Out This Week / on 24 November 2017

The Eagles / Hotel California 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set

Eagles / Hotel California (40th anniversary super deluxe)

The super deluxe edition of the Eagles 1977 album is a three disc set consisting of a remastered version of the original album, a live disc and a blu-ray audio with a 5.1 mix of the album. Not cheap. Read more

Ramones / Rocket to Russia (super deluxe edition)

40th anniversary edition of the the Ramones‘ 1977 album is a 3CD+LP set and features two mixes of the album, and two further discs with rare and unreleased recordings and an unissued live concert. Read more

ELO / Out Of The Blue (2LP vinyl picture disc)

Much delayed, but this ludicrously desirable double vinyl picture disc of ELO‘s Out Of The Blue is released on Friday. Don’t expect it to sound great, but you’ll likely already own the album, anyway! Read more

XTC / Black Sea (CD+Blu-ray)

XTC continue to put out reissues that offer incredible content and value. Their 1980 album Black Sea features in this new two-disc set and includes 5.1 surround sound mixes and new stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a host of extra audio and visual material. Read more

The Fall / The Singles 1978-2016 

Massive seven-CD Fall box set that gathers all their A and B-sides across a near forty year period. A three-CD edition with just the A-sides is also available.  Read more

Yes / Topographic Drama: Live Across America 

This new live album features recordings from Yes‘ 2016 tour where they performed their 1980 album Drama in its entirety, together with sides one and four of their 1973 classic Tales from Topographic OceansRead more

The Small Faces / Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (vinyl reissue)

This is a newly remastered version of The Small Faces‘ 1968 album, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, is a single LP pressed on 180g vinyl complete with a 4-page booklet.

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Small Faces

Ogden's Nut Gone Flake vinyl LP


Phil Collins / Take A Look At Me Now (8CD box set)

The ‘cheap’ version of this Phil Collins box of remasters came out last week, but the version out this week (still great value) features enhanced presentation in the way of  discs packaged in gatefold sleeves. Read more

Tom Waits / Alice (vinyl reissue)

A few Tom Waits vinyl reissues out this week, including SDE’s favourite, the utterly sublime Alice.

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Tom Waits

Alice vinyl LP


Björk / Utopia (new album)

Björk‘s ninth (international) studio album is released this week. It has 14 tracks and a running time of 71 minutes. Unsurprisingly, the vinyl is 2LP. It comes with a download.

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Utopia deluxe CD


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Utopia 2LP vinyl


Bonnie Tyler / Remixes and Rarities / 2CD collection

Bonnie Tyler / Remixes and Rarities (2CD)

Cherry Red’s occasional Remixes and Rarities series continues with this new Bonnie Tyler double-disc collection. Read more

Elvis / Moody Blue (limited edition blue vinyl)

Sony issue a limited edition blue vinyl LP of Elvis Presley‘s last studio album to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original release. Read more

Bananarama / The Greatest Hits Collection (2CD)

This expanded edition of Bananarama‘s 1988 compilation features three bonus tracks on the first disc and an extra disc of 12-inch remixes. Read more

Elbow / The Best Of Elbow

New Elbow compilation which features their version of The BeatlesGolden Slumbers (as featured in the John Lewis Christmas advert). The deluxe edition is a two-disc set.

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The Best Of Elbow - 2CD deluxe


Elvis Presley / Elvis Christmas

More Elvis. This time The King with the ‘Philharmonic’ treatment and an album of Christmas songs.

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Presley, Elvis

Elvis Christmas deluxe CD


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Anyone know where the new Bjork LP will be pressed. Her last run of colored vinyls were pure junk– plagued by everything you hate about vinyl and then some. Would not buy another colored vinyl from One Little Indian records unless I knew it was pressed at Pallas, MPO, or QRP. GZ Vinyl is likely– and their quality control is still Soviet era– meaning abysmal.


Bjork last album is also available on colored vinyl on the Rough Trade website


The band calling itself Yes needs to stop.


Bjork looks like a character from Dr. Who on that cover. Nevermind Morrissey they shoild cover her up with a slip-case!!! Always thought she was trying to be yoko ono, both a pair of odd bods imo


Big Country was supposed to be out this week but i see it’s moved to the 1st December now. On that subject does anybody know if the live concerts on these have been remastered or are they seriously just going to release them as they are in bootleg quality.

Gary C

Up on Spotify and sounds pretty good so far


No doubt Bjork will come out on coloured vinyl.


Bjork. Peach vinyl. Rough trade exclusive.

Alan B

There is a slipcase version of the new Morrissey album doing the rounds on Ebay at the moment. I read on a forum that someone got a copy at their local Morrisons supermarket where they had loads. Just been to my local Asda where they had several copies and picked up a copy.

I’m guessing that the slipcase case edition which features the back cover artwork (banner says My Parents are a Handful” as opposed to the “Axe the Monarchy” ) is for supermarkets only where some little old ladies might be offended by the album cover browsing the CDs so they covered them up in a slipcase to keep supermarket shoppers sweet.


Best place for Morrisey is in Morrisons Shirley lol ?


Ha, Morrisey on sale at Morrisons….perhaps next it’ll be Tom Waits on sale at Waitrose, perhaps even Bjork on sale in Iceland


Also a Wilson Pickett complete Atlantic Albums set, 10 CDs for about £26

elliott buckingham

so thats who killed golden slumbers.

Stevie B

God awful cover in my opinion

andrew R

Thank god i thought it was just me . Appalling cover version that loses its point robbed of the linking pieces carry that weight etc. Also had the unmitigated pleasure of Cretin(chris ) Evans
playing it twice on his show because it is “such a work of genius” Bah humbug i say


Couldnt disagree more, enhances the beauty of the song. Yep, its not the Medley but darn good version.

CJ Feeney

The 2 disc best of elbow has the John Grant duet version of Kindling (FIckle Flame) on disc 2. Neither disc has First Steps, the 2012 Olympics theme that they wrote for the BBC coverage. Very annoying release.


Also this week…similar to the Elvis set is an Aretha Franklin with the royal philharmonic orchestra…called a Brand New Me out on the 24th. And in case you are into this sort of thing and missed it…there was also an Ella Fitzgerald one called Soneone To Watch Over Me. Not sure when came out. So that’s 3 Elvis sets, a Roy Orbison, Aretha and Ella…who could be next? Johnny Cash might be interesting…

Stevie B

I hope it’s the Beethoven?

Bjork’s not looking so well.


Is it just me or is the site very slow today ?