Out This Week / on 24 January 2020

Depeche Mode / Mode CD

A literal ‘black celebration’ of Depeche Mode‘s career with all albums across 14 CDs and four CDs of bonus material. Not cheap. SDEtv unboxing video will be up in the next few days.

Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 career-spanning super deluxe box set

Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 CD, Vinyl, Box Set

Supergrass reissue a career-spanning box set The Strange Ones 1994-2008. It features 13 CDs, six vinyl records and more.

Pet Shop Boys / Hotspot

Pet Shop Boys / Hotspot CD, Vinyl

The Pet Shop Boys‘ release Hotspot, their 14th studio album. Early views point to a possible return to form, but look out for an SDE review soon.

Thin Lizzy / Vinyl reissues

Thin Lizzy / Vinyl reissues Vinyl

Universal Music continue their Thin Lizzy vinyl reissue campaign by re-releasing three classic albums, Nightlife, Fighting and Jailbreak.

Elton John with Ray Cooper / Live in Moscow CD, Vinyl

Initially issued for RSD 2018 on clear vinyl, Elton John‘s Live From Moscow concert recording is now more widely available, with a new black vinyl edition out this week, along with the CD debut of the performance.

Electronic  vinyl reissue

The 2013 remaster of Electronic‘s 1991 album is reissued on vinyl. Not for the first time, since that same remaster was released on vinyl back in 2015. The cover was red then, this time it’s black. This includes ‘Getting Away With It’ which is a great song, but was never on the original album. This means ‘Gangster’ is bumped to the beginning of side two instead of ending side one. Hmm. Still haven’t forgiven EMI for that atrocious 2CD set in 2013.

Sam Cooke / The Complete Keen Years (1957-1960) – 5CD box

The Complete Keen Years (1957 – 1960) five-CD set includes the content of his five originally released Keen LPs plus multiple bonus tracks. Includes a booklet with rare photos and sleeve notes by Michael Corcoran. Issued by Universal Music.




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Brad B

Suppose it wasn’t super or deluxe enough, but Marshall Crenshaw’s rework of his 1996 album “Miracle Of Science” was delivered a week after the announced release date.
Crenshaw fans (are there any in Europe?) will find interesting altered versions of some original tracks and 2 bonus tracks recorded recently.
i appreciate theseconddisc site for alerting me to this reissue and the upcoming reworking of other albums originally released by Mr. Crenshaw on Razor & Tie.

Shawn C.

Anyone else not receive the Electronic vinyl from Amazon US – apparently delayed for several weeks.


Playing the Supergrass – Strange Ones box set picture disc albums now.
Just to let those people know who were wondering what they would sound like, they sound absolutely fine to my ears, (I am however 57 with over 40 years of listening to live music and the associated hearing issues that come with this!)

The whole package is ‘super’ and if you were in two minds about the picture disc aspect I’d say you really have nothing to worry about.


I take it back.

I listen to the ‘Supergrass’ album today at high volume and there is a distinct rumbling as the stylus runs into the first track on both sides and is audible between tracks. :(

Paul Taylor

If you play at high volume then that’s always going to happen. If it sounds fine at a normal volume that should be your benchmark


It’s a bit of a mix of both points of view Paul.
There are lots of albums that I play at high volume without any rumbling.
The sound on the Supergrass picture discs is akin to listening to an album being played outdoors on a windy day, the roar of the wind cutting in when there is a bit of silence, which accidentally or planned, works perfectly for the first track on Side 2 of ‘Life On Other Planets’ Never Done Nothing Like That Before, as they now appear to be outdoors setting off a load of fireworks.

The tracks themselves sound absolutely fine (for example the quieter ‘Mama & Papa sounds perfectly fine and ‘rumble free’ during the track), when played at high or normal volume, but the ‘rumbling windy field’ noise can be heard on both the run ins and the gaps between songs, admittedly more noticeably when played at a higher volume but they are still audible at normal volume.

I can live with a bit of ambient rumbling between tracks so I’m happy but I was aware that some people may be a bit more discerning with vinyl listening and just wanted to let them know what to expect if they were in two minds about purchasing the set.


Lucky the set came with a superior format included, eh? You do have a CD player?

