Out This Week / on 25 September 2020

Prince / Sign O' The Times CD, Vinyl, DVD

Prince‘s 1987 album Sign O’ The Times is reissued by Warner Records and amongst the formats are two enormous CD and vinyl super deluxe editions that offer a massive 63 previously unreleased tracks, including 45 studio ‘vault’ tracks.

Lou Reed / New York deluxe edition

Lou Reed / New York CD, Vinyl, DVD

Lou Reed‘s 1989 album New York is reissued as an expansive deluxe edition for its 30th anniversary.

The Rolling Stones / Steel Wheels Live CD, Vinyl, Blu-ray, DVD

The Rolling Stones issue a previously unreleased 1989 concert film Steel Wheels Live – Atlantic City, New Jersey in September across a large number of audio and video formats.

Guns N' Roses / Greatest Hits 2LP vinyl Vinyl

Guns N’ Roses Greatest Hits album (first issued in 2004) will be released on vinyl for the first time, with a limited splatter vinyl available for those who are interested.

Various Artists / Eddie Pillar presents: The Mod Revival CD, Vinyl

Acid Jazz founder Eddie Piller turns his attention to the Mod movement by curating a new four-CD set (and 2LP vinyl), The Mod Revival.

Bruce Cockburn / True North 50th anniversary box set Vinyl

Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn celebrates his 50 years in music with a limited edition vinyl box set – signed by the man himself. Still available in Amazon France for €45 (!) there are various release dates knocking around, so this Friday isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

Elliot Smith / 25th anniversary two-disc edition

Elliot Smith / Elliot Smith CD, Vinyl

Elliott Smith’s self-titled second album is being reissued for its 25th anniversary with a bonus disc “documenting the earliest known recording of Smith performing as a solo act”. 2LP vinyl or 2CD set. Already out in the USA, this is finally released in the UK on Friday.

Mercury Rev / The Secret Migration (5CD deluxe)

Five-CD Mercury Rev reissue features the original album, a second disc of B-sides and previously unissued outtakes, a third disc of unheard demos and a fourth CD of in-concert material culled from shows around the globe (also, previously unreleased). The final CD revisits the band’s subsequent soundtrack album, Hello Blackbird.

Bob Marley / Live at the Rainbow (2LP vinyl)

Live at the Rainbow: 4th June 1977 is an historic live recording that catches Bob Marley and the Wailers in their final, exultant show on a shortened Exodus tour. On vinyl for the first time, the 2LP set is the result of recovered and remastered analog audio placed back in its original performance sequence. Includes liner notes by author Chris Salewicz, who was at the original show. This is an Amazon exclusive.

Various artists / Hackers soundtrack

The soundtrack to Iain Softley’s 1995 film Hackers is significantly improved with this 25th anniversary 2CD reissue. It includes some songs not on the original (such as ‘Protection’ by Massive Attack and ‘Open Up’ by Leftfield) and also features nine unreleased score tracks including Guy Pratt’s excellent ‘Grand Central Station’ which features David Gilmour. A vinyl version is available on this weekend’s second ‘drop day’ for Record Store Day.

Compare prices and pre-order

Various Artists



Slade / Cum On Feel The Hitz

New Slade ‘best of’.Double CD offers 43 tracks while and a 2LP vinyl set features 24 songs.

Kevin Rowland / My Beauty

Kevin Rowland‘s 1999 album is reissued on CD with its originally intended track-listing (and two bonus tracks) and it’s also the first time it has been available on vinyl.


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Well, I broke the promise I made on another thread – I’ve ordered ‘SOTT’ from Amazon Australia.

*prepares for disappointment*

My ImportCDs order got cancelled (problem with my credit card) but when I tried to re-order, they said they weren’t shipping it to Australia anymore. :( That annoyed me because it was my cheapest option by $40 (AUD)!

I still had my JPC order, but I decided to cancel that – I thought if there’s a problem, it would be much easier/cheaper to return locally than to send all the way back to Germany.

But I now notice the Amazon Au listing only offers it from Amazon US. When it was still a pre-order, it was coming from Amazon Au at a cheaper price. I decided to change it to a 3rd party order from MplusL.

