Out This Week / on 3 May 2019

A Certain Ratio / ACR: BOX CD, Vinyl

A Certain Ratio issue ACR:BOX, a new 7LP or 4CD collection that features A-sides, B-sides, alternate versions and unreleased material.

Stereolab / 3LP and 2CD reissues

Stereolab / Expanded reissues CD, Vinyl

A Stereolab reissue campaign has been announced and kicks off in May with expanded versions of 1993’s Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and its 1994 follow-up Mars Audiac Quintet. The clear vinyl was ridiculously limited, but black vinyl and CD still available.

Terry Hall / Laugh Vinyl

Terry Hall 1997 album Laugh is released on (clear) vinyl for the first time.

Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986

Light in the Attic continue their incredible Japanese compilation series. This an expertly compiled collection features music long-revered by crate diggers and has never been released outside of Japan until now. Available on CD or 2LP vinyl via the SDE shop.

Vampire Weekend / Father of the Bride (new album)

Vampire Weekend return with their fourth studio and their first in six years.

Robert Cray / Collected (2LP vinyl)

Music on Vinyl’s fine ‘Collected’ series continues with the 2LP gatefold black vinyl edition featuring Robert Cray.




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I’m curious if you have any ideas what’s going on with Shakespear’s Sister – they were announced as being on next week’s Graham Norton Show – which tends to mean ‘something to flog’ (gig tickets, records, etc.)? It would also mean that Fahey and Detroit have set aside rather a lot of animosity.


Hmmmm… After thinking Stereolab’s reissues were long gone, my tiny local shop in a small Midwest town got a few copies of the clear version. The front stickers list the clear version but also a number. One is no. 27, the other no. 2000. So, it’s very clear that it was not quite as limited as implied… Keep your eyes peeled in physical shops before you panic and turn to sharks, they may just turn up!


With all due respect that number (600) is not correct, Paul. The official Stereolab store (via Bleep) had 500 copies of each clear vinyl with the added bonus of the OBI made of old master tape and hand numbered, in addition to the numbering on the stickers. An additional amount of clear vinyl (not clear how many) were made available to independent retailers. There’s just no way only 100 additional, sticker numbered-only copies were available to stores worldwide considering the number of stores that have been carrying them. Based on the numbers of the ones I hold in my hands, I would guess at least 2000 (including the Stereolab store copies). Yes, most online shops are out of stock, but it seems that was due to the preorder allocation being rather limited. Independent shops have physical copies of the clear that are often explicitly not being made available online – Rough Trade being an example. I find it impossible to believe that a tiny shop in Akron, Ohio, would have 3 copies of each clear vinyl available if only 100 were available outside of Stereolabs store. Maybe 600 was a UK number, but I’m not sure where that came from, and doesn’t reflect what’s available at the moment. It is a combined US/UK/Europe release in terms of pressing and numbers it seems.


I am seeing 3000 copies cited as the total run for the clear vinyl, with 500 of those including the OBI exclusive to the Stereolab shop. Again this is for the total US/UK/Europe run.


Confirmed as 2500 copies by their manager (Martin Pike), 500 including OBI.

O(+> Peter B

A new album from The Chemical Brothers “No Geography” came out recently. I bought the CD as it was $AUD20 and the vinyl was $AUD80. No deluxe version for this one (their previous album had a deluxe CD version with 4 extra tracks. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but I find they always challenge and deliver.

Paul E.

@O(+> Peter B – I purchased “No Geography” from cdjapan a few weeks back and the Japanese version has three bonus tracks: “Fantai”, “MAH (Electronic Battle Weapon Version)”, and “Got To Keep On (Extended Version)”. I was also looking for a deluxe version of sorts so it’s great the Japan pressing had some bonus content to offer. The album itself does not dissappoint as The Chems are one of the very few electronic artists I still enjoy.

O(+> Peter B

Thanks, Paul E – No Geography, except for Japan maybe!!


Hello Paul

Do you know if all the 1000 ACR boxes are signed?
Or just the ones from Mute records website?

Chris Squires

The very definition of “swings and roundabouts”…..

On many threads where a record is in the SDE shop there is usually a question “Do you take the money up front” which should be obvious but it is still asked. Everyone, apart from Amazon, takes the money up front.

This usually leads to a groan and a moan or two. However I like to look at it the other way around. I have 3 of the above releases coming to me this week from the SDE shop. And they are all already paid for. So I get something beautiful and interesting to play with and I have already had the painful part. So it’s all pleasure from here on in. If this was Amazon, I would be shelling out £106 on Friday as it is, I won’t be shelling out anything! Perspective.

Paul Taylor

Very few online shops that I deal with take the money up front; TM Stores, Rough Trade, Banquet, Record Store/Sound of Vinyl/Udiscover all charge on dispatch. They will do a preauthorisation that comes off your available funds but you usually see the funds back in around a week. Amazon never used to do full value preauthorisation up until recently, which makes me think they’re getting inconvenienced by a lot of declined payments in release dates. The full preauth guarantees the payment will be made as it generates an authorisation code for the retailer


Vampire Weekend already pre-ordered. I love them.


You appear to have missed a wonderful Inevitable records Birth Of A Nation 3xCD box set… Dead or Alive early singles & Peel sessions, the nothing less than genius Wah!, China Crisis, Margox etc etc – highly recommended…


…..not to forget Brian Atherton and his projects – Box of Toys and the absolutely wonderful The Light…..


Also out this Friday 3rd May is former xfactor contestant from 2012 Lucy Spraggan with her 5th album “Today Was A Good Day” she writes all her own music and is a very talented singer songwriter who unfortunately doesn’t get a mention on here and that’s why I am giving out the news of her new album that is available on various formats including green coloured vinyl, black vinyl, cassette, signed CD and numerous variations bundled together the link to her online shop is here https://lucyspraggan.tmstor.es/
Go check her out on Spotify or YouTube it’s catchy melodic songs with brilliant lyrics she should be a household name.

Ryan Frost

Really looking forward to the Pacific Breeze comp – I’ve been counting down the weeks to it’s release!