Out This Week / on 2 March 2018

Jethro Tull / Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition (3CD + 2 x DVD)

Jethro Tull‘s 1978 album is reissued in this five-disc package which features the usual embarrassment of riches, including Steven Wilson stereo/5.1 mixes and live performances newly mixed by Jacko Jakszyk. Read more

Pet Shop Boys  / More Catalogue reissues

The Pet Shop Boys go back to the beginning and re-issue the reissues (all two-CD sets) of their first three albums, Please, Actually and Introspective. These are identical to the 2001 versions, save for new remastering. Vinyl remasters also released. Read more

Annie Lennox  / Diva and Medusa vinyl reissues

Annie Lennox sneaks her reissues out before Eurythmics start their own vinyl re-release campaign next month. Read more

Various Artists / Stax Singles, Vol 4: Rarities and Best of the Rest (6CD box)

This is a six-CD box set with a massive 145 tracks. It’s a deep study of the Memphis label’s catalogue, including long-forgotten B-sides and rarities, including a cross-section of rock, pop, blues, gospel and country recordings (from 1960-1975) as well as soul. Comes with an 80-page booklet,

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Various Artists

Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest


Tracey Thorn / Record (new album)

Tracey Thorn’s first solo album of entirely original material for seven years. Record features synth-driven tracks with a “punchy sub-three-minute directness”. The dubby Sister which runs for over eight minutes is the exemption to the rule and features Corinne Bailey Rae on backing vocals (preview it below). The UK vinyl edition of Record is translucent red.

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Tracey Thorn

Record - CD Edition


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Tracey Thorn

Record - vinyl LP


Moby / Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt (new album)

New album from Moby. Hear Like A Motherless Child below. The vinyl is a double in gatefold packaging.

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Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt - CD Edition


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Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt - 2LP vinyl


UB40 featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey / A Real Labour of Love (new album)

New studio album from UB40 “featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey”. This offers covers of well known reggae tracks from the 1980s.

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UB40 featuring Ali

A Real Labour of Love - CD edition


Joan Baez / Whistle Down The Wind (new album)

Whistle Down The Wind is the first new studio album from Joan Baez in a decade.

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Joan Baez

Whistle Down The Wind - CD edition


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Joan Baez

Whistle Down The Wind - vinyl LP


Embrace / Love Is A Basic Need (new album)

Supposedly a return to “classic” EmbraceLove Is A Basic Need is the seventh studio album from the band and was recorded in 2017 with Richard McNamara handling production duties.

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Love is a Basic Need - CD Edition


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Love is a Basic Need - vinyl LP


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Are UB40 or whatever vestige this is, not capable of writing original tunes instead of just releasing cover version albums. As I recall Ali Campbell in his various incarnations has now released four albums of either recycled or other peoples music. It is rather like flogging a dead horse after a fashion

Yani P

Wow just watched the UB40 documentary.
What a car crash of a band !!!!

Surely no band has ever been so successful with no money to show for it, the destruction of a family and the destruction of a group of 8 (originally) close knit guys


*rebuying, not debuying. I will be “debuying” my old copies on eBay if the new ones are any good :-)


Would love to hear of readers views of the Pet Shop Boys remasters vs the previous Further Listening issue of these albums. Is the sound quality noticeably improved to warrant debuying? Paul – do you plan a feature on this?

Classic Pop awarded the albums maximum stars (6) in their recent review, but focussed completely on how good the albums are (check, know that already) and paid no attention to the quality of the reissue (remastering, etc.). Not helpful!

As aside, PSB have just announced five July live dates at Royal Opera House which went on sale yesterday. They are filming on the last two days so expect a DVD release for Xmas!


So looking forward to:- UB40 FEATURING ALI, ASTRO & MICKEY – A REAL LABOUR OF LOVE. I have the Signed editions coming from their store!


