Out This Week / on 26 January 2018

Propaganda / A Secret Wish 'art of the album' reissue

Propaganda / A Secret Wish (‘art of the album’ reissue)

Propaganda‘s 1985 album is remastered and reissued on vinyl and CD. No bonus tracks but enhanced presentation (the CD comes in ‘casebound book’ packaging and extended notes. Read more

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds (2LP vinyl)

First in a number of ‘special releases’ this year to mark the 40th anniversary of Jeff Wayne‘s The War of the Worlds. This is a reissue of the original double vinyl album from ’78. It has been remastered and includes the original double gatefold with 16-page booklet containing the full script, lyrics, original paintings, and credits.

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Jeff Wayne

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds [2LP] [VINYL]


Martika / Martika’s Kitchen (2CD deluxe)

Martika‘s Prince-assisted second album is reissued by Cherry Red with a bonus disc featuring a dozen remixes, including rare and unreleased. Read more

Bert Jansch / A Man I'd Rather Be (Part 1)

Bert Jansch / A Man I’d Rather Be  (4LP vinyl or 4CD)

This four disc set from Earth Records comprises Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch‘s seminal 1960s output –Bert Jansch (1965), It Don t Bother Me (1965) and Jack Orion (1966) – alongside Bert And John (1966), his only album as a duet with Pentangle bandmate John Renbourn. The vinyl is presented as a four-LP case-bound book set, as is the CD version.

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Bert Jansch

A Man Id Rather Be (Part 1) [VINYL]


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Bert Jansch

A Man Id Rather Be (Part 1)


Various Artists / Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

The pleasingly retro selection that makes up ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1’ includes Bowie, 10cc, Blue Swede and the Jackson 5. Buy this picture disc edition from the SDE shop!

Curved Air / Air Conditioning (2CD deluxe)

Esoteric reissue and expanded and re-mastered two-CD deluxe edition of the British prog rock band’s 1970 debut album. Bonus material includes non-album tracks, unissued session out-takes and tracks recorded in session for BBC Radio One between November 1970 and January 1971.

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Curved Air

Air Conditioning (Remastered & Expanded Edition)


The Beautiful South / Welcome to The Beautiful South (vinyl)

Universal reissue the brilliant 1989 debut of The Beautiful South. It looks as if they’ve restored the once ‘controversial’ cover art [update: They aren’t] and are also reissuing the debut of Paul Heaton’s ‘other’ band, The Housemartins on vinyl, too.

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The Beautiful South

Welcome To The Beautiful South [VINYL]


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The Housemartins

London 0 Hull 4 [VINYL]


The Killers / Day and Age vinyl reissue

The Killers / Day and Age (vinyl LP)

The Killers‘ third studio album, originally issued in 2008, features the hit singles Human and Spaceman. It’s reissued on vinyl LP this week (as is Direct Hits). Read more

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David Regan

Just received my copy of War Of The World’s double LP released to day 26/01/18…though it Has P.2009 C.2017 a the Catalog number 68985449431 no hype sticker on shrink wrap..saying it the 40th Anniversary edition.
So I’m wondering if Amazon UK have sent a previous release..how can I tell as there is not much info on the net about the 40th Anniversary edition..how do in know if it is the 40th Anniversary release I have in my Possession..when I can’t research the Catalog number


Given the (p) 2009 credit on the cover, is the mix used the 2005 remix, or the original 1978 mix?
I’ve seen the ad says “remastered”, but then again so did the 2005 CD issue, which featured the remix. There were just some parts they didn’t get quite right on the 2005 mix (Parson Nathaniel’s “Satan, why did you take one of your own” being phrased incorrectly as an example).


I have to say that I’m disappointed that the opportunity to release a picture disc version of “The War Of The Worlds” wasn’t taken – again. I’ve always felt that the album was ripe for this format considering the amazing artwork that would adorn all four sides. Anyone who’s in possession of the recent ELO “Out Of The Blue” picture disc release simply must agree that the album’s iconic artwork looks absolutely fantastic on picture disc, each side looks spectacular. Again, I often wondered over the years, witnessing vinyl reissue after reissue why a picture disc was never considered. And then … There it was! Ah well, maybe for the 50th anniversary of W.O.T.W?


Picture discs are nice to look at, but they have abysmal sound quality

Go to any record fair, picture discs are left for dead

Chris Squires

But it is understood that no-one plays a picture disc, I have 4 copies of Out of the Blue and a couple of WotW so they would get the needle. To me it is just quite cheap art. As Bryan says, it’s iconic, beautiful and has tons of positive memories for me. I couldn’t find a picture or poster than would do that for me, not these days, for much less. I couldn’t think of an off the peg image that would mean anything to me more than the albums of my youth. Other than “tennis girl” maybe…..

The last picture disc I played was Lily Allen and that was only because they had stuffed up the pressing of the vinyl album so the PD was the only way to get a non jumpy side one of “it’s not me….”. And it doesn’t sound too bad.