I’ve never used MplusL before. Good? Bad?

I don’t know where they are, but the estimated delivery date is late NOVEMBER so I’m assuming they’re not in Australia.



MplusL has mixed reviews on Amazon AU, with some complaints about poorly packaged vinyl products and missing shipments. Check out their profile page at https://www.amazon.com.au/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B08BMSF4XT&isAmazonFulfilled=0&ref_=olp_merch_name_1&seller=A9984P3NNMJCE

I’m not sure why you chose to purchase from them as their price is (currently) over AUS$70 more expensive than getting directly from Amazon AU themselves.

I too noticed that ImportCDs won’t ship the SotT Super Deluxe down under, which is frustrating. Especially now that my JBHifi order is delayed, as a recent email from them states “Today we’ve heard from our local supplier that the stock set to arrive to NZ has had issues and that the stock won’t be arriving for the release date. At this stage we’re expecting things will be resolved in one to two weeks, as we have a few options for securing more stock.”

“a few options” seems slightly dicey to me, and I’m fearful of a cancellation being announced after the 2 weeks are up. My only other option that will currently ship to NZ is Amazon US, at a premium price.


At the time I ordered from MplusL, the price was $230 (including postage) which was cheaper than Amazon Au ($237, free postage). But the MplusL price seems to be jumping up and up – I checked just a few moments ago it’s now close to $370. Yeesh!

I’m sure I’ll regret cancelling my JPC order.


Also out this week is ‘Between a Breath and a Breath’ by Dyble Longdon. It’s the final album by Judy Dyble, (ex Fairport Convention, Trader Horne & solo career) who sadly passed away recently, in collaboration with David Longdon of Prog band Big Big Train.


Picked up my SOTT CD box this afternoon from LOVE MUSIC in Glasgow.
Be warned folks:-
1. Wash your hands before opening the book. Most pages are black and show up the slightest of fingerprints.
2. Peach text on black pages is not the easiest combination to read so make sure you’ve had your eyes tested recently!
3. Most importantly – get the discs out as carefully as you can from the pockets in the book as it’s very difficult. First disc I extracted already has scuff marks. I’ll put them all in a couple of spare multi-disc jewel cases (as I normally do with box sets when I’m going be playing them a lot). I certainly won’t be putting them back into the book. I happen to have been playing the Police – Message in a Box (e-a-r book version) recently. The four discs are contained inside the front cover on four ‘buttons’ with the thick cardboard slightly recessed so playing surfaces of the discs are not in contact with the inside of the book cover. The ‘Simply…Dusty’ book/set I have is similar. A perfect design that should have become standard for these book style box sets.

Apart from these moans (and the not so slight matter of those missing tracks that should have been included) this is still an essential purchase. The thick packaging cardboard has the SOTT symbol on it. The book containing the discs is contained within a slip case which is slimmer than I expected it to be. The shrink rap can easily be trimmed to remain intact with the stickers in place on the front and to keep the separate backing sheet containing track listing attached to the rear.
Happy listening all. Looking forward to seeing your unboxing video Paul and to hear your opinion.


108 songs from the SotT SDE dumped on YouTube today, so you can listen to those if your delivery is delayed like mine is.


I miscounted. 92 tracks, plus the Paisley Park concert in whole. (for some reason my subscriptions page had duplicated some of the releases).


Just got shipment confirmation of the Prince super deluxe! For US fans without an order in yet, I went to importcds.com – had no issues with them in the past despite the site’s lackluster appearance. $113 and change plus shipping :)


Prince box just arrived from the SDE shop a day before release!!! Thank you soooooo much Paul. The box alone is a work of art. Almost a shame to open it. :) I have though and the content inside is phenomenal!! And in perfect condition. Dont mess about…. order from the SDE shop if you want the BEST service!! One VERY happy customer here.

Dave H

Preordered the Prince deluxe cd box from Amazon Italy a long time ago but it still hasn’t shipped and expected delivery is now October 5th. This is not the first time Amazon Italy offered the best preorder price but fail to deliver on release day. The last time I preordered from them my order was endlessly delayed and ended up being cancelled (Go-Betweens vinyl box). I give up and will cancel my order. The Prince deluxe cd box is in stock at one of my local stores and I will happily pay the £35 extra to have it on release day.