Will probably get the first two PSB albums if they have fixed the mistakes with the remasters, but will wait on reviews first to find out. The Tracey Thorn track also piques my interest…

Nik Yeomans

The Stranglers first seven albums are also re-released on CD this week, with plenty of extra bonus tracks, including some great unreleased live tracks on X-Certs.

Paul English

What size is the Stax box?
I have volumes 1, 2 and 3 and they’re gorgeous 12″ x 12″ packages.

Steve Miller

I can’t wait for the Breeders album (a friend in Boston says his has already arrived, so maybe they are on the way already) – and I’ve been listening to the new Buffalo Tom for a while now, and it’s fantastic.

Dan T.

@ Colin Harper – Me too! Each one of them has been a delight.

Note to box set makers/publishers: Go buy a few of these Jethro Tull box sets, study them, and then get your butts in gear. THIS is how you release a box set. Informative? Check. Expanded? Check. Improved sonics? Check. Tremendous packaging? Check. Affordable? Check. I can’t name a single box set that hits all those points outside of these JT releases. They’re the new standard.

CJ Feeney

I’m always impressed at the personnel they find to talk to – original band members, not just Ian Anderson and Martin Barre, roadies, studio engineers, guest tour musicians and dancers, album cover designers, the occasional priest or pagan myth expert. And Ian Anderson’s modern day reflections on the sometimes questionable lyric contents is quite refreshing compared to most liner notes.

I think there is a big commitment to these sets by the record company and the band. It must be hard work to produce a series consistently this good.

Larry Davis

Ditto for the XTC CD/BluRays and PSB remasters…


I’d like the Stax box but at double the price I paid for the others I’ll wait for a deal. Only 6 discs this time whereas there were 9 in the first three sets.


Tracy Thorn… wow amazing as always!!


Signed copies available at her web site at a very good price, and non rip off delivery too.


New album from the marvellous Buffalo Tom this week as well for those with a penchant for intelligent American guitar bands.

Andrew Mogford

I still can’t decide on the PSB CDs. the vinyls are on the list already but I own the original CDs. However, I always felt the mastering left a lot to be desired on them


I used to love your articles on your recent charity shop purchases…any chance of those making a come back??

Kevin M

I am so envious of these Tull reissues. My favourite major artists just get mostly crap put out, or faulty / way overpriced stuff :(


CJ Feeney

I’ve heard the “Motherless Child” track a few times on 6 Music, but hadn’t picked up it was Moby.

This is the best week so far this year for releases. Tull for me, Moby may go in the shopping bag as well. I may pick up the PSB releases as I only own the early stuff on LP.

Steve F

And a new album from (Pixies off-shoot) The Breeders, which might appeal to those of us who were into 4AD in the 80s/90s and are now middle-aged.


The Breeders are more than just a “Pixies offshoot”!

Looking forward to their new LP. I expect more from it than the post-Kim Deal Pixies.

Steve F

Me too, though possibly not quite as much as I’m looking forward to Belly’s new album Dove on 4th May.


‘Dove’ is on my wishlist too, and the new Buffalo Tom as mentioned above. Can someone get Evan Dando out of hiding too?

Larry Davis

Me too…partly being the Breeders are still on 4ad and the Pixies are not?? Also it seems the Breeders are evolving artistically while the Pixies originally reunited for nostalgia purposes only…they don’t excite me anymore…I did like Kim’s Amps project as well…

Auntie Sabrina

Grace Jones’s Bloodlight and Bami DVD/Blu-ray is out today too…

Colin Harper

I’m looking forward to the Tull box too!

Steven Roberts

Jethro Tull – “the usual embarrassment of riches” :)

If only more artists followed the Tull template, then we’d all be happy campers…..


It’s all about the Tull – bring it on!


Also out Jonathan Wilson’s new album Rare Birds. His last album Fanfare is superb as I have said before. Noticed his gig in Leeds is sold out which I have tickets for and can only assume his fan base has got bigger following his involvment with Roger Waters.