Out This Week / on 26 February 2021

Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket

Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Way Down in the Rust Bucket

Neil Young / Way Down in the Rust Bucket CD, Vinyl, Box Set, DVD

The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker super deluxe box set

The Black Crowes / Shaker Your Money Maker reissue CD, Vinyl

The Black Crowes‘ debut, 1990’s The Black Crowes Present: Shake Your Money Maker, is reissued for its 30th anniversary.

PJ Harvey / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sead CD, Vinyl

PJ Harvey‘s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea album is reissued on vinyl, along with ‘demos’ editions available on CD and vinyl.

Classix Nouveaux / The Liberty Recordings 1981-1983

Classix Nouveaux / The Liberty Years 1981-1983 CD, Box Set

The Liberty Recordings 1981-1983 is a four-CD box set compiling the output of British new wave band Classix Nouveau.

The White Stripes / Greatest Hits

26-track ‘best of’ on one CD or 2LP vinyl


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PJ Harvey reissue and demos showed up at my doorstep WITHOUT the download cards just like the ? resissue and demos. I have tried every conceivable Universal email and no one will fix this issue. I bought every one of these on pre-order and they have no respect for first-run buyers. If you CLEARLY advertise that something comes with a download then IT SHOULD and if it doesn’t then they should be under the obligation to fix it.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Bob Dylan’s 1970 out everywhere but the UK.

Larry Davis

Looks like the only new releases out tomorrow I am getting are the Bob Dylan 1970 & new Dale Watson…a regular on the cruise…maybe the Bonnie Tyler & Alice Cooper…MAYBE…


I received the Black Crowes Moneymaker single vinyl this morning. Hugely disappointing. I opted for the “Evergreen” coloured vinyl version because I liked the colour and the new sleeve design.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the sleeve image used in the pre-sales. It’s the same old sleeve image but looks as though its taken from a ninth generation photo of the artwork. The vinyl itself is also nothing like the colour showed in the mock up. I know there are often variances with these things but this release just looks a bit cheap. Sound quality wise – it isn’t even a particularly nice pressing. I hope more effort has gone into the box and triple CD set

Mark Carter

Bonnie Tyler has a stunning NEW album out this week..come on Paul . Support these classic artists STILL making NEW music. Not relying on past glories.

Different Time

For a while, I thought your site had been hijacked by McCartney’s publicity team.

Larry Davis

Got the White Stripes CD back in December, never owned a WS title before but I kinda like it…another act big on here who I never owned her stuff before…PJ Harvey…found a good copy of her album “Let England Shake” in a junk bin the other day so I went for it, pretty cool, reminds me of Patti Smith…I may go for the new reissues now…as for this week & the next few, up thru mid March, practically nothing of interest for me, so my bank account can now grow again…as for that Sheila E, not sure if remastered or not but I’ll wait till perhaps Warner/NPG puts out a complete box w/ that unreleased 4th album with “Scarlet Pussy” on it…


Also out this week
Nature always wins- Maximo park
In ferneaux- Blanck Mass


Not out for another two weeks but I just received an email detailing the new album by the Anchoress that includes a 3 disc edition comprising of album, a disc of demos and a disc of remixes. Tis 25 quid.


Also, having just looked her up I see this project with Bernard Butler that passede by in 2020.



Believe it or not, Bon Jovi’s 2020 album has just been released on vinyl after many delays. They haven’t renamed it, but it is THE best looking gold colour vinyl pressing I have ever seen. It actually is a ‘gold metallic’ colour, beautiful texture to it, it almost looks 3D. Usually gold and silver coloured discs are brown and grey.

Dave R.

Got an e-mail from Amazon last week to say that the Black Crowes CD deluxe set I had pre-ordered had been pushed back until March 12th, but is now showing as March 19th.

Paul Wren

No diminution of Neil Young on SDE, if anything we need more of him as he is such an essential artist!


Rust Bucket 2CD down to £12.99 on Amazon U.K. this morning.


I know it was out last week, but a bit of chart excitement as Mogwai’s new album is showing as #1 so far this week. If you’ve swithered about getting it, or have wondered about trying their music, get this one, and get it this week. The guys would be thrilled – see Stuart Braithwaite’s tweets.


For the metal aficionados, the KREATOR “under the guillotine” colored vinyl/DVD/USB stick boxset is also out this week. A nice looking box full of German metal for 120€.

Paul Mac

Detroit Stories, the new Alice Cooper album is released Friday as well. The surviving Alice Cooper band members are heavily involved, along with other luminaries from the Detroit scene at the time, so it should be worth a listen. Gotta love ths Coop!

denver williams

Alice cooper my favourite along with Erasure.

Tod H.

Also set for release this Friday are the new two solo albums from the Toto greats, Steve Lukather’s I Found The Sun Again (feat. appearances by Ringo Starr & Joseph Williams) and Joseph Williams’ Denizen Tenant (feat. appearances by Leland Sklar, Lenny Castro & Nathan East among others). Both albums also feature their Toto bandmate David Paich on keyboards. Both titles will be available on CD, colored vinyl and all digital platforms.

