Out This Week / on 21 September 2018

Prince / A Piano & A Microphone 1983 CD, Vinyl

A Piano & A Microphone 1983 isa brand new Prince album that features previously unreleased home studio cassette recording of Prince at his piano captured in 1983.

Bobbie Gentry / The Girl From Chickasaw County: The Complete Capitol Masters CD

The Girl From Chickasaw County is a new career spanning 8CD deluxe set that brings together all of American singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry’s studio albums and adds a massive amount of previously unreleased recordings.

Ramones / Road To Ruin 40th anniversary deluxe set CD, Vinyl

Rhino offer up another Ramones deluxe with an impressive amount of new content including a new stereo mix, unreleased outtakes and a live concert. Same 3CD+LP large format sets as before.

Suede / The Blue Hour

Suede / The Blue Hour CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Suede‘s eighth studio album has been produced by Alan Moulder and is described as “the final part of a triptych of albums recorded by the band since they reformed and released 2013’s Bloodsports“. A five-disc box set edition features an exclusive bonus track on seven-inch single and an instrumental version of the album on CD.

Curiosity Killed The Cat / Misfits: The Mercury Years 1986-1990

Curiosity Killed The Cat / Misfits: The Mercury Years 1986-1990 CD

Misfits: The Mercury Years 1986-1990 is a new 4CD box set featuring eighties British pop band Curiosity Killed The Cat. Two and a half years in the making, this set has been compiled by SDE Editor Paul Sinclair and has been put together with the cooperation of the band.

Howard Shore / The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray

The third and final Lord of the Rings box set. As with the previous instalments, this is the vinyl premiere of Howard Shore’s ‘Complete Recordings’ and is pressed on coloured vinyl (this time, green). A 3CD+blu-ray edition also available with everything in glorious 5.1 surround sound.

Belinda Carlisle / Coloured vinyl reissues Vinyl

Belinda Carlisle’s four Virgin Records-era albums – Heaven On Earth (1987)Runaway Horses (1989)Live Your Life Be Free (1991) and Real (1993) – are issued individually as coloured vinyl pressings.

Christine and the Queens / Chris CD, Vinyl

Christine and the Queens follow up  the brilliant Chaleur Humaine (issued in France in 2014 and the UK in 2016) and the new album is available in English and French language versions.


Felt / More deluxe reissues CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Cherry Red continue their reissue campaign for British indie band Felt as the band’s final five albums are reissued as CD box sets and on gatefold vinyl packages.

The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier reissue

Terry Callier / The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier CD, Vinyl

Craft Recordings reissue Terry Callier‘s debut album The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier. This features seven bonus tracks and is available on 2LP vinyl and CD.

MC5 / Total Assault (3LP coloured vinyl)

Rhino issue the American rock band’s three influential albums (issued between 1969 and 1971) in this 50th anniversary Total Assault box set. Features Kick Out The Jams (red vinyl), Back in the USA (white vinyl) and High Time (blue vinyl). Packaging recreates the originals.

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Andrew Mogford

I’ve got Prince pre-ordered but I’m seriously thinking of cancelling. What I’ve heard of so far it sounds like something I admire rather than listen to again and again – if that makes sense?


So a generous 10 Prince demos from a vault of how much unreleased music? At this rate we’ll have Prince music well into the new millennium!

Electric Sydney

The Terry Callier is not coming out ‘til October.

Rik Skyline

I’m looking forward to the new Suede album this week. I dearly love that band. Since ’92. It’s Interesting how all of a sudden the previous two albums ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Night Thoughts’ are now considered to be part of a triptych of albums. If ever that was the plan, it has never been mentioned publicly. The only thing I can deduce from such a statement is… I don’t know.


The only thing I can deduce from it is that this may be their last album. Let’s hope not.


Is that a genuine photo of Prince looking into a mirror? It’s very Bowie – Nothing Has Changed-esque. The hair of the person looking into the mirror doesn’t seem to match Prince’s hair in the mirror, but it’s hard to tell.


Just pre-ordered the MC5 set from Amazon UK. Appears to be the cheapest price around. Sounds like an excellent set. Look forward to this one!!


A very minor point but clicking on the “more” button on the home page takes you halfway down the post whereas it normally takes you to the point in the post directly after the copy that appears on the home page. Same thing happened last week IIRC but don’t remember it happening before. No biggie but just thought I’d mention it.


This happens to me every time I click on “more” for a page. I’ll add my two cents since it’s been brought up. Thought it might just be me. It’s certainly not something I can’t deal with, but it is frustrating having to scroll back to the top of the page every time. That being said, I will be here every day regardless and am sitting across the room from stacks of music I’m loving thanks to you. LOVE love love this site, Paul!! Keep up the amazing work!

Philip Birtwistle

Wish the MC5 was out on CD, but I suppose I’ll have to keep up my old CDs for now.

Phil Wilson

Johnny Hates Jazz has been put back a couple of weeks, now out on 5th October. Cited manufacturing issues but I am guessing to add on the missing track that Clark said he’d get done?