Out This Week / on 28 February 2020

The Allman Brothers Band: 50th Anniversary Collection / Trouble No More

Universal Music release Trouble No More, a 50th anniversary Allman Brothers Band box set. It’s available as a five-CD package or an extravagant 10LP box set.

Toyah Solo 7CD+DVD box set

Toyah / Toyah Solo 7CD+DVD box CD, DVD

Toyah Solo mops up the era from 1985 onwards when Toyah Willcox signed as a solo artist to Sony’s Portrait Records and then subsequent EG releases, and comprises of seven CDs and a DVD plus a 48 page book.

The Cure / Disintegration 3CD deluxe

The Cure / Disintegration and Faith expanded CD

The Cure‘s 3CD expanded edition of Disintegration is made available again, along with a 2CD edition of Faith.

Various Artists / Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs present The Tears of Technology CD, Vinyl

Saint Etienne‘s Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs have compiled a new various artists compilation, The Tears Of Technology, celebrates that period in the early 1980s when “scruffy synth duos from the provinces broke through and took over British pop.” White vinyl available via Rough Trade.

Republica / Republica CD

Britpop era Republica‘s 1996 self-titled debut album is expanded to three CDs for this new deluxe edition.

The Undertones / West Bank Songs 1978-1983 (2LP coloured vinyl)

New vinyl-only Undertones compilation from BMG that brings together 30 tracks recorded by the band including ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘My Perfect Cousin’ and ‘Here Comes the Summer’. Includes the Kevin Shields remix of ‘Get Over You’.

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The Undertones

West Bank Songs 1978-1983: A Best Of [VINYL]


Hank Williams / Pictures From Life’s Other Side

New six-CD box set featuring 144 newly remastered tracks. Comes packaged as a 272-page coffee table collector’s book.

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Hank Williams

Pictures From Life's Other Side: The Man and His Music in Rare Recordings and Photos


Wishbone Ash / Coat of Arms (new album)

Wishbone Ash – still led by original member Andy Powell – celebrate their 50th anniversary year with a brand new album.

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Wishbone Ash

coat of arms - CD


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Wishbone Ash

coat of arms - 2LP vinyl


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Nelson Lee

I see that rock candy records are reissuing the eccellent album Astral Projector by Zon this Friday !!


Presumably when people cancel orders (or their cards are refused/ out of date) that makes stock/ pre-orders available again. I’ve certainly seen this happen on non-Amazon websites. I recall with one Manic Street Preachers set they explicitly said in an email ‘due to cancelled orders’ more stock of this signed item has become available.


The 3CD reissue of The Cure’s Disintegration out on Friday is down to £7.99 on Amazon UK this morning (though their track listing is for Faith!) …

Steve F

Also out this week, although not in super deluxe edition of any sort, is the second album, ‘Two’, by Sink Ya Teeth. I think many on SDE would enjoy it.

David Bly

I would be pretty peeved if all of a sudden more Toyah boxes were available and I missed them again.
As it was, I missed getting a copy three times, and in one case I had the item in my basket but when I went to pay it was gone.
I even argued with an Amazon UK employee (on chat) about this, to no avail.
So I have signed up for alerts if more became available, and have not gotten any alerts.

Meanwhile, the same day I tried to get one, someone had one on eBay for over £100! THE BUM!

joel ivins

Electronic-music giants New Order and Pet Shop Boys are teaming up for a co-headlining tour of North America this September and October, an 11-date trek called “The Unity Tour” that will find each act playing full sets and rotating who closes the show each night.

joel ivins

managed to pre order the cure for a bit over 8 pounds…so i think it comes to about $13 -15…all because of the vital website sde

paul wren

Wishbone Ash is the surprise package here and I have duly ordered this.

Colin Harper

On the Amazon anomaly front, I once noticed Bouvet Island in the dropdown menu of territories for an order to be sent to. I wondered was this some Amazon staffer’s surrepticious joke, but no, Bouvet Island – the world’s most isolated piece of land, never inhabited and largely inaccessible (certainly with no post office) – has an ‘International Country Code’, along with one or two other places that aren’t actually countries. So Amazon was just using a defauly ICC list. Still, I wonder what would happen if you ordered something and ticked that box?

george glazener

@Colin, actually I live on Bouvet Island with my three cats and a dog. The UK authorities put me here as part of a witness protection program 3 years ago, so no one is supposed to know I’m hiding here. My mail is drop shipped (literally) from the air, and thus, I will be buying some of these items. Don’t tell anyone else, though….SHHHH….!!

Colin Harper

Wishbone ordered… hats off to Andy Powell for sustaining a band for 50 years. Quite a feat.

Phil Wilson

Seems there are more Toyah signed box sets at Amazon, I thought this was 500 only, but to test I put 999 in the basket and it would let you check out, so has she agreed to sign more do we know or is it an Amazon stock error? (Better remove them from the basket before I accidently place a £43k order!)


I think you’re putting to much faith in Amazon’s software. I’m sure it would let you order 99,999 – it doesn’t mean they will send it to you.

Phil Wilson

If you put 999 in (the most I think it will let you do), it usually comes back with how many they actually have left in stock. Maybe only after release though thinking about it. Anyway its number 3 in the movers and shakers chart so looks like quite a few have snapped up a copy this morning. Out of stock again now.

Chris Squires

Amazon always allows you to do this, but it will fall over at the next part of the process. Every single “Amazon Exclusive” thread has this experiment repeated where someone attempts to order a mass of stuff and because it lets you get so far the assumption is that more have been signed and conspiracy theorists usually pipe up that amazon are trying to rip people off.
If one thinks about it, that would mean that every single artist would have to be in on the conspiracy as I would damn well know if I had signed 107, 250, 500 or 1,000 of something and my right wrist would certainly know. If discovered there would be a certain amount of mob-blowback and I don’t think Brett, Belinda, Toyah, Lulu or Chris Difford et.al. would like to be part of that and have their legacy trashed just so amazon could make a few more quid.

For the above to work and be a true reflection of a conspiracy, Toyah would have had to sign a minimum of 1,499 (for the 500 + 999) and I don’t think she would do that if the deal and advertized amount was only 500 (amazon would also have to be sure they could shift that amount+ too), Toyah would end up looking very small and foolish and she wouldn’t do that.

Colin Harper


Phil Wilson

I wasn’t trying to be a conspiracy theorist, I just thought maybe because it sold out so quickly they decided to do more, and I wanted to let other SDE users know so they could grab one. I did the 999 test to try and see how many were left (possibly someone ordered a lot, and cancelled them).

Chris Squires

Sorry Phil, it genuinely wasn’t a dig at you. It’s just that sometimes a post *like* yours comes with, or attracts, such conspiracy theories. I should have made clear that was not aimed at you. My apologies.

Phil Wilson

Hey Chris, no problem at all, feeling a bit sensitive today :-)

Saw on Paul Heaton’s twitter page he has signed 10,000 copies of his new album with Jacqui Abbott, now that takes some effort.