Out This Week / on 23 October 2020

Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends 6CD+DVD box set

Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends box set CD, DVD

To celebrate 50 years of Thin Lizzy Universal Music are releasing Rock Legends, a 6CD+DVD box set that features an astonishing 74 unreleased tracks.

Bruce Springsteen / Letter to You CD, Vinyl

Letter To You is Bruce Springsteen’s new studio album with the E Street Band.

Gorillaz / Song Machine: Season One - Strange Timez CD, Vinyl

Gorillaz new album Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez features an expanding roster of collaborators including Robert Smith, Beck, St. Vincent, Elton John, Peter Hook and Joan As Police Woman. Indies-only orange vinyl available from the SDE shop.

John Prine / The Atlantic and Asylum Years 7CD box set

John Prine / Crooked Piece of Time: The Atlantic and Asylum Albums 1971-1980 CD

Rhino issue Crooked Piece of Time: The Atlantic and Asylum Albums 1971-1980, a seven-CD box set featuring the 1970s output of the late American country/folk singer-songwriter John Prine.

Faithless / All Blessed CD, Vinyl

British electronica band Faithless return with a new album All Blessed; fans can pick up signed CDs and vinyl.

Menswear / The Menswear Collection CD

The output of Britpop fly-by-nights Menswear comes under close scrutiny with The Menswear Collection, a new four-CD box set that includes surely everything the band every released or recorded!

Lemonheads / Lovey 2CD deluxe edition

Fire Records reissue the Lemonheads’ major-label debut Lovey. The album was issued on Atlantic Records in 1990 and this two-CD deluxe bookset features the remastered album and a newly mixed ‘Triple J Live at the Wireless’, taken from their legendary 1991 trip to Australia. A 2LP vinyl will be available on the the third ‘drop day’ of this year’s Record Store Day (which is this Saturday).

Beasties Boys / Music

This hits set is an expanded and re-jigged version of the Beastie Boys’ 2005 compilation Solid Gold Hits with a cooler front cover. Available on CD and 2LP vinyl.

The Lost Boys soundtrack on red vinyl

1987 soundtrack pressed on red vinyl. Features INXS, Echo and The Bunnymen, Roger Daltrey and more.

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Peter Muscutt

Am always interested to find out, what do people regard as the first ever true ‘super deluxe edition’ of an album? I.e. a box set for a single album that featured multiple discs, bonus tracks, live stuff, paraphernalia etc? And when was it released? We see huge box sets for classic albums released a lot now, but I always wonder what was the first one to receive such treatment?

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

That is a very good question, and it has me scratching my head…..

The first “box set “ i remember buying was Aerosmith’s Pandora’s box. 3 cassettes in a box with a nice book…..a compilation though, not a 1-album treatment.

The first “album” dedicated box for me was Bruce Springsteen born to run 30th anniversary in a white box, cd, and live cd . 3 discs in total. Very mild by today’s standards.

I think the likes of prince 1999 deluxe, flaming pie deluxe are very recent affairs….

Sgt pepper might be the first super deluxe maybe ( I am sure I am wrong) but that deluxe set is a few years old now .


For me, those U2 boxes. Boy, War, October, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree. You got a lot of material for $35 US. Guess these were released prior to them realizing you could charge $70 more per box… but I bought them and felt no need to replace the Joshua Tree Super Deluxe when it came out years later…


The vogue for new albums getting super-deluxe editions was kickstarted by Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” – when they revealed they’d sold 80-100,000 copies of the £40 “discbox”, you could practically hear the music industry salivating.

As for catalogue – difficult to say but the Miles Davis reissue programme included a 4 disc set that was ostensibly just for Bitches Brew and that was the mid 90’s (it was later reworked into a 3CD + DVD with vinyl and ephemera set) – there was also a 3 disc set for “In A Silent Way”, a 5 disc for “Jack Johnson” and a 6 disc set for “On The Corner”.

Graeme ewan

Maybe Layla Or Led Zep remasters orange big box in the 90s? I can see them in my collection anyway.

Chris Squires

Yeah, I think anthologies were the go-to standard rather than single album SDE’s.

My first experiences of Boxed sets were “Boxed” ironically which was like the second one I got “Three Light Years” and the box split oh so easily but as I was only 12 or 13 I think that was entirely my stupid fault.

My first experiences of SDEs only happened when I found SDE. Anything I had bought at that point was still anthology based like Nick Drake’s “Fruit Tree” or the Smiths, Jam, Dire Straits and Eagles multi-album sets.

For my adolescence the real SDEs were things like double pack 12″ers or 7″ers with free bonus discs. Grabbing those from “Town” on a Saturday felt every bit as good as taking delivery of a 6 disc set of Vienna and the like. The real joy of those double packs like “Gentlemen take Polaroids” was that when I got hold of them no-one was there telling me what a missed opportunity it was or that the most precious thing in your world right now was a pension cash-in. I could enjoy, pure and simple.

Tim Hayter

Yeah, the consensus on the Hoffman forum was Layla Sessions from 1990: a remix of the original LP, plus unreleased outtakes.

Spiral Scar

Apologies if my previous post turns up. I was a little drunk at the time. Probably didn’t complete the posting process!
I can’t recall a box set devoted to a single album that was released before “The Pet Sounds Sessions” by The Beach Boys. It was a 3-CD box set with a book containing plenty of annotation and session info, etc. I’m sure you know about it.
I bought it immediately upon release in the fall of 1997, but its release was delayed from 1996 (the 30th anniversary of the original album) possibly because of an objection by a band member…
I thought at the time that it was unusual to see such a lavish project, specifically focusing on one album, and that its appeal would be fairly limited. I was impressed that a major label, Capitol, went ahead with the production and release as it was untested waters to dive into. I’ll bet a few readers of this forum bought it, though.
If anyone knows of anything earlier that isn’t a compilation (or bootleg) please share your knowledge!


