Out This Week / on 19 January 2018

Fleetwood Mac / super deluxe edition

1975’s Fleetwood Mac is the last album that boasts the full current band line-up to be reissued as a super deluxe edition box set. This 3CD+DVD+LP package is nicely done, especially with the inclusion of the 5.1 surround sound mix. Read more

Ringo / Vinyl reissues

Ringo Starr‘s Ringo (1973) and Goodnight Vienna (1974) have been remastered and are reissued on 180g vinyl with replica packaging. Peace and love. Read more

Thompson Twins / Here's To Future Days 2LP vinyl reissue

Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days (2LP vinyl reissue)

The Thompson Twins 1985 album was their last as a three-piece and featured producer Nile Rodgers twiddling the knobs, with Tom Bailey. This double vinyl edition includes all the original bonus remixes features on the cassette and more. Read more

Gary Numan / Dance (2LP vinyl)

This double vinyl gatefold reissue of Gary Numan‘s 1981 album Dance features some great bonus material, including a previously unreleased extended/full length version of Moral, a few B-sides and an outtake.

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Gary Numan

Dance [VINYL]


Book of Love / The Sire Years 1985-1993 / newly remastered CD anthology

Book of Love / The Sire Years: 1985-1993

A new single disc anthology of music from US eighties synth-pop band Book of Love. The release appears to be limited to US/Canada only. Read more

Marillion / Holidays in Eden Live (2CD)

Marillion‘s 1991 album was performed live, in full, during one of the famed ‘Marillion Weekends’ at Port Zélande, The Netherlands. This is released by EarMusic this week as a 2CD edition along with Size Matters Live in the same format. These are numbered and limited to 5000 copies. Eight more live albums will get this treatment during 2018.

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Holidays In Eden (Live)


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Size Matters (Live)


Whitesnake / The Purple Tour (CD+Blu-ray)

This double-disc package of Whitesnake‘s recent Purple Tour includes a CD and a blu-ray which includes video footage of the concert mixed to 5.1 surround sound, a new music video for Burn, band interviews, and more.

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The Purple Tour


They Might Be Giants / I Like Fun (new album)

The Brooklyn-based duo (John Flansburgh and John Linnell) return with a new album, I Like Fun. They Might Be Giants are best known in the UK for their 1990 hit Birdhouse in Your Soul (from the Flood album), but they are far from one-hit wonders – this is their 20th album in a career that has seen them sell four million records and accumulate two Grammy Awards. Their legendary Dial-A-Song service returns this month, also.

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They Might Be Giants

I Like Fun


Andrew Ridgeley / Son of Albert (Expanded CD)

Son of Albert, Andrew Ridgeley‘s one and only solo album was originally released in 1990. This week it is reissued by Cherry Red with six bonus tracks (all remixes).

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Andrew Ridgeley

Son Of Albert (Special Expanded Edition)


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January is always a poor month for new releases and reissues.


The MBV vinyl reissues are shipping this week.


All the links for those Marillion albums go to Amazon UK.

Kevin Barrett

I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than listening to an Andrew Ridgeley album, but hey each to their own. I will be up for the Mac stuff though


We also get the two first The Residents albums on double cd edition as told on a different comment last week with unheard stuff and as Well first three albums of Jah Wooble in his own lelvel with a pair of bonus tracks on last one of the collection.


Also worth a mention – this month Dutton Vocalion continues its series of quadrophonic re-releases on SACD with:

Art Garfunkel – Angel Clare
Art Garfunkel – Breakaway
Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden/Greatest Hits
Henry Mancini – Return of the Pink Panther/Symphonic Soul

John Barleycorn

Pre-release… Tony Banks’ new album “Five” is out in a couple of weeks time but I see that there is a 15 min track already available to listen to on Tidal (not sure about Spotify). It is called ‘Prelude to a Million Years’…


Anywhere in the UK selling TMBG newie on vinyl? The shipping prices from their official US store are through the roof

Matthew Holbrook

All the Dance vinyls are purple. Beggar’s Banquet confirmed this before Xmas.


Just heard Dolores from Cranberries has died. Never a fan but she was talented and way to young to go.
God rest her soul.

Mike C.

Thanks for the note. Gutted.

Vincent Cannata
Nick R

I’m also surprised to see no mention of The Residents deluxe reissues on this site. Those are two of the best and well-known experimental albums ever made from one of the greatest and most influential bands ever. They definitely deserve a blurb amidst all the non-deluxe pop compilations that seem to come out every week.

Kevin M

Gosh, amazon Canada prices are getting near half amazon uk ones. Grumpy :(

Peter Muscutt

Pretty sure the Numan ‘Dance’ reissue is out on purple vinyl too. Not sure if they are all like this or if its a limited run and the rest are black reissues.

Chris Squires

Funnily enough I am in for Son of Albert, I rather rudely dismissed it on the previous thread before Christmas and a chap called vikerii gave it such a sterling defense I gave it another go and I quite like it. I am also in for the Thompson Twins, agreed with whoever said it that their middle albums are ripe for a Superdeluxe set… 3 or 4 CD and DVD

Larry Davis

I quite like Son Of Albert as well…originally bought on CD as a joke but it turned out to be like a better poppy version of US hard rock… Not unlike a Motley Crue or Cheap Trick record…with a funky Chic cover thrown into the mix of “Hangin'” that Nile Rodgers would approve… Before anyone trashes it, listen with an open mind… You might be pleasantly surprised!!


I’m glad you liked it! Even if you had said “nah still stinks”, the fact you gave it a listen is absolutely fantastic. I salute you sir!

Chris S

Found a few more – all the Amazon links for prices on this page only link to Amazon UK, not the other countries listed.

Chris S

Paul, there’s a couple of bad links. The Book of Love goes to the Book of Love post, but clicking the Whitesnake & They Might Be Giants covers also links to the same page about The Book of Love anthology.

Andrew B

I’m in for the Mac Deluxe….