Out This Week / on 27 October 2017

ABBA / The Album (half-speed mastered vinyl, 7″ box etc) 

ABBA‘s 1977 album gets a 40th anniversary reissue with a double half-speed mastered vinyl release, a seven-inch box set of singles (on coloured vinyl) and individual vinyl picture discs. Read more

Whitesnake / 1987 - 30th anniversary super deluxe edition

Whitesnake / 1987  box set

Impressive five-disc box offers a remastered version of the Whitesnake / 1987 album plus live tracks, demos, remixes and videos on DVD. Read more

Black Sabbath / The Ten Year War (box set)

Limited edition Black Sabbath box set that features eight vinyl LPs meticulously reproduced in their original sleeves, re-mastered by renowned mastering engineer Andy Pearce from the original tapes and pressed on 180 gram splatter-coloured vinyl. Also comes with two rare seven-inch singles, a Crucifix-shaped USB stick with MQA high definition audio of the eight albums and various printed material. SDE unboxing video of this set coming in the next few days!

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Black Sabbath

The Ten Year War box set


Michael Jackson / Scream compilation glow in the dark 2LP vinyl

Michael Jackson / Scream (2LP vinyl)

The CD came out a few week’s back, but it’s the glow-in-the-dark 2LP vinyl edition of Michael Jackson‘s Scream that is the really attractive edition. Read more

The Who / Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles - 5CD box set

The Who / Maximum As & Bs (5CD box)

Five-disc, 86-track Who box set collects every hit, along with all the B-sides, with many on CD for the first time. Read more

Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Fanfare 1970 – 1997  (box set)

Fanfare 1970 – 1997 is a lavish and comprehensive ELP box includes 18 CDs and five pieces of vinyl, a blu-ray audio disc (with 5.1 mixes) and more . Read more

Norah Jones / Day Breaks 2CD and 2LP deluxe edition

Norah Jones / Day Breaks deluxe editions

Norah Jones‘ superb 2016 album Day Breaks is reissued as 2CD and 2LP deluxe editions box offering bonus content of nine tracks performed live at the Loreto Theater  in New York City. Read more

Pretenders / Alone (2CD special edition)

This deluxe reissue of the Pretenders 2016 album Alone, will feature a bonus CD of 15 tracks performed live around the world, including classics like Don’t Get Me WrongPrivate Life and I’ll Stand By You. Read more

Carly Simon / Coming Around Again 30th anniversary deluxe edition

Carly Simon / Coming Around Again (2CD deluxe)

Deluxe edition of Carly Simon‘s popular 1987 album appends six bonus tracks to the album on the first disc. The second CD is the Greatest Hits Live album from 1988. Read more

Bruce Dickinson / Soloworks 1990 – 2005 (9LP vinyl box)

Bruce Dickinson‘s six solo albums (from 1990 to 2005) are collected in this new vinyl box. These have been cut from the original masters and are pressed on 180g black vinyl. Skunkworks and Accident Of Birth’ are expanded to double LPs for optimum sound.

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Bruce Dickinson

Soloworks 1990 - 2005


Steve Miller Band / Ultimate Hits 4LP vinyl

Steve Miller Band / Ultimate Hits (4LP vinyl)

The 4LP vinyl edition of the recent Steve Miller Band Ultimate Hits release is out this week. 40 tracks including seven unreleased and an unheard demo. Read more

Beck / Mutations 2LP vinyl

Vinyl reissue of Beck‘s acclaimed 1998 album.

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Mutations 2LP vinyl


Bread / The Elektra Years (6CD box)

The six studio albums of American ‘soft rock’ group Bread are collected in The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums Box. Read more

Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties!!! 2LP coloured vinyl

Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties!! (double coloured vinyl)

Limited coloured vinyl Ian Dury set which includes the standard album on LP one, with a full live set on LP two. Read more

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Welcome To The Pleasuredome / Art Of The Album reissue

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Welcome to the Pleasuredome (2LP and/or CD)

BMG reissue a special ‘art of the album’ edition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s hit-packed debut album Welcome to the PleasuredomeRead more

Alison Moyet / Alf vinyl remaster

Alison Moyet / vinyl reissues

Alison Moyet‘s first four albums issued on CBS –AlfRaindancingHoodoo and Essex – are reissued on vinyl LP. Read more

Matt Bianco / 2CD deluxe edition

Matt Bianco‘s follow-up to their 1984 debut gets the expanded deluxe treatment with a bonus disc of single versions, B-sides and remixes. Read more

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Chris Squires

Just had a delayed notification on the Abba singles box from Amazon. Are any other retailers saying this? It’s only until the 3rd November but it’s a worrying slippery slops if it keeps moving back…


Thanks everyone for the feedback on Amazon international packaging. I’m still hesitating but leaning towards doing it since it’s not available at US anyways.

Randy Metro

I hate to belabor on the Carly Simon Deluxe. I pulled out my CD from when it was first released and the photo on my CD is not the freakish thing that may show up on the Deluxe.