It wasn’t a single album retrospective, but it was Bob Dylan‘s “Biograph” from way back in 1985 that surely established the template: multi-CD with unreleased tracks in a big box with a book.

For my money, it’s still the best, and it’s still one of the few (alongside “Tracks”, “The Philosopher’s Stone” and the Prince sets), where the unreleased songs are a match for the canonical work. For a format that’s now, arguably, 35 years old, it hasn’t really thrown up much of value, even though the boxes keep getting bigger and bigger.

Larry Davis

That Bob Mould set “Distortion” is out this Friday too after being pushed from October 2…or was it pushed back yet again??

Larry Davis

Bummer, but I am getting the Ian Dury triple & Menswear sets…jeez I have not heard their stuff since the 90s but lately have had a hankering for these forgotten B-level Britpop bands, like Gene, which I got their set…I wonder if Menswear are now as good as Gene…imagine if there is a Gay Dad set in the pipeline?? I am going to order that Mansun set from you Paul, prob in November, as your price is like $80 less than Amazon AND you are including that bonus CD single…there are 3 additional releases you didn’t mention…a Shangri-La’s double on Charly & 2 on Cherry Red…Bubblerock & UK 70s girlpop & soul… Right Back Where We Started From…all look great…my Tears For Fears arrived today (woohoo!!) & managed to bag the Kiki Dee Motown/Fontana set… we’ll see if it’s signed, as you said every copy from Amazon UK is signed, but if it’s not, I had a signed one (in the description) in my saved for later shopping cart…so I ordered that one too just in case…

Paul E.

The Lemonheads’ “Lovey” already received the expanded treatment back in 2013. It was remastered and had 5 bonus tracks from the “Favorite Spanish Dishes” EP + two additional non-album songs. Not really sure that a remaster with a short Triple J show missing the 2013 b-sides is worth it.

Agree that “Come On Feel The Lemonheads” would have made more sense and deserves the deluxe treatment to gather all the great b-sides.

Paul M

New Songhoy Blues album Optimisme released Friday. What I’ve heard so far sounds very very good.



I got email from Amazon UK on Friday to say that the Thin Lizzy Box set was eligible for release day delivery with estimated arrival date of October 23. My orders page currently says “Arriving Friday”. This could change of course but I hope not.


The Fall’s 1988 album “The Frenz Experiment” is reissued on Friday – it’s been expanded to a double CD, pulling in the various b-side and single tracks from the era and also adding a BBC Radio 1 session recorded for Janice Long which is previously unreleased. A 2LP edition is coming out too; this doesn’t have the session.


I don’t know why Beggars Banquet stopped doing the Omnibus deluxe limited editions.
They started with The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall in 2010 and This Nation Saving Grace in 2011 and then it was over.

These Omnibus editions were great. I really liked the content and the format. Almost the beginning of super deluxe editions. Beggars Banquet did the same with Bauhaus’ first two albums.

I hope Kurious Oranj will get a better treatment than Bend Sinister or Frenz Experiment. The Beggars Banquet era (Brix era) is my favorite period of The Fall.

Tom m hans

Received email from amz uk that Thin Lizzy has been delayed until November.


Just in case anyone might be interested, the Jan Akkerman 26CD box set is on Amazon UK for £81.80 at the moment.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Another bumper week.

Lizzy, Bruce & John Prine from the list above due Friday.

I’ve been having great music listening afternoons and evenings these last few weeks to keep on top of all these new releases.

The one that stands out amongst them and has had at least 3 replays is Tom Petty’s ‘Wallflowers & All The Rest’, probably the greatest one album special edition ever! Not just this year or the last decade. That’s just going off the downloads and 3LP Set. I’ll probably heap more praise on this set once Warner US get off their arse and send my 5CD set out.

Mark McCullagh

Really want a slimmed down version of Anthology – The Sounds Of Science by the Beastie Boys. The original 2CD set has a great value for money tracklisting of songs but the physical case takes up so much space

Fred Holmes



I just bought Anthology on CD in a second hand record shop for £4, mainly because it has a superb booklet.
Yes, the packaging is wider than the average CD case but so what?

Prince Fan

Puzzled how 2 CD jewel cases with a few millimetres gap between them counts as “so much space”!

Iain McCarthy

I wonder if we will ever get a deluxe reissue of The Lemonheads ‘Come on Feel…’ album as it is the only one that hasn’t had a deluxe reissue.


i know it does seem bizarre it hasn’t been touched, i can only assume it must have something with all the guest appearances (Belinda Carlisle, Rick James) on the album and all the legal side of it.
I also find it strange that they have reissued Lovey again (my favourite Lemonheads album btw) but this time omitted all the extra tracks from the indispensable Favourite Dishes EP, why not make it a double cd with those tracks , the radio session from the new version and the 1991 Peel session, seems like a wasted opportunity to finally package it all together.


There’s also the 1969 boxset from King Crimson, and the Jakko Jakszyk cd+DVD solo album


Didn’t know that, my retailer in France still shows a 23rd October release date. I guess I might get a postponement mail in the coming days then. Thanks for the info Paul