Out This Week / on 3 April 2020

Jethro Tull / Stormwatch standalone vinyl and CD CD, Vinyl

Steven Wilson‘s stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1979 album Stormwatch is released on CD and vinyl.

Gentle Giant / vinyl reissues

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of their debut album prog rockers Gentle Giant are releasing their first four albums as special vinyl editions. Octopus is pressed on 180g black vinyl and comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve with European artwork.

Compare prices and pre-order

Gentle Giant

Octopus [VINYL]


REO Speedwagon / Classic Years 1978-1990 (9CD box)

Reprint of last year’s generous CD box set which features albums, bonus track rarities and live cuts.

The Other Two / The Other Two & You (expanded CD reissue)

New Order‘s Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris 1993 debut is reissued on CD with six extra tracks.

Marvin Gaye / More Trouble (vinyl LP)

Bonus tracks and alternate takes from the 2012 expanded edition Marvin Gaye‘s Trouble Man are collected for a special vinyl release.

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Steve Bliss

Thanks for the heads-up on the REO release! Somehow, I’d missed news about this one — and I never heard of the first one (The Early Years)! They’re currently cheaper from Amazon US than Amazon UK.

Both boxes have the albums + bonus tracks, definitely a step up from the typical cheap pack of old CDs.

Michael Lee

Worth noting that Burning Shed has the Gentle Giant vinyl for £20 a pop. I think the Amazon UK price must is high at £35.99

Matt Legg

Another new release that was supposed to be released this week is Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven by Cutting Crew which is released by August Day Records.
This is a album produced alongside the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra featuring new versions of the classic hits (I Just) Died In Your Arms, I’ve Been In Love Before and One For The Mockingbird.
Be sure to check this one out Paul.


Has anyone post from the Bowie shop? Waiting for the cd/vinyl!
No mail or any info…
Itˋs about „Is it any wonder „


I received the vinyl from the Bowie shop about a week ago here in the UK.


Germany: received mine on release day (18.03?)


Ok – thank you – sit & wait…..


I had the following from MusicGlue on 24/03, who seem to be handling ‘Is It Any Wonder?’ from the UK Bowie Official Store/Shop:
“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to ship your order of the David Bowie ‘Is it any Wonder?’ CD. We understand that this is not ideal. We hope to ship these out to you on April 17th. Should that change we will update you.”
So, could be a little while yet (though of course completely understandable in the circumstances).
Take care all …

Ivo Peeters

My message about The Other Two doesn’t seem to get through.
Also Super Highways has been reissued and both are available directly from Factory Benelux with the possibility to buy an extra cd “The Other Disc”.


In facts, “The Other Two” 2 expanded CDs are Re-prints of the 2009- 2010 Reissues…

Richard B

Thanks Ivo. I got all 3 Other Two CDs ordered from the Factory Benelux store.


The Other Two order link below. You can browse to find the second album, both of which can be purchased with the bonus disc of tracks from their ‘Swing’ project including the tracks from both the original 12″ and CD plus one extra. Bonus disc can’t be purchased alone…


Liam Bastick

That’s weird about Marillion’s Script for a Jester’s Tear being delayed. I ordered the autographed versions (from both sites) and have them all here in Oz already. As someone who knows the audio of that album having played it 20 million times, I agree with Mark Kelly that the remix is a remarkable improvement. I am not saying the original was bad, it’s more the 2019 / 2020 version is a noticeable step up in my mind.


Marillion web store and Fish store are independent outlets. They only ship their products and rely on royal mail for delivery. While Amazon and other bigger sites have their own dispatch/delivery systems, all of which are under reduced activity due to the sanitary crisis.
So I guess the record company issued a request to delay the street date, to reduce the risk of leakage before the street release, which Marillion and Fish may not have received.

Craig Hedges

Re: The Other two, The title track of SuperHighways is how ABBA would have sounded in the 90’s – which is not a bad thing.
Wish they would do another album especially as Bernard can’t be bothered to write new songs for New Order.


Amazon can’t give a delivery date for Stormfront plus the prince stuff due out April. According to burning Shed Marrilion Jesters Script held back until mid April at earliest..

Matt S

Prince stuff has been bumped to May 27th by the label.


Paul, The Other Two & You was remastered and expanded with the same 6 bonus tracks in 2010 when also their 2nd album “Super Highways” was remastered & expanded. Is this a new remaster or is it just a reissue of the 2010 remaster?

Jan V

It is the reissue of 2010, but with an extra bonus cd if you order from LTM directly, a 9-track cd called ‘The Other Disc’


Thank you Jan. For those interested, I just bought mine + bonus disc thru this link. Don’t know them, I hope this works. Their other album Super Highways is also available with the same bonus disc:


The message I’m getting from Zoom is that Jethro Tull’s Stormwatch 40 is locked down for foreseeable in a French warehouse!


Same with most of the Zoom new releases. They’ll probably cancel your order as they did with my Marillion Script order