Out This Week / on 19 March 2021

Best of the new releases

Bob Dylan / 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 CD

Chris Cornell / No One Sings Like You Anymore

Chris Cornell / No One Sings Like You Anymore CD, Vinyl

No One Sings Like You Anymore, is a volume of cover versions recorded by Chris Cornell in 2016, the year before his death.

Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club CD, Vinyl

Lana Del Rey releases her new album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

Neil Young / After The Goldrush CD, Vinyl

Neil Young‘s 1970 album After The Goldrush will be reissued for its 50th anniversary. The vinyl ‘box set’ is probably the most overpriced package in SDE’s near ten year history and you are advised to steer well clear.

Sting / Duets CD, Vinyl

Sting will release a new studio album, Duets, later this month. As the title suggests, this brings together various collaborations, including those with Eric Clapton, Mylène Farmer, Mary J. Blige, Herbie Hancock and more.

Andrew Farriss (new album)

Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence were the creative engine that drove INXS, co-writing most of the band’s best songs. But let’s not forget Andrew actually penned plenty of fine numbers alone, including ‘To Look At You’, ‘This Time’, ‘Mediate’, ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ and ‘Beautiful Girl’. His debut self-titled solo album includes songs about America’s old west and Australia’s bushranger era, all recorded using instruments of the period. Check out ‘Run Baby Run’ (below) for a flavour.

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Andrew Farriss

Andrew Farriss - vinyl LP


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Andrew Farriss

Andrew Farriss - CD edition


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Joe Donato

Does anyone have any idea why the Sting Duets single disc CD is $23.99 at Amazon US? That is quite high I should say. And now it says they are out of stock.


Just when INXS with another singer seemed like the worst idea.
Oh wait… a country record.

Sam Patane

G’day from down under and a big 10th Happy Birthday Paul. Love the music stuff you send out daily as I’m now addicted. Congrats

Paul Wren

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Tom Walsh

That Andrew Farriss track is brilliant. I almost never clicked but read the comments and gave it a listen. Would love to hear it blasting out of the radio on say Radio 2 but unlikely I’m afraid. Yet another reason why SDE is my go to site.


I received the Dylan set on the 26th of February through Amazon Germany. Strange that it seems delayed after that. Production/delivery problems?


Congratulations Paul on 10 fun filled years of big sets and super reviews! This is the number one go-to sight to get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest available. A must read for all rock music enthusiasts. Thanks for all the hard work.


Happy 10th anniversary Paul. Such a good website. Goodness knows how much I’ve spent over the years. Great community too.
And some great releases this week at last!

Craig Hedges

Happy 10th anniversary Paul, Many thanks for all the work you’ve done in providing this essential website. Hope that physical music formats are still in existence in another 10 years and you’re still informing us on future releases.


After The Gold Rush is down from £99.99 to £94.99 at amazon UK

Deal Alert?

Paul Mac

Is the Dylan release two or three CDs? The headline and the story appear to disagree with each other. I think it’s three, though, right?

mitchell w feldstein

i have this and really can’t get into it. looking forward to your review


Looking forward to the Dylan set finally arriving. It’s always so annoying when release dates get changed at the last minute. This will be a very poignant release for me as it will be my final music based purchase as I have now absolutely and totally run out of any more storage space. Believe me I have spent the last couple of years shifting stuff around to make more space but have now been totally defeated in creating any more. So that’s it after forty nine years of record /CD buying. No more. Bugger. Would of like to have made it fifty. Still, it’s a nice one to go out on.


If you pre-ordered Bob Dylan 1970 from Amazon, it’s been available on Amazon Music for the past two weeks. That’s certainly the case in the UK, not sure about other Amazon sites.

Chris Squires

Run Baby Run as opposed to Live Baby Live. I guess the next one will be Die Baby Die, which should confuse the heck out of your German readers.

It’s a good song and reminds me of much of what is coming out of CMT (Or CMR these days). It’s also nice to see a proper music video.

Pádraig Collins

Chris, that’s exactly what I was thinking about the video. The budget for it must have been huge. His label must be expecting the album to sell like it was 1999.

The song reminds me of the late Grant McLennan’s Horsebreaker Star album. And that’s a good thing.

Julian De Backer

Wow, that Andrew Farriss song is excellent. Vinyl preordered. Thanks for the heads-up, Paul.