Something really interesting I only noticed now after 30 years. The track listing on the CD back cover & booklet is not the same as what the CD actually plays. The correct order is printed on the CD itself (tracks 5 & 6 are switched). Even more interesting is the new deluxe lists the incorrect song order, as does Amazon. Or will they change the order on the new CD’s?

O(+> Peter B

I see on the JPC website that Beck’s Mutations vinyl has 2 extra tracks: Diamond Bollocks and Runners Dial Zero. I have the vinyl from when it came out and these 2 tracks featured on a 7″.

Randy Metro

Hopefully that weird circus mirror photo has been corrected on the actual Carly Simon release.

Les London

Anyone thinking of purchasing the Status Quo 2CD set Live at the N.E.C. bewarned track 3 Roadhouse blues on disc 2 has 1min 20 seconds of total silence on it. Anyone know if it’s going to get repressed.


I have the Black Sabbath black and purple boxset which came out a few years ago which also included Live At Last and a 7″. Apart from the tat and coloured vinyl, are these the same pressings?


A brutal week for me… the Whitesnake set, the Bill Bruford box set, and the King Crimson release from Chicago. Friday is going to be a very unproductive day for anything other than unboxing and listening to music.

Alan B

I pre-ordered from Amazon The Queen is Dead 2017 double CD in July. I got charged £11.99 on Friday on its release. Just checked on the Amazon website and it is down to £11.00. I know over time prices can and do drop – but after 3 days? It’s outrageous to penalise customers who pre-ordered months ago.

andrew R

How about 2 vinyl for 30 euro at amazon italy?
Tempted ?


Finally a week off spending.


After last week, my bank balance needs a quieter week. :-)


Can anyone comment on Amazon France’s shipping/packaging to the US? I would love to get the 10 Year War since it’s not available in the US but have mixed results on items getting to me undamaged from international Amazon stores.

Eric Thiessen

Have had two shipments to the US from Amazons Fr and It with no issues at all.


When I order from EU I always order from JPC.de, their packaging is excellent. Never a problem.

After numerous items received from European amazon locations have arrived damaged, and sent in laughably inadequate packaging, I just refused to buy anything further from them.


I’ve had mixed results with European Amazon stores. For the most part, things have come through fine, but the disasters have been HUGE ones. When I got the Belinda Carlisle Anthology, the box was so damaged, the post office literally refused to deliver it to me. I had to go to them to get it so I could open it in front of them in case there was actual damage to the item so they could certify the return. I have no idea how the set was actually not damaged–it should have been completely destroyed. The box it came in looked like it had been run over by a plane.


I’ve had multiple issues with the packaging from Amazon FR. To the point where I contacted their management to report the repeated incidence of under-packed and damaged records being sent to my US address. This is very atypical from Amazon in general and I’ve purchased much vinyl from their UK, Germany, Italy, Canada (and mostly) US websites. On the Dylan Triplicate deluxe edition release Amazon FR destroyed two copies by grossly under-packing them, and then refused to send a third copy– when the whole mess could have been resolved by simply putting it in a double box with padding — typical for an overseas shipment– they just could not get it together and insisted upon refunding my money after I returned the second ruined copy. This despite sending them photos that made the situation plain. For what it’s worth…

Chris Squires

My experience of European Amazon has been fine. However I think this has a lot to do with much of the stock coming from within the UK anyway.

What I have liked about Amazon Germany, and it has happened twice in the last couple of weeks, is that because I have called them up about an item being opened / unsealed on arrival or black vinyl sent when coloured vinyl was ordered they have let me keep the open / black copy and they have then sent a sealed / coloured copy.
This also happened with jpc.de this week, it was split open and slightly damaged copy and instead of just doing the simple thing and sending a new copy they insisted I posted it back, which was fair enough I suppose, but it was £8.60 international postage for a double LP untracked. I even sent pictures to prove I wasn’t lying , but with my trouble to post back, the cost of return postage it would probably have been cheaper for them, and better goodwill for me, for them just to send a new copy. But I suppose as a smaller company they are wary of scammers…which is probably quite sensible.

Ordering abroad is hit (95%) and miss (5%) and when it goes well it can be fine, it’s only when it goes wrong that I start to think twice. But AM.DE have been superb about it.

Auntie Sabrina

If you think this weeks releases are poor, Nick Knowles and Bradley Walsh’s “albums” are out in November…


hasn’t been announced but there’s a repress of the great The Jimi Hendrix Expérience 8-Lp Vinyl boxset from 2000 coming out on friday too.


now that sounds seriously interesting – any details?


Overwhelming to say the least! Spoiled for riches.

Alan Wilson

A worthy mention for a few more Sainsbury’s special vinyl releases as well (out last week, only just found out about them at the weekend), we have the following:

Madonna – Like A Virgin – Clear Vinyl
Madonna – Ray Of Light – Double Blue Vinyl
Pretty Things – S. F. Sorrow – Red Vinyl


I was wondering why some Madonna albums were back in the album chart ;-)!