@Dave H:

I received a shipping confirmation for the SOTT-cd-box from amazon Italy last night claiming it should arrive here in Germany on monday.
If they managed to pack it carefully enough to not damage the content during transit i’ll be happy – about 106 Euro including shipping from Italy to Germany.


It came one day later than they originally stated (meaning Tuesday) but the packaging was fine and unharmed (peace sign box inside bigger outer amazon box) and i already had started listening to the whole affair when it appeared on Spotify last Friday…
Interestingly my copy has the sticker on the shrinkwrap in French language, so the copies of these seem to be shifting between the several national amazon sites.


Hi paul do you send out emails when orders have been dispatched as I have not had one yet for my prince box set


Ok paul thats great, i’m just happy to know i’m def getting a copy:)


Same day as vienna as well:) that is going to be a great weekend:) Thanks paul!

CJ Feeney

Has anyone who ordered Bruce Cockburn True North from Am.fr or anywhere else got a despatch update or any kind of delivery estimate?

Nothing for me from France, just “we’ll let you know” on my account page.


I just received the expected email from Amazon to say that the SOTT super deluxe set is now expected on October 9th. Surprised much ???

Andrew Abley

Kevin Rowland My Beauty really cannot wait for the vinyl to arrive. Never understood people’s dislike of this album. Really like this album and find that it is Kevin at his rawest. Even all these years later, people cannot look past the cover. Strange world, brilliant album and an all-time classic.
On the note of CD v Vinyl, i have recently played I Trawl the Megahertz on CD. Nothing wrong with the vinyl just had to keep my head down and get work out the door so i couldn’t stop every 20 minutes. On listening to the CD, i think this is an album that is so much more cohesive on CD and flows. Strange but true, not often I find albums I like better on CD.
Thanks again Paul for the website.

Larry Davis

The 3 key releases out this week I have on pre-order are the Prince SOTT CD SDE from Amazon Italy (when it comes, it comes)…new Bob Mould “Blue Hearts” (out in advance of the big box) & new one from Outlaw Country/Rock & Roll band Reckless Kelly, a double album called “American Jackpot/American Girls”…saw them for the first time a year & a half ago on my first Outlaw Country Cruise #4 and blew me away…they were like a great hybrid of Neil Young/Crazy Horse, Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band & Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, but also wholly original, great songwriting and kick-ass live rocking band…and they’ve been around almost 30 years…


Got an email from my local independent record store today to inform me the all SOTT box sets have arrived and all orders covered . SDE kindly despatched my Peach 2lp version yesterday evening and should be with me shortly and The Official Prince Store delivered the 7 inch box set mid August.
I think the issue maybe with Amazon. They emailed me regarding Tears For Fear Seeds of Love box will be delayed shipping by a week and the same with U2 reissue so I’m switching back to SDE and Local store for future orders.



I purchased mine through JBHifi here in NZ. As I mentioned in another post, they have indicated a delay of up to 2 weeks, so it is not just Amazon.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi paul. i hope everything is alright with you and your family. united kingdom is in the second covid19 wave now and other countries are also more than high. let prudence and good music guide us throuh this forthcoming hard and challenging winter ! daniel

graeme ewan

thanks from the UK Daniel, but i think i personally come here for non covid reasons. Take care and I appreciate your genuine concern. we will all be ok.


Fleet Foxes have issued a new full album today called Shore it is available for streaming at their site. Physical copies due in Feb 2021. And it is simply gorgeous


Yes – I’ve had the new Fleet Foxes on repeat all day – what a great surprise. Stunning – best since the first album in my book. I’ve ordered the gorgeous looking blue swirl vinyl with lovely etching – shame we have to wait until Feb though.
Some great new American music coming through in the next month. The new Eels tracks are great and the deluxe Vinyl box set Looks fabulous. The Matt Berninger stuff is up there with the National – and produced by Booker T.


