Out This Week / on 19 July 2019

Mike McGear / McGear deluxe reissue

Mike McGear / McGear CD, Vinyl, DVD

McGear, the second album by Mike McGear, is reissued as a three-disc expanded deluxe edition (and on vinyl). This is effectively a Wings album with Mike singing. Brother Paul (or ‘our kid’ as Mike refers to him) co-writes most of the songs, with Denny, Linda et al supporting.

Thom Yorke / Anima CD, Vinyl

Thom Yorke releases his third solo album, Anima. The nine-track album has been co-produced by Nigel Godrich. The SDE shop not only has some of the ‘indies-only’ 2LP orange vinyl (out this week) but we also still have few copies of the ultra-limited deluxe book edition available (note: these aren’t shipping until mid-August)

James Taylor / The Warner Bros. Albums 1970-1976 CD, Vinyl, Box Set

The key works of James Taylor are to released as a CD and vinyl box set. The Complete Warner Bros. Albums: 1970–1976 includes newly remastered versions of the six legendary studio albums that James Taylor recorded between 1970 and 1976

Various Artists / NOW 3

Classic compilation Now That’s What I Call Music 3 is released on CD for the very first time, 35 years after its first release.

Brian Eno / Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks extended edition CD, Vinyl

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this Saturday, this is clearly a great time to reissue Brian Eno’s soundtrack (written and recorded with his brother and Daniel Lanois) to the 1983 for the feature-length documentary, For All Mankind. The 2LP and two-CD sets feature bonus discs of new music from the trio. The gatefold vinyl andlimited and numbered deluxe 2CD deluxe with hardcover book can be pre-ordered from the SDE shop.

Shakespears Sister / Singles Party (1988-2019) CD

Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey have patched up their differences and are back as Shakespears Sister with two new tracks on a fresh greatest hits. A two-CD deluxe edition offers a bonus disc of rarities and remixes.

Prince / Originals

Prince / Originals CD, Vinyl

The fifteen-track Prince album features 14 previously unreleased recordings that explores the behind-the-scenes role Prince played in other artist’s careers. Basically, it’s his versions of the hits he penned for others. CD out already, but this week sees the releases of the deluxe version of purple vinyl.

Donna Summer / Bad Girls 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Donna Summer’s 1979 album Bad Girls is reissued as a double vinyl edition with an extra track.

The Specials / Encore 2LP red vinyl Vinyl

The Specials release a special red vinyl edition of their number one album Encore in July. This is a double-album set with the album on the first LP with a selection of live tracks on the second record, including performances from The Bataclan in Paris in 2014 and London’s The Troxy in 2016.


Frank Zappa / Mothermania (vinyl LP)

The Mothermania compilation is also being reissued on vinyl for its 50th anniversary. It has been mastered (all analog) from the original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman and is being pressed on 180g black vinyl. This contains exclusive mixes.

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The Mothers Of Invention Frank Zappa

Mothermania - Best of The Mothers vinyl LP


Tony Banks / Banks Vaults: The Albums 1979-1995 (7CD+DVD box)

We’ll forgive him the groan-inducing title and just tell you that this eight-disc box set includes newly remastered versions of Genesis Founder & Keyboardist Tony Banks‘ solo rock albums issued between 1979 and 1995. The DVD features videos.

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Tony Banks

Banks Vaults ~ The Complete Albums 1979-1995 (8 Disc Boxset)


Re-Flex / The Politics of Dancing (2CD deluxe)

This expanded edition of the 1983 studio album from Re-Flex was withdrawn before release last October (although a few slipped out) because Paul Fishman was not happy with the finished product (“I requested that they start again and do it properly” he told SDE). Cherry Red have now done that and this new version is released this week.

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The Politics Of Dancing (Revised 2CD Expanded Edition)


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I bought that The Politics of Dancing direct from Cherry Red about 3 weeks ago and it was supposed to have been released yesterday but it’s saying it’s out of stock. You seriously couldn’t make this stuff up complete sham of a release from day one.

Tim South

A message on Paul’s site to Cherry Red Records and to Mr. Paul Fishman : “Thankyou for your efforts in making this 2cd such a marvellous listen. Your sleeve notes , as they always do , just bring back so many memories. Your album deserves a 21st century audience and all of the fuss which goes with it. Thankyou again to everyone who made this release possible.


Eno inspired by Massive Attack???

Latest Amazon email says ‘unexpected delay’ on Apollo set: new estimated delivery date some time between 2nd – 15th August (!).

Is this just an Amazon thing or a record company thing?

Either way, it’s a good job the actual moon-landing wasn’t done in quite so random and haphazard a manner!!! ;)

Tim South

Gorecki , I can assure you that this release was out today (19/7/19) as i purchased it from my local HMV for £14.99 . This being the 2CD book version


Turns out Eno’s Apollo HAS been released but Amazon are keeping the double disc sets to themselves. Also causing the delay is they’re actually having them manufactured on the actual Moon… and actually shipping them down with the help of the actual Elon Musk and his actual magic space-submarine…. and that’s why they’ve had to put on the item’s listing page ‘usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks’.

Rather than the alternative reason of ‘we left this all in the hands of a disorganised rabble who didn’t realise we were intending the release to coincide with the Moon landing Anniversary and therefore an immovable timeframe on it’.

Because that would have been highly improbable.


