Out This Week / on 17 May 2019

Saint Etienne / Tiger Bay box set CD, Vinyl

Saint Etienne have release a 25th anniversary edition box set of their 1994 album Tiger Bay. Sadly, the signed copies available via the SDE shop have sold out. The band play the whole album in full, with an orchestra, at The Barbican next week.

Ronnie Lane / Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 CD

Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 is a forthcoming six-CD box set that focuses on the solo career of Faces/Small Faces legend Ronnie Lane.

Paul McCartney to release Egypt Station 'Explorers' edition'

Paul McCartney / Egypt Station Explorer's Edition CD, Vinyl

The 2CD set of Paul McCartney‘s Egypt Station ‘Explorer’s Edition’ is already out (still available via the SDE shop) but this week the elusive coloured vinyl 3LP edition should ship. We sold out of our allocation at SDE but hoping to get some more!

Traffic / The Studio Albums 1967-1974 Vinyl

Universal Music release a new Traffic vinyl box set, The Studio Albums 1967–1974. It features all six studio albums recorded for the label remastered from the original tapes and presented in their original and highly collectible ‘first’ Island pressing form (gatefold sleeves, pink eye labels etc).

David Bowie / Boys Keep Swinging Vinyl

The David Bowie 40th anniversary picture discs keep swinging. This has the 2017 Tony Visconti mix on the A-side and rare Ryko-era bonus track ‘I Pray, Ole’ on the flipside.

The National / I Am Easy To Find CD, Vinyl

The National will release their eighth studio album, I Am Easy To Find this week. The coloured 3LP is sold out but the ‘indies-only’ 2LP clear vinyl is still available via the SDE shop (we have some CDs too).

David Bowie / Clareville Grove Demos box Vinyl

The David Bowie Clareville Grove Demos seven-inch vinyl box set contains home demos recorded in 1969. It contains three seven-inch singles.

The League of Gentlemen / Series One “A Local Shop For Local People”

Demon Records break open that massive League of Gentlemen box set from last year and offer the first series as a special standalone clear vinyl set. A radio series vinyl is also available.

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The League Of Gentlemen

Series One "A Local Shop For Local People" [VINYL]


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The League Of Gentlemen

On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen - The Original Radio Series [VINYL]


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Letˋs talk about Phil Collins „digital albums only“ – Other Sides & Remixed Sides
What a shame………!


Hi MullerMuller – so good they named you twice!

Thanks for the information on Phil Collins.

You’d like to think that a positive response to the material would lead to a physical release, but second guessing record companies and artists is a lottery nowadays. Sadly the record companies are confused themselves as to which way to turn with their products, so the consumer has no chance of understanding what’s going on.

The only financial winners in the music industry are the popular streaming services. They’ll get their subscriptions from multi millions of children (or more likely the parents paying for their siblings streaming). Their profit margin must be incredible. It’s staggering to think how big the paid for mp3 market became, and how quickly it died out.

The record companies will collect revenue from the streaming services, but at a fraction of the profit when they controlled the channels of distribution. Once they have figured out if the new business models are profitable enough, then they will start to look at a world without any physical product. It’ll never fully happen as certain companies will fill the physical void that opens up and consumers, perhaps in more specialist offers, will continue to get CDs and vinyl.

It is the artists and customers who like playing CDs and vinyl who have most to fear. The artists will have the opportunity of diect sales via the internet; but without the help of larger music companies to push their products, the likelihood of success is reduced, and the income from streaming is negligible compared to the physical revenues generated prior to streaming and MP3.

The poor old consumer is bottom of the pile for consideration. We get what we are given. Thank heavens for forums like SDE, as apart from being a great musical resource, it also acts as a pressure group on the industry. They get to learn what the poor sod paying his money on their product really feels about it.

I’ll carry on with the physical purchases and indeed hope the Phil Collins material is good enough to warrant being produced on cd and vinyl.

Larry Davis

I have all the 2CD Saint Etienne deluxes, so this Tiger Bay or Foxbase Alpha vinyl boxes might be unnecessary…might be cool eventually and a key factor would be if they are doing similar sets for every album, not just these two?? So Tough onwards…I like consistency, not just 1 or 2 and not the rest…

Larry Davis

I had the Ronnie Lane box on pre-order on Amazon UK…until my Amazon account was hacked twice in 1 week, and the fraudsters proceeded to steal from my account…first was $134.41 and got it back a couple days later…BUT just as soon as I updated my info with a new card number, it happened AGAIN!! The second time, the fraudsters proceeded to charge the new card 20 TIMES from 3 different locations!! All as fake Amazon website addresses!! So I cancelled all preorders, I got a new card, I changed my password and am using the advanced password options…and from talking to Amazon fraud department, they are going to help me get an Amazon credit card…either that or I am going to only use Anazon gift cards or prepaid Visa cards you buy in a 7-11 or CVS…but my debit card there no more…sucks but that’s what happened and I have to make necessary changes so it never happens again!!


…and just to annoy all the Bowie non-lovers… also out this week is Rarities 1966-1968 – an 18-track cd but only £7.99 (or it was when I pre-ordered from Amazon). As far as I can tell, only six of the tracks appeared on the Deluxe issue of David Bowie aka Love You ‘Til Tuesday (still available at a very reasonable price…) That’s A Promise / Silly Boy Blue – Oak acetate demos 1966, Love You Till Tuesday / Over The Wall We Go – EMIdisc acetate 1966, When I Live My Dream – Decca acetate 1967, Let Me Sleep Beside You / Karma Man – Essex Music acetate 1967, Everything Is You / Social Girl – acetate 1967, Love You ‘Til Tuesday / When I Live My Dream / Little Bombardier / Silly Boy Blue / In The Heat Of The Morning – Top Gear session 18/12/67 (from the LYTT SE), Columbine / The Mirror / When I Live My Dream – demos for The Looking Glass Murders 1968 (and not the same versions as on the dvd), When I’m Five – Top Gear session 13/5/68 (from the LYTT SE). Rather good quality too and worth it just for Over The Wall We Go – much better than the Oscar version released on Reaction in 1967.


Link please

Chris Squires

Makes you realize what a bargain the League of Gentlemen box set was at £95.99.

Looking forward to a St. Etienne overload next week……