Out This Week / on 2 April 2021

Travis / Good Feeling Vinyl

Travis‘ debut album Good Feeling is reissued on vinyl by Craft Recordings.

Bryan Ferry / Royal Albert Hall 2020 CD, Vinyl

Bryan Ferry’s concerts at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year are issued as a new live album.

Al Stewart / Year of the Cat deluxe edition

Al Stewart / The Year of the Cat box set CD, DVD

Esoteric Recordings follow up last month’s 24 Carrots reissue with a anniversary box set of Al Stewart‘s 1976 album Year of the Cat.

Pylon (4CD box set)

Art-rock band Pylon were from Athens, Georgia and issued two studio albums in the earlier 1980s. The 4LP version of this box set was released last November and is already out of print! Pressure from fans led to this 4CD set being issued and it’s finally out this week. This includes both albums –  Gyrate (1980) and Chomp (1983) –  remastered from their original tapes, the band’s first ever recording, Razz Tape (a 13-track session that predates the band’s 1979 debut single ‘Cool’) and other studio and live rarities. This is a large format CD box and it comes with the same 200+ page book that was included with the vinyl box.

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Pylon - 4CD box set


Cat Stevens / Collected (3CD set)

The usual intelligent triple CD ‘Collected’ set features three discs of Cat Stevens hits and choice album cuts with some rarities thrown in for good measure.

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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens Collected


L7 / Wargasm: The Slash Years 1992-1997

Three-CD set features Bricks Are Heavy (1992), Hungry for Stink (1995) and The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (1997) – plus bonus tracks!

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Wargasm - The Slash Years 1992-1997: 3CD Remastered Capacity Wallet


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Larry Davis

Also I did preorder that L7 Wargasm box from Cherry Red like 2 months ago…can’t decide which of the 2 90s female punk/grunge bands is better…L7 or Babes in Toyland…so I collect them both…I do want to get the L7 doc “Pretend We’re Dead” as well & great fun live band…

Peter cl

My bowie vinyl cd box came.feels like there should of been at least a booklet with them


It’s now it’s facing the same side as the CDs are.
It’s pretty full with 5 cd’s though. Waiting to see if I can get the 6th in and then back out again…

Sascha H.

A few minutes ago I did get a mail from rhino that my order has been cancled, and this after 12 days I ordered the empty cd and lp box. I can´t believe it. I didn´t even order the lp box so I send a mail to rhino and now I am waiting for a reply. Luckily I ordered also from the David Bowie website.


from dig:

Dear David Bowie Fan,

We are aware that a number of fans have had a poor shopping experience during the ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’ campaign, and for that we are very sorry.

We also recognize that, unfortunately due to the unexpected demand, many people have been unable to purchase certain titles and subsequently missed out on the opportunity to complete their collection.

In the coming weeks we will provide you with further details on how and when we will be making these titles available to you again.

Once again we apologize and thank you for your patience and continued support.


David Bowie Web Store Team

Larry Davis

Just got the Neil Young Shakespeare…just the CD cuz the box with the vinyl/CD/DVD doesn’t look really worth it for that price…for just an acoustic show at that…Rust Bucket is more worth it for that box cuz of 4 vinyls & DVD with Cowgirl in the Sand…did get that Petty Wildflowers too and Paul was right…totally worth the money, really nice set…and ordered that Level 42 set for that killer price…as for Pylon, have to investigate cuz I’m not spending that kind of money blind…as nice as that set might be…did nab that Strummer collection too…


On another note, the legendary Bowie empty box arrived today. It is quite a nice box.

Dave B

It would freakin’ want to be for the price, wouldn’t it?!! ;)

Peter cl

Was it ordered from Warner or dig?


Looking forward to the unboxing video of that one…

Sascha H.

I ordered one and I hope I will get it soon, the last order takes about two weeks to arrive.


No Neil Young this week?

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Yes there is!

Young Shakespeare was put back a week, so it`s out this week.


I ordered from the Greedy Hand to get the DVD. I have my download but no discs yet.

David Regan

The Cat Stevens Collected has been out before..i have it bought it last year for £16.99 on Amazon UK tho the version i have comes in Digi Pak fold cardboard case an has printed Universal Music B.V 2007 on cover and each disc with same track listing.. strange its an import new release..when its has been available before.. nothing mentioned it ws an import when bought it


Can’t wait for my autographed Ferry CD to arrive. Such a great cause, helping out band members & crew that I cannot believe more Artists have not done the same thing!!

Every reasonable band / singer with an Arena sized following could really help out these people by doing the same thing!


Looks like they are reissuing the entire Collected series in waves. After several titles a few weeks ago, including Robert Palmer, a new batch is out now or in the next few weeks : Cat Stevens, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Marvin Gaye, ABBA, Roy Orbison, Golden Earring, Poco, Colin Blunstone, Ennio Morricone, Gino Vanelli, Bread And David Gates.

Rare Glam

I’ve had the Pylon CD set on pre-order since it was finally announced (a year after the vinyl set). I have also managed to source a copy of their USA only issued reunion (and final) album from 1990 ‘Chain’ for a tenner, so hope to have the set soon. They seem to have been one of those acts whose influence legacy is far greater than their recorded output. I gues a lot of people saw them who then got into successul bands themselves in Athens.


Has to be longest pre order on a boxset that I have known, I’ve been waiting too for over a year, I’m still can’t believe that I might actually be receiving it this week. Highly recommended for anyone into that early 80s US alternative scene

Christopher Bloom

My copy arrived yesterday.


Great to see Pylon getting a bit of attention. I think most people learned about the band via REM’s cover of their song “Crazy,” which received a fair amount of college radio airplay in the US.

The original issue of “Chomp” had a fun wavy die-cut sleeve edge evoking a giant bite mark. Did they replicate that on the vinyl reissue box?

David Cornyn

Not sure about the box set but I got the recent coloured vinyl reissue (which I think is the same as the one in the box set) and it does indeed have that sawtooth effect on the top of the sleeve.


The wavy edge on the original Chomp sleeve was meant to reproduce the scalloped edge of mid-century American postcards. The original album came with a postcard also featuring this very effect.


(I suppose it could have a double meaning–scalloped postcards edges and bitemarks. The 1980 self-titled album by Nervous Eaters indeed has a bitemark effect, though: https://www.discogs.com/Nervous-Eaters-Nervous-Eaters/release/1958944)


There’s a book out about the Athens music scene that covers Pylon extensively. Might want to check that out.