Out This Week / on 23 November 2018

Marillion / Clutching at Straws reissue CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray

After the successful reissue of Marillion‘s 1985 album Misplaced Childhood in 2017, Parlophone reissue the British quintet’s fourth studio album Clutching at Straws.

Be-Bop Deluxe / Sunburst Finish CD, DVD

Esoteric Recordings reissue a four-disc box set edition of English prog rock group Be-Bop Deluxe‘s 1976 album Sunburst Finish.

Tom Petty / An American Treasure Vinyl

A six-LP vinyl set that features 60 tracks of rare and unreleased Tom Petty material. Includes a 48-page booklet.

Breaking Bad / 10th anniversary 5 x 10" coloured vinyl box set

Various Artists / Breaking Bad coloured vinyl box Vinyl

Music On Vinyl issue a very limited 10th anniversary Breaking Bad vinyl box set that will, for the first time, feature the songs from the TV series and not the score. These are pressed on five coloured vinyl records, one representing each season.

Simply Red / Symphonica In Rosso CD, DVD

Simply Red release CD/DVD combo packages of last year’s ‘Symphonica In Rosso’ performance, which is the annual Dutch event which sees artists perform over three nights with a full orchestra.

CHIC / The Chic Organisation 1977-1979 CD, Vinyl

Rhino/Atlantic are issuing The Chic Organisation 1977-1979 a new 6LP vinyl and five-CD box set that features CHIC‘s first three albums, Sister Sledge’s We Are Family and a bonus disc of seven-inch edits and 12-inch remixes.

Judy Tzuke / Full Moon: The Complete Collection CD

Delayed from last week. Wrasse Records issue Full Moon: The Complete Collection a new 24CD box set of English singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke‘s studio and live albums.

Andy Mackay / 3 Psalms

A founder member of Roxy Music, Andy Mackay’s experimental project (which features elements of classical, rock, avant-garde electronica) reaches fruition with this album. Vocals come courtesy of Harry Day-Lewis and guitars from a certain Phil Manzanera. Other musicians include the Czech National Philharmonic Orchestra. If you’re going to the Queen Elizabeth Hall gig next Monday, look out on the merch stand for a new edition of the SDE Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera booklet SIGNED by the two musicians!

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Andy Mackay

3 Psalms - CD edition


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Andy Mackay

3 Psalms - vinyl LP


Gary Numan / Savage Live at Brixton Academy (2CD+DVD)

Filmed in November last year, Gary Numan brought his then new album to Brixton Academy. This release features the 18 tracks across two CDs and a DVD.

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Gary Numan

Savage (Live at Brixton Academy)


Roy Orbison / Unchained Melodies

The ‘orchestral’ cash cow continues to deliver, so who can blame Sony for releasing this second volume of Roy Orbison rearrangements. Unchained Melodies is the follow-up to last year’s A Love So Beautiful

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Orbison, Roy

Unchained Melodies - CD edition


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Orbison, Roy

Unchained Melodies - vinyl LP


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just got the Chic boxset,some cd’s(the last two ones) are very hard to get out of the replica lp sleeves without damaging them,anyone else has this problem?

Joe Mac Pherson

For those who care about Roxy Music, this year, for the first time ever, they’ve been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There is a catch: It’s all about votes. Currently, they’ve finally gotten more votes than Radiohead, and Rage Against The Machine. A month ago, they were quite behind both of these bands. Not any more. To my astonishment, def Leppard, Devo and Janet Jackson are much further ahead. So is The Cure, and Stevie Nicks. Seriously? And, Kraftwerk, also nominated for the first time ever, are still second to last in the voting count. When I consider how many bands are indebted to Roxy Music and Kraftwerk, it’s insulting that these 2 illustrious, influential bands aren’t further ahead. It’s all about votes, and you can vote every day. Considering how much time you spend online, or how much music you own, has a direct connection for inspiration from Roxy Music and Kraftwerk, what’s 2 minutes of your life, to vote once a day?
Obviously I truly admire BOTH bands. Thank You, Paul, for the posting on Andy Mackay’s deluxe album!

John Barleycorn

It’s off-message but I would like to make readers aware, if they missed it, there was a Sky Arts documentary broadcast over the weekend about The Kink’s album The Village Green Preservation Society and damn good it was as well. It had contributions from Ray & Dave Davies, Mick Avory, Graham Coxon, Natalie Merchant, Paul Weller, Suggs, Andy Partridge, Noel Gallagher, Greg Kursten (producer on Egypt Station) plus others.

Highly recommended if Paul will allow the plug.

Nelson Lee

Repeated friday at 11.00pm. On my planner

Darren Briscoe

I wonder which of my pre-ordered new releases Amazon will screw up this week ……still waiting for Kate Bush vinyl.

Kevin M

Also BAUHAUS Bela Lugosi’s Dead Sessions, and remastered The Sky’s Gone Out / Press the Eject and Give Me The Tape LPs due on 23rd.


I received my Be Bop Deluxe set from Burning Shed this morning. Very nice it is too.

Michael Caplan

Does it have the new stere mixes in hi Rez or just the surround sound?

Auntie Sabrina

Massive Attack’s Mezzanine 20th anniversary 2CD deluxe edition ye out this week, is postponed to 25 January 2018.

Jan Spring

Postponed to 25 January 2019?

Auntie Sabrina

Whoops, having a bit of trouble with my dates love…


Why can’t Massive Attack even get their reissues out on time??? They are so frustrating!

Greg Clow

That’s strange, I just got an email from Amazon Canada saying that my order for the Mezzanine deluxe has shipped. Although the main listing on the website says that it will be in stock on December 1st – and the price is now a fair bit higher than what I paid on my pre-order. Anyway, it supposed to arrive on Thursday, so I’ll see what turns up.


Annoyingly people who preordered Clutching At Straws from Marillion’s store have had their copies for about a week now. Couldn’t resist that preorder price on Amazon though.

tom m hans

I ordered from FISH Store – he is on tour right now – waiting to be received here in the US.

Derek Langsford

So was the CD of the EP only available from his tm store? Both that and the Brixton show set arrived Saturday from them in CA!

Derek Langsford

But Numan’s tm store charged a whopping $32.99 for the 2CD+DVD set whereas Amazon US has it for $13.69. The US prices has to be a mistake. Though I obviously was the one who made the mistake. The price of being a fan worrying about limited availability. Will have to be more cautious in future.


A week off for me then.

John H.

Next week it’s Kate Bush time again.