ?



Interesting stuff about the Ultravox reissue. I wonder why the wrong track for “All Stood Still” was used on CD1 (and if it will be corrected), and why that and the live “Face to Face” tracks are duplicated across the package. Do you know which versions of “All Stood Still” are on CD2 and the DVD?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi ryk,
i think that they use the 2008 remasters for most of the tracks on cd 2. track 3 is the “face to face” live version at st.albans. now we have cd5 with the concert t st.albans in 1980.
some people were obviously in a deep sleep while compiling the tracks. i have no idea why they change the album version of “all stood still” into the single version and dublicate the track on cd 2. i hope that on the “rage in eden” anniversary they will use again some “work on progress” versions instead of live material. “rage in eden” & “quartet” were imo the best albums.


These ill informed comments are an injustice to the hard work and clear labour of love for the Vienna project. Although reference is made to the CD track number, the oversight occurs only on digital platforms. The CD sets contain the correct versions (4:23 on CD1). As for Face to Face, I haven’t gotten to compare them but assuming they are taken from the same concert, there is no issue with including the isolated b-side on the b-sides & rare CD and additionally, leaving it in the full concert recording on Disc 5.


I wouldn’t be bothered if ghost papa never appeared on anything as quite frankly it’s rubbish to be honest.

The missing bit (I think Roland says “Well, I’m going”) at the opening of “Always in the Past” was the first moment I got a long face. It was still there on the 1999 remaster!

It’s just a tiny detail but the kind of thing that immediately jumps out to the serious fan…