Out This Week / on 24 May 2019

Stephen Duffy / I Love My Friends deluxe vinyl and CD reissue

Stephen Duffy / I Love My Friends CD, Vinyl

Stephen Duffy‘s 1997 album I Love My Friends is reissued by Pete Paphides’ new label Needle Mythology on vinyl and double CD. A handful of signed vinyl LPs and CDs still available but don’t hang around.

Kate Bush / Cloudbusting 12-inch picture disc Vinyl

Kate Bush releases a four-track 12-inch picture disc of her 1985 single ‘Cloudbusting’. This is only available in one retailer per territory. E.g. HMV in the UK, JPC in Germany and FNAC in France.

Sting / My Songs new album

Sting / My Songs CD, Vinyl

This accurately titled Sting album features hits that have been ‘reconstructed,’ ‘refitted,’ or ‘reframed’. CD editions issued a couple of weeks ago, but the album is out on vinyl this week. Suggest you read the SDE review before stumping up for this one.

Blancmange / The Blanc Tapes 6LP box Vinyl

London Records release a limited edition six-LP vinyl box of Blancmange‘s The Blanc Tapes. Signed editions still available.

Ian Broudie / Tales Told reissue CD, Vinyl

Ian Broudie‘s 2004 solo album Tales Told has been remastered and is reissued with bonus tracks on CD and vinyl. Signed copies of CD and vinyl still available via the SDE shop.

Joan As Police Woman / JOANTHOLOGY CD, Vinyl

If you haven’t yet explored the output of Joan As Police Woman, what are you waiting for? She is making it very easy for you by putting together JOANTHOLOGY a three-CD retrospective that pulls highlights from all five official studio albums and some other ad-hoc projects. Essential purchase, especially at the price.

Toto / All In CD box set CD, Box Set

Toto reissue their back catalog as a 13CD box set. All albums are remastered.

Primal Scream / Maximum Rock 'n' Roll CD, Vinyl

This new hits collection features most of Primal Scream’s singles from across their career, and will be available as a two-CD set and as two double vinyl packages.

The Waterboys / Where The Action Is CD, Vinyl

The Waterboys new album, Where the Action Is, is released this week. Exclusive coloured vinyl is available via their webstore.

The La's / BBC In Session Vinyl

First time on vinyl for The La’s ‘BBC In Session’ which was originally released back in 2006 on CD. A green coloured vinyl pressing, to boot.

Morrissey / California Son CD, Vinyl

Morrissey releases a new studio album, California Son, which sees him covering a diverse variety of tracks from the 1960s and 1970s, including some originally recorded by Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison.

Steve Miller Band / Complete Albums vol 2

Following on from last year’s Complete Albums Volume 1 (1968-1976) 9LP vinyl box comes a second volume, presenting nine more Steve Miller Band studio albums. Complete Albums Volume 2 (1977-2011) is another 9LP vinyl set.

Compare prices and pre-order

Steve Miller Band

Complete Albums Volume 2 (1977-2011) [VINYL]


Simple Minds / Big Music (2CD deluxe)

Various vinyl and CD reissues of Simple Minds albums this week from Demon, including this well-priced 2CD deluxe of 2014’s Big Music.

Compare prices and pre-order

Simple Minds

Big Music


Tears For Fears / The Hurting vinyl LP

Universal repress the 2013 vinyl remaster of Tears For Fears‘ 1983 debut, The Hurting.

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Tears For Fears

The Hurting [VINYL]


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Barry Giles

I Love My Friends vinyl arrived today superbly packaged.
What a thing of beauty.
Thanks Paul


Just received my CD and LP copies of I Love My Friends.
Playing the vinyl now.

Wasn’t sure about the reimagined cover originally as I really love the blue of the original however the new design works really well – the gatefold vinyl in particular is lovely.
I hadn’t realised I was ordering signed copies so that was a nice bonus too.

The postal packaging was great too – the items arrived safe and sound.
Many thanks Paul.


Hi Paul
Thanks for sending the cd of I Love My Friends, received yesterday.
A lovely piece of work all round!