Paul Taylor

Fair points, KevinS, I understand where you’re coming from. I think picture discs today are superior to those of the 70s and 80s, but some of their shortcomings will probably never be overcome.
Glad you’re not completely disappointed with the box set, some of them are quite nice for the money. I got the Nazareth ‘Loud & Proud’ box and it’s possibly my favourite; 41 discs (32 CDs, 9 pieces of vinyl) for just over £100 was great value for money

Ian Harris

Just opened my Pet Shop Boys package from their online store, and the signed print is all crumpled and creased – it looks appalling. Very disappointed at the poor packaging.


At least you have received it. Even in the delivery note it says that the print was sent but nothing…


Really pleased with the new Pet Shop Boys album. Surprisingly good and certainly better than Super (although that shouldn’t be a surprise). Flows quite beautifully. You Are The One, Happy People, and Only The Dark are gorgeous tracks. I just wish they’d used the PSB remix of Dreamland as the album version. Amazing what some jungle drums can do to a pretty bland track.

A bit disappointed that, as I write this, the 2-disc set won’t be in Australian stores after all.

Shawn C.

My mailbox will be full this Friday! Preordered PSB, DM, EJ, and Electronic – weird they’re all coming out at once. Really looking forward to all of them. I absolutely love the Electronic album and am excited about getting on vinyl. I’ve also been a hit or miss DM fan, so doing a deep dive into their entire catalog is going to be enjoyable. A new PSB album is always a delight, with a classic EJ release to top it all off!


Just seen that Amazon are doing Springsteens Live in Dublin and Live in New York for a very reasonable £23.99 each

Jonathan Riley

target.com put the wrong date on the box set for DM. They put it as January 2021 hahah
since i preordered from them I am trying to get them to fix the date since i don’t want to wait to next year but I have the cheapest price you will find on this set due to the b2g1 sale last year so i don’t want to cancel either

Julian Hancock

Amazon UK now appear to be asking a lip smackin’ £219.99 for the Depeche Mode box. Or to put it another way, 2 x Gong boxsets or 1.5. times Bob Dylan’s entire album collection when that came out a few years back ( which would value the DM book at about £70, even discounting the difference between 18 and 45 CDs).

Does make you wonder how Amazon in the States can sell them for less than half the price ?!

Julian Hancock

DM back down to £193 on my Amazon widget !

Rare Glam

I suspect it is to do with rights ownership. Mute in UK seems to have nothing to do with whoever owns the rights to the Mute catalogue in the US. Last year (oe 2018?), a small US indie label licensed the back catalogue of Nitzer Ebb and it came out on vinly (reviewd in SDE) and 2 x CD card sleeved sets that took in loads of re-mixes, singles, etc. In UK Nitzer Ebb’s back catalogue is only available as boring jewel cased single discs with the basic album on. The US editions were /are c.£24 each to buy in UK, just £14 each in US where I got mine from. Now Rhino have licensed the D Mode back catlaogue with a US only release, which is why they can only be got as imports and hence twice the cost as the US. There’s no European distribution rights which would bring the price down.

Julian John Hancock

Thank you. Very interesting.

Rich P

Can’t wait for the new PSB album – need to find some shelf space to fit into the huge PSB collection!


An eBay listing has the Japan-only bonus tracks on Pet Shop Boys Hotspot as:

2 Bonus Tracks For Japan
11. Dreamland
(TWD vocal remix)
12. Monkey business
(Prins Thomas diskomiks)

Very boring choices if that is correct!


Pet Shop Boys being boring. Literally.


Looking forward to my DM box. Found it for £144 from a reliable UK seller on eBay (who imported and sol 25 sets in advance). Can’t see many shifting in UK @ £200 a pop though which seems to be its going rate from Zoom and Amazon UK, why that much? There are hardly any offers for it through UK sellers pre-release probably because of the price. It’s one of those things that there will either be a sudden abundance of for a short while at a reduced price before they disappear forever or they will sell out mainly on pre-order (outside the UK anyway where it is seemingly a bit cheaper).

More generally, I do not see the numbered ‘limited editions’ hanging around for anywhere near as long as they used to. Someone here remarked about the Ronnie Lane SDL set that it would no doubt be offered much cheaper quickly, but try finding one now! The Origin of Muse set was virtually unavailable from primary seller sources within 48 hours of release.

I do think though that even if the exact number of a’limited edition’ remains unspecified, labels are not issuing them in as large quantites as they might have done in the past, not with CD sets or mixed media sets anyway.


Sometimes they’ll go for a repress as happened 2 times with the Tangerine Dream box set, other times they’re gone forever. But you’re right, less quantities are being pressed these days, so generally you’re better to get in quickly otherwise the ridiculous algorithm pricing will gather it into its loving arms and you’ll not seen any change from hundreds of quid.

