Out This Week / on 18 December 2020

Paul McCartney announces new solo album McCartney III

Paul McCartney / McCartney III CD, Vinyl

40 years after McCartney II, Paul McCartney follows it up with McCartney III, a new solo album. Will the album live up to all the hype and marketing frenzy?

Fine Young Cannibals / Deluxe reissues CD, Vinyl

London Records issue brand new two-CD deluxe editions of the Fine Young Cannibals two studio albums. The SDE shop has a special 5CD bundle which includes an exclusive CD single, but be quick since we don’t have many left…

Julia Fordham / Lock & Key box set CD

Julia Fordham issues Lock & Key, a special six-CD box set that collects some of her more recent studio albums and offers her new record and some exclusive bonus audio.

Lloyd Cole in New York 7LP vinyl box set

Lloyd Cole / Lloyd Cole in New York Vinyl

Lloyd Cole‘s 2017 six-CD box set Lloyd Cole in New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996 is issued on vinyl.

Tom Jones / The Complete Decca Studio Albums Collection CD

The Complete Decca Studio Albums Collection is a new 17CD box set that brings together Tom Jones studio albums from a ten year period along with a selection of rarities. Originally scheduled for late November release, this is finally out this week.

Liam Gallagher / All You’re Dreaming Of…

This new Liam Gallagher single sees all proceeds going to Action For Children – which provides support for vulnerable young people over the festive period. The white vinyl 12-inch exclusively includes the demo version of the song (the black vinyl seven-inch features just the one audio track).

Compare prices and pre-order

Liam Gallagher

All You're Dreaming Of - white vinyl 12-inch


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Liam Gallagher

All You're Dreaming Of - black vinyl seven-inch


Taylor Swift / Evermore (new album)

Swift‘s, er, swift follow-up to Folklore was issued digitally last week and is out on CD on Friday. The vinyl version of what might be a McCartney chart-topper-scupperer isn’t out until 28 May next year!

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Taylor Swift

Evermore - CD edition


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Received my order from SDE this morning. My first order with Paul. Superbly packaged. Plus the cd single. Thanks. My wife and I are planning on playing tomorrow whilst Christmas wrapping. Remembering a top band from our youth. Happy Christmas to you all.

Johnny L

Amazon says Fine Young Cannibals CDs are delayed again to January or possibly February in the UK. Is this the case everywhere?


Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but the Japanese SHM-CD has all the bonus tracks from the “Colour collection”.


So the truth emerges – the red vinyl Mccartney iii which was initially limited to 3000 numbered copies (and then mysteriously became available again without the limited to 3000 description) is actually limited to around 9,000 numbered copies. It’s fine to release so many formats but enticing purchases by saying an item is limited to 3000 but then change the rules the minute they sell out is not great.

Rich E

Talking of deliveries – I just want to thank Paul at SDE for such a quick turnaround with my order. Packaged very well and even included a bonus. 10/10

Rett Russell

Had to laugh at previous posts….it’s like getting free stuff in my mailbox.
Received two CDs yesterday, shipped from Europe….. no clue what waited inside the packages I ordered so long ago…..
I swear, it’s the simple things that will sustain us……


Go figure. Amazon Canada says Macca III CD version is delayed but not the cassette!

John Orr

Well, we were expecting this, no doubt you all recieved emails from all the Amazons, outlining from January 1, 2021, increased postage costs etc.

Larry Davis

Nick, blame it on the quarantine…no tours, no scheduling, different mindset & ways of working…an unexpected success…Rolling Stone gave Evermore 4 1/2 stars, saying that as good as Folklore is (their #1 album of 2020), the sister album might be even better…deeper & more experimental…I ordered 2 copies, not knowing when’s it would hit stores…the collab with HAIM…no body no crime, I’m looking forward to hearing the most…


I received my Lloyd Cole a couple of weeks ago.

Taylor’s latest 2 albums have been eye-opening to say the least.


Me too – I received the Lloyd Cole in America boxset already.
Annoyingly though I have an issue in that in all of the LPs the inner sleeves are ripped down one side.
Anyone else had similar – it’s going to be extremely annoying and slow if I have to send it back to Germany in the current climate for a replacement, and it was for Christmas.
I also love Taylor’s albums – she’s never been on my radar before but as a huge National and Bon Iver fan I love what they’ve produced together.


Tapete sent me the Lloyd Cole and The Commotions vinyl set instead of the Lloyd in NY one and they couldn’t have been more apologetic / helpful. They sent the replacement immediately and sent a refund for the returning postage as soon as I sent them the receipt.
Top notch company!



Tapete (fun fact: German word for “wallpaper”) was founded by two German indie musicians who were dissatisfied with the distribution of their records by the larger companies and are nowadays regarded as one of the best indie labels and mailorders in Germany.


Macca is on the Howard Stern show tomorrow morning. I am guessing that he might mention the new release. Hopefully he gives us a bar or two of Mull of Kintyre.

Jim Lee

I too like to pay upfront. It can be an unexpected shock when say £100 goes from my account for something ordered months ago. All sites should make it clear when they intend to take the money. Very happy with the way your site operates Paul.


Also out the Kevin Godley solo album Muscle Memory.