Just nipped into Sainsburys for a couple of bits & noticed somebody was putting a couple of Sainsburys “exclusive”-stickered records out on the shelves. One was 60s girl-group compilation, on pink vinyl (not sure of the name, but the first track was “leader of the pack” by The Shangri las.

The second title was T.Rex “Gold” which, according to the sticker, was a “Sainsburys exclusive 2 x 180g gold vinyl”. I’m pretty sure this was originally released on gold vinyl anyway, but the jargon on the back did say (c) 2019 Demon music. So maybe a repress.

I don’t know if any other stores have different titles on sale.

Paul Kent

The Fall’s first 2 albums are reissued by Cherry Red on Friday to kick off their Fall Sound Archive series. Newly remastered 3-CD deluxes and coloured vinyls with bonus 7″ singles.


Stephen Rickard

Bowie’s Diamond Dogs gets a 45th anniversary reissue on Friday. Pressed on red vinyl and available from bricks and mortar stores only.


Kate has listed the retailers for the ‘Cloudbusting’ picture disc on her website.

Not quite one retailer per territory. Australia has over a dozen, for example, as does the Netherlands.



TBH, I’d prefer it if Kate just sold it through her website like the last one, but she probably got tired of the lines at the local post office and filling out export duty forms.


Do some countries, like the Netherlands, have a nationwide chain these days? Is it a case where it’s effectively 30 sellers with only 1-2 branches each? I have no idea: just hypothesising.

Mark Phillips

I believe there’s a 4 track Morrissey single coming out (now on Spotify) with Lady Willpower as the main track but 3 non album tracks too. I’ve listened to it and while he makes an OK fist of it, it’s not as good as the Gary Puckett (or Gary Puke-it as a friend once misread) version IMO. A cover should either improve on the original or be sufficiently different to be interesting, otherwise it’s karaoke.


Also this week, John Lennon’s 1967 film How I Won The War finally makes it to Blu-Ray in Europe. Available as a DVD/Blu Ray combination only and with a host of extra features, although none involve Lennon. An interview with director Richard Lester and a rarely seen short film by the Scaffold are included.


Are the Simple Minds reissues remastered versions?

I’ve got the albums except Graffiti Soul already, I might just buy the tracks I’m missing to save forking out for the whole album again.

Michael Kelly

Hi Elliot. Not remastered but worth buying for the 2nd cds and the packaging. I got them all in the rejuvenation box set cd and vinyl but will be buying them individually also for the packaging.

Paul E.

Hello Paul – I tried ordering a few items today from Amazon UK and, in both instances, am getting a message “This item does not ship to the United States”. Those were for the new Sting & Simple Minds Deluxe CD Sets- I have The Waterboys + MOZ already pending as an order as they were pre-ordered over a month ago and didn’t receive a message back to state they can’t ship now /they seem like they are staged to ship. Concerned as those Morrisey and Waterboys sets also show (as of today/checked a few moments ago) undeliverable to the US per Amazon UK. Do you know what’s going on? Appreciate your direction here and thank you for your help.

Paul E.

Looks like Amazon UK got things sorted and items are now shipping to the US as per the usual.

Alan B

I see Bloc Party have a live version of their debut album Silent Alarm on pre order from their web store. There are various bundles available but they have one bundle that is totally ridiculous. There is a “boxset bundle” (even though there is picture of a box or any mention of one in the description (which consists of LP, CD, T-shirt, tour booklet, print and tour laminate for £100. It’s very expensive especially when you you can get everything except the tour laminate (only available with this bundle) via a combination of other bundles for £57! So if you want that laminate (cost about 10p surely) you will have to stump up £43. Someone has made a massive mis-calculation on price here and surely no one will be daft enough to go for it.

Dave H

Don’t forget the box for the boxset!

I understand what you’re saying, there must be something else included to push the price up to £100, maybe it’s signed?

Alan B

I can see no picture of a box on the photo they have and nothing is signed. Even if a box is included £43 is ridiculous for that and a cheap laminate. Given that normally you get a few tasty extras thrown in for the same price or a price reduction for a complete bundle this should be priced at £50 to £55 given the prices in the other bundles.