Jonathan Riley

Got my dm box for around $50 after a target gift card (that target gave me and their b2g1 sale in Novembet


Looking forward to the Pet Shop Boys, and buying my first ever record of theirs. Roll on Friday

Nigel D. Day

Can’t see many of those DM boxes shifting.

10 if they’re lucky ? ‍♂️


Does someone have any idea of how much limited edition Depeche Mode 18cds box MODE is?
If it’s numered SONY should made us aware about the quantity to be available. Isn’t it?

Chris Squires

If it’s anything like the “limited edition” 12” vinyl boxes it’ll be in the tens of thousands. Same with the U2 songs blue box I would scarcely call 40 odd thousand “limited” with all that has been said this weekend, it’s the height of optimism and the fact they number them strikes me as odd. I can understand why you would number 500 or 1,000 but 20,000+? I could be wrong but I have a feeling there will be more than one SDE deal alert for DM in the next 12 months.


It’s all marketing [and gauging the fans].

David Bly

Yes, the “limited” things that have large numbers are a tad sad.
I ended up getting the US “Three” 12″ for Record Store Day, even though (or perhaps because) I have an original Irish copy.
I was surprised that it was limited to 17,000!
Even though U2 are big, I can’t imagine that 17,000 people in the world would by that, especially as many haven’t a clue about what it is.


“Limited edition” has proven to be quite vague. Almost never is it truly limited and if it is, they printed so many, it might as well not be limited. To make things even more confusing, in some countries certain box sets are labeled “limited edition”, while in other countries the same box set is released as a “regular.” The Prince 1999 box is fascinating. In France it is labeled “limited edition” and it is readily available, while in the USA it is a “regular” release but sold out (CD box).
A printed number doesn’t say much either. I just bought The Police “Message In A Box” and it was numbered. I paid about $30 + shipping for a mint copy. Still easily available.
I have a numbered Paul McCartney “unplugged live” CD and I believe it is still available now on Amazon (numbered or not).
The Tangerine Dream box “In Search of Hades” was sold out in a heartbeat. They printed more and I think even more after that. It is available everywhere now for a decent price.
Then again, The Camouflage album “Voices and Images” was reissued as a 2cd deluxe and sold out in 3 months. The same for their second album “Methods Of Silence” which was just reissued as a 2cd and already sold out. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why something goes out of print or not.

Derek Langsford

I had not heard about the latest Camouflage release. Must not have checked their website for several months. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned on SDE, or did I miss that as well?

Went searching and had to pay a lot more to get a copy though not what is being asked on eBay or Amazon (.co, .de. or .co.uk).

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


The Meters: Gettin’ Funkier All The Time: The Complete Josie / Reprise & Warner Recordings (1968-1977) (6CD Box Set)



Nice!! Thanks for the heads up. Its a funky funky miracle.

David Bly

That’s great!
A couple of months ago, George Porter, Jr. (The Meters’ bassist) had a trio that played in my town and I was lucky enough to get him to autograph an orange vinyl edition of “Fire On The Bayou” and 2 original copies of “Look-Ka-Py-Py” – one American and one Canadian.
Wish I had had this set with me then.

O(+> Peter B

Thanks @RJS. I found the 7″of Stretch Your Rubber Band/Groovy Lady for AUD$1 in the 90s – one of my best scores – these are my favourite Meters tracks but had never seen them in any digital form until now. Groovy Lady has been sampled by Jungle Brothers and LL Cool J, among others.

Alan B

White vinyl exclusive of the Electronic LP available from the Rhino Store. I still have my 1991 original Factory Records pressing and an autographed (Sumner, Marr, Tennant and Lowe) white label 1991 original.

David Collie

Thanks for heads up on that Alan


I think someone mention the Opal re-releases Happy Nightmare Baby & Early Recordings in a new year post. These were due this week after being delayed from last year. The release date has been bumped again to the 31st Jan.


After the weekend reading of what is wrong with the music industry – and brilliant reading it is – it is good to anticipate The Pet Shop Boys release and congratulate them on doing something that fans appreciate and value. The free signed print with album purchase is something to look forward to (let’s hope the names aren’t illegible scrawls!), and show that the artists can get things right when some thought and effort is applied.

I’m looking forward to hearing the instrumental versions of the album – something that was also enjoyable from the REM out of time release.