Out This Week / on 19 April 2019

Ian Brown / Unfinished Monkey Business vinyl LP Vinyl

Ian Brown‘s 1998 album Unfinished Monkey Business gets a welcome vinyl reissue. The album was only ever released on this format in the UK and even then on very limited quantities.

The Rolling Stones / Honk CD, Vinyl

The Rolling Stones release a new ‘best of’ called Honk. 2CD and 3LP vinyl features 36 tracks while a 3CD deluxe adds a bonus disc of recent live performances.

The Wannadies / Yeah pink vinyl Vinyl

The Wannadies‘ 1999 album Yeah is released on vinyl for the first time. This pink vinyl 180g pressing is limited to just 1000 units.

Stevie Nicks / Stand Back anthology CD, Vinyl

This new Stevie Nicks anthology Stand Back is being released in fits and starts. The single CD is already out, and this week the 3CD set is coming out. The 6LP vinyl package will follow in June!

Bananarama / In Stereo CD, Vinyl

Bananarama release their 11th studio album In Stereo.

Elbow / The Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road (2LP vinyl)

Elbow‘s January 2009 performance of this album with the BBC Concert Orchestra. This is a half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl pressing.

Gorillaz / The Now Now (vinyl picture disc)

The 2018 Gorillaz album is issued as a vinyl picture disc.

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Paul Taylor

The new Cranberries album appeared in my indie store on coloured vinyl today – a week early?


I am another Minidisc’er. On discovering them, my partner was curious as to what they were …. I think she wants me to chuck it all out. Years ago, I used to make compilations and also record vinyl onto Minidisc so I could listen on the portable player (which I also still have). If memory serves, it was slightly quicker making Minidisc compilations over cassette tape ones. My job back in the late-90s used to take me around a bit, so it was nice to take the portable player and a pile of Minidiscs …. took up less room in the case than a Walkman and cassettes. Happy days.

Alan B

Minidisc is making a comeback! I just looked at Sam Fender’s webstore for pre-orders for debut album. You can order a minidisc. How long before 8 track cartridges make a come back? I used to love minidisc. Still have my minidisc hifi separate and portable minidisc player. Both still work.


Bring it on, I have scores of minidiscs of stuff recorded off John Peel, BBC Sessions, Live BBC Sets etc, and two perfectly good players – a portable and a hi-fi separate.


yea I was really into Gilles Petersons shows in the naughties.. so recorded so many of them…i have a separate minidisk player just love the format..no idea why..I suppose it was being able to record and erase digital sound so easily


The O’Jays release what they say after 50+ years will be their last ever album ‘The Last Word’ this week as well. Very 70’s in sound and a Betty Wright production as well. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07NJ1KWFG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1


New Erasure EBX 7 came out today today out of the Blue.


What are you talking about ?


Download and Streaming only, I think.

Steve F

Fiat Lux – Hired History Plus
2CD on Cherry Red featuring the 1984 Hired History mini-album & all the singles on CD1; ‘lost’ album Ark of Embers on CD2, remastered with the band from original master tapes at Abbey Road.
I’ve been waiting for this for at least 15 years.

Martin aspland

Me too a lot of 80s collectors will be very pleased this week surprised it is not mentioned here


Yes thanks for mentioning that here i bought it direct from Cherry Red not paying that price for it on Amazon.


Agreed, more love for Fiat Lux, very underrated band. Paul, they have a new CD too, sure they would make a good interview as to the 80s bands who didnt make it and their experience. Fine reissue.