Pre order link for the CD


Anyone else think the speed in which David Bowie went from increasingly diminishing returns shaking it in hot pants to dialing in a persona for America’s new plastic soul darling to moody Berlin electronica to Corporate Rock hero to bloke-in-a-band-with-‘is-mates to etc etc seems a little jarring?

Nick Love

But who wore it better???

Chris Squires

One of the most asked questions here is “Do I have to pay upfront” when wanting to order from the SDE store and the response of “yes” is usually met with disappointment. However like many have also commented I quite like the fact that my Julia Fordham set will be turning up this week, a) on time, b) well packed, c) with nothing else disappearing from my account as I paid for it weeks ago and d) AT ALL because quite a few times now on Amazon an order is suddenly cancelled as they are having “trouble acquiring the stock”.

Any news on the now delayed “Cocksure” release which was supposed to be this year after the brilliant “I love my Friends” reissue?


Agree with Chris here;

I received my copy of the Mansun set from SDE at the weekend and for such a large set it was very well packed and arrived in mint condition, without the usual ‘dinks’ I’ve come to expect on deliveries that come from a certain large on-line retailer. I’m also glad funds were taken for this set upfront, as it was an easier spend months ago, rather than a financial hit 2 weeks before Christmas for a long forgotten order (I’ve done this in the past!)

In terms of packaging SDE and Burning Shed are at the top of the tree, plus, as mentioned, their stock is always guaranteed as opposed to the ever increasing lottery that is Amazon


Indeed. When you get something in the post you pre-ordered and paid for months ago it’s almost like it’s free. Maybe that just me.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I don`t mind paying up front, Mick Fleetwood has had my dosh (£145+) for the Peter Green Tribute Box Set almost 12 months.

Seriously I don`t mind paying upfront, in fact whenever I order my music CDs/LPs/Bluray/Box Sets I always put the money aside or don`t order until I have the money.

Liam Bastick

Gary Numan holds the record for me. It was 22 March 2019 I paid for it and he is still putting it together. Fair enough, COVID has hit everyone’s schedules, and what price artistry, but I have managed to write five books in that time!

Still, anyone pay for a Chinese Democracy order in 1992..? :-)


@Liam Bastick:

No i didn’t. Instead i waited half a year after it was released and then bought it brand new for a fiver.

I’m still not sure if it is worth it though…

Nick Love

Anyone else think the speed in which Taylor Swift went from increasingly diminishing returns shaking it in hot pants to dialing in a persona for America’s new indie folk darling seems a little jarring?


Probably because she hasn’t got a bunch of middle-aged record execs demanding she shift units any longer. She’s an artist, let her do what the hell she wants.

Tim Abbott


Brian Scott

As someone who liked her early country albums but never warmed to Taylor Swift’s recent releases I tuned into the Disney+ Special of the Folklore Long Pond Sessions one evening last week expecting to be underwhelmed and I have to say I was blown away. The album is really understated but very powerful both musically and lyrically, but hearing the stories behind the tracks and the way she and Aaron Dressner put it all together was really quite wonderful. If this second lockdown release is more of the same, which it appears to be, then I’m in !!


No…Swift has more or less always called the shots, in many respects Folklore and Evermore hark back to the earlier albums with the folkey- country sound. I got into Swift post Red, liked 1989, disliked Reputation and liked Lover.

But Folklore and Evermore are both the kind of albums I’d hope she get round to at some point


Aside from Shake It Off which is weaponised pop genius, i’ve never really warmed to Taylor Swift. But these two albums are really good. Folklore is the better of the two, but there’s something about this that makes Evermore a different listen and I like it because of that somehow. Never did I think that i’d give up on a Macca lp halfway through perhaps never to return, and spend the rest of the day listening to new Taylor Swift and old Pet Shop Boys.

James Giraffe

Hi Paul. I’ve just decided to.order the FYC from you. Totally on a whim. I’ve never listened to the albums, but I like the hits, and I like remixes, so I decided to take the plunge! Thanks. :-)

James Giraffe

I’ve gone from being a casual fan to a mega fan in the space of a few days! I’m so enjoying FYC!

Maybe controversial, but I don’t care – I love, love love She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler ‘Out Of Time’ Remix)!

Many thanks for bringing this to my attention, and for a well packaged, speedy delivery.


I’d forgotten about the FYC purchase, so that’s another present taken care of!

Most purchases within the last three months are now presents to myself, or family and friends, so I’ve got the likes of Prince, Tears For Fears and Richard & Linda Thomson to look forward to listening to.

Scritti Politti is touring Cupid & Psyche next year, which I got the last two tickets for at The Sage. My mother gets the vaccine jab this week – hurrah! Roll on to better times next year.


I’m hoping that the Scriti Politti tour might be an indication that the, sometimes mentioned, reissues might actually happen next year.

Tom Walsh

Cupid & Psyche reissues would be brilliant. Long, long ago in the pre-internet (for me at least) days, I got a copy on CD and was dismayed to hear an insipid , tinny version come out of the speakers. At the time, I had no idea about mastering etc and just couldn’t understand how one of my best sounding LPs sounded rubbish on CD. I’ve never played it on CD since.


I’d be well up for a C&P reissue. The vaccine you can keep, though.


In France at least, the 2 FYC CD reissue are postponed to January, the coloured vinyls still show a december 18th release date though