Paul Kent

An obviously niche client base, but the latest Residents pREServed release, “Freak Show”, is out on Friday. 3 CDs for £12.99… not to be sniffed at!


Mine is on order. One of their very best albums :-)


Cherry Red have put Freak Show back to 26th March. *cries*

On the plus side, they have announced a 3CD of “The Gingerbread Man” for the end of May.

mr X

ahhh the memories of seeing them at Hammersmith in the 83, with Penn (of Penn & Teller fame) as the compare

– and the look on my friends face throughout pretty much the whole gig (never having heard of them, only me raving about them)


Looking forward to the latest Neil Young. It’s been 15 minutes since the last one :)

And I finally got my Certificate of Authenticity for the Archives II box, signed by Neil. Long may he run!

Mr Paul A Szkwyra

Haven’t gotten mine in Canada yet.

Miguel Rocha

Got mine last week (Toronto). Not sure if Neil signed it or if it’s a rubber stamp but I still appreciate the gesture.


I hope your certificate of authenticity has a certificate of authenticity.


Only amazon.co.uk has changed the release date of Bob Dylan 1970. The official site and other amazons still list 26 February.

Todd G

Target stores in the USA had this as an exclusive with colored vinyl and turntable mat released on December 4, 2020. I picked my copy up on that day. Target knows about Greatest Hits compilations and Christmas!

Auntie Sabrina

HMV have their pre-orders with an Exclusive Third Man Slip Mat (whilst stocks last).


Sheila E’s in the Glamorous Life is released on blue vinyl this week, Amazon UK has it down to £15.58. Produced by Prince. Apparently the mastering and cut is great.


I wish they’d reissue the CD, its been OOP for ages! I can buy secondhand vinyl copies for peanuts.

Mark Filby

I missed the Sheila E release – thanks for the heads up – I’m patiently waiting for the next Prince Sony announcement….

O(+> Peter B

That Level 42 Polydor Years 10CD box set is also released on Friday. Pre-ordered, nice consolation after their Australian tour was (not unexpectedly) cancelled.

Thomas Staudt

The Level 42 set has been postponed by a month – in Germany, at least.


As there are 600 reviews of the White Stripes collection on Amazon already, I’m hazarding a guess that it was released elsewhere before the UK?

Paul Mac

It was released digitally before Christmas….


Yup – it was released in the US in December 2020.


Stereolab release “Electrically Possessed (Switched On Volume 4)” on Friday, the first “Switched On” edition since 1998. Triple vinyl, double CD, lots of rare sides from tour singles, compilations etc, the odd unreleased cut and the whole of the “First Of The Microbe Hunters” EP. A second pressing of the vinyl has been ordered due to demand so if you missed out on the pre-orders, it’ll be back on the black stuff at the end of March. Make mine a refried ectoplasm.


Thanks for the info, Caroline! I always seem to miss out on Stereolab’s releases. What’s the best way to get the latest info? Where do they (or their label) announce things?

Different Time

The Groop are very active on Instagram and Twitter and there’s also Bandcamp. Follow them on BC and you’ll get email alerts when they announce new releases (and merchandise!).

Richard S

I ended up ordering the limited mirror board CD from Banquet as I missed out from the ‘lab shop. Looks like they have since sold out too. Hope I get one.
Interesting to see that future limited edition stuff from them will be done via a lottery based system and not just a first come first served. At least more people get the opportunity to snag the limited stuff.


Urs – best thing is to sign up for The Lab Report which you can do at their website. They usually have an edition which is only available from their own webstore and you need to sign up for The Lab Report to have a chance at those in the future, as Richard S said.


Still waiting on a coffee mug and t-shirt I ordered from the Lab in ’93…never again!


Email Martin (if you search Stereolab’s tweets you’ll find his email address) – I’m sure he’ll hook you up. I haven’t ordered any non-music merch from them, but their vinyl delivery has been spot on – I got all the tape-banded 3xLP Stereolab vinyl reissues shipped to the US in good time and in perfect shape.


What are you doing White Stripes? Everyone knows you release a greatest hists album before Christmas, not after!


They did! Everywhere else, that is. Just the UK lagging behind.


Another Brexit dividend!

Richard Harris

Also due this week, assuming it’s not been delayed, what should be a terrific 4CD, 2DVD set of the final Be Bop Deluxe album Drastic Plastic.


How the heck was this not in the main story?!?!


I love Neil Young!!!
His publication and interest in music is mutch higher than Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush…..etc

Mark Levy

This site should be sponsored by Neil Young. I’m only a fan of his greatest hits.


You can never own enough Neil Young!

I can’t seem to anyway. Finally getting my retail Archives 2 next week too!


LOL Yes, Paul definitely should inquire with Neil Young about a sponsorship!

(PS: I don’t mind all the Neil Young related posts here. I’m not interested but there seem to be lots of fans, so good for them that Paul posts so many things about his releases.)

Steven Roberts

Between Neil Young, Bowie, Prince, and the thousand McCartney variants, it’s amazing that the production plants find time to manufacture stuff by anyone else….

Sascha H.

And again Neil Young …

andrew r

You’ll miss him when he’s gone ….

Yani P

It never gets old….