It just got weirder: 18 hours after emailing me to say the release/ shipping was delayed by 2-4 weeks…. the set was waiting on my mat when I got up this morning!

I don’t understand…. and my head hurts….


Cancel it and you might get a refund! :)

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Also released in the USA Pretenders with friends (bluray+dvd+cd). A concert filmed in 2006. Also available on fnac.es tomorrow and on amazon sites in Europe on the 26th.


Re-Flex ‘Politics of dancing’ – It’d be great to see the bands work on streaming sites. ‘The Politics of” is still the only track available and now only one version.


That Tony Banks box set is a poor show considering both The Fugitive and A Curious Feeling have been remastered in the last 10 years and in the case of the latter reissued twice. Also Strictly Inc in now way needs remastering as the original from 1995 sounds perfect and the lack of bonus tracks is a concern as well as Strictly Inc is missing the extra tracks from the 2 singles released from that album most notably Back To You which was on the CD single of Walls Of Sound.


Too late! I got the exclusives from the internet

Jon m


To further clarify, the Re-flex reissue was pulled at the last minute in October due to the fact that Cherry Pop did not use the master tapes and some of the mixes were sourced from vinyl. Paul Fishman was understandably upset about It especially since I believe he has the master tapes and had not been asked to supply them.

I have a copy of the recalled/withdrawn reissue from October and I can confirm that vinyl rips were used for some mixes. It was especially noticeable on the Hurt 12” mixes. There was also a bad drop out on two Hurt mixes five seconds before the end. Unacceptable.

The downside with this revised reissue is that it has slightly fewer bonus tracks. I can only assume they couldn’t find the master tapes for those mixes?

The good news is that you get a few new ones – true lust, which was the b side to How Much Longer (odd inclusion only because that single was from Humanication) and you get the extended mix of Politics of Dancing. No idea why they left that off the recall issue.

I am sure the quality of this will be better. The liner notes were good, we’ll worth purchasing this as it is a classic album.


I’m getting the Banks box.

I’m fine with the title… I mean what else could it have been called? It’s a perfect title!

Also out this week is Bill Bruford’s Earthworks complete 20cd/4 dvd deluxe set. Looks pretty great if you like that sort of thing. Only 99.99


Paul, do you have any idea if the Massive Attack Mezzanine super deluxe reissue will finally be released this week? I’ve seen 19th July on a number of sites but the amazon date is showing August.


They’re now just making up random dates and flinging it at us!

Bizzarely, last time I moaned about this somebody in Canada said they’d already received their copy from Amazon.ca – but if you now go to the Canadian Amazon their saying not released until 19th July; while .co.uk are claiming 23rd August.

Did a few sneak out by mistake???

Alan B

Still having problems with Amazon’s handling of the New Order live LP. Having been told that release date was pushed back to August and then subsequently told it was back to its original release date last Friday I’m still waiting on it being despatched. It is not currently available on the website and disappeared on release date.
I also ordered the CD version weeks ago on a separate order and combined it with the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures red vinyl LP to get free shipping.
The day before release date their website suddenly changed its availability to not knowing when they will receive it. On release date when I click on the item it shows as being only available via 3rd Party sellers at silly prices. When I search for it a different listing comes up and it’s sold by Amazon and is in stock.
I thought there must have been a mix up at their end as there are 2 different versions for sale – one from Amazon and another one via 3rd Part sellers.
I contacted customer services pointing out the issue requesting that they send me the one they have in stock, and eventually they came back to me pointing out the version I ordered came with Autorip but they have been unable to get stock from their supplier. The version they have in stock comes without Autorip.
How on earth is it possible to have 2 different versions of a new release from different suppliers, one with Autrip and one without? The one with Autorip (my version) was never in stock but they gave me the Autorip anyway which I have downloaded.
I cannot cancel the order because it was part of a multi buy. They offered to cancel it if I bought the “other” version. But this version is £3 more than the price I pre-ordered. I don’t see why I should be out of pocket due their administrative mistake. I’m currently letting them try and get stock (it’s a bog standard UK release for goodness sake) and I’ll be emailed when they receive it. You couldn’t make it up.

Dave B

In Australia the New Order CD was supposed to be out last Friday, but no sign of it anywhere. I rang a couple of the bigger retailers in Oz (JB Hi Fi and Readings) and was told it had been delayed to this coming Friday.

As an avid music buyer for decades, I’ve noticed that 2019 seems to be the year when many CD’s are not “automatically” available in bricks and mortar shops, waiting on the racks to be bought on their scheduled release dates. They’re either “special order” only, delayed or unavailable at all locally, which is a worrying trend and hopefully not a sign of things to come.


I had the same issue. I cancelled the order with Amazon and ordered it from the Rough Trade store for £9.99 plus a pound fifty shipping. A little more expensive overall but at least it’s on its way to me


‘Mantra Moderne’ by Kit Sebastian is released on Friday. I received my pre-order from their label, Mr Bongo, a month ago and it’s stunning.


Auntie Sabrina

Nice to hear Cherry Red showing a bit of respect to the artists and their fans.

Steven Roberts

Re:- The Politics of Dancing “start again and do it properly”?

So what exactly was wrong with the proposed release?

Tim South

Steven , the Reflex album was due to be reissued several months back but an issue arose about master tapes . Paul has detailed the story on this site . Very much looking forward to this friday and hearing the album……..