It’s interesting to observe the amount of comment and strong feelings about the Kevin rowland cover. Including those by Kevin himself in that important guardian article.(linked below)
Over time, Dexys and Kevin’s cover art has contributed towards my overall appreciation of their/his work. The arrogance, the poise, the moodiness, the style. As I stated earlier, I struggled with the my beauty cover, that’s part of my journey as a human and I’d go so far as to credit this Kevin cover and Philippa York with helping me on my journey towards simple acceptance. Ta Kevin, ta Philippa.

Moving on slightly, Why I wonder hasn’t there been any comparitive noise about the slade cover? Slade are rightly considered one of the greatest live bands, and lyrically they are up there with the best. yet I am not alone in considering their album covers weak and unrepresentative of the greatness of their music.
Have some of their four faces/people and no particular mood covers had a negative impact on their legacy sales and their presence in record collections. I think it’s possible.

Phil Fogel

Does the Prince Sign O The Times double Peach vinyl come with a download code?


Pre-ordered SOTT (US$113) already shipping from Import CDs.


I have just had an email from the shop I pre-ordered the SotT SDE from here in N.Z. Apparently the stock designated to be shipped to N.Z. has “issues” and will not be available on release date. Further, there will be up to a 2 week delay getting the problem sorted. They do not state whether that this is a global problem but, if there is something wrong with the manufacturing, that could be likely.


Good to see that the new Hackers soundtrack is going to be on CD with seven score tracks that are not on the vinyl. That’s a compulsory purchase for me.

However, the official description is not quite correct. One of the nine “unreleased” score tracks – Diskette (2m 4s) – was previously released on the “Hackers 3” CD.

Oddly, that 1999 release also included a Simon Boswell score track “Launch DiVinci” which is not listed on the new Hackers CD. However, it might have been retitled and/or incorporated into a longer track.

Incidentally I had the pleasure to chat with Simon Boswell and the film’s director Iain Softley after a special screening at London’s Prince Charles theatre. Lovely guys. I just wish I’d taken my Burn Cycle soundtrack CD for Mr Boswell to sign!

joel ivins

kevin rowlands much debated cover is fabulous…he is cute, with a cute body, wearing what he wants…i will be listening to it on the way home, as I have never seen this album until today…i did read the guardian article that was posted somewhere in the comments…it is so funny when people get so bent out of shape…it also makes me sad that they are so ill at ease with themselves that they take it out on others


I’m nervous about my SOTT pre-order with Amazon. I ordered the day it was announced, and my order status is still saying they’ll email me when they have a delivery estimate. I was really counting on getting it this week. Now I’m worried I might not get it at all if they’ve messed up their orders.


I wouldn’t be worried as I have received the same and ordered the same time as you. Probably just a slight delay if any. Incidentally, I noticed a picture of all the SOTT products in a warehouse. Good news is that they all are individually packaged in a cardboard box with the Prince-style peace symbol on them.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

What a week this isgonna be, I’m expecting:

Steel Wheels S.E. box
Bruce Cockburn box, if Am. Fr. keep their promise.
Lou Reed S.E box – mixing LPs & CDs is OK by me I collet both
Mercury Rev 5CD box plus the Hell Blackbird LP
The Big Country box
Steve Hackett – Selling England/Spectral Mornings 2CD/Bluray
Pretty Things – Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood, The Pretties final studio album (LP & CD
Ray Thomas – Words And Music

Those are on top of what’s been a busy September, the thing is October is gonna be crazier………
……and now Shakey’s announced Archives 2 for November!

David Fisher

Hey Mr/Mrs/Miss Golden Age! Thanks for the heads up on a new PRETTY THINGS album. I didn’t know there as one. Just ordered it on vinyl and CD. Getting expensive – Stones and Reed on order already and now you say Neil has finally got around to releasing archives 2!!! Pity it won’t be on blu ray like the last box. :-)

Mr. Golden Age Of The Phonograph

No probs David. For me The Pretty Things are/were the only 60`s band to be still releasing relevant music into the 00`s. Probably the most underrated English band ever.

I agree about Archives 2, I have the Archives 1 Bluray box and it`s a fine box. Apparently despite selling out the Archives 1 Bluray box lost money.


