Out This Week / on 22 June 2018

The Cure / Mixed Up / Torn Down

The Cure’s 1990 remix compilation is reissued on CD and vinyl. New ‘Torn Down’ mixes issued separately on half-speed mastered vinyl and the 3CD set features Torn Down and an exclusive bonus disc of remixes. Read more

Garbage / Version 2.0 

Version 2.0 is by far Garbage‘s best album, but this is another disappointing reissue. We were frustrated when the first album re-release had a digital-only ‘super deluxe’, but they haven’t even done that this time! A bunch of B-sides is the only extra material and if you want them on vinyl, you have to fork up for a pricey box set full of tat. Album-only on double orange vinyl and the double CD (with B-sides) is a good combo. Read more

Pete Shelley / The Genetic Years (3LP vinyl box)

Delayed a few weeks, this set offers The Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley‘s early ’80s work with producer Martin Rushent. Two albums and a bonus LP of remixes, this is highly limited and comes with a SIGNED print!  Read more

Nine Inch Nails / Bad Witch

New six-track record from Nine Inch Nails. Available on CD and vinyl, but the later is described as a ‘priority’ by Trent Reznor.  Read more

Various Artists / 12-inch Dance: 90s Remix (3CD set)

A rather good three-CD remix set that includes interesting and rare 90s remixes. In fact, the Simply Red Something Got Me Started remix is completely unreleased. No brainer at less than £5 in the UKRead more

Various Artists / The Lost Boys soundtrack (coloured vinyl)

Full Metal Jacket on green vinyl was issued last week and this week Rhino’s coloured vinyl soundtrack series continues with The Lost Boys pressed on white vinyl. Read more

Swing Out Sister / Almost Persuaded  (new album)

After a PledgeMusic campaign that lasted for aeons, the 10th Swing Out Sister album emerged early this year. It’s now widely available on CD and vinyl.

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Swing Out Sister

Almost Persuaded [VINYL]


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Swing Out Sister

Almost Persuaded


Peter Murphy / 5 Albums 

Five-CD box featuring the first five albums of Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy. Includes bonus tracks and ‘book’ packaging. Read more

The Orb / No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds

The Orb‘s new album features various guest vocalists and is produced by Youth. Some great bundles still available on their shop, including coloured vinyl with signed print and exclusive instrumental version of the album. Read more

Wire / Vinyl reissues

They already released the superb multi-disc CD sets and this week sees the vinyl remasters of Wire‘s Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154.

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Pink Flag [VINYL]


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Chairs Missing [VINYL]


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154 [Vinyl]


Ian Dury and the Blockheads / Greatest Hits (coloured vinyl)

New Ian Dury and the Blockheads greatest hits pressed on 180g yellow vinyl.

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Ian Dury

Greatest Hits [VINYL]


Sylvian Czukay /Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability

Two ambient albums from Japan’s David Sylvian and Holger Czukay of Can brought together on double CD or 2LP vinyl set. Plight and Premonition is Sylvian’s new mix from 2002 and all the recordings here have been remastered. The packaging is redesigned by Chris Bigg with art direction by Sylvian. Includes previously unseen photographs by Yuka Fujii, accompanied by an extensive essay by David Toop.

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Sylvian, Czukay - Plight & Premonition / Flux & Mutability Vinyl


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Czukay, Holger

Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability


Various Artists  / Reimagining The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

The CD sets came out ages ago, but this week sees this underwhelming Elton tribute issued on vinyl. Read more

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Cure Mixed Up reissue sounds great. Really like disc 2. Shame they missed a few mixes but great to have the ones included. Assume Wish will finally come out now. Would be great to get the b-sides/remixes from it but unlikely.


He does explain in the booklet about why those missing mixes were not included to be fair especially In Between Days which he described as a cut and paste mix and he had no idea who had remixed it. I feel the same way about Wish and if the recent deluxe versions of their albums is anything to go by i fear we will end up with a disc of demos again though i did hear that Lost Wishes might be included.

Wax Monster X

SOS LP signed only thru Pledge. Amazon listers take photos from anywhere they can. G’head, try and fight ’em.

New Rolling Stone mag has tidy little article about the complete death and burial of CDs. I’m so tired of hearing this. Love my CDS and my old vinyl. Haven’t heard a good piece of new vinyl yet! Paul, how about a nice lengthy debate on this increasingly annoying state of musical formats. P.S. Americans really do hate CDS now, which has allowed me to pick up discs online for pennies. THANX haters.


This American doesn’t hate CD’s. Have several thousand of them…

Larry Davis

Me neither…I think vinyl is cool (I have 2 large plastic storage bins full of vinyl) BUT it’s expensive, not portable and most times doesn’t include the bonus tracks from deluxe editions…half speed makes them heavier with more discs and more expensive as well…I choose CD first and yes, it’s easier to find deals now…and no, I do not stream.

Neil Parnell

cds still sold more than vinyl in the us last year so the article is a bit premature

Paul E.

I’m in the compact disc club and have been a member since 1984 (first year in high school). I’ve witnessed good friends sell their vinyl, move to CD media, rip and digitize their discs, sell off their collection, stream and now pursue vinyl once again. Seems like an expensive and thankless proposition if you ask me. At least I can admire four walls full of some 4,000 plus discs in my home office and truly enjoy my collection. I’ve got it cataloged on Discogs so when I’m plant food the wife and kid will get properly compensated or at least not let some cherry picker collector thieve the good stuff. Those dollar bargain discs have made it rather easy to fill in discography gaps, take some chances, and make collecting affordable/enjoyable simultaneously! Next purchase is a high end disc resurfacing machine for those beer coaster discs I find at the second hand shops.


I only buy CDs too but haven’t played one in years – I immediately rip them and stream them over Wi-Fi. I known they’re an audiophile and collecters dream, but I’ll never be a vinyl convert. You’re right though, you can hoover up a lot of CDs on Discogs and Marketplace at knock down prices but it is a pity that some independent labels who have always supported vinyl, even when it was out of vogue, have dispensed with CDs completely.

John Orr

Waiting on a Paul McCartney vinyl bundle, so, thankfully, nothing here this week that interests me. The wallet is safe……..for now.


Expensive week for me with all the Cure editions of mixed, the Gerbage Version 2.0 box set and CD, also Dannii Minogue – Neon Nights which you’ve chosen to ignore, even though it features remixes with Madonna and Dead or Alive.


TBH I’m not surprised Paul didn’t notice about Dannii Minogue… But cool to see it getting a vinyl release! The 2CD deluxe is a rather nice package – got that on original release a decade ago. For an artist who objectively wasn’t all that successful, I’m surprised by the number of reissues and compilations she’s continued to have over the years. If only Kylie’s albums (no comparison success-wise) got the same treatment…

Larry Davis

I like Dannii’s stuff a lot…Kylie more… But ive had her stuff over the years… Happy SDEs exist of her work tho…espesh her Xenomania productions…


He Paul – no World Cup special this week? ;)


sad this will probably be my last week buying big boxsets for a long time with amazon closing to Australia and jacking up the prices ! I am gonna miss the new doctor who box set too because they shifted the date to 2nd of july. what a crappy week.

Joe Mac Pherson

Use Ebay, or Discogs, or Dusty Groove. All, very reliable sources.

Roel Glas

@ fitzysbuna.
I have been assured by Amazon US (and UK) via email response from both parties that my pre-orders that ship after 1 July WILL be honoured. Amazon AU even went so far as to say that in the event that the US cancel my pre-order, I can re-order via Amazon Global (whatever that is?) and they will refund the difference if it’s more expensive. Have to wait on this one. I pre-ordered Paul Rodgers Free Spirit 3LP set on US for USD18. Amazon AU have it listed for AUD79. WTF.
I would suggest you order Dr. Who and see what happens.

John T

Is the Swing Out Sister vinyl signed? It appears to be from the amazon.co.uk photo?

Paul G

This photo appears to have been taken from my Discog entry of this album. Amazon have taken my photo – is this legal?


It is bad form by Amazon, but yes, it is legal, you do not own the rights to the image, you took a picture of someone else’s work. Consider it a compliment.

Mike the Fish

I think you still own the copyright.

Larry Davis

The Ben Folds box was supposed to be out this week as well, but it looks like it got pushed back almost a month to July 20th…