Out This Week / on 17 January 2020

Pale Saints / The Comforts of Madness remastered & expanded reissue

Pale Saints / The Comforts of Madness CD, Vinyl

Late ’80s British indie band Pale Saints see their 1989 debut album The Comforts of Madness expanded and reissued on CD and vinyl formats.

Todd Rundgren's Utopia coloured vinyl pressing

Utopia / Todd Rundgren's Utopia & RA Vinyl

Music on Vinyl continue with their Todd Rundgren reissue campaign with limited coloured vinyl reissues of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia and RA (these were actually released last week).

Bombay Bicycle Club / Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (signed vinyl)

The indie band from London issue their fifth studio album. Signed vinyl available via Amazon in the UK.

The Tremeloes / Gold (3CD set)

Generous 3CD set featuring 45 Tremeloes songs including UK number one ‘Silence Is Golden’ and ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’.

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Mike M

The Galaxie 500 reissues appear to have slipped under the radar. There’s a couple out this week and the last to follow in February. Does anyone have any more info about these? Many Thanks

Steve Miller

Just seen the Galaxie 500 on roughtrade.com – they are listed as being on 20 20 20 so I don’t believe there is anything additional there – just a reissue. I’ve bought the various Newbury Comics exclusives of these over the past year – they’ve been on the same label and there’s been no additional material or remastering.


Mike M

Hi Steve

Cheers for the reply mate, yeah there isn’t a bad album between them. They get good reviews for sound quality/pressing so gonna pick all three up. Nice one


Cheers Mike –

If you’re a fan of Galaxie 500 and their various related bands you could do worse than keep an eye on Andy Aldridges’s website – A Head Full of Wishes – https://www.fullofwishes.co.uk/

He hasn’t specifically mentioned these re-releases, but I think his twitter feed is where I first became aware of the recent coloured versions. I already had the last one on vinyl first time around but I’ve been very happy to get my hands on On Fire and Today (and I even listened to one of them today as well!)

Alan B

The Morrissey 7 inch single It’s Over is now available to pre order from most stores after having only been available from HMV in store. It’s a mouthwatering £13. His previous singles were £7 or £8. I wasn’t aware we were living in times of rampant inflation.


I don’t think this “Gold” release is the same “Gold” series that had 2 CD releases from Pete Townshend, Cream, Rush, Supertramp, and others. Those were from Universal. This one is from Crimson. I’m guessing a small label.



Thanks for pointing that out once more AND for making me aware that a Pete Townshend-Gold-2cd was released for the US and Canada. I knew that Universal released some of these not worldwide but only for certain territories but wasn’t aware that one for PT existed.
The ones for Cream and Rush are amongst those i own from that series, especially the Rush-release made me dive into their catalogue deeply.
Generally these Universal-Gold compilations are worth the money especially to get an overview on artists’ work that you haven’t followed too closely and the cds are almost always having running times of 70 minutes+.
For those that try to buy all releases from an artist you have to know that sometimes Universal just takes earlier released compilations of an artist and repackages them with new booklets and cover art as a “Gold”-series release e.g. the Joan Armatrading-2cd-compilation “Love And Affection” was re-released under the “Gold”- moniker.

Sadly though there doesn’t seem to be a release for Supertramp in this series.


You’re right – it’s a totally different series.


These “gold” collections are so cheap. And they look “so cheap,” more and more. Are the artists getting any royalties off them?

Mark Phillips

Please can someone tell if they’ve used the correct version of Even The Bad Times Are Good on the Tremeloes set?

Compilers keep getting it wrong. The initial version was an album track, then it was completely remade for the far superior single cut. About 90 percent of the sixties comps I own have the “wrong” inferior album track instead of the hit single cut.

Not sure how best to describe the difference. The original version has a prominent raspberry sound just before the vocals start. The single version has a boingy sound (Jews harp?) between the verse and chorus.


I think from today is available to pre-order Pearl Jam’s 11th studio album, Gigaton. Not sure if it’s part of this page…


The MPeople Gold was the reason im no longer a casual fan. These BUDGET collection cannot be a reason to complain. If you dont know the artist they are a great intro. If youre a fan they give you some rare tracks. Its a win-win. And they are not a bloody download or worse, streaming (hello Bowie!).

JpH Wilts

Also Bill Fay’s new album is out “Countless Branches”. If you have not heard of him check out the you tube link below (from his Life Is People album). Astonishing in every way!

Chris S

Looking at the packaging and song list, one word pretty much describes the package and song selection. Awful.

While it covers much of the ground that other “best of” packages, it skips some decent singles (Good Day Sunshine) and well known rarities (Yellow River) for some really terrible songs (Lion Sleeps, Hand Jive) that already have a hundred bad versions of. Unless there is some sonicly amazing mastering, there are a dozen other “best of” collections, that can be easily found at a used music shop. (The songs on this collection could have easily fit on 2 cd’s.)


Good Day Sunshine is on there

Mark Phillips

Chris S Good day sunshine is on there. However 15 tracks per CD is pathetic. They could easily have added another 15.


Ya. I have it when they waste packaging by putting tracks on 3 when it could fit on 2. Or even fit on 2 if a track or 2 had to be removed. Only reason I could think of for 3 CDs is an eventual LP release.

Martyn Alner

I’m assuming that Pale Saints album is a 4ad one? Just looks like Vaughan Oliver design, which brings me onto the fact he died at the end of 2019 – https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/dec/29/vaughan-oliver-celebrated-4ad-graphic-designer-dies-aged-62 – not sure if people had seen it.


