Out This Week / on 27 December 2019

Henry McCullough / Ballywonderland (vinyl LP)

Ballywonderland is an album of songs from former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough (he played the solo on ‘My Love’). The album is issued on vinyl this week (the CD release was back in August) and features an interpretation of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ (listen here) and a poignant ‘Live Long Rock & Roll’ (watch this video) which features an all-star band of musicians including Gary Brooker, Nick Mason, Paul McCartney, Chris and Paul Carrack (thought to have been recorded in around 2014 – two years before McCullough’s death).

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Henry McCullough

Ballywonderland - vinyl LP

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Henry McCullough

Ballywonderland - CD edition


Various Artists / The #1 New Wave Album (3CD)

£8 for this three-CD set, which brings together 60 classic songs “from the edges of the 70s and 80s” isn’t too bad. Decent selection, even if the artwork is absolutely hideous. One for the car (assuming yours still has a CD player in it!).

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The #1 Album: New Wave


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Please Paul post something new,being greeted by this sad fan-made-lookalike release is painful


Merry Christmas Paul Thank you for your very sharp work on very différent style of music and artist. You have the best job ever

David Ryan

Merry Christmas Paul and a very Happy New Year! The best articles on our favourite hobby. The best comments too. Always informative, always entertaining, sometimes controversial. Looking forward to more of the same in 2020.


Merry Xmas! I love reading about super deluxe editions as much as I enjoy melting them!

Paul Lewis

Merry Christmas Paul, Anne and family. Thanks for a great years’s reading… and great service from the shop!


Merry Christmas to you Paul. Thank you for all of the great articles this year…… and to the commenting readers here, who add that special something. Good times


He was also in the Grease band who backed Joe Cocker at Woodstock.


Happy Christmas to Paul and everyone who reads and contributes to the only website I catch up with every day !

John McCann

Yuletide wotsits to you and yours Paul,yer old pal john,

Robert Laversuch

Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year 2020 to Paul, Anne and all the avid readers of this blog. Thank you for all the care and attention to detail this site affords is, the excellent packaging when sending records etc, the very informative unboxing videos and all the interviews with your/our beloved stars. May this site continue for a long time and may my bank balance be able to stomach it all


Merry x mas to you Paul and your family!

Tom m hans

Happy Christmas from a German in the US. Thank you for advertising the Udo Lindenberg Box in 2019.
Peace for you and your family.
One wish for 2020, Santa, please: Seeds Of Love SDE. I promise I will be nice.


I was just reading that BBC article too … Goodness knows how much many of us have spent on just one album and it’s various editions!? Just a post to wish Paul and the team and everyone who spends many a happy hour checking in here, a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. :-)

Peter Muscutt

And to you, Silica! All the very best and happy record collecting!


Thank you, Peter. :-)

Peter Muscutt

Good to see you commenting in a BBC article today, Paul…do I get a free superdeluxeedition.com t-shirt for spotting you? LOL – Merry Xmas!


Peter Yarrow

More fame for you Paul
‘I spent £40 on an album I already own’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50893486

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020


# 1 New Wave actually has a great tracklisting. I wonder if it is the original length singles? I remember I bought a Ministry Of Sounds Electro compilation and most of the songs were edited and missing in some cases a minute of the end of the song. I can’t play it as I want to hear the songs as I know and love them.
Happy Christmas Paul and to all of the people who have contributed to the site over the past year. I visit SDE most days and it is still one of the very best websites out there, informative and friendly and always something interesting to read.


Zoom (as well as being cheaper) has the track listing and track lengths for the #1 New Wave CDs if you want to check.


With regards to the #1 new Wave CD, I picked it up for a fiver in Sainsburys and it does have the original 7″ versions of the tracks! makes a nice change when the compilers make an effort! :-)


BP Fallon & David Holmes recorded a eulogy of sorts for Henry McCullough and it featured on Holmes’ Late Night Tales compilation from a couple of years ago.



Yes my car does have a CD player, although it cost me just over £400 to have it installed. I just could not get on with memory sticks and iTunes. Nothing bloody worked. Hateful technology. So now I can just slip a CD in the player and all is well. Worth the expense. Merry Christmas.


I’m going to dread it when I get my next car. I’m sure no CD.

O(+> Peter B

Recent VW models including Polo and Golf have CD players, albeit tucked away in the glove compartment. Still, better than not at all. They also have a slot for SD cards, which you can pre-load with your favourite music files. Plus Bluetooth and car play, lots of options.


£4.99 on Zoom.


#1 New Wave has been £5 for the past month on Amazon UK (as has the similar #1 Rock’n’Roll set), so expect it will drop back to that price point.


Yep it is for the car and the other car ( the Dogs Car) has a tape player !