Out This Week / on 26 March 2021

Level 42 / The Polydor Years 1980-1984

Level 42 / The Polydor Years 1980-1984

Level 42 / The Complete Polydor Years 1980-1984 CD, Box Set

Cherry Red issue The Complete Polydor Years 1980-1984, a ten-CD Level 42 box set that brings the first five albums alongside an extraordinary about of bonus material.

World Party / Vinyl reissues Vinyl

Al Stewart / Year of the Cat deluxe edition

Al Stewart / The Year of the Cat box set CD, DVD

Esoteric Recordings follow up last month’s 24 Carrots reissue with a anniversary box set of Al Stewart‘s 1976 album Year of the Cat.

Now That's What I Call Music 8 2CD set

Various Artists / Now That's What I Call Music 8 CD

Now That’s What I Call Music 8 is reissued as a two-CD set for the first time.

Nancy Sinatra/ Start Walkin’ 1965-1976

Nancy Sinatra / Start Walkin' 1965-1976 CD, Vinyl

Light In The Attic Records release a new Nancy Sinatra compilation album. Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 is available as a deluxe CD set or on 2LP vinyl.

Downes Braide Association / Halcyon Hymns Vinyl

Downes Braid Association fourth studio album, Halcyon Hymns, is issued as a limited edition double white vinyl set.

Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn standard edition - 3836586703

Depeche Mode / Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn Book

Joe Strummer / Assembly

Assembly is a 16-track Joe Strummer ‘best of’ , of sorts. It showcases singles, fan favourites, and archival rarities from the Joe Strummer solo catalogue. This is notable for including three previously unreleased versions of classic Clash tracks, including the never-before-heard ‘Junco Partner (Acoustic)’ and live performances of ‘Rudie Can’t Fail’ and ‘I Fought the Law’.

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Joe Strummer

Assembly - 2LP limited red vinyl


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Joe Strummer

Assembly - CD edition


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Here is the answer to my question, courtesy of amazon:
“George Harrison’s passion for introducing the world to new music expressed itself in May of 1974 when he created his own new label – Dark Horse Records. The label contained a variety of talented artists on its roster, including George himself. ‘Assembly’ marks the first new Joe Strummer title released via the newly relaunched Dark Horse Records.”

What is next for this relaunched label? Hopefully some of the original Dark Horse albums or perhaps some George Harrison material – that would be nice.

No Parlez

Also re-released this week is Jon Anderson’s prog classic Olias of Sunhillow. It comes as a 2 disc, CD & DVD, remaster complete with 5.1 mix.


John Barleycorn

Site readers may be interested in an interview with World Party’s Karl Wallinger done by John Darko for his audio podcast. Wallinger talks about the reissues, why he’s no fan of CDs, super deluxe reissues, issues with his publishing company plus bits about The Waterboys, Prince, Robbie Williams, health problems and new music he’s working on…. it’s a pretty comprehensive 69 minutes.



Thanks for posting that link – a really enjoyable and informative listen. I never knew that KW was such a talkative bloke!


I couldn’t help but notice that the Joe Strummer CD appears to be on George Harrison’s Dark Horse label. I haven’t seen that used in quite a while. I wonder what the story is behind its use for the “Assembly” album?

george reid

Was really hoping for the studio versions of certain songs and instead got Elton on the piano…


Paul, are you going to do an unboxing video for the Level 42 box? Thanks in advance

Peter Barker

I’m pleased there’s no further delays with the Level 42 box set.
Re Joe Strummer, I’m really enjoying a Clash podcast on Spotify at the moment called Stay Free: The Story Of The Clash narrated by Chuck D from Public Enemy. It came out in 2019.
Wishing everyone a great week.

Stuart S

The NOW 80s channel is currently showing the NOW 8 music videos in sequence!

NP : Genesis.

Paul E.

@ tom m hans – wanted to thank you for the deal alert you posted March 19th for Lou Reed’s “New York” Deluxe Edition. I was able to purchase from Amazon for $38.30 (less than the price listed for the MP3 download!) Fantastic spot Tom and thanks again.

Tom m hans

Cool Beans and my pleasure. Rock on.

David Fisher

Wow! They have revived Dark Horse Records!!! I thought it was some odd mistake by an art department but this really is a new release on the label… and Joe Strummer too – cool! Do you know if this is a new venture for Dhani Harrison Paul?

There were some good albums out on Dark Horse in the day, especially by the band Splinter. The remastered Splinter reissues on CD are well worth checking out – some cracking songs and production. (They are on another label now though.) I suppose Dark Horse did put out that recent excellent George Harrison/Ravi Shankar box so it must still exist in some form.

I now look forward to a contemporary release on Ringo’s Ringo O’ Records label… or Apple? I still dream of living in an alternative universe where my albums are released on Apple :-)


The Joe Strummer vinyl record is released on the revitalised Dark Horse Records.
Paul, do you have any information concerning possible new releases by George Harrison on Dark Horse Records?
See this link:
Thanks for a great website.

James Hoffmann

It looks like the Al Stewart box will be out next week (April 2nd) in the US.


On Amazon.de it’s 9 April.

Richard L

Wondering if my separate order of the stand alone Neil Young Shakespeare DVD from his UK shop will roll up as scheduled this week? Ah well, we can all dream!


I’m with you waiting on that one Richard! Fingers crossed for this Friday!
I notice the Rust Bucket stand alone dvd seems to have disappeared from the Greedy Hand stores in both the Uk and US, I managed to pre-order it from the US store and according to their order tracking, it on its way to me and has already left the US! So it looks like it WAS a March release date for that dvd – at least in the United States. Still don’t know about the UK store (who had it listed as a June release) as all trace of it has vanished from their page!


Looks like the Strummer set is also available on 2LP black vinyl. Amazon US has that for $30.


I’ve just looked at the listing pic on Amazon for NOW8. Looks like they are finally getting the point on correct mixes on the re-issues. Only took them till 8 to get something right and or listen. Some tracks have listed what mix they are using.


Now 8 down to £7.99 on Amazon

ian s

Now 8 is £7.99 at HMV


Maybe of interest to some, John Morales has remixed 2 CDs of Teena Marie’s Motown tracks, out Friday. Also on vinyl set.


According to Amazon UK the release date is now May 4 for the DM Corbijn book. Hannah Peel’s “Fir Wave” album is also out later this week.