Yep – this is the big week.
SOTT super deluxe and Lou Reed NY dlx.
Also some great new releases from IDLES, Sufjan Stevens and the new Bob Mould Blue Hearts album.
And the continuing The Fall reissues and the Mark E. Smith solo album clear vinyls.
Then October with New Order PC&L, Suede, Matt Berninger, Kraftwerk, Bob Mould deluxe box. And new albums from Bruce, Eels and Future Islands.
Also the Stones Goats Head Soup alternate cover clear vinyl which has been delayed to Oct 16th for some reason.
A crazy amount of releases over the next month or so – interesting to know if it’s down to covid 19 in some way – or is this the vinyl revival reaching critical mass.
If we have another lockdown I should have enough music to keep me going – although with a heavily depleted bank account. Will have to go foraging for food. Stay safe all.

Ian Smith

Paul any idea when we will get to see your SOTT unboxing video?

Matthew James

Anyone have any information on the k.d. lang All You Can Eat vinyl reissue? It was supposed to come out this summer but was pushed back to 25 September. Some sellers were considering it a Record Store Day release, which it’s not officially. Now Amazon moved the release back to January 2021, but I’m not seeing this date everywhere. Is it an indie exclusive first? Is it only being released in UK/Europe?

Matthew James

Thanks for the information, Paul!


Amazon dropped me a note to let me know that my SOTT SDE would be in my hands 4 days later. AAARGH! First World Problems.


Mercury Rev’s SDE of All Is Dream came out the same week as Prince’s 1999 SDE and now The Secret Migration comes out the same week as SOTT. Coincidence?




They’re both completely brilliant, maybethat could be the connection? ;)

Peter Muscutt

Please excuse the diversion, however as we have another Record Store Day “drop” coming up, this inspired me to compose some lyrics (or is it a poem?) on the topic, which I hope you will humour me by publishing in the comments…

“Vinyl Flippers”
Vinyl’s back in a massive way
Thanks in part, to Record Store Day
Queuing up at four in the morning
Outside a record store when the day is dawning

Got my list of LPs that I need
Will the shop have copies? One has to believe!
But I’ll have to wait, and I’ll have to see
‘Cos there’s already twelve punters ahead of me

I trawl the shelves of the rare releases
But they’ve sold out leaving me defeated
So I trudge back home – might go back to bed
But I log on and search for vinyl instead

The air turns blue and bad words I say
When the record that I need is there on eBay
It’s being flogged by some bloke called Sid
He’s got on a ‘Buy It Now’ at two-hundred quid

So am I buying it? Am I heck!
The missus she would surely wring my neck
But when she’s out and with low morale
I grit my teeth and log into Paypal

These bloody flippers they are the worst
They make you feel sour as you empty your purse
Oh some may claim that its supply and demand
But they charge the Earth, and so they should be damned

Oh I really covet picture discs released by Bis
But the extortionate re-sale prices take the piss
So will I try again? Well, that just depends
Oh look, it’s Record Store Day – here again!

(I might look into getting the track recorded, and then released for one day only – possibly via mail order and with no CD edition, in a run of 250 invisible 12″ singles, priced at £59.99 each. Any takers (?))

Timm Davison

Hilarious, and true! Well done!

Martyn Alner

That’s brilliant!


Got a good laugh out of this Peter, thank you and well done!


There’s a German band called ‘The Flippers’ – with a name like that, they’d be the perfect choice for recording it. Especially as they’re technically called ‘Die Flippers’, which is what we all mutter under our breaths when we see the eBay prices…and then pay them. :(


Peter Muscutt

I might let them see my lyrics, gwynogue – they might get a top 20 hit from it!!

Mark Francis

Does it come with a matching invisible sweater?


@Peter Muscutt:

Just happened to read your poem (?) and especially gwynogue’s answer made me LMFAO (which happens to be a band too, check them out on Discogs).
As i’m German i can assure you that they began recording waaay before eBay was founded so they almost certainly were named after the cute dolphin from the US-tv-show.
The other widely known meaning of the word “Flipper” in Germany is the common translation for what is called “pinball machine” in English.
Oh, and please don’t let them have another top 20-success with your lyrics Peter ‘cos they perform German Schlager music at its worst (think Modern Talking with German lyrics and performers who are about the same age as The Rolling Stones) ;-))


Slade vinyl ordered!


