Out This Week / on 19 June 2020

Bob Dylan / New album Rough and Rowdy Ways

Bob Dylan / Rough and Rowdy Ways CD, Vinyl

Bob Dylan‘s new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways is released on vinyl on Friday.

Neil Young / Homegrown

Neil Young / Homegrown CD, Vinyl

Neil Young‘s legendary ‘lost’ album Homegrown is finally issued on CD and vinyl. This was originally scheduled for release in 1975.

Norah Jones / Pick Me Up Off The Floor

Norah Jones / Pick Me Up Off The Floor CD, Vinyl

Norah Jones issues a new album, Pick Me Up Off The Floor. 

David Bowie / Space Oddity vinyl picture disc Vinyl

Parlophone issue a special limited edition 12-inch vinyl picture disc of David Bowie‘s Space Oddity album.

Ron Sexsmith / Hermitage CD, Vinyl

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith releases his a new studio album Hermitage.

The National / High Violet 10th anniversary expanded edition Vinyl

The National‘s 2010 album High Violet will be reissued as an expanded 10th anniversary 3LP coloured vinyl package in June.

Pet Shop Boys / It Couldn't Happen Here to be released on blu-ray and DVD

Pet Shop Boys / It Couldn't Happen Here Blu-ray, DVD

The Pet Shop Boys 1987 film It Couldn’t Happen Here will be issued on blu-ray (and DVD) for the first time in June.

Whitesnake / The Rock Album CD, Vinyl

Whitesnake issue a new collection of remixed and remastered songs as The Rock Album, the first in a series of planned compilations around specific themes.

Steven Wilson / Insurgentes 2LP vinyl

Wilson’s critically acclaimed solo debut album was issued in 2009 and is now re-released on gatefold vinyl (140g).

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Steven Wilson

Insurgentes 2LP vinyl


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Remember Brundlefly? I’m seeing Dougalnora!


The new Norah Jones is great! I believe it is one of her most personal albums and the lyrics and production on this one rank high with my all-time favourite Not Too Late.

I would say the new record is a bit daring for an artist of her commercial status, as it is far more minimalistic and doesn’t offer cute, catchy melodies. Those choices highlight the melancholic and, oftentimes, stoic lyrics concerning life and relationships.


Also out as from last Friday is the excellently titled ‘Appalling Human’ by Wesley Gonzalez.
A wonderful vintage-synths, funky-bass pure-pop record that you can dance to, mining a range of artists from Bowie to XTC, Isaac Hayes to Yellow Magic Orchestra to Prince. Highly recommended.


Also out this week is the 2cd deluxe version of Orang Crate Art by Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson. The first cd has a few bonus tracks and the second cd has the instrumental versions. And for the first time there is also a vinyl of the album. Ordered both.

Alan B

Pre ordered the Manic Street Preacher’s Gold Against the Soul signed LP and CD book with signed print back in March. Got delivered on Friday. Unfortunately it was only the CD book and print, no signed LP. Contacted the web store to ask if the LP had been sent separately. They came back to me quickly and unfortunately there had been an error and they were looking into how the signed LP was not included and they had no signed LPs left. They are going to send me an unsigned LP and then “in the near future” a signed LP sleeve. Hopefully they will deliver on this. Wonder what happened to the signed LP stock that was allocated to me.

Sean L

Alan B: same thing happened to me…… I’ve seen signed albums on eBay so they are out there but maybe not enough were signed to cover the pre-orders of the package, I’m very much of the opinion we’ll not see a signed one now but you never know ! I’ll remind them in a couple of weeks …..

Steve White

Snap. Not sure if you had the same issue but I pointed out to them that the package could only hold the CD book so wasn’t an error with someone forgetting to include it. Got the LP today but am not going to hold my breath for the signed version.

David M

Apparently, some who had not ordered signed items received them, so it’s just a big cock up.

I actually received a signed copy of The Holy Bible box set when I hadn’t ordered one so I guess they have history.

Alan B

They used different distribution companies for the Holy Bible and Gold Against the Soul. Gold Against the Soul is being distributed by Kontraband. This is the first time the band have used them.
If it was just a simple cock up with people who didn’t order a signed version getting one in place of those (like me) who did, why wasn’t I sent an unsigned version instead? Like the other posters have said, I only received the CD sent in packaging big enough for the CD. Too small a packet to include an LP. So it wasn’t a case of packer error where they put the wrong LP in the wrong packet. LPs were missing full stop.


Hi Alan,
I had exactly the same thing, along with the same response. I’m not holding my breath for either, to be honest. I have all the Manics signed deluxe editions and just wanted this to add to my collection.
Whatever happened to customer service?
Stay safe everyone and thanks Paul for the great work!

Steve White

Received my replacement signed sleeve today. Was also told I will get a refund on the postage so fair play. I had also received the unsigned record as promised on Monday. I was quick to moan when they had messed up so thought it right to comment now they have fixed the issue and very promptly at that.

Wayne Olsen

Target is running a Buy 2 get 1 free sale on music. Including preorders. Got the T Rex covers CD along and Moodies Isle of White LP plus 4 other things on my want list. Wowie Zowie!


Thank you Wayne!! Earlier this year I ordered some great stuff in the Target 3 for 2. Going to again now!!!


I’m very much looking forward to the Pet Shop Boys. I hope they have fixed up all the dreadful music edits where the music jumps, and glitches – certainly in my original VHS copy. Suspect it was just poor editing when it was made.