Out This Week / on 20 March 2020

Heaven 17 / Another Big Idea 9CD box set

Heaven 17 / Another Big Idea box set CD

Heaven 17 release Another Big Idea (1996-2015), a 9CD or 4LP vinyl box set that follow the band’s work from when they regrouped and returned from a six-year hiatus in 1996 with the album Bigger Than America. Signed copies still available.

The Distractions / Nobody's Perfect 2CD reissue

The Distractions / Nobody's Perfect 2020 CD, Vinyl

Post-punk/new wave band The Distractions‘ 1980 album Nobody’s Perfect has enjoyed ‘lost classic’ status for a long time and is finally reissued, remastered and expanded with a host of unreleased material. Both vinyl and CD come with special extras via the SDE shop.

Def Leppard / The Early Years 79-81 box set CD

The Early Years 79-81 is a five-CD box set that documents the beginnings of British Rock band Def Leppard. Contents include albums, B-sides and rarities, radio sessions and a previously unreleased live show.

Morrissey / new album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain'

Morrissey / I Am Not A Dog On A Chain CD, Vinyl

Morrissey releases a new album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. It has been produced by Joe Chicarelli.

Pet Shop Boys / Chris Heath books

Chris Heath / Pet Shop Boys books Book

Chris Heath’s two classic Pet Shop Boys books, Literally (1989) and Pet Shop Boys versus America (1991), are being reprinted in new hardback editions.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Hexagonal Phase Vinyl

Delayed from last week, Demon Records issue Hexagonal Phase, a new 3LP coloured vinyl deluxe set that features the last ever BBC Radio series of Douglas Adams’ classic comedy science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. SIGNED editions still available.

The Primitives / Bloom! The Full Story 1985-1992 (5CD box)

Primitives five-CD box set that features ‘the full story’: independent demos, singles and abandoned album sessions, three full albums, singles and related B-sides, cover versions, BBC sessions and material recorded live at Bath Moles.

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The Primitives

Bloom! The Full Story 1985-1992 (5CD)


Roger Eno and Brian Eno / Mixing Colours (new album)

Brian Eno and his brother Roger release a new studio album Mixing Colours.  This is available on CD and as a double vinyl record.

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Roger Eno Brian Eno

Mixing Colours - CD edition


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Roger Eno Brian Eno

Mixing Colours - 2LP vinyl


Thin Lizzy / Vinyl reissues

More Thin Lizzy vinyl reissues this week from Universal including 1979’s Black Rose, which features the song ‘Sarah’. Renegade and Thunder and Lightning are also issued.

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Thin Lizzy

Black Rose [VINYL]


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Thin Lizzy

Renegade [VINYL]


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Thin Lizzy

Thunder and Lighting [VINYL]



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Morrissey arrived today. First thought on the cover art work: any of the photos inside the gatefold, on the back or on the 1 panel “booklet” would have made a preferable, and quite cool, front.

David Bly

Putting this here as this is the most recent list of new stuff…

Amazon US has decided to not order any new CDs, vinyl and books because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

From Rolling Stone…
“Amazon announced in an article on its seller website that it was “prioritizing household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products” that have become widely unavailable as COVID-19 — and the panic that comes with it — spread across the country last week. In response, the company has halted shipment creation on products that do not fall in this category, including CD, vinyl and books, effective through April 5th.

This only affects new products coming into Amazon’s fulfillment centers, not products already in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. In other words, if you’ve placed an order for an album already available on Amazon, those orders won’t be affected.”

I looked elsewhere and could not tell for certain if they will still accept orders on stuff they still have in stock, although the wording does mention “products already in Amazon’s fulfillment centers”, so one would assume so. Hopefully this ‘ban’ will not last beyond April 5th.

Meanwhile, where I live in New York state, our schools and universities are all closed, and from just the other day all gyms and bars are closed, and for restaurants you can only do pick-up or have them deliver. No in-house dining.
And now Amazon won’t deliver new music! Eek!

Jonathan Riley

so is amazon.co.uk going to be the same since the heaven 17 set is currently unavailable as well as the donna summers set which has me worried


$34 US dollars for those Thin Lizzy titles is crazy!


What abaout the Sister Sledge Thinking Of You 1973-1985 Boxset fom Cherry Red out this week?
8 Albums on 6 CDs with a lot of bonus material and extensive booklet.
36,99 € on amzon and JPC in Germany.
Maybe the best deal this week.


Re: Sister Sledge Thinking Of You 1973-1985 Boxset. £27.07 on Amazon UK. Excellent set somehow ignored here. Is MOBO fairly represent on this site?


Regarding LP issued before 1993, many LPs during the 80s had terrible vinyl quality, wafer thin and in some cases barely playable after a few spins on the turntable. I have had a few LPs that I gave to second hand stores and bought newly issued copies instead.


I have a vague memory of RCA making a virtue of incredibly thin LPs in the mid 70s. Was Dynaflex the trade name? I seem to remember the Space Oddity reissue was one of them. Anyone remember?
(5 mins later)….Just found a Wikipedia entry!

David Bly

They were indeed called Dynaflex and were awful. We used to called them Dynawarp or Twist-o-flex (the latter after flexible watch bands that Timex made at the time).

They are one of the rare cases where one might prefer having later (non-Dynaflex) pressings as if you played a Dynaflex first pressing too many times or had a too heavy tone arm, the needle could literally go through to the other side. I do have some originals that were hardly ever played, fortunately.