I’m getting a bit nervous about my Amazon (Italy) order of SOTT. Not only delayed to next week but now no longer showing as available on their website. Hoping they don’t have stock issues :-(


Amazon US delivering mine September 29.


Me too

Steve M

Echo that! Especially given the subsequent reductions identified by Paul on this site which I resisted.


SOTT been unable to order for ages. on Amazon.IT. Just after it dropped to the price we all ordered at.


Last I heard from Amazon.IT at the end of August for SOTT was a delivery estimate of 1-5 October.

Graham Turner

I ordered from Amazon IT the day the set was announced. I didn’t bother re-ordering when the price dropped to ~€110 as I thought this would be covered under the Pre-order Price Promise but my order is still showing the higher price. Is this usual? Should I be concerned?

Brian Stanley

I preordered my deluxe SOTT as soon as I saw it on this sight. Amazon emailed a few days ago to say it’ll come Oct.6-9, same thing with my Steel Wheels deluxe packageZ

Rich E

Looking forward to My Beauty getting a reissue. My promo cassette including Thunder Road is finally rendered obsolete. Sad to have missed out on a signed copy as I have a lot of love for this record, and Kevin in general.


Hi Rich,
I too am waiting for my pink vinyl of ‘My Beauty’ to arrive at the weekend. Don’t be too worried about Kiev’s autograph though. I got a signed edition of the last Dexy’s album and the signature was an embarrassment. Just a squiggly line, to be honest.


The reissue of the Kevin Rowland album is a real surprise to me. I remember working in a major UK music retailer when it came out and it was widely derided as a massive vanity project. The cover was one topic of conversation but the music wasn’t exactly well received either if I remember correctly. I don’t think we sold any copies and it was considered one of the worst selling albums ever at the time.

The Wikipedia entry states “It has been reported that the album was one of Creation’s lowest-selling albums, shifting only 500 copies, but in fact the album actually sold over 20,000 worldwide”. Even 20,000 worldwide isn’t great to be honest but if that’s true what is the thinking here for a reissue? Is it a real cult piece now?

What’s next? A reissue of Steve Coogan as Tony Ferrino?

Rich E

I’d love a reissue of Phenomenon. Maybe an RSD picture disc?? And then a CD reissue including Bigamy
at Christmas as a bonus track.

Taxi taxi!!


Recently read Alan McGee’s excellent autobiography and whilst admitting the album was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back for Creation he did say it sold around the 20,000 mark which for the time was poor but wouldn’t be so bad in today’s market! He also said he commissioned the front cover to be advertised on billboards around the country for the controversy. Think of that what you will.

Mark G

Yes, “My Beauty” was due a reclaim in the same way as “Don’t Stand Me Down” got. I’m assuming that notwithstanding its low sale, there are no copies available as new, and of course it’s getting a vinyl release for the 1st time, and also with “Thunder Road” on it as well.

Cherry Red has it that it was only released on CD, which makes my Minidisc version a very rare thing indeed.

Stan Butler

Don’t Stand Me Down got a new cover for The Director’s Cut.
It’s a shame My Beauty hasn’t followed suit.


That’s the cover Kevin wanted.
What’s the problem?

Stan Butler

He only had to look at the cover of The Man Who Sold The World, to see how to carry it off with exquisite aplomb.
Instead he ended up looking like a dog’s dinner and suffered the inevitable ridicule and thus killed any chance of the record being a success.
Even Millie Jackson would have blushed profusely at such a pose.


Stan are you really saying the ridicule was over HOW he wore the dress?? The comments were pretty nasty and I don’t think they were purely based on aesthetics.
It’s worth reading Kevin’s comments in the whole issue.


Nice post frenchduke79.
I recall seeing the vinyl in a bargain bin shortly after it came out.
I’m unsure as to whether I bought it or not. If I didn’t buy it, I’d say the cover was a factor. Times change and people, even me, mature.
Today, I look at the cover and I consider it brilliant. I wonder what his heels were like, our Kevin always wears a decent pair of shoes.