The little shelf above my Stereo currently has Out of the Blue PD, The Kick Inside PD and Hippopotamus PD, probably due for a change soon. Would never play any of them.

[…] SDE mentioned the vinyl reissue of The Beautiful South‘s 1989 debut album on Monday it appeared as if Universal Music has opted to revert to the original cover design which was […]

sandman slim

Also out this week, “Catharsis” by Machine Head. Bit of clicking around Amazon needed for the deluxe version, a CD/DVD with a concert. One of the best metal bands around, imo…


Isn’t Steve Hackett’s Withering Heights 2CD/DVD set also out this week? Love the title and really looking forward to this…thought his last 3 live CD/DVD releases have all been great!


Sorry…Wuthering Nights…LOL


No mention of Future Sound of London’s “Lifeforms” reissue, but Martika gets a nod. Lol

Andrew M

I think you’ll find that Paul has made it clear what the criteria for inclusion is on many occasions.

Simon Long

“First in a number of ‘special releases’ this year to mark the 40th anniversary of Jeff Wayne‘s The War of the Worlds.”

Is there any news on what other releases are planned for this? I’m not interested in vinyl, but if there are some nice box sets of CDs/DVDs/BDs, I’m there…

(Although I’m not keen on being reminded of the *40th* anniversary of the first album I ever bought!)


Agree re Housemartins People Who Grinned… and Beautiful South reissues. Would be nice if they carried on from the debut’s 2CD reissue. Aside from the B-sides included on the 2CD Carry On Up The Charts there are a ton of tracks that could be mopped up onto deluxe album reissues.


It seems to me that The War of the Worlds has been reissued quite a few times in recent years, I would love to see a reissue of Spartacus for a change! It has been OOP for years. (As far as I have read, it was not such a successful album, but I would prefer if they do not keep trying to sell us what we already have).
In a similar field, I cannot imagine why nobody has come so far with a SDE of Greenslade’s Pentateuch.

Andrew M

Have to say, much as I am a fan of the album has there ever been an artist who has successfully milked one album so much in music history?


The Beautiful South have about 62 exclusive b-sides, and on top of that various alternative and live versions. I’ve got them all split into about six or seven “albums” on my phone, but would be good to see them collected properly, plus anything else they have lying around in the vaults.

Andrew M

Partner just seen this article so The Beautiful South preordered as well. Must say I did want this but didn’t have the courage to ask her…….:)


The Beautiful South is LONG overdue for a proper reissue series. There are so many b-sides, outtakes and stray tracks from throughout their career, plus who knows however much might be in the vaults gathering dust. I would love to see something in the way of a PSB style reissue series. I realize they may not have the same profile or wide appeal that PSB does, but there are bands with smaller profiles that get the SDE treatment.


Paul, it says “The Killers / Day and Age (2CD)”. I think you mean “The Killers / Day and Age (Vinyl)”? I thought for a moment they had reissued their album as a 2CD but unfortunately not the case…..


Would like to read the Propaganda notes without actually buying the product – already have the definitive 2cd edition which covers this re-release really.

And talking of Propaganda, in this months Uncut Magazine it mentions in next months edition (after re-issues section in mag) some unreleased Propaganda to come/review – Paul heard any news on this or are they referring to this re-release/edition?


Sure wish The Housemartins would do something with The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death. They released a two disc remaster of London O’ Hull 4 many years back that was handled quite well, but never a word about Grinned. Glad to see the vinyl reissue but hoping something comes along soon for it if even a vinyl reissue.


It’s really annoying as some of the b-sides from “…Grinned…” have either never been released on CD or are on extremely hard to find (and expensive) CD singles from the time.


Agreed, luckily I was hardcore about picking up every single or 12″ I could get my hands on by them back in the day.

Andrew Mogford

Jeff Wayne preordered even though I have an original pressing. Seems a very fair price.

I too have that awesome box set but can’t play the 5.1 A’s don’t have an SACD player anymore.

Paul do you know any details of what else is planned?

Peter Muscutt

For me, you can’t whack the 7-disc War of the Worlds box set that came out a few years back – a great hardback book with the script, liner notes, photos of memorabilia and the recording of the album…I think it came with three discs of unused/alternate dialogue and musical stuff, some of the commercial dance/12″/remix versions that were released and a surprisingly good documentary featuring Jeff Wayne. It’s probably out of print now, but is well worth the money! Not too fussed with the ‘New Generation’ re-recording that came out, but Liam Neeson was a great replacement for Richard Burton! “No-one would have believed in the last years of the 19th century…that when I find you, I WILL kill you.” – ;-)


Mary Gauthier’s new album releases Friday!

Red Guitar Music

Good call on the Mary Gauthier album. It really is excellent. I’m not massively familiar with her previous work but I’m really enjoying ‘Rifles & Rosary Beads’. I can’t imagine fans will be disappointed.

Lee Realgone

I’d really welcome a reissue of The Beautiful South’s ‘At The BBC’ box and a long overdue DVD release of the full length ‘Later…’ show that only ever came out on hard to find VHS.