Also, they were very bendable and if you were careful you could actually bend them into a ‘u’ shape without breaking. This is where the “don’t try this at home” disclaimer would be…


Totally agree – I’m waiting (hoping) for a reissue of TFF Seeds of Love album. I have bought three copies over the years and all of them have been on vinyl that is so thin it is almost transparent. The result is that they scratch easily and have a huge amount of surface noise. Second-hand copies (even when they look mint) are usually blighted with awful surface noise.

A nice heavyweight reissue would be most welcome…

Ian Whiteford

Try the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing, it’s amazing.

Yani P

I was reading that we might have to put up with loads of variations on a theme regarding new releases over the next year or two. Reissues of the same old same old and colour variations.

This was linked to the burning down of the main lacquer factory that produced something like 90% of the world’s lacquers. The only other facility in Japan has no capability to pick up the slack. I Guess this will mean we will see a lot more metal masters moving forward and a shortfall of capability for a considerable period of time


Yes pleaso don’t ignore the Village People!

Stan Butler

2CD Deluxe versions of Dio’s Angry Machines, Magica, Killing The Dragon and Master Of The Moon, are released this week.


Would really love that Primitives set but how can I when I’ve told myself (most severely) that there will be no more records or CD’s, etc because I’ve run out of storage space. (The final box set was Tears For Fears Songs From the Big Chair which arrived last Friday direct from the SDE shop)
I do have the two albums on vinyl and various 7″ singles by the Prim’s so I guess that will have to suffice! Keep well everybody.


Wow! You got it delivered on Friday from the SDE shop.
I guess these are going out on staggered shipping?Hopefully not a shortage and I don’t get my copies.


Is there an issue with The Hurting box?


Anyone know if anything good will be coming out in 2020?

Gary Thompson

Divine Comedy mega box for one.


SimonP, depending on what you like, two new albums already out this year that are worth listening to:

Brandy Clark’s Your Life Is. A Record. Brandy Clark is a high class country songwriter. After a few listens these songs sink into the memory bank, much like her previous two albums.

Lanterns On The Lake, Spook The Herd. I love this album. Along with the music, the gatefold LP sleeve is well presented with the lyrics printed across the inside cover. Some comments on other artists’ albums out recently mentioned the poor album covers, so it’s good when someone puts some effort in. Hazel Wilde and the band are talented and deserving of a wider audience.

Two albums coming out soon that I’m looking forward to:

Kandace Springs, The Women Who Raised Me. It’s ‘only’ a covers album, but she’s another artist oozing talent. Kandace Spring’s is a piano virtuoso, playing and singing jazz / soul. She’s great live.

Rumer, Nashville Tears. Rumer’s store is a selling a signed print, signed cd, vinyl and cassette for £35.


For Chris Squires, if you want a good read to ease the boredom, get the expanded paperback edition of Duane Tudahl’s ‘Prince and the Purple Rain era studio sessions 1983 and 1984’

Johnny L

The Heaven 17 Roundhouse gig is postponed. According to Martyn Ware: “With a heavy heart, we have decided under these extraordinary circumstances to postpone the ‘H17 play Reproduction and Travelogue’ shows until a later date (to be announced soon)…”


The odd thing about vinyl re-issues of stuff released before around 1993 is that the existing originally released vinyl copies are still plentiful and available at cheaper £prices to anybody prepared to look.It makes a lot of sense to re-release stuff release after around 1993 as that is not usually the case.I have never understood why LP’s that sold lots during their original release keep being re-issued.Surely fans already own copies from the original release?


People don’t have time to quality-check used vinyl copies for imperfections, not trawl around shops and fairs looking for unplayed or pristine copies of “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” or “Rainbow Rising”. They want something they can be pretty sure will work, and they don’t want to have to wait for it. It’s a bit like saying that booksellers should stop reprinting anything that was first published before 1993.

Chris Squires

Bang on Ken.
There are lots of post-vinyl crash albums that either have no vinyl issue at all or it was a stupidly limited run as we all knew vinyl was dying. Anything on Vinyl right up to about 2014 from around the point you mention, 1993 / 1994 should get a look in first before re-issuing that 1973 classic that sold 43 million copies. I can understand if it is a complete remaster or as part of an SDE, but a plain vanilla re-issue? It is even worse, it has to be said, if the only reason they are re-issuing something is because it is on coloured vinyl. Take a look at HMV vinyl day. What is the point of a grey Tubular Bells or a blue Bridge over Troubled Water? Compare that to the inability to get hold of so many brilliant albums of any colour because they were never made in the 1990s or 2000s.
I don’t think I will ever understand the mentality of the music industry. Lemmings have a greater will to live. I am so bored right now I am even tempted to see if I can find a PC Lemmings game emulator. That’s how weird a train of thought can be…..
Paul, your pages have never been needed so much.


But it’s heavier, innit. Must mean it’s better.


No mention of The Village People? Don’t pretend you won’t be listening to them Paul.


Will the Heaven17 ‘Human League LPs 1&2’ gigs go ahead this week, I wonder.

Neil O

I really hope they go ahead, as I’ve been looking forward to the London gig for ages. However, looking at how things are going, it wouldn’t suprises if these sizes of events get cancelled/postponed.


The Primitives box is £21.99 direct for Cherry Red – UK postage was less than £1.50.

Paul Taylor

I still think the Thin Lizzy reissues make no sense.