Hugh Hall

“…the music wasn’t exactly well received…” You think that reception was bad? You should have seen how it went down at Reading Festival. Dress and all!


Paul can you do an interview with Kevin Rowland re this album cover please? I wanna know all the conversations with the record company about it. Thanks

Geoff D

There was a very good interview with Kevin in last month’s Record Collector in the UK which touched on the cover issue.

Johan Erikson

Also out this week : Big country – Out beyond the river, the Compulsion years 5cd+dvd box and Fish releases his final studio album Weltschmertz on CD, vinyl and deluxe edition exclusively from his website fishmusic.scot

All in all a remarkable week!


Looking forward to the Mercury Rev, that was a nice surprise when it was announced. Also out Thurston Moore’s new album By the Fire.


Blimey, that Canadian price is good for the Bob Marley. What have they got against the Spanish?!


Nice to see Kevin rowlands great covers cd getting a reissue. One of the best covers of concrete and clay.

Now, let’s see a decent reissue of don’t stand me down.

Anyone who hasn’t enjoyed this is what she’s like is in for a very big treat.

Michael E.

But not one of the best Covers :)

Chris Squires

and one of the most unsettling videos.

I showed the Mrs the other day on YouTube, as I half remembered the ball-cupping, did they / didn’t they – couldn’t quite recall. It was a trip down memory lane that I am not sure we should have taken.

Still Kevin is, and always was, one of the few true Brummie musical geniuses.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

what an ugly cover of “my beauty” ! i must take a break from my dinner. urrgh! it seems that he must do everything to get some attention. or is this the new style of men and i am too old-fashioned? i saw some bad front pages this year, but this is the top of disgusting covers !


This (your rejoinder) is why you need “up” buttons Paul :-D

Stuart Ansell

Don’t look at your screen while you’re eating. My mum would be outraged at such impolite behaviour.

Alan Blevin

Paul you may be interested to know that they have discovered the issue with the Richard And Linda Thompson box.The problem is that most of the discs are warped.Whether you can get them to play or rip depends on how bad the warp is and the error correction system of what you are trying to play it on.The problems can occur on any of the 8 discs in the box.
On other forums people are coming up with a variety of home remedies to get rid of the warping including baking the discs in an oven and boiling them in water.You would have to be brave to try this stuff.
As far as I know Universal have not acknowledged the problem.You mentioned last week that you were going to try and get in touch with someone there and I know that both the sets producer and various retailers have as well.
The only solution is disc replacement.

Alan Blevin

Feel stupid replying to myself but Andy has just posted that Universal are “committed to sorting this out”.
Great news.Hang in there folks.

Peter Stanton

Hi Alan

My copy was delivered to my daughter in Belgium today from Amazon Holland. Sadly, neither she nor her boyfriend has any means to play CDs ( or vinyl ), so can’t check it.

Could be a while till I get hold of it, so fingers crossed I guess.


Stan Butler

I’m hanging in. All discs playing ok, which is nice, but secure ripping has been a nightmare.
Repeated tries (and cleaning) though have resulted in success in the first three discs and all but the last track on Disc 4. Disc 5 – don’t ask!
Wonder how many who have ripped ok, have done so WMP or other non-secure applications?
As for those who seem to think it’s fine as long as the discs play, it’s not 1995.

CJ Feeney

The last track on disc 5 (Calvary Cross live at Oxford) is the mix used on Guitar, Vocal and was remixed for In Concert, November 1975. If it plays, but doesnt rip, then it can be dropped in from one of those albums.

Personally I’m happy with the previous versions of the three Oxford tracks as they appeared on In Concert and/or Guitar, Vocal. I didn’t really need them again.

I’d definetely recommend In Concert, November 1975 as a full set list show (compiled from several nights) as that’s pretty unique official release. Even if Mr Batt doesnt rate the mix.

Matt R

I received the Elliott Smith CD from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.

I am very much looking forward to SOTT and G’N’R. An expensive month.