Kosheen – Resist Yellow Vinyl is released on Amazon this week, 1000 copies. I only found out through a friend in Instagram last night. Sold out on Music On Vinyl.

Rob Frampton

Sometimes these Gold collections are a good way for casual fans to get into an artist and explore the back catalogue later. I’d recommend the Kiki Dee box for that as she’s an artist who has rather slipped out of fashion in recent years despite still being active and producing good albums.


Can confirm the Pale Saints reissue remastering is really well done and does a great job opening that album up. I’ve always felt the original mastering was murky and the songs kind of lost in it. Felt hearing it for the first time. It’s why I like reissues to kind of lost albums like this because it’s such a great way to re-evaluate some good albums time kind of forgot.


Oh man, I hope you are correct. I love this Pale Saints record so very much, despite that it always sounded so thin. Can not wait to hear this good and proper.


They all deserve the full re-issue treatment, granted. But for the casual fan these don’t look like a bad deal. Also at first glance the packaging looks quite tastefully done, in a minimalist sort of way. eg the Joe Brown collection. For me, 3 CD’s of his work is more than enough, rather than collecting 30 odd of his albums. However the sound quality would be of interest too


Danny J; I’ve got the T.Rex and Five Star collections. Although a lot more material could of been crammed onto the T.Rex collection, as a good career overview it’s not too bad. Outside of major top dollar collections, I think it’s probably the first time material from both the Regal Zonophone/Fly and T.Rex Wax era’s have been included together so a very good starting point for anyone new to Bolan and Co.
The Five Star collection is excellent value for money, containing all the hit singles as you would expect plus a whole disc of 12″ mixes and remixes which is what I’ve been waiting for. Blimey, they’ve even included details of where every track originated from. This is what that disappointing 5 Star box set should have been like, and I’m so glad I did not purchase that. Can’t go wrong for a fiver!


thanks. I’ve seen a Traffic one which looks like a good introduction to the band



The Traffic compilation you’re referring to comes from Universal Music, who released quite a lot of these “Gold” called samplers as 2-CD, sometimes 1-CD-sets for quite some time starting iirc in the early noughties. All of these records are collections of material that was issued before on album releases or singles released earlier on Universal Music (or labels they’ve annected over the years).

The Tremeloes release on the other hand comes via an indie-label called “Crimson” (belonging to Demon Records) which started their own series of “Gold”-releases with the T.Rex-compilation about two years ago and seemed to be successful with that because over the last few months they’ve released quite a lot of these compiling other artists who are always given a 3-cd-set offering.
Crimson licenses material from several labels and tries to make money with offering these for really small change.

I’m not sure if any of the featured artists get money from Crimson for these but if so it certainly can’t be much if you look at the retail price.

Apart from that they sometimes give a good round-up of the careers of artists from the past, e.g. T.Rex, Bay City Rollers, Village People or Boney M.


ah ok yes that makes sense as the packaging styles vary. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with their thoughts on these – all good/valid points


Traffic Gold is a great value (and excellent sounding) double CD – but isn’t part of this Demon series. It was issued by Island back in 2005.


I purchased the five star gold CD as well. I also purchased the boxset I got it for 30 pounds & listen to it regularly. I am hoping Demon reissue their first 2 albums with a 2nd disc of remixes those I would purchase.


The T.Rex Gold compilation is excellent. I am a huge Bolan fan and take a keen interest in everything released. There has been easily over 100 compilation albums over the past 50 years, most of them cheap and nasty affairs. This one is easily one of the very best, all of the singles and most of the key album tracks. Even Dandy In The Underworld is the superior album version. The tracklisting was obviously put together by someone who is a fan of the band. Of course the packaging is basic but the cover pic is good and it’s one that has hardly ever been used before.
For £5 these 3CD sets are an essential purchase.


Worth noting that And You Will Knows Us By The Trail of Dead release X: The Godless Void and Other Stories this Friday as well which I for one am really looking forward to.

andrew R

The tremeloes and a host of other baroque or pre glam pop bands
deserve better than these bargain bin reissues . They simply cheapen the brand and make them even less deserving of any respect they are due. Other examples wizzard ,honeybus
the searchers ,the move the love affair . All top acts , mis served with service station compilations. Rant off

Robert Laversuch

Andrew I do hear you on this one. However, maybe it will serve as an initiation rite, so to speak, and make people go out to find more by same artist. Anyone who reduces the Tremeloes to Silence is Golden is beyond help anyway


Possibly limited interest here but the new Mura Masa album is out this week. I think any of us expecting more Nile Rodgers and A$AP Rocky collabs could be surprised – this one is supposed to be harder and indie-er.


Some of this ‘Gold’ sets on Amazon look like a good deal. Presumably they are all part of the same series? Does anyone have any of the previous sets? Any feedback? thanks

Steven Campbell

DannyJ I have the Marc Bolan one and yeah for the money they’re not bad as you usually get about 3 CDs of the artist in question’s output.


thanks – yeah i think they are a good introduction but not a career defining pack by the looks of it


I admit, this is the kind of thing I avoid. Generic packaging, things thrown together. I just don’t like these things that look like a factory in China is putting them together for as little money as possible. There’s no debate about “value for money”, but given the packaging I do feel they’re unattractive.

Mark Bunce

I have the gene pitney gold which takes me back to the 70s hearing him on cassette. Great value for money and the belinda carlisle gold set is the best one so far

Tom M

Most of those “Gold” collections were issued by Hip-O records. The Tremeloes Gold is issued by Crimson Productions, a subsidiary of Demon Music. Note that there is a vinyl counterpart to this CD release.