Out This Week / on 23 March 2018

Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won (reissue)

First time on vinyl for the 2003 Led Zeppelin album which documents the band’s concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972. A standalone blu-ray audio with 5.1 mix is available but not found in the super deluxe box, which makes do with a DVD. Read more

Procol Harum / Still There’ll Be More: An Anthology 1967 – 2017

Massive 50th anniversary Procol Harum anthology from Esoteric. This eight-disc set comprises five CDs and three DVDs and features tracks from every studio album, A-sides, B-sides, rare live recordings and a plethora of TV footage and video material. Read more

Frank Zappa / The Roxy Performances (7CD set)

A ‘definitive’ seven-CD box set that collects all four public performances of Frank Zappa‘s legendary Roxy Theatre concerts from December 1973 and adds the soundcheck and other bonus material. Unimpressive that UK fans get charged double the price for this set compared to their American counterparts. Read more

Tom Waits / Closing Time (remastered CD)

Tom Waits‘ brilliant 1973 debut was reissued on vinyl a few weeks back and now a CD (remastered by Waits/Brennan) is also issued. The five other Asylum albums (up to 1980’s Heartattack and Vine) are reissued/remastered on CD too.

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Tom Waits

Closing Time (Remastered)


Frou Frou / Details (red vinyl)

Electronic duo Frou Frou (Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth) released one album, Details, back in 2002. It is issued on vinyl for the first time this week. Read more

Porcupine Tree / Arriving Somewhere (2CD+blu-ray)

Porcupine Tree‘s concert film Arriving Somewhere is issued on CD and blu-ray for the first time, in a special three-disc package. Read more

Rick Parfitt / Over and Out 

A (sadly) posthumous album by the legendary Status Quo rocker was completed with the help of a group of musicians, including Brian May, Chris Wolstenholme of Muse and Rick Parfitt Jnr. The two-CD edition includes the original ‘raw’ mixes. These are also referred to as the ‘band mixes’ and get a separate vinyl release, too. Read more

Yachts / Suffice To Say: The Complete Yachts Collection (3CD set)

The relatively short-lived Yachts were a late ’70s/early ’80s Liverpool new wave/power pop combo whose members included future hitmakers John ‘J.J.’ Campbell (It’s Immaterial) Henry Preistman (It’s Immaterial, The Christians). This three-CD set includes both albums and a disc full of rarities. Virtually everything is new to CD. Read more

Grateful Dead / The Best of the Grateful Dead Live (2CD or 2LP)

A new two-disc collection of performances selected from the Grateful Dead‘s official live albums on Warner Bros. and Arista (plus a few tracks from their many archival live releases). The vinyl version has had to be split into two volumes, with the second due later this year. Read more

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Very much looking forward to the Yachts box set, and I’ve noticed that Cherry Red will soon be releasing a box set of Bram Tchaikovsky, one of whose albums – Funland – is new to CD. Brilliant!


I was in my local record shop today and they had the Porcupine Tree release in the rack already. Is that allowed?

They also had a copy of the Human League’s Dare/Fascination from 2012 for £15.99 which I snapped up, as it sells for at least twice that nowadays!

Neil McL

On a totally different theme, using this as it is the newest thread, two points. The first is that The Blanc Tapes by Blancmange is £47.99 on Amazon, the cheapest I have seen this. The second returns to a lively debate that was had regarding this product. The first signed version sold out in hours and there was uproar, so a new non signed edition was created. However, as you can see from the price this has not sold out over 6 months later and has been discounted £15-£20. This is where it must be hard for record companies and music retailers to decide on numbers, and also us music buyers when to go for it.

Charles Christopher

I hate to be that guy but………….. the guy’s name is Tom Waits, as in he waits for the bus.


Amazon UK currently have the Dylan 1966 live box set for £23! And The Complete Simon and Garfunkel album collection on CD for £18.

O(+> Peter B

In other music news, No Doubt are still wanted for murdering “It’s My Life”…


Also out this week reissues of Tumbling Down The Years and Unplugged At The Walls by Marillion as well as Fly From Here – Return Trip by Yes. Seeing your tag for It’s Immaterial Paul i truly hoped their new album would be out soon as i and others have been waiting since October 2016 for this project to be completed.

Robert Morgenstern

Hi Neil, on my pledge account the fullfilment was end of march for It’s Immaterial release. Do you have other Information? My pledge runs although since oct. 2016


It’s being delayed again. They really are taking the piss big time and i wish now i hadn’t paid for this up front between this and the fiasco with Fly From Here – Return Trip by Yes i don’t think i will using that site again.

Rare Glam

Also the extended three CD deluxe set of The Monochrome Set’s third album ‘Eligible Batchelors’ on Cherry Red is out this week.


That came out last week. I got my copy on Friday anyway and it was out digitally then also.


The Momus Create 2 three disc set also comes out this week as do the next two albums in Cherry Red’s reissue project of The Residents’ catalogue.


Gotta admit, not quite as enthused by the extras on the latest 2 Residents sets and the mastering was kinda hot on the first two…still interested of course but I’m not quite as excited as I was for the first couple.


Thanks Brian. These Residents expanded album re-issues had passed me by. Fingerprince has possibly the scariest album cover ever! I lent my copy to someone in the 1980s and never got it back (couldn’t even remember who I’d lent it to), so high